Sunday, April 29, 2012

Well that's a new one

Around here we can have dinner pretty late, especially during the summer.  But last night I hit a new late night dinner time.... 11:30!   I walked in the door, scarfed down 2 pieces of lasagna (inquired why they didn't bother to cut into the $7 of fresh bread nor touch all the fresh greens I'd bought for salad to go with it) and then fell into bed.  You'd think I'd sleep until next week but I was awake by 5:30 and finally got up at 6:30.   Meg was crying by 6:45 so I had her hang out with me.  Her mommy and daddy needed to sleep in.  They'd only had a few hours of sleep the night before and Saturday was even harder for them.  

Drew and Allison had Tom, Luke, Jake, Cory and my nephew Joey helping them load up the Uhaul.  I lucked out and only had to go to the apartment once, when I picked up Meghan.   I took Tom, Luke and Jake to the small city to pick up the Uhaul and they drove it to the apartment.   They needed to take two trips to get everything.  Their storage unit is stuffed!   I just kept thinking....I'm glad it's not me having to do this.  What would I get rid of? Keep?  How and where would you store 23yrs (in this house) and 12 kids worth of stuff?  It was pretty late when they got here to drop off things so most of their stuff is sitting in a pile in the living room.  They managed to set up Meghan's crib and throw their box spring and mattress on the floor for the night.  Right now they are enjoying (I hope) some down time with her family for birthday celebrations.   Me, I'm sitting here for a few minutes.  Already this morning I've done... 2 loads of laundry, scrubbed the entire tub and one toilet, fed and gave baths to the 3 little ones, washed dishes, and cooked egg and bagel sandwiches.   After Meghan's bath she needed a new diaper but the disposables were in the bedroom with her sleeping parents.  So I grabbed her cloth diaper and cover out of her diaper bag.  (Allison was using the disposables during the busy moving time)  It's been a loooong time since I've had to pin a diaper on a little one.  Luckily Meghan was a doll and just lounged on my lap until I was done.   Although I think I saw her roll her eyes and heard her chuckle once ;o)   Give me a few days and I'll be an old pro again.

So today I'm trying to get some semblance of order in this place.  Not only do I have the kids stuff piled high but I haven't been here in a few days and we've been moving rooms/tearing areas apart trying to rearrange things which always manages to make messes too.  Right now I'll be concentrating on the kitchen and a few storage areas that I wanted to make available for Allison to utilize.   Then there are toys I want to clean up, mostly doll house stuff that's been sitting in the closet.  I saw Meghan eyeing the tote this morning.  I think her, Dylan and Sean would have fun playing with it on Monday.   Tom just let me know his friend is coming over in a little bit to work on his riding mower that won't start.   I wish he would also work on the van.   I don't think I can fit 3 car seats across the back of the Elantra so we won't be able to go anywhere as long as Dylan is here during the day.    Who knows though, I may try it and find out I was mistaken, which would be awesome!

Well, my coffee cup is empty so I guess my break is over.   Time to switch laundry and whip the kitchen into shape again!            

Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's almost that time

Right about now 28yrs ago I was getting irritated at Tom because he wanted to watch his favorite show Jeapordy and I was in heavy BACK labor for the first time in my life.  (not that having gone through it previously makes it easier)  Thankfully he thought it through and decided it might be better to turn it off and devote his attention to me.   Almost 2hrs later Drew was born.  (his birth story).   The poor kid is dealing has to celebrate his birthday all by himself.   He's in the Catskills working until tomorrow night.    When he gets home there'll be little rest in his future, we have a busy weekend ahead of us.   I'll be spending most of it in the car.

By tomorrow night I'll have taken at least one trip to Liz's new apartment, maybe 2.   Driven Liz and Val to work and picked them up.     Gone grocery shopping.    Taken the kids to the youth meeting.   Cleaned the bedroom Drew and Allison are moving into. Cleaned the bathtub.  And the regular, picking up, etc.  

