Thursday, August 19, 2010

How the heck did that happen?

And how did I go so long without realizing? The computer I've been using... Dell Optiplex 210 has been running like crap for the last month or so. It's so frustrating! I've been tempted to throw it out the window. It's made buying a new computer very tempting.

First it was constant virtual memory too low messages. Then all operations on it slowed to a snail's pace. I've been fiddling with it constantly ever since. I've defragged it, ran msconfig and turned off everything I possibly could. I deleted microsoft essentials security because I read that it could bog things down and installed another security system that was supposedly faster...still no change (but lots of tweaking of the new firewall though). Then it hit me...the memory!

I wondered if something was up with the RAM. I have 1g of RAM so there shouldn't be a problem. Imagine my shock when I looked at the system's info and see it listing my RAM as 258mb. HUH?!? How could I possibly be working with that amount? My first thought was to order new memory but then I decided to see if it was something I could fix internally (stick not in the slot right, slot dirty, etc). So I crack open the case, take out the stick, clear the slot of dust and go to reinstall the stick. But wait! I need to know the speed and whatnot so I can order the new sticks of memory. Then I see it.... 258mb listed on the memory stick's sticker. NO WAY! Someone stole/replaced my 1g memory card!?! Who would do that? Why would they do that?

I ran down to the library and take the 512mg memory card out of Michelle's emachine that she's no longer using. Installed it so there is now 760mb of RAM and taaadaaaa! Computer running like new again! YAY!!!

On the way home from driving Michelle to work I was stuck in some traffic and got to thinking....really, who would have taken my memory. It's not like memory is expensive or rare. So I decided to look up the system I have and sure enough it's listed as being sold with only 258mb of RAM. HOW did I manage to not get bogged down before this? All those times that Drew kept telling me I needed more memory and I told him...I have 1gig, it's working fine, no I don't. Guess I have to give kudos to the motherboard.

Hmmmmm I'm not sure what's happening outside but Sean just came in yelling behind him...YOU SUCK! Oh such lovely kids. And the joy of having older ones to teach the younger ones all the wonderful language they do. But hey, I have it easier because I have older kids *dripping in sarcasm*. At least according to someone I know. I always wonder if she's eating her words now that her kids are older. Give me a bunch of little ones anyday! I LOVE my older kids to pieces but things were so much simpler/easier when they didn't have a life of their own. lol

Last Saturday I got my Meghan fix in!!!! Drew and Allison came by in the evening. I told them...I'll babysit so you can go out to the fire and they took me up on the offer. She fussed and cried but she's still adorable. Sean was ecstatic to get to hold her since he couldn't the week before due to his cold.


Olivia was all over it too....following me around, begging me to let her hold her. She's growing like a weed! She's gained back a pound in the week since her first doctor's obviously nursing is going well. Can I be greedy and wish I could see her everyday?

My sister's youngest, Emily is here for a few days. I exchanged her for Carrie who is now done with summer school so is free to socialize. Emily brought her kids' recipe books and Tracy bought her ingredients to bring. We're being treated to lots of treats. This morning they made fruit kabobs with yogurt dip. This afternoon it was pasta salad and cooling down now are chocolate chip cookie bars. YUM! I have to make dinner early since I'll be leaving for a meeting at 6. It's getting to be that time of year sports events and working at the dome. We're running a concession stand for the football season....Go Syracuse! The better they do, the bigger the crowds, the more we sell, the more we earn.

This week has been a little rough. So far we've had...Tom hurting his back pretty bad on Sunday (he's moving around a lot better today). Carrie pouring huge hot cup of tea on her lap (luckily no major burns). Me with a major headache that's on it's second day but no where near like it was yesterday. So to say that I'm excited that Tom is on vacation as of Friday night is an understatement. We want to do a bunch of day trips but not sure where and when. I'm just glad he gets to take some time off and relax for a few days.

