Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oh come on!

I went to bed with Sean and Danielle last night and now I'm up and it's only 2am!   It's going to be a looong day today whether  it's a busy one or not.   I guess I should've known my idea to sleep in and get 10 or 12 hours of sleep was a pipe dream.   My body (or is it my brain because it was going a mile a minute while I'm laying in bed tossing and turning) must hate me.  I don't know why I keep thinking it would be nice to sleep past 7am.   I know if I did then I'd feel like I'd wasted my morning (not that I don't anyways)....BUT it would be nice to do on occasion!

I've decided that pants are like socks and shoes...they give me the heebie-jeebies.  I haven't worn a pair of real pants in quite some time.   I've had sweat pants and currently own one pair which I am wearing at the moment.   But I haven't had pants and especially jeans since Val was a baby.   A friend of my mom's gave me a bag of clothes that didn't fit her anymore and there were a pair of nice black stretch denim jeans in it.  I figured it would be more practical to work around here and at the dome wearing jeans then a skirt, so I decided to give them a try.   They fit ok, I didn't need to suck in to button them (or lay down on the bed and wrestle the button into the button hole like I use to when I was a teen).  I didn't like the bumps and bulges that were very obvious with them on but that's reality.  I decided to wear them with a tunic that ended midthigh and concealed some of that reality and felt it didn't look bad after all.   So out the door I went to pick up Val and run through Wegman's for some milk and such.   OH MY GOODNESS!   By the time I was midway through the store my thighs were irritated beyond belief.  I couldn't wait to get home, rip them off and get my skirt back on.   I don't know if it was that my thighs were too big for the size or if it was because it was stretch denim and made to be snug or if it's just me being a freak.   I had a good giggle as I was changing, remembering my paternal grandmother.   She always wore skirts.  Her kids would buy her pant suits and such for Christmas and birthdays, trying to get her to "get more modern and practical".   She'd put them on but never keep them on long, complaining that they felt funny and were uncomfortable.  

This weekend is our church's fall conference.  Yesterday morning Luke, Jake and I worked the breakfast shift at the grill.  Olivia had spent the night at Della's so that left Eileen home with Danielle and Sean.   Tom dropped them off before the first morning meeting.  When Danielle walked into the kitchen I had a...your mother must be having a baby, on vacation, obviously not home moment.    Eileen couldn't find a brush so decided the next best thing would be to straighten Danielle's hair and finger comb it into some clips and a ponytail.   Now I admit I really really don't care for the straightened hair look on Danielle anyways.   But this....   Sorry Eileen I know you were trying.  The girl needed a brush and needed it bad!   I'm not sure what happened by the time I was finished in the kitchen but eventually her hair ended up down and looking a little better.   I had to take a picture and send it to Liz.

Then I had to send her one of Sean

I always forget that I have a camera on me at all times.   I was hoping I'd take more pictures with the excuse of forgetting my camera taken out of the equation but it hasn't happened.  I really have to try to remember more.  

Hmmm, just realized it was after 5 (got distracted) and I was feeling I could go for a nap.  That I had an hour until it was time to start getting the kids ready for school.  Then I's Sunday!  I could sleep in. LOL  Guess I'll try to lay down for a while.   See ya!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wasting time

I seem to be pretty good at wasting time lately.  Actually not lately, I've always been good at it.   It's now just obvious because all my excuses are gone for the day.    It's beautiful out....I was going to go for a walk...but I haven't.   It's the day before payday...I was going to plan out my shopping list....but I haven't.   My kitchen is less then sparkling...but here I sit.   My bathrooms need some TLC...later.   I did manage to get some laundry in...woohooo! Go me!  I really have no idea why I'm doing this.   I'd blame it on depression but depressed over what!?!?   I WANT to get back to crocheting, but I'm not sure where my hooks are.   I WANT to get my (actually Liz's) sewing machine out, but it's still in a pillowcase on the kitchen floor.   Can someone send over a case of dynamite PLEASE!  