Saturday starts with me taking Val to work by 7am, picking up Meghan at the apartment, getting my car loaded with stuff.   Home so the kids can empty the car and Tom can use it to go to the dump.   Then Tom, the boys and I are back in the car and back to the apartment by 11.   I get another load to take home, Tom and Drew go pick up the Uhaul.  They then fill it, take stuff that needs to go to storage to their unit and then the rest gets brought here to be unloaded.   In the meantime, I'm heading home to watch Meghan, finish the cleaning I didn't do, and make Drew Lasagna for his birthday dinner.   Val gets picked up from work at 2:30 and Liz goes in at 3:30.  Then it's back to pick up Liz at 8:30 for the last time and take her (and any stuff left here) to her apartment. Oh and the Uhaul has to be returned sometime that evening too.

The last thing we need to do is go back to the apartment Sunday night or Monday morning to clean the apartment and take pictures incase the stupid landlords try to keep the security deposit and they have to be brought to small claims court.

Tom's been busy this week setting up loft beds for the girls so rooms could be moved around.  They look cool, although I wish I'd had the time (and cooperation from the weather) to paint them before they were put up.

Well, as much as I'd like to continue the kids are wanting to read the new books I bought from the thrift store.   Maybe I'll get back here later and post about how I again aced the "mother of the year...not" award today.  

Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's stuck...

The smell of bleach is stuck in my nose and won't be leaving.  Tom treated the well and put too much in.  Now I'm afraid to do laundry for risk of bleaching everything out.   Carrie did her's and said it got some hard set stains out. lol    I keep telling everyone to hook up the pool filter and we'll throw the water in there....won't need to chlorinate it.   So what if we can't cook with it, at least it doesn't smell like rotten eggs now.   One thing that's bothered me with our water, no matter how much bleach I add to the washer, the clothes still come out looking grey.  While researching I found that it's the reaction to the BLEACH!  The thing I was adding to make it better was actually making it worse.  I saw a suggestion to use oxygenated bleach instead so maybe I'll try that.

One of the fun things about driving so much is observing life in the villages I drive through.  It's always great to see tons of people out walking, working and socializing.  It also makes me want to get some things done around here.   Now if I could work while I'm driving......I'd be all set. lol   I've decided the two things village/urban houses have over rural ones is convenience to places of importance and sidewalks.   I'm actually quite envious of people walking and biking on the sidewalks.  Oh to have a huge box of colored chalk and all the sidewalk squares you could want.  Oh well, at least I don't have to worry about keeping them cleared in the winter.

One more week until  Drew, Allison and Meghan will be living here.  I'm hoping tonight Tom and I can get the loft/bunkbeds up so people can move into their new rooms.  I'm still trying to figure out what to do with a toy bench and totes of toys.

I let myself get booted off the computer and am now in the middle of a bunch of projects.   I've decide that we'll be deviating from the meal plan and instead clean out the fridge/freezer and have a few fun things like rye bread dip and chicken wing dip.   So it'll be a snacky day.   I've torn 2 counters  and my stove apart and scrubbed them down,  cleaned the microwave and done the dishes once.  The next load of dishes is soaking and the laundry is screaming my name.  I think a few of us need some things done so we'll have clean clothes for the meeting tomorrow.    I convinced Tom to go pick up Liz and take Danielle.    I'd made a deal with Sean to help around here on Thursday to earn money so he could buy his own dorito taco on Friday.   He did and yesterday we went to taco bell and he ordered and paid for the taco himself (only thing we ordered, Liz and I just sat and watched him enjoy it lol).  So Danielle was a little bent out of shape over it.  I made the same deal with her and now it's her turn.  She's been a major bug about it all day, asking it if was time to leave.  Asking if she could go to taco bell now, etc.  She wasn't too enthusiastic about having to buy it herself but I'm sure she'll do fine.    I also gave Tom a few dollars of my birthday money so he could order one for himself.  :o)

Poor Liz, she just wants to get home and get things done.  She's packing up since Saturday is her last day of work at her old job.  She had an "interview" with the boss of the place she's suppose to be transferring to.  When she told me the hours she'd work I informed her that she couldn't do it, the buses don't run from the jobsite after 6ish (she's working until 8:30pm and AJ is usually working at that time).   We searched the bus schedules and checked cab fares ($36 a trip!?!  For a 10mile ride!?!?)  She's hoping when she calls the new place they'll have another job for her during the day time hours.  If not she'll be pounding the pavement, looking for a new job.  She's hoping she can be a waitress at one of the many restaurants that are in her area.