Well, dinner isn't making itself and I don't hear the dinner fairy knocking on the door (she's probably out partying with the dishes fairy who's been MIA for a while). So I guess it's up to me to feed this group which requires me to get my bottom out of this chair! BOOOOO!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Hot and humid again

It's that time of the year where I start looking around and seeing all the things that need to be done around here...painting, new cabinets, floors, etc. It can get downright depressing if I let it. Right now my main thing is our sectional. Drew got it off the side of the road and at the wasn't bad. Yeah the feet of the recliners were hard to use and didn't go down easily. But what we had before that made this one look brand new. Now the recliner feet are permanently stuck out, the front panel keeps falling off the non recliner/sleeper section and with the muggy smells a bit sour. I saw a sectional at Big Lots that I liked and would be perfect in here. The pieces were $250 each. I could buy one with cash and the other...well I would have to use plastic. Tom's thing lately has been to get everything paid off and he just can't agree to me using a card. I understand. BUT it would look SO much better in here!!!! We'd have more room and more sitting area. It would be easier to clean in here, etc, etc. It's enough to make me want to throw a pity party for myself...but I won't. In the grand scheme of things, this is nothing. Especially compared to what others are dealing with on a daily basis.

With my mind a whirl of plans, you'd think my body would jump on the bandwagon and decide it needed to get things done around here. But NOOOO! It's sitting in the corner like a bag of bricks, daring my brain...just try and make me get up and go. I feel a billion years old at times. Will someone please send me my 20something self that used to whip through the housework with nary a creak nor groan. I could really use her right now.

I am down to a few kids right now. Jake, Eileen and Olivia went home with my sister and Emily. Why Jake went, we have no clue. I think he just wanted something new to do. I realized at 4am though that it meant there was no one here in the morning when I had to drive the kids to school and Michelle to work. So Danielle and Sean had to go out the door with us at 6:45. Poor things. I scare myself when I do that...not think through things and then get slammed with a huge...OH NO!!

Allison and Meghan were here on Saturday so I got my grandbaby fix in. (Drew came later, he had band practice...they have a decent paying gig soon! wooohoo!) I was more then happy enough to hold Meghan while Allison had some dinner. Then I felt like a traitor asking for a volunteer to take her after everyone else was done eating and I was sitting there starving. Of course everyone jumped at the chance to take her for me. Danielle and Sean weren't very happy campers though. They weren't allowed near Meghan all day. They started with an occasional clear running nose on Friday night and it turned into colds with a cough by midday Saturday. I just hope Meghan doesn't come down with it.

This is the last week of summer school! Woohoo! Carrie is done on Thursday. Luke is done next Monday. His finals are done by Friday so he'll be skipping on Monday. Tom is on call this week. It's a little less bothersome now that Michelle is working new hours. I can't rely on him doing any driving anyways. He's hoping for tons of rain this week so he can get some overtime in. lol I'm pretty sure he won't be getting it. The exciting thing is that once his oncall week is over...he's on vacation until after Labor Day!

The not exciting thing is that means that Labor Day is almost here and summer vacation is almost over. I have nothing ready for them to go back to school yet. Normally I've been in Walmart a few times a week and picked up a bunch of stuff....not this year. Can we just skip it this year? I didn't think so. For the first time in 21 years I will not have anyone in elementary school or riding the 2nd trip bus. It is so weird to think that once 7:30 hits, everyone that is suppose to be out the door, should be out the door. It also means there's going to have to be some major organization if they're going to do it successfully. But that's a thought for another day. Anyways, I have to go out the door soon to pick up school kids. So enough rambling for now.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

I forgot to post this picture

During the summer conference I was either too busy or forgot that I had my camera...except once. It was during children's day and Liz had taken Sean to get his face painted.


I'm not sure how I missed this the other day but I did. A precious Meghan watching Daddy sleep picture. :o)


The kids were playing with my camera while waiting for me to get in the van.