This weekend is going to be a busy one.   We have our fall conference at church so most of the kids and I will be gone.   Tom is on call so not much help in the driving department, luckily Val has Saturday off.   Matt's  (Val's boyfriend) grandmother passed away yesterday so there will probably be a wake we'll have to attend.  Liz, AJ and their roommate found out on Monday that they have to be out of their apartment by Sunday and asked for help moving/cleaning.  You wouldn't think it was a surprise since their lease runs out at the end of Sept. BUT  They were in the middle of negotiating a 5 month extension since AJ's original start to basic training was set for April.    Then his contract came with the date pushed up to the end of January.  Luckily they hadn't signed anything because their landlady said NO to a 2 month extension instead....5 months or they're done.   So they are done and moving into AJ's parents' house.   That means Liz won't have a way to get to Chipolte's and can't give them 2wks notice.   She's trying to get back into the nursing home in the small city where she worked before moving out.   She also has a possibility of watching a baby for a decent amount a week.   We're both hoping the girl is still looking for a babysitter!   The money is so decent that I said I'd do it if she wasn't going to. 

The kids have been so much fun lately.   Sean has been obsessed with duplos.   Two nights ago he went to bed with a pet tiger he built.   He's always bringing me a burger or birthday cake to eat.   This morning he was building what I thought were little buildings.   Turned out they were drinks.  He managed to fill my desk with them while I was sitting here.  It killed me to MAKE them stop playing this morning bso they could get ready for school.   UGH!   I so wish they didn't have to.   But Sean balked at getting on the bus yesterday morning and I don't want to feed into that.  I could see him trying to stay home every morning if I did.

 After getting the kids on the bus I saw the composition of this and had to take a picture.

  I'm not sure why I like this picture so much.   I guess it is me...on the computer with the modem roaring and kids intermingled.   Carrie's med supplies and pill box.  The stack of school papers and coupon books, with tape to fix things.   The only 2 things missing are for the aluminum cup on the right to be replaced with my coffee cup and to have my car keys laying between the papers and the tape dispenser.   

Well the kids will start coming home in an hour.   I have to get something done including dinner since we have to go to the elementary school's open house tonight.   Adios!  

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another week

Time is flying and I need to adjust.  It seems like I'm wasting a lot of time during the day.  At first I cut myself some slack but this is ridiculous!  All my plans to get things done with all my free time...still undone.  Then I realize the next two weekends are taken with a soccer tournament and fall conference.

Carrie is feeling like poop these days. She's only gone to school on Tuesday and I had to pick her up midday.  She slept most of yesterday and today she was still in bed when I pulled into the driveway at 12:45 (time we were suppose to be leaving for her doctor's appt) .  We were only 20 minutes late. Luckily they were running late too. The goal is to get her off some meds and see if she improves.  Wait until her antibiotic is out of her system and do a urine culture.  They also want to add the  nephrology clinic to her list of drs and want her seen asap. 

Right now I'm sitting on the floor of Liz's apartment waiting for her fiance AJ to get out of work.  They are coming home with us for a visit and then are headed to AJ's parents' house for the night.  In the morning they are headed on a roadtrip for their one year anniversary.  AJ found out he leaves for basic training the 3rd week of January.

My phone keeps ringing while I'm writing this.  Jake has lots of questions about making carrot cake.  I fell asleep last night and didn't get it done so it's his job now.  We're making it for's her birthday today!!!!  I made her sloppy joes and pasta salad for dinner.   I'm starving!

I was so tempted to keep Danielle and Sean home today...they are soooo tired.  Sean has been falling asleep on the bus everyday.   I knew I wouldn't be home today or I might have.  It's going to be so hard to send them tomorrow.

Well we're heading out the door now.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I tried

I was so excited last night...I could sleep in.  No school, Val doesn't go to work until 11:30 and nothing else planned for the day.  Yet here I am at 6:15, laundry in, coffee made and raring to go.  I tossed and turned for hours before getting up too.   When I first woke up it was pitch dark outside then I'd doze and see it's still not very bright out.   I was afraid of getting up and waking up the kids who had climbed into the bed last night, especially Sean.   Nothing against him, he's just an early riser and is running from the get go.   I'd thought to take a walk but it was pretty foggy out and now the clouds are pretty black.   I guess I could clean off and unfold the threadmill but that might wake someone up.  I know...excuses excuses....I have a ton of them!