Oops...I thought I posted this but guess not since I found this in my drafts.   So just posting it as is right now.   Originally wrote this Saturday the 21st.   

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday already!??!

Not that I'm complaining....I'm looking forward to the weekend already.  

One of the hardest things about having all these kids is watching/letting them make their mistakes and live with the consequences.  This week it was Carrie's turn.  She took her GED test all day on Tues and Wed.  She woke up Tuesday morning with a headache you knew was killing her just by looking at her.   She could barely open her eyes and they were watering.   She loaded up on Ibuprofen and when that didn't touch it, Excedrin and a cup of coffee hoping that the caffeine would help and out the door she went.   She wasn't happy when she came home.  She made a major mistake on the test and she thinks it might have caused her to fail.   She didn't finish the multiple choice reading questions, had 6 of 50 left to do but she could go back and finish it after she finished the second part which was an essay.  She decided to brainstorm and write the intro paragraph on the scrap piece of paper they provided.  The proctor reminded them that the essay was to be on the good paper to be counted.  She got the intro done and knew what the rest would be but FORGOT to move over to the good paper and kept on writing on the scrap.  She realized what she'd done when it was announced there was 10 mins left for the exam.   She'd written five paragraphs and was about to tackle the unfinished multiple choice when it hit her what she'd done.  She quickly tried to copy the essay to the good paper but only made it to paragraph 3 when time was called.  She's hoping it's enough to pass (need a 2 out of 4 score) but said it probably wasn't.   She also thought they said if they didn't finish the multiple choice it wouldn't be graded at all which makes NO SENSE to me but then I'm not the state so she could be right.  I hope not.    Luckily Wednesday was better for her.   It was also the day most of her strong subjects were being tested....Math and science.  Social studies was the other subject but not a good one for her.   So I guess we have to wait a week or two to get the results mailed to us.  I'm not sure what Carrie's suppose to be doing in the meantime and neither is she.   I guess we'll have to call the school.

I'm suppose to be cleaning up around here since I'll be getting company in an hour or so.  Meghan and Dylan (Allison's sister's son) will be coming over for the afternoon so I can babysit them.   Seems Allison has a first appointment with a MIDWIFE!!!!   Yep, I'm going to be a Grandma again!  It was the birthday present I said I had to wait for delivery of.  I was waiting for Allison to announce it on her blog but she's pretty busy right now.  It is Facebook official though so I feel ok sharing it here.   She gave me a birthday card that said "Guess What?" on the outside.    "I'm going to be a big sister soon!  Love Meghan"  on the inside.    It was the best birthday present ever!   She announced it to her family on Easter with Meghan wearing a tshirt that said I'm going to be a big sister soon on it.  She's feeling tired and icky just like a good pregnant person should.  :o)   Drew should be coming home tonight from his first week of work.    I mentioned to Tom that it's probably going to kick Drew's butt!   Allison stopped by the other night and said he sent her a picture of his blistered hands from digging holes all day his first day.   Thing is, Drew's always liked to be busy and do things so I'm sure he'll like this job.   Especially if it can help him get buff. lol

oops..a phone call and now the kids are here.   So I can't think/write more now.   

Monday, April 16, 2012


Finally getting to sit down to my first cup of coffee, and it's only 11:29. lol   I knew today would be hard after having over a week off but waaaah!   I want summer vacation to get here already!  And the weather doesn't help either, it's such a tease.  This morning was absolutely gorgeous!   Danielle was so concerned she'd need her jacket but eventually I convinced her it was ok to go out the door without it.   I can't wait until this weather is an everyday thing.   It kind of feels ungrateful of me to want to rush it here after the barely winter we just had but I LOVE me some summer!   Driving home from the small city with all the windows down in the car reminded me of the car trips we used to take around the lake on hot summer nights.  Oh to just be able to jump in the car and drive for the pure joy of driving.   Stupid gas prhmices!

