Monday, May 07, 2007

One week and counting!

This is Michelle's last week of classes! Then she'll have a final next Monday and WE ARE DONE for the summer!!! I'm not only looking forward to being able to stay home more often. I'm also looking forward to not using the gas (although Michelle's paid me for most of it) and the temptation of going to the store and spending money. After all, there's almost always something we need. I found I saved so much money her spring break week.

My poor van broke down over a week ago. My BIL and Tom worked on it this weekend and it's up and least I hope there's no more problems with it. Luckily Drew was here so I could use his car (our old Saturn) all last week. I was amazed when I figured his gas mileage...38mpg!!! I want my old car back! lol Actually if I was to get a used car it would be another Saturn. I'm curious to see what mileage the Tercel gets. We bought it off a neighbor for dirt cheap and it's in the driveway waiting for insurance and registration.

The weather this last week was BEAUTIFUL! I'm so glad that spring has finally decided to stick around longer then a few days. The kids are really enjoying their time playing outside. Unfortunately they/we aren't managing this time well and homework is getting forgotten until late. I'm trying to encourage them to do it as soon as they get home but it's hard. They're pretty shot after doing schoolwork all day and besides...the afterschool hours have the best evening sun!! My front garden is calling to me but my hips are yelling NO back. I just may have to let the weeds win out this year. I'd have the kids do it but it's so hard to judge between what are wanted plants and which are weeds right now. I know they'd pull something important out. The rhubarb has sprung and I already snitched a baby stem...YUM! In another week I may attack it bigtime.

Pregnancywise time is flying!! This week I start into the third trimester! I can't believe it. Part of me is excited but another part wants things to slow down. I'm so not ready. I have so much to do around here. The hard part is that my body isn't cooperating! I also have no idea how much time I'll have on my feet. Technically I could be put on bedrest at anytime now. I'm aiming for everything to be done by 34wks though. Then I can relax for the last month...I hope. Now if my sciatica would allow me to move, walk and bend...I'd be alright! Having Michelle home should be a big help.

My dr appt last Wed went fine. We've upped my insulin again so I'm now taking more then I did during anytime in Danielle's pg. My numbers still aren't where we WANT them although they aren't bad. I can't seem to get my fastings under 100. I'm really wondering how things are going to go now that I'm into the hardest insulin resistance part of the pg. I have to go in again this week and get my Rhogam shot.

I'm seriously doubting the OB nurse's ability to take my blood pressure. She always gets a low reading but last week took the cake. 102/70!!! The last time I saw a 102 I was on the verge of passing out (felt fine at this appt though). I complained and said there was NO way that could be right. She said she pumped it all way up to 130...huh? I'm hypertensive...why would you think 130 was high enough? According to her she listens to when the beat stops, pumps it another time or two and then starts decompressing the cuff. I always pump the cuff to 180-200 and then start decompressing. I'm not sure if the starting point before decompressing matters in the seems it would though. My problem is that I haven't been monitoring my pressure at home so have no numbers to prove she's wrong. I really need to start up again. (btw...took it just now and got 140/94...BIG difference!)

OK, enough rambling...time to take Michelle to class.