So Carrie didn't need to spend the night in the hospital!  YAY!!!  I was waiting for the dr to come in soon after starting and tell me he cancelled due to an infection but he didn't.   I was getting nervous after the dr didn't come talk to me and twice the time had passed as I was told it would take.   Then I got a little slice of perspective when the dad sitting a few seats down from me started talking.  Him and his daughter had been there since Tues, her kidneys had shut down and she was on dialysis.   She was in surgery getting a biopsy done and stents placed so she could do outpatient dialysis.  Then the surgeon came in....he cancelled the surgery.  Seems they knicked  her skin to test her clotting response and she didn't stop bleeding.   Oh wow poor thing!   Recovery called me back soon after hearing that.   It was very good to see Carrie sitting up drinking water with a relatively happy face.   The dr blasted the stone and got the stent out.   He said there are still fragments to pass so she'll be in pain for a few days but it should lessen as the days go on.  He also pointed out that her ureter is very narrow even after having the stent in (treatment for narrow ureter).   So much so that he had a hard time getting his instruments in.  Not sure exactly what that means for her future, I guess we'll talk about it at her post-op appt.     While she did fine in the hospital after surgery, the way home was a bit rougher with her throwing up a few times.   She called it an early night and went to bed shortly after getting home.   Right now I'm slightly panicked as I can't seem to locate her latest bottle of antifungal pills.   Infectious disease wants her to take them for 3 weeks more,  I only have 3 days worth in her pill box.    So pill bottle hunting will be at the top of my list today.  The good thing about it is that it'll most likely prompt some cleaning/decluttering.   Unless of course Carrie wakes up and I find out she has it.    Then it's back to slob central here.  lol

I've been extremely distracted since starting this.  Sean has gotten up and has gotten in tons of lap/cuddle time.  One of the first things he said was...Can we go to Aunt Della's again!!   My sister-in-law Della picked up Danielle and Sean after school and took them to her house.   As usual they had a blast there and are raring to visit again.   I assured him he could but not right now.   To which he said...yeah when we go back to school so I can have a note to give to the teacher again.   So Thank You Della!    I also have to thank her since she stopped by Thursday night after dropping the kids off at soccer practice to ask if I wanted to go for a walk.   I was so glad she did since I'd already had the thought to finish making dinner and call her to see if she wanted to walk around the church grounds while the kids practice.  Knowing how busy it was here though I don't think I'd have ever gotten to it.  So it was nice to just drop everything, throw on my sneaks, say stay here we'll be back later and just go.   We walked for about a mile and half and talked the entire time.   I could feel it in my hips and thought I'd be sore on Friday but I wasn't.   It's given more motivation to get up and actually do it.  (I'd been complaining about knowing what I need to do but just not doing it)   She's been such an inspiration to me, even if I haven't done what I need to do yet.   If you want to visit her and be inspired too her blog is the first one on my blogroll in the sidebar.

This has become looong and is taking forever for me to finish. (2.5 hrs later)   Danielle, Jake and Tom are up now and I've been in and out of my seat at least a dozen times.    So I'm going to end things here even if I had other stuff to ramble on about.        

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I knew it

When I wrote about Sean not getting a yellow card I almost took it back, didn't want to jinx him/myself.   Wouldn't you know it, in his folder today had a note from his teacher.  It seems he had a rough afternoon with pushing in line and not cooperating with the teacher.   When I talked to him about it all he said was....Mrs P is wrong!   That note is wrong!   According to him he was pushed and fell into another kid.   OK...I might give him that.  I know it's easier to see the second act then the first so maybe what she saw was a result of a push.   I explained it doesn't address the not cooperating with his teacher.  He still insisted she was wrong.   So we talked about the next time and how there shouldn't be a next time and the consequences if there is a next time.   We also talked about stating someone wasn't telling the truth when they were and how it could have a negative effect on the person and get them in trouble.