So I'm pretty sure Drew started a new job this morning.  At least I know he was suppose to, whether he actually went to it or not I haven't a clue until I talk to Allison.  He's on the road Mon - Thurs doing refurbishing work on log homes, I think.   I'm glad that he has a new job, I'm sad that Allison will have deal with things on her own so that he can do it,  and that Drew will miss out on things.   I'm glad that she's moving in so I can help her out for a while.   Drew's work schedule is going to make moving a bit trickier.  They will be moved in within 2 wks and I have a lot to do.  When I mentioned to Tom some things I would need help with, he told me to call Drew and have him come over and help.  Not happening now.   If only my mind could do the actual work!  This place would be set straight in a heartbeat! lol    Everywhere I look I see things I need done or want todo.   Then I spend tons of mental energy doing them in my head, sometimes many many times.  Then I wonder why I'm exhausted and have no energy to do the actual project.

Of course having to drive so much doesn't help either.  I'm working on putting on 1200 miles on my car this week.   With Tom being on call, I've put on all but about 150.  *heavy sigh* So at the top of my todo list is to convince Tom it's time to find the time to teach these kids to drive!!!!  Originally we'd agreed he'd be the instructor, mostly because I always had little ones with me and that wasn't a good thing for a new driver to have to deal with.   Now it's because I've tried and  I'm not very good at it.   It's one of my faults...trying to tell someone what and how to do things doesn't come easy.  It's one of the reasons why I tend to just do things myself.  Or is the other way around?  I can't instruct because "it's easier" to do it myself?

So the rest of the list...

Make up a meal plan for this week and next
Paint and put up loft beds (3 of them)
Go lay in the grass and enjoy the warm breeze
Clean out the car
Pick up Sean and Danielle's room
Clean the large bathroom
Straighten up my room
Put away some laundry
Clean out the sock bench
Start moving things out of Danielle and Sean's room
Paint my room
Play in the gardens
Plant some seeds
Crochet!  Crochet!  Crochet!
Patch the pool wall
Hook up the pool filter and start filling
Clear the leaves off the pool floor
wash windows, walls, cabinets, floors
And so on and so on and so on...

A funny this morning.  Sean was outside with Danielle while she waited for the bus.  As she was getting on the bus he started fooling around like he was going to get on the bus and go to school too.   Or at least I thought he was.  I stopped holding him back as the bus started pulling away and he started running after the bus like a puppy.   Then he started crying as he walked back, wailing... I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL TOO!!!!!   Awww poor thing.   Liz has the day off and is making his day a fun one.  They've already gone for a walk down to Billy's pond, taken showers to wash off any poison ivy oils, had tortilla pizzas and are now enjoying Kung Fu Panda for the umpteenth time.  (yes, it's 1:14 now)

Today is Carrie's last regular day of the GED program.  She takes the actual test all day tomorrow and Wednesday.  I think she'll find out if she passed before she leaves on Wed.    She brought home a packet to join a summer program but arrived in the middle of the presentation for it.  I think it's for a summer training and employment program.  She'll find out more.  I know I don't want to be driving her to the small city every day for it but we'll see whether I do or not, especially after I find out more about it.

Well let's see what I can get done on my todo list in the next 2 hours before I have to leave again.    Hope your day is a good one.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ok, still sitting

And I finally got my phone to send a picture to an email addy. (said mine wasn't a valid address grrrr)

Here's a cute one that Olivia (I think) took after we'd finished cleaning Sean and Danielle's room.....

I'll have to get on the other computer to see if I can find any other pictures to share.  This computer doesn't have a card slot and the monitor usually displays everything in a blue or red hue, so not good for photo editing.

Oh and I found my camera......IN THE COUCH!!!  And wouldn't you know it, it's showing a lens error message is unusable right now.  GRRRR!  

Aahhh a day at home

I lucked out this week, Liz and Val both had the same days off....Monday and Wednesday.   On Monday I ended up running Eileen and Olivia somewhere and going to the small city anyways (stupid Redbox!).  Today though, I have no choice but to stay home, Drew has borrowed the car for the day and the van still isn't working.    I have big plans for the day but not sure where to start, so I'm stalling here.