It's a much nicer day today...My feet are finally back to normal and my headache is barely there. It's less humid and a reasonable temperature. While I managed to get some things done. I didn't do nearly what I'd hoped to do. Most of the day was spent trying to clean up this computer so it ran a little faster then a snail. Funny how much time I can waste on the machines that are suppose to make life easier and save us time.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. There's not much planned. Michelle needs to go to work at 7am. I'll drive her in and then do a bit of grocery shopping. I need to get some things for Jake's birthday. His choice for dinner....steak, pasta salad and salt potatoes.

Hmmm I guess I need to get up and take Sean to bed

And again with the not publishing like I thought I did!

Good Morning! Jake is now 14yo! Where does the time go? Seems like it was just yesterday that I was coming home from the hospital and heading the summer conference. Michelle is now at work and I've run to the store for a few things. I have more to get but none of the stores I needed to run to were open yet. I even ran through the drive thru at dunkin donuts and got coffee for Tom and I. When I walked in the door it was barely 8am and no one was awake yet. Right now it's just me, Tom, Sean and Danielle up. I'm about ready to go and get everyone else up! There are things to do.

Jake had mentioned having strawberry shortcake for his birthday and then changed it to regular cake. While shopping I decided we could have the shortcake for it's waiting for the sleepyheads. When I walked in the door this morning it stunk in here. I went into the kitchen and found one of the burners opened a quarter of the way!! YIKES! I'm not sure how long it'd been on but thankfully windows were open and nothing happened.

I'm really needing a Meghan fix!! I haven't seen her since they brought her to church the other day. I was hoping they'd come here today for Jake's birthday but Drew didn't answer his phone nor did he call me back last night. Hopefully I can get a hold of him in a little while. I hate calling someone with a new baby...what if they're sleeping!?! Hopefully Allison remembers to turn off her phone when she takes a nap.

Ok...the phone is ringing and the little ones are trying to use me as a jungle gym. Time to get out of my chair.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Pictures from Saturday

I'd left my camera at the hospital when I was visiting Drew, Allison and Meghan on Thursday. I got it back on Saturday when we met up at my parents. I found some coming home pictures on it.


Drew being a goof with Meghan in her going home outfit

Carrie holding Meghan with Danielle chomping at the bit to get her turn. She was so patient, especially when my sister took her from Carrie after Danielle had been told it was her turn next.

Finally getting her turn

Sean had fallen asleep in the car on the way into my parents' and was out cold. So I told everyone to let him sleep until he woke up or everyone had had a chance to hold Meghan. As soon as he woke up everyone was in his face about getting to see and hold the baby.

After seeing her he made it a point to tell people she was this big (holding his cupped hands inches apart). At one point he also mentioned...but she's heavy.

Drew and Allison came out to church on Sunday to show off Meghan and let his aunts get their baby fixes in. They stayed for a good bit of time and had dinner at the grill (my treat). I had them buy a rib dinner to bring home for Tom which he said was DELICIOUS! Jake got his nose out of joint that I wouldn't let him hold the baby. I knew he'd been out in the woods setting up for an endurance competition. He hadn't showered or changed his clothes so I didn't want to risk the baby getting poison ivy...which Jake now has.

The conference was an exhausting whirl of fun. I could barely walk Monday night but suddenly was full of energy to walk the grounds when it seemed that Sean was missing. He wasn't, Liz had him at the beach volleyball finals, I just didn't know it. But by then (at least 20 mins of searching) I was an exhausted emotional mess. Fighting tears I took Sean and Danielle home early and promptly fell asleep with them on the couch. I woke up to the phone ringing and my heart jumping out of my chest. I thought it was 2am and I'd forgotten the kids. It was 11:30 and they were looking for a ride home early...they were also exhausted, Carrie had school the next day and Jake had a headache (he eventually ended up with the fever, muscle ache illness that's been going around here since the end of or two at a time...5 to 7 days between cases...ugh!)