Hi Thia! That's the thing with me....I have NO excuse.   I already have a meal/calorie plan made out.  It was the gestational diabetes guidelines I followed with Danielle.   I won't say it's easy to follow since sometimes I felt like it was a full time job.   Eating every 2.5 to 3 hrs I was either planning, thinking of, fixing food or eating.   But I know it's doable and it works!   I lost weight when I was pregnant (with dr's ok) and I felt the best I had in a looong time.   Now I just have to get off my fanny and do it, well and buy food for it too.  Right now it's the day before payday and things are looking quite carby. lol  

Hi Tammy!  I've missed blogging and my online friends too.   Thanks for sticking around (you too Thia!)  UGH on the no show real estate agent!   At least my thing is a one shot deal.   I'm hoping today the fridge will be here and I won't have to wait on them again.   I'm not holding my breath though.   Timeframe I was given ends in less then an hour.  I just want a working fridge!

So here I sit, again time is ticking.  I don't feel like I can get into any deep cleaning because the delivery people could/should be here at any second.   I do have a list to take care of before tomorrow morning since I won't be here to get things going.   Then who knows if Carrie and I will be coming home tomorrow so I probably should set up a ride for Luke and Jake to get to the Dome for fundraising on Saturday.   (decided to get that done just now....yay me!)

Liz and AJ just got back from a trip down south.  AJ's brother came home this week from Afghanistan.   On the way home AJ found out he was accepted in the Navy's nuke program!  WOOOHOOO!   Congrats AJ!   Looks like he'll be sticking around a bit longer then he thought he would.  As of now basic will start sometime around April.  

Hmmmm this thing has sat here all day without getting published.   It's now 4pm and guess fridge!  I looked online and my acct says delivery is the 19th now!!!!   Guess who's on the phone looking for some heads to roll.   GRRRR!    Lovely on hold music at least.    Apparently it's a mistake.  The local delivery company coordinator was scanning things and it got put on my order.   Fridge is on the truck and scheduled between 3 and 7pm today.   We'll see.....we'll see.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Feeling a bit ungrateful

Written yesterday afternoon....

Now that I've posted my last post and gotten to work around here I'm feeling a bit like a spoiled rotten American.   Especially after having my heart drop into my stomach when I heard but couldn't see the tv in Val's room sounding off an emergency broadcast signal.   It was just a test...phew!  But BAD idea to the station manager!!!   Any other day, but NOT today.  (9/11)  To say it was a jolt and a reminder of what we have here and how some would like to take it away is an understatement.

And now today.....

I sent Sean on the bus, skipping and dancing, proclaiming.... I LOVE SCHOOL!   I'm glad he's adjusting really well.   He was happy to report last night that he hasn't gotten a yellow card which was one of his biggest fears.   PHEW!  One week down...39 more to go.  

My parents should be on the road by now.   I was tempted to call first thing this morning and see if they were gone yet but I didn't.   I wish my mom knew how to text.  She can read them but since she doesn't know how to respond she'd prefer I didn't send her any notes.   She has a really old and basic phone that makes texting hard and confusing (even for me)  so I don't blame her.   Still it would be nice to get a note saying...just crossed Ohio border and such.   I told her she needed to start a blog so  we could follow them. LOL!!!   Drew just called me.   My parents left but after 10 minutes on the Thruway they had to head back.  Seems they forgot their checkbook.    I talked to my mom while she was in the driveway.  She reported that my dad ran the first red light they came to.  One he's traveled under a zillion times in his life.   Everyone's been joking they wouldn't make it to Buffalo and my parents proved them wrong...they didn't even  make it that far!   Oh they are in for the time of their life!

I was in the bathroom this morning and the phone rang.   I missed the call and wouldn't you know it was the one phone call I was waiting for...Carrie's anesthesia interview for her surgery on Friday.   I called them back before sitting here and left a message, they just called thing off my todo list.  Now I'm waiting on a call back from the Joslin Center to hear what to do with her insulin Friday morning.  Her surgery has been moved up an hour so I won't be here when the kids get ready and go to school.   Luke will be filling in for me instead.   At least Danielle is ok with doing her own hair.   The thought of Luke trying to do it makes me chuckle.   Now if we can just get through this without being admitted and anymore complications that would be awesome!  This girl needs to start feeling better...NOW!   Prayers would be appreciated.

I never called or texted  Allison to see how things were going.   I asked Drew and in typical guy fashion his answer was short, sweet and nonchalant although he mentioned they had Subway for lunch on Monday.  It's always about the food.   I could hear Meghan in the background asking if he was talking to Momma.   Awwww I miss the little squirt!