Easter brunch was very nice.   Michelle came over very early in the morning and hid plastic Easter eggs with Val.   She also brought over lots of yummy fruit, orange juice and chocolate milk which was a bigger hit then the Easter baskets. lol   I had almost everything done when I said it would be but forgot about the boxes of brown and serve sausage just before serving.  So there was a small delay.   After everyone stuffed their faces they went outside to have an Easter egg hunt.   I admit, I skipped out on that one feeling only a teeny tiny bit guilty.  I used the time to sit down and drink a cup of coffee and relax, it had been a really busy morning.   I then grabbed a steak knife and the thrift store angora sweater I had dyed with the leftover Easter egg dye and headed outside to join everyone and enjoy the beautiful day.   You're probably thinking......WHAT were you doing with the steak knife and a sweater?.  I know a few of my older kids who aren't around much to see my madness were.  I was starting to reclaim the yarn from the sweater    It's a way to get expensive yarn for dirt cheap prices.  It's also a cheap way to have fun and experiment with  kool aid and food coloring.  I like to do it outside, especially the fluffier yarns because deconstructing can put lots of loose fibers in the air and it stirs up my allergies.

Most of the older kids left in the early afternoon for celebrations on the other side of the family.   Drew and Allison came back over to visit until Meghan graced us with a major blowout in the diaper department.   Unfortunately Allison had already used the extra diaper cover on a previous messy diaper so it left us a bit exposed to a possible wet diaper in the future.   Then Allison and I had the brilliant idea to convert a plastic grocery bag into a cover!  We made holes in the bottom of the bag for Meghan's legs and Allison tied the handles around her middle.    Drew decided it was probably a better idea to just head home anyways.   I couldn't help but think, in a few weeks they will be home!  Yes, it is official....they will be moving in by the end of the month.

That being said, I need to get off my rear end and start getting things in order and make room for them.  My mind keeps trying to trick me and jump into...What time is it!?!  Is it time to go out the door yet?  mode.  Only to remember...I'm not stepping foot out the door today!  Have a good one.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

All together

I'm excited for Easter morning although I'm feeling a little like a backslider.  The reason....I'm not going to church. The kids are all going to come over tomorrow morning and we're going to have a nice Easter brunch.  It was the only time that would work for everyone.  Most everyone had plans in the afternoon./evening and Liz has to be to work at 3:30.  I think the last time we were all together was Christmas and I don't see it happening again until June for my parents' anniversary.   So I'm skipping out on attending church on one of the most religious days of the year.   Yeah, backslider...that's me.

So far the menu is looking like....

Cream of spinach and asparagus soup
Apple Stuffed French Toast
Seafood Salad Canapes
Cheesy Potatoes
Various sweets and goodies
Fruit basket

Oh course I have way too many ideas for the sweets, so we'll see what gets done, if anything.   It's not like there won't be anything to eat if I don't make pumpkin muffins or gingerbread cookies or whatever else I've been drooling over lately.    

Yesterday most of the kids pitched in and we managed to clean the little kids room!  YAY!  I think everyone was surprised (including myself) how fast it actually went since the room was totally trashed.  We're talking about bookcases cleared off, drawers of things dumped out, etc.    Now we have to figure out whether to keep or get rid stuff and find a place to find to keep it all.  

This morning I woke up's Saturday, not Sunday...I only have to go to the small city twice and I'm so glad I don't have to go to the Dome today!   I'd signed up but stated...If you happen to get a ton of people wanting to work, feel free to take me off the list.  My name wasn't on the final list so I'm assuming someone decided to be nice to me and let me off the hook for the day.  I'm a little sad that I'm missing out on the last event of the season but glad I don't have to stress about leaving and getting things done for tomorrow.  Plus Danielle has been really unhappy at me coming and going so much.  I walked in the door Thurs night to hear...I was just crying because I missed you.  And last night she was begging Tom to do the running so that I could lay down and read to them at bedtime.   :o(    Olivia went with me yesterday afternoon to take Liz to work and pick up some things for tomorrow.    She had the brilliant idea that I could get a job and Allison could watch them while I worked.    She didn't see why it wasn't a good idea, especially for this summer.   I assured her there'd be plenty of time for me to get a job....after I grow up/Sean goes to school.   That we don't need me to work that bad and I'm not willing to be away from home any more then I have to.     Hmmm...I just mentioned this to Tom and he said it's a good idea!   Maybe I'm on the wrong page here, although I don't think I am.

