Friday, January 25, 2013

What to do?

Since Christmas vacation has ended this little guy had given me problems. He doesn't want to go to school or he's sick every morning. Two mornings I've had to physically put him on the bus stairs after he tried to back down the driveway when the bus arrived. I did manage to bribe him to go every day one week with ice cream money at the end of the week (first time buying ice cream). It's not working now.

So today I'm trying the mean mommy routine. You stay home from school.... you don't get off the couch. It's hard since I'd rather snuggle, color, do puzzles and play legos with him. But I can't keep doing this every morning.... it's exhausting. Right now I'm not too sure how this plan is working out. I know there were a few times today that he wasn't too happy. But was it enough? Because I don't really see me getting much harsher.

His teacher and I talked a bit yesterday. I warned her he may be attending in his pajamas a time or two. Although I really don't see more doing that either... but you never know with this kid. What makes it especially hard is that I could care less if he went! I love having him home. But as I tell him... it's his job to go and my job to make sure he goes.

His teacher mentioned that he seems to be quite tired most days since having the flu at the beginning of December. Hearing that brought flashbacks of Carrie and her cancer diagnosis...I can't even let my mind wander there but a physical exam might not be a terrible thing either.

Well the kids will be home soon and I have to decide when Sean can stop being "sick" and start enjoying the weekend.

Sometimes being the mom sucks!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


It's really cold outside and a bit chilly in here. Our furnace is working but our thermostat isn't. That means we have to turn it on and off manually and can run it for only short cycles. Luckily our house is pretty well insulated and it hasn't been too bad in here with minimal effort... until this morning. Let's just say I'll be getting my exercise today and lucky me... my knees hate stairs with a passion lately.

Liz called me last night to let me know that AJ put me on the guest list for his swearing in ceremony and we had to be there by 9:30. Hmmm... getting there would be tight. It takes 45 minutes in good weather and the kids get on the bus at 8:40. I decided to let the little ones stay in their toasty beds instead of getting on the bus. (Luke is here to watch them.) Then I realized I wasn't getting out of the driveway without some major shoveling. Grrrr. Then I got a text from Allison... Meg was upstairs alone... Drew got snowed in at band practice last night. Good thing I didn't get out of the driveway after all.

So poor me stuck in the house with cute fun loving kids. We've already donned hats and gloves to fight snow monsters in the living room and made jewelry out of magnetic balls and rods. I think there was talk of playdough next. I'd love nothing better then to get out my yarn and crochet hooks. Or some felted sweaters and Liz's sewing machine to make some mittens.

Danielle is super excited because Liz is moving back home tonight. It'll be good for Liz to be mauled for a few days. :o) Before getting off here I'll share one of my favorite pictures of Liz and AJ, even if they don't think it's a good one. Both of them have lost weight since this was taken last summer. (AJ lost a significant amount).

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Doing this the hard way

I've missed writing here. I'm constantly writing posts in my head but without a computer handy its hard to get them published. Both our computers are down. Thankfully after Christmas we became a house of smartphone and ipod users so its not as painful as it would have been last year. Just makes things a little slower going... I'm not the greatest on my phone's "keypad".

Things have also been pretty busy here too. Drew and Allison are still living here. Allison had a full time position at a credit union, Drew is working part time in retail. I'm taking care of Meghan when he's working.

I'm also still driving Val and Liz to work and picking up Carrie from school so I'm on the road a lot.

Pat and Alex had their baby boy on the 11th... Gabriel David...8lbs 14oz. Everyone thinks he looks like Sean.

Liz is saying goodbye AJ today. :o( He's getting sworn in and heading to boot camp for the Navy tomorrow morning. Tonight he stays overnight at a local hotel with all the other recruits from the area. We had a goodbye dinner for him on Sunday. Sean broke everyone's heart when he went last to say goodbye. He wrapped his arms and legs around him and held on tight. I still tear up thinking about it.

Sean's decided that he'd like to be done with school. Almost every morning he says he doesn't feel good or flat out refuses to go to school. I've managed to get him on the bus for the most part. I think he figured out I meant business when I dragged him across the road by his coat and physically put him on the bus stairs. ( Had to do it twice so far) Luckily he didn't see me crying my eyes out as I walked back into the house.

I tend to forget that I can utilize my phone as much as I can, especially when it comes too talking pictures. So I'm hoping I can change that mindset and post more here including adding more pictures. Right now though I need to get off here and finish some things before I have to pick up Carrie.