I'm having a hard time adjusting to cooking for one during the day.   It's just not worth the effort.  So I'm grabbing and snacking instead.  NOT a good thing if I want to eat healthy.   I mean 4 slices of cheese while I'm on the phone with Drew? UGH.   And I'm still hungry...or is that thirsty...or bored.   *heavy sigh*   I have to get with the program.   I was looking at pictures at my parents the other day, one of which was my wedding photo and it hit me...I am 100lbs heavier then that picture.   I don't ever expect or want to get back to that weight.  But 60lbs less would be nice, I'd even take 30 at this point.  I can't even remember the last time I was 60lb less.   I know when I was pregnant with Danielle I was about 25lbs less then I am right now.  I felt so good and healthy back then.  Time to get committed to following my gestational diabetes diet plan again, although I'm thinking of trying the original 1800 calorie one instead of the 2000 one.   Even though following the higher one would still be an improvement over what I'm doing now.   And of course there's exercising.  No excuses anymore...I have tons of free time.   Time that I seem to be wasting lately but it's there waiting to be utilized!  And it helps that Drew took his amp and speaker for his guitar out of the kitchen, allowing me to unfold the treadmill easily.   NOW DO IT!

OK..enough seat time.  Time to get something done around here!   Dinner has to be early as the kids have their first autumn activity club meeting tonight.   They are so excited!  It'll be interesting to see how it works out having it on a school night.    Have a good one!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A whole day wasted

GRRRR!  I waited all day yesterday for my new fridge to be delivered and it never got here!   Now what am  I suppose to do?   Stay home all day today and wait again?   I have to sign for the thing and there was no exact delivery time, just Sept 10th between 6am and 6pm.   So now I'm on the phone with the delivery company while they try to figure out what happened to yesterday's deliveries.  

The kids were so excited to be getting a fridge.  For the last month or so we've been using the freezer for the fridge while I got up the guts to hit the checkout button on such a costly purchase.  It only took about 5 shopping sessions before it actually happened.  What they're really excited about though is the ice maker!!!!   We've never had one and we're all ice crunchers.   Danielle can't wait to use the ice cream machine I bought her for her birthday .

DOUBLE GRRRR!   Off the phone and not happy.   Apparently the local shipping company didn't have my paperwork.   Nothing came with the fridge.  So you have a fridge with no instructions on it.  Didn't anyone think....we should find out what to do with this!?!?!?  According to them they couldn't even print off my slip because it's "waiting on credit approval".   Ummm the thing has been paid for since the got it at your warehouse on the 5th.   But I guess that's not necessarily true either, even though my tracking info says so.   Then lo and behold while on the phone someone told her they do have it there.   Now I can't get it until Thursday.   Talk about a total let down.  And I'm going to have to be home again all day on Thursday.  I have a call into the company I purchased this from.  I feel there's no way I should be charged the full $100 shipping fee after all this.  Now I'm waiting to hear from the customer reps supervisor who's due in at noon.

Oh well, to be honest I can't call it a total waste of a day.  I did manage to get some work done around here between running Val to and from work and looking out the window to see the if the imaginary truck was pulling in.  The shower I don't even use is cleaner as is the bathroom.  I threw some bedding in the wash so that piles a tad bit smaller.  Since I won't be looking for any trucks or driving today maybe I can get even more work done.   Right now the livingroom is bugging me and the perpetual pile of dishes in the sink is demanding some attention.   I've been starting to think about crocheting and sewing for Christmas.   No set plans but once I get things done here I can concentrate on that.   My thought is to try and deep clean one area a day.  By the end of the week my place should be halfway decent.  (not including my bedroom...I think that'll take more then a day)

Schoolwise we seem to be doing ok.   Everyone has gotten up and gone everyday.   Sean is starting to learn the names of his classmates.    He really seems to enjoy going and the structure of it...something sorely lacking here.   Danielle is adjusting to having homework almost every day.  It's usually just a quick paper but it's hard for her to not get distracted.  Plus once or twice we've forgotten about it until almost bedtime which doesn't help with concentration.  One day Sean wanted to do homework so we erased Danielle's seatwork from class (almost the same paper she had for homework) and let Sean go at it.  He thought he had gotten a treat. Reminds me of how Drew would check his math homework by having Pat do the problem too...if their answers matched, it was right.