Tuesday was children's day...the funnest of all fun days!!! There were bouncy houses, cotton candy, tons of activities. I helped Della do her famous cookie decorating station. The little ones love it, the moms probably not so much. Especially this year since Della found red and blue frosting for the kids to wear...I mean spread. lol I was tired Tuesday night that in my sleep I started nursing Sean! We'd fallen asleep on the couch again and when he started crying I lifted my shirt and let him go at it. He probably thought he hit the jackpot until a minute later I realized what I was doing and stopped him. Then he was just totally ticked off. Poor guy.

Yesterday was a total "waste" of a day, but every once in a while you have to have one of those. I was out the door early to take Michelle to work and the kids to school. I promptly fell back to sleep after getting home and slept on and off for a couple of hours. I'm not really sure what I did between 11ish and 1:30...pretty much sitting around being lazy and melting in the heat and humidity. Then it was back out the door to get the kids I'd dropped off in the morning. By the time I got home I was exhausted again and with a major caffeine headache. I forgot/was too lazy to get myself a cup all day and was paying for it. I asked Eileen to make me cup and get me some ibuprofen and then jumped into bed. After chugging the coffee I slept for most of the afternoon. My head still hurt but not as bad...again not doing much of anything for the rest of the night.

This morning I still have remnants of the headache and an irritated eye. It started itching last night and now the white of my eye is swollen and red. I'm pretty sure it's allergy related. Please don't let it be pink eye! Since I'm not sure which it is, I'll have to keep my distance from Meghan :o(.

It is another hot and humid day. I don't want to do anything but this place is falling apart since I have hardly been here in almost 2 weeks. Not to mention that Emily, my sister's youngest, is coming today and staying until Sunday night. This makes it hard to get the girls to help around here. Plus I want to have some fun with them...although I'm not sure what we'll do. Oh yeah! Saturday is Jake's birthday...he's turning 14! We should probably do something for that, but again not sure what. I should probably get off my tukus now. Where's that dynamite?

Allllll done

Hmmm...wrote this Sunday morning. Thought I posted it before running out the door but guess I never did. So here it is now.

Sean isn't nursing anymore. It's nursing days are absolutely done. :o( Sean isn't liking this new chapter yet. He's still trying to get me to nurse him whenever he goes to bed or first wakes up. He scooches down and tries to lift up my shirt. When I hold it down so he can't lift it, he usually insists... "OPEN IT!" The first morning he was crying after I refused to let him nurse. I told him it was ok to which he responded...NO! It's NOT OK! After shopping on Friday he told me he was tired (his cue to me that he wants to lay down and nurse). We went to lay on the bed and he says...I two now, not free. He wasn't happy when I told him, "I don't care how old you're not nursing anymore".

I really didn't want to wean him around his birthday. (didn't want him to think turning 3 stunk). But I couldn't give up the opportunity that presented itself....3 days of no nursing and he survived! All along I've been saying... all I need to wean him is to go on an extended vacation. It wasn't the vacation I had in mind but it works.

So the phone rang at 8am this morning. I looked at the caller ID to see what insane person was calling so early and see it's Drew. My heart dropped into my stomach, immediately thinking the worst. He was calling to let me know that Meghan is NURSING! It's her favorite thing to do now. WOOOOHOOOO! He told me he really wanted to call me in the middle of the night to tell me but didn't....thanks Drew!

I'm already sucking at the Grandma gig. Seems I've been spelling Meghan's name wrong. Allison said...Megan with an "h" and I just assumed she meant Meaghan. I tried to fix it around here but if I missed something....sorry sweetie!

Yesterday was very busy and fun. I was up at 6am and started working like a madman. I did 5 loads of laundry (kind of day where I get jealous of the express wash cycle on Della's frontloader), cooked bacon, teryaki chicken, taco meat and shredded the pulled pork that had cooked in the crockpot all night....dinners for the conference are now done. We were out the door by noon and got to my mom's by 1. Drew, Allison and Meghan were right behind us. The kids got to love on that cutie for 2 hours before we had to leave. My sister and two of her girls came by to get their baby fix in too. I made a salad and my dad grilled the kielbasa and burgers I brought for lunch. We were back on the road by 3:30. Luke had to work at the grill at 4:15...he was right on time. I left, gathered things together and was back at the summer conference an hour later...Sean, Danielle and I stayed there until 11pm. Then I ran back and picked up Carrie, Eileen and Olivia at 12:30. Now were due to be back there at 10.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Back up to the hospital

Thursday night...