Alright, the cinnamon bread nor the quiches are making themselves.    Guess I need to get off my fanny now.  


Friday, April 06, 2012


I did a little dance yesterday morning as the bus pulled away.  Not that I was happy Danielle was going to school, I was happy that my vacation had officially started.  I won't have to get up any exhausted cranky kids for the next 10 days!   Woohoo!

Yesterday was grandparents/special friend's day at school.  My parents had decided a while ago that they'd only attend with the kids in this year was their year to go.  My mom crabbed a little about having to go and I reminded her it was the second to last time.  That by this time next year she'd go for Sean and then be all done.   :o(    Val and Liz have already volunteered to go with Danielle next year/the other times.     I messed up and ended up having to leave,  which means I missed seeing my parents when they brought Danielle home for lunch.  (my mom hates ziti so didn't want to eat at school).   I dropped Val off at work for 10, thinking....I'll get home just in time to take Carrie to school.   I got home, walked in the door and immediately started cleaning the living room.  Carrie stumbled into the living room 45 minutes after the bus left school and 15 minutes before her class was to start (GED program school is 35+ mins away in the small city, a few miles from where Val works).    She HAD to go since she only has 2 days to practice for her test and was in the middle of doing essays.    I hate when I can't keep a thought for more then 3 seconds, it seems to happen a lot lately.

So in the next few weeks my front door may as well be a revolving door.   Liz is putting her 2 week notice in at work or maybe asking for a transfer.  Either way she'll be moving out at the end of the 2wks.   Val is looking for a place to rent in the small city and it's almost certain that Drew, Allison and Meghan will be moving in with us at the end of the month.   YAY!  It'll be interesting to see how that goes.  I'm sure we'll be fine.  

Sean was so excited.  He's been waiting for me to make "donuts".  I told him he had to wait until Friday when everyone was home from school.   So this morning we cut up and fried refrigerator biscuits to make cinnamon donuts.  The plan as of right now is to finish this up and then get some people moving in the little kids' room.   It'll turn into Carrie's room since Drew and Allison will be taking over her room.   The only roadblock is what to do with all the toys.  I don't think they'd do well in the living room.    I'd love if I could get into my bedroom.  It shouldn't take too long to straighten up but I want to paint it!  Then again it would be nice if we could paint the little kids' room before we rearrange bedrooms too.  And if Allison wants to repaint Carrie and Liz's room..... It's not bad, they painted it purple and yellow last summer, but she might want a color scheme more to her liking.

Well, guess I should get up and get moving since no one will do anything as long as I'm sitting here.   Maybe I'll get my act together and start using my camera more and make it a bit prettier here.  


Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Time flies

When my mom called me to sing me Happy Birthday last week I asked her....does it make you feel old to have a 47yo daughter?  She said the feeling old didn't bother but the passage of time did.  I so get this.    Sean has gotten so independent (even though he can still insist on acting like a baby too), he keeps himself entertained with drawing, writing, building ramps for cars and playing in his own little world.   Wasn't he just born and demanding all my attention.....throwing me for a loop like I've never been thrown before?   Some girls are moving or planning on moving out very soon.   Weren't they just 3 and 4,  playing church with their baby dolls and booster seats?     While those hit me hard every once in a while what really hits me hard on a regular basis is reading blogs of my online friends.  Seeing pictures of kids that I don't see on a regular basis.  Ones that I remembers being  BORN and then to see them maturing into young men and ladies!    WOW!  Has it really been 11 years since I saw them in real life?  Have I known their moms for THAT long or longer!?!  It seems like yesterday we were all camping together.  