Me home alone wise....I seem to manage wasting time just fine thankyouverymuch! lol   I went and visited with Della on Thursday and then out to lunch with some friends from church on Friday.  (not that those were wastes of time).   I really need to crack down on myself here.   No more wasting so much time online.    I need to get things done and be productive!   I'm thinking of applying for a job at the local grocery store after Carrie's surgery and medical issues are done.   Optimally I'd work 10am to 2pm (maybe 3) on the weekdays only but I know that's probably not going to happen.   Speaking of work,  I wonder how Allison's first day of training went and how things are going staying with my parents.  (who leave for their trip tomorrow!)  I'll have to text them when I get off here.  

Carrie surgery is set for this Friday morning.  Prayers would be only for the surgery but that she can stay healthy this week and not postpone this thing.   Thanks.   And now to get something done around here.  Have a great day everyone!   

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Wow that was fast

I couldn't get over how fast the day went.  I also couldn't believe how little I actually bathroom cleaned and a few dishes done.   *heavy sigh*    I sat at the computer way too long.  I'll cut myself some slack but can't let it become status quo.   I won't be getting much done around here today either other than lots of driving.   I've already driven Val to work, then at 1 I have to drive into the small city to pick up Carrie at her school.  From there we head into the big city for her doctor's appointment.  Then back to the small city to pick up Val and then home.  The gas companies love me.

I have to mind has been bringing me places I really don't want to go in terms of Carrie and how she's faring.    The constant nausea and vomiting really has me worried.  When is losing weight too much for a system and when do you step in and do something for it and what is that something?   Last night I almost convinced myself it wasn't the medicine that was making her throw up that it was the size of the pills/food.  That she probably has an obstruction...really read cancer.   I know my friend who is an esophageal cancer survivor got that look on his face when I mentioned what was going on with Carrie eating wise.  Stupid mind!!!   Like the girl hasn't been gone over with a fine tooth comb a bazillion times already.  Still, it sucks to have that at the back of your mind every time something wrong goes on for longer then you think it should.

Anyways back to reality here.   The kids all seemed to have had a good first day.   When asked if he met anyone Sean said yes, lots of people.   When asked who he played with he said....EVERYONE!  Just don't ask him anyone's name. lol    Danielle wasn't as excited to be back as Sean was but I've seen that before in 1st graders.  It's an adjustment to being a big school girl now.    She still had fun and was eager to get ready this morning.   Olivia is excited that she has her cousin in a lot of her classes.    Eileen complained of a slight stomachache all day and still had it this morning.   I thought...oh great here we go, but she went to school no problems.   Jake  was Jake and everything was hunky dory.    Carrie had a lot of running around to do and was exhausted.  She's anxious to get her hands on the little kids (she's taking an early childhood education course at the occupational center).  

I've come to realize.... it's all me.   The ADD type actions from me aren't because I have ALL THESE KIDS distracting  me or demanding my attention.  Even home alone I seem to flit from task to task forgetting what I was originally doing and leaving it half finished.   Who knew.  So my apologies to my kids, it's not you, it's me.   lol

Awww, my coffee cup is empty.  Guess that means it's time to get up, switch laundry over and get something done before I have to go out the door in 2hrs.   Have a great one.          

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A new era begins

Today was the first day of school here and I just sent my baby to Kindergarten!  Waaahhhh!    The silence here is deafening.   I thought I'd enjoy having some time to concentrate on myself but I'm finding myself a bit lost already.  Here's some pictures....

1st trip kids
Carrie, Jake, Eileen and Olivia
Sean showing his excitement for the day.

2nd trip kids
Danielle and Sean paying more attention to 
each other then mom and the camera

Danielle and Sean sitting on the porch waiting for the bus.