I dropped Michelle off for her last day of work at her old store. She starts Monday at the new store and has a very interesting schedule. She starts work at 6am...that means we have to leave here by 5:20!!! The rest of the week she goes to work at 7 or 7:30. This is causing a slight problem, as that's when the school kids have to be at school (7am). So it looks like they'll be getting to school a little early one day and a whole lot to be a summer school student. I could make them ride their bike but they'd have to leave at the same time they may as well get a ride. Besides, I'm not even sure if we have decent bikes for them to ride.

After I dropped Michelle off I went to the hospital to see the kids. Meghan looks a lot smaller today then she did yesterday. I guess Drew mentioned the same thing this morning. She's giving Allison a hard time with nursing. She's not latching on or nursing well at all. Hopefully tomorrow she'll be better about it. She's looking a bit jaundice to me already so I hope she cooperates and starts mega nursing.

And now it's Friday morning...

So now it's time to get things going for this weekend. With things the way they are, it looks like I'll have to be more organized then ever. And now I have less time then ever to get it done. Our original plan was for us to camp out there...starting tonight, but I finally made a decision and said we'd commute. Seeing as the tent is in a broken down mess in the backyard (every time it rains it collapses!) and how this week has gone...I think I made the right decision. I told the little kids that we'll have to start a summer conference fund and collect money for it throughout the year, and hopefully I won't have any other commitments to get in the way by then.

My plans to hang out over there all day Saturday even though things don't start until that evening have changed. Allison should be discharged on Saturday. Since most of my kids haven't been able to visit them in the hospital, thanks to a really strict visitor's policy, we're going to try to let them get a chance on Saturday (otherwise it'll be Wed before they can see Meghan for the first time). Problem is, I have a time constraint...youth meeting starts at 8 Oh and I haven't told my parents we were planning on using their house as the meeting place. lol I figured they had more space then Drew's and Allison's apartment and it would allow Drew and Allison to just leave when they'd had kicking anyone out needed.

First on the list is making a list of what we'll need for meals and whatnot...which I'll do as soon as I finish up here. Then it's buying the ice cream for the grill. I'll be running out in an hour or so to get it and bring it directly to the big freezer at church. Oh yeah! I have to clean the little freezer that we'll be stocking when the grill is was turned off and closed for a while and is a little mildewy. Then back home to get the kids ready. They've been stuck home for long enough...I'll take them with me to finish up grocery shopping. Then it's back home to prepare and package up the food.

It's now well past when I wanted to leave. Everyone's ready to go out the door, so time to put this puppy to bed.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Here she is!

Drew sent this picture to Michelle this morning. Not exactly sure when it was taken.

meghan louise

Happy Family Before (7/26)
7/26 - 21:20

Happy Family After (7/28)

Drew getting ready to go into the OR

Video I took for the kids at home. I was trying to capture her crying so Sean could see it. Unfortunately I ran out of memory just as she started crying. Why did I have so little memory left? Because I forgot to take my memory card out of the card slot and put it in my camera!!! So I only had internal memory available. Ironically I did this just after yelling at the kids for using my camera since they almost killed the battery I'd just charged and left the memory card in the computer.

Ignore the voices in the back talking about a baby....they were talking about a different baby, not Meghan.


I didn't mean to bail on everyone. My cell was on the verge of dying so usage was limited. I left the hospital and reality took over. I was exhausted, left the hospital and went to my mom's where I took a nap and had a bite to eat. Then went home where the clamoring kids, dinner and then bed took over.