One of the greatest perks of being a mom to so many kids over such a long time span..... wisdom and experience.  To realize just how fleeting  and precious those early years are and to enjoy them more with the later kids.   The experience to realize a 2yo tantrum isn't a direct reflection on my parenting skills and it doesn't matter if anyone else agrees with that idea or not.   Sometimes I feel bad for the older kids to have gotten the less experienced, harsher and unrelaxed mom.  But then I think.......WAIT!  They got the mom who was energetic and fun! lol   The one who had first experiences right along with them.   Of course I still try to be the fun mom now but it's a different fun.   And I try to remember that as mind numbing as the 11th kindergarten function's THIS child's first and only kindergarten function and just as special as the first time I sat through it.

Anyways, this weekend was a busy one.    I had a very nice birthday celebration on Thursday night with most of the kids here.  THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes from all my online friends!!!!   The kids bought pizza so I wouldn't have to cook.  Drew and Allison brought me flowers and another gift that I have to wait to be delivered.   Michelle bought me 2 tickets to a fundraiser at the MOST Museum on Saturday evening...a beer tasting extravaganza with her driving and picking us up so no worries of drinking and driving.   It was very fun grown up night!  Val bought me flower bulbs and Matt bought me a HUGE fly swatter which was a big hit for everyone.  (a new spanking stick!)  Tom gave me a $25 gift card to Home Depot then suggested I buy a new filter for the lawn tractor. lol  

Friday saw me driving the girls to work, grocery shopping and getting ready for the indoor garage sale the next day.  I tried to sit down and crochet some things but I couldn't, I shut down.     At least I had my fabric and craft supplies to sell.    I stayed up way too late getting everything ready and had to get up way to early to get to the sale.   We were at the sale by 7am to finish setting up and the people were waiting at the door for the start at 8.   It seems like everyone that sold garage sale stuff did well but the crafters didn't do too much.  Poor Allison didn't sell a single cowl.  I think it was bad timing.   We'd just finished up 2wks of summer weather and I don't think people were in the scarf/cowl buying mindset.  My fabric and Michelle's stuff went well.    After the sale I went home, threw in laundry so I'd have an outfit for the night and then took a nap.  I felt guilty but I was TIRED!   I woke up, got ready to leave and out the door we went on our date.   We were home by 10:30 which was way too early in my mind.  My body didn't agree and I was asleep on the couch with Danielle and Sean in no time.     Sunday was the meeting.  Tom dropped us off so he could take Val to work.  After he picked us up I was headed out the door to take Liz to work.   Then I headed to my parents' house.   We had to spill the beans on the surprise anniversary reception.  :o(    There was ONE problem we just couldn't get through without their input.  My dad is not happy.  He didn't want us to do this because of the money.   My mom now has something to fret about for a few months. lol   But it makes things a little bit easier for us (like making a play list).  Then it was back into the small city to pick up the girls.  Although I missed seeing them I was glad the little ones were in bed when I got home....again, after 10pm.  

Yesterday was my day off, both girls didn't have to work.   My head thought we would get a lot accomplished with no time limitations looming over us.  My body said...think again I'm sitting here and you can't make me get up!   I did start a crochet project though..  I think it might be a Christmas gift for one of my kids, so not saying right now.   Today Val went into work early this morning.  I'm picking Carrie up from school early so she can get her ID.  She needs it by Thursday since she'll be taking her GED test the day after we return from spring break.    I'm also going to renew my driver's license which was suppose to be done last Friday and totally slipped my mind until Saturday night.   Then it's to Aldi's for fruit for Danielle's class.  They're having their Easter party tomorrow and it's my turn to contribute.   Tom signed me up for cut up fruit during open house (I was at the ER with Olivia who had a fondue fork in her foot).  When I asked him WHY!?!!   Why couldn't he sign me up for something easy like paper plates and cups or juice he said there wasn't anything else to sign up for.  So I'll cut him some slack, but GRRRRR!  and cha-ching!

I am counting down the minutes until Spring Break starts!   Come oooon vacation!  But now it's time to get ready to get out the door.