I told Meghan I was going to be bugging her all day because I didn't have anyone else to bug.    But they'll only be here for a few more days.  On Saturday they are going to my parents' house for 6 - 8 wks.  They're housesitting while my parents take a cross country trip to celebrate their 50th anniversary.   My parents are traveling west along Route 20, going south along the western coastline, east along Route 66 and then  head back north to home.   No set itinerary, no time restraints...just go when and where they feel like it.   I hope it's as relaxing, fun and exciting as it sounds to be.  

Other news for Drew and Allison is...Allison is starting a new job as a bank teller...part starts Monday.  Drew is still looking for a job so he'll be watching Meghan.  Once he gets a job then I think I'll be watching her.  Oh poor me.  lol  In April I announced that Drew and Allison were expecting.  Unfortunately it wasn't to be, Allison had a miscarriage.  :o(    Hopefully they'll be expecting another new blessing in the very near future....maybe by the time they move back in here.  *fingers crossed*  

I don't think I've shared here that Pat and Alex are expecting!  They're due in the middle of January and just found out they are having a boy.   I told Pat that I can't wait to meet Dylan.  I don't think he thought it was as funny as I did.  When I was pregnant for Sean, Pat kept insisting his name was going to be Dylan and he was going to call him Dylan even if we didn't name him that.   For a few weeks Alex (who had just started dating Pat) thought Sean's name was Dylan...until we set her straight.   Karma sucks.  ;o)

More exciting news I haven't shared yet...Liz is engaged!   A wedding date is up in the air and will probably happen with very little notice.   Her fiance has joined the Navy and is waiting to find out when basic training starts.  They'll either be getting married between basic training and the start of school (very narrow window of time) or once he starts school.   He has to find out the logistics of everything first....and whether he's been accepted into the nuke program.  

Even with Drew, Allison and Meghan gone I won't be home alone.  Luke will be here during the day since he isn't employed at the moment.  He's been working sporadically for family but nothing lately.   He's trying to decide between actively seeking employment or working at our church while they're doing major construction.   I'm hoping he picks the church work.   Then there's Val, she's gone most of the time since she's working full time at Total Tan still.  NO she is not driving and YES I knew that it was probably a farfetched idea to think she'd have her license by the start of summer.   Now I'm shooting for the end of fall.  I really don't want to drive in the snow!   Now to motivate those around me to see that it gets done.  It won't take her long to get her license since she does drive her boyfriend's car occasionally.   It's just finding the time to refine her skills that's the problem.

So everyone asks...What are you going to do now that everyone is in school?   I'm looking around the house and seeing a LOT that I can do.   Then it hits me...I have no excuse for not having a spotless house now...At least until the bus pulls up in the afternoon.   It should stay clean once I get it clean.   Now how truly lazy I am will be revealed.  Although I do have grand plans...walks and swimming at the rec center, eating healthier, completing exercise videos that have been collecting dust, etc. employment or schooling plans for the near future.   I'd like to enjoy this new era of my life a bit and give us all a time to adjust before I think about those.  Plus our church main fundraiser, working a concession stand at the Carrier Dome is starting.  There's NO WAY I could work and give as much time as I wanted toward that venture.  Of course if I really needed to work, that'd be a different story.  Another income would be nice and help alleviate some things around here although it isn't imperative.  We'll see how things stand after the first of the year and with the start of the Spring college courses.

Oh I need to update on Carrie.  I wish I could say she is doing well but she's not.  The poor thing has had a horrible summer.   She's on major antifungal medicine and her system isn't dealing with it well.  It's making her have no appetite and throw up....even with tons of Zofran in her.  She's lost 20lbs since this whole thing started and looks like crap.  Sorry but there's no other way to put it.  It's very obvious she doesn't feel well.  We can't stop or lower the meds or the yeast infection flares up.  Even if she misses a dose it does.   We're walking a thin rope in a vicious circle. If the yeast isn't controlled she can't have the kidney stone blasted and the stent remove.   And it's the stone and stent that are feeding the yeast back into her system.   To add insult to injury she's dealing with a bacterial infection again too.  And again she's having a hard time keeping the antibiotics down.   There's been talk of going to option B which is to keep her inpatient with IV meds until everything is cleared for the timeframe they want it cleared (weeks).   So keep her in your prayers please.

Now I must extract my rearend from this chair and get some things done around here.     Hope everyone has a good day.