My granddaughter is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I'm dying to be able to love on her more then a few minutes in a much more relaxed atmosphere. I have some pictures and even a video to show but I need to get Drew's permission before sharing it. He hasn't announced any details online yet (he never thought to bring the laptop). I don't want to step on his toes...he should be the one shouting it to the hills for all to hear. (but you guys here are a little different)

Anyways, baby and mom are fine. Allison looked like a totally different person in recovery. She was EXTREMELY exhausted and a bit upset last I saw her (before the birth). She did NOT want a c-section! I'm pretty sure it's because she would love to have a large family (they've mentioned 8 kids before) and she's worried a section would mess up those plans. Plus who's ever happy to have major surgery?

Baby's stats are....

Meghan Louise
7lbs 8oz
21 inches
Time...approx 1:45 (Drew didn't pay too much attention to the time)

The funny this is, I KNEW the baby's name. I didn't know it before she was born. They were keeping it a secret and had one of two names that they were trying to decide between (that they didn't share with me ahead of time). If you'd asked me what I thought they were going to name her before I held her, I'd have said Chloe. With her in my arms I asked...What's her name? Drew told me to guess. I looked at her and then at Drew and said...Megan (how it was spelled in my head). You could've knocked me over with a feather when he said I was right!

The kids and Tom did a pool...guessing the birthdate, time, weight, length and name. Olivia was the only one to guess it would be the 28th (which also happens to be the anniversary of my MIL's passing....4yrs). Sean got the time right with a guess of 1:41 (don't ask me how he said that, but that's what's on the chart). Tom was the winner in the weight department with a guess of 7lbs 14 oz. Eileen said 21 inches and Jake actually got the name right!

I'm going to call Drew in about half an hour and see if it's ok to share my pictures. So hopefully I'll be back really soon with Miss Meghan.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

No progress at all. She's heading in for a c-section. And she's not happy. Baby should be here in about an hour.
Another morning. No baby, no sleep. Next step pit drip after breakfast.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Still in early labor. Contrax have changed. Hoping she can get in a nap but not looking like it'll happen.
Good morning. No baby yet. Lots of little contrax though. Pit should be started after breakfast.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Forgot i could post here by Phone. Testing it out.

So whatcha doing today?

Me? Well I'm going on a wonderful adventure with my son and his wife...we're going to go have a baby! Or at least attempt to have one, hopefully the baby decides it's a good time to make an appearance. Tom is taking a half day today so he can pick up the kids from school and take Michelle to work (her last week at her old job). I'm going to pickup Allison and take her to her 3:00 doctor's appointment. If everything continues as planned we're scheduled to be at the hospital at 6 to start an induction. Drew is working all day and will meet us at the hospital when he gets out.

I'm figuring we're in for a loooong night/day tomorrow...but with babies, you never know. It's weird to be on this end of the trip. Usually I've packed and planned and fretted for weeks. This time I'm sitting her fairly calm, thinking I should probably bring some snacks or a book and knowing my kids are taken care of (Tom's taking all day tomorrow off). Right now it feels like any ordinary day. Not a life changing one. EEEE! I can't wait!

This weekend was nice, even if it was wet since we had a lot of thunderstorms. Since the early morning hours on Friday I was waking up...wondering what time it was. Then I'd remind myself that the kids didn't have summer school and Michelle didn't have work. After the 4th time I finally convinced myself that I didn't have to go anywhere. When I marveled that I'd have 2 whole days that I could stay home and not go anywhere I remembered....I had to be at Val's school at 1:30 so she could practice her leg waxing skills on me! UGH! Michelle watched Sean and Danielle at Kmart while I went in and had my legs done...a little stingy but not too bad...took over an hour though. Then I took the kids and Michelle went in and had her arms and eyebrows done. I took the kids to my parents' house since it was across the street. I spent most of the night visiting and working on my parents' computer...getting home about 11. So much for staying home.

Saturday was really hot and muggy but that was ok because it was....Seanie's Birthday!!!! My little man is, as he describes it, FREE! now.


All the kids dropped by throughout the day. That meant Sean got lots of little presents all day...perfect for a 3yo! I had gotten a chocolate cake a few days earlier which Sean seemed to enjoy (we usually don't do chocolate).


The 3 younger girls ended up leaving so it was only Tom, Sean and myself. It was fun to be able to give him our full attention for a while.



Eventually Allison and Drew came by and hung out with us until it was time for Sean to go to bed.

For the last week or so I've been heard saying...Someone needs to give this stinky dog a bath. With the Sunday meeting being canceled at church, someone finally decided to actually do it. That someone was ME! (who else did you expect?) He HATES getting a bath and it's always a ton of fun to do it. Luckily he loves being brushed. I brushed him for hours and he looks so nice right now! Michelle worked early Sunday so we had time to go to Aldi's after she got out (it's usually closed by the time she's out of work). I spent over $150 there which is a LOT of food. I stocked up on some canned goods...kidney beans, pork and beans, green beans, peas, corn, spinach, tuna and tomato soup. With Tom not putting a garden in this year, it's nice to have a small supply of veggies readily available. Although I'm missing eating tomato sandwiches until they're coming out of my ears.

Well, I should do something else besides laundry and pack before I leave for Allison and Drew's. I'll leave you with a funny video we took of Sean in June. He's driving the kiddie bumper cars at Darien Lake. As far as he's concerned he was doing well and having a blast!

Next time I post here...I should be a GRANDMA!!! (and hopefully have lots of pictures to share).

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Driving lessons

Michelle is finally doing it. She's trying hard to overcome her anxiety about driving. Her friend Sarah gave her permission to use her car to practice driving with. Our car is a standard so it's a bit too much for Michelle to learn all at once. She's driven the van but it's a beast and pretty touchy in the steering and brake department.

We went out this morning and she did pretty good! She drove the back roads to the school and she puttered around the school parking lot a bit. I had her pulling into parking spaces so she could get used to judging the turning radius and spacing around the car.....not too shabby. We practiced turning corners. It's an area she needs to practice and I told her it's totally an experience type of learning thing. She drove on some back roads again, practicing right hand turns. Then she ventured onto a few main roads because the car needed some gas. She did really well with keeping the car within the lines. Pulling up to the pump she gave it a bit of spacing but she did it...that's all that matters.

Then we drove the main roads again, went in a bunch of circles (or squares as she called them) practicing turning corners without stopping or flying around them too fast. Then back home. Total road time....over 1.5hrs. She's actually going to attempt to drive to work today! We'll have to leave half an hour earlier since she can be a bit slow at times. Hope everyone on the roads is patient with her.

Val came out last night. She didn't have classes today so spent the night at Brittany's house. She needs some hours doing waxing so she's talked me into being her "client" and get my legs waxed. (Michelle and Brittany are doing it also) On Fridays it's Family and Friends' day which means discounted rates for their services. Since the girls are still new, it's discounted greatly to the awesome price of free. So I'm letting things grow and looking a little rough around the edges right now. lol

PHEW! I almost forgot the school kids! I heated up a cup of coffee. As I was pouring in my milk the clock caught my eye...Oh rats! Time to get the kids! So now they're home and I have a lukewarm cup of coffee I can drink for the next 45mins until we need to leave.

Hmmm Sean just came in out of the pool in a fit of tears. He's gone and jumped into bed with the door closed....I should probably see what's what and get him out of his suit before he decides to pee where ever he's standing/laying.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Week in review

So where does the time go?

Saturday... Tom was on call for the second week in a row. He had someone relieve him for the evening. He was expecting a couple people over for his birthday but the plans fell through. So we spent a quiet evening out back around a fire, roasting hotdogs.

Sunday was his acutal birthday. He was back on call but it was a quiet day workwise. Being on call though meant I was still stuck driving Michelle and picking her up. Yay me! Otherwise we just hung out, went swimming and had his birthday cake.

Tom had taken Monday off but it wasn't for lounging around. He had to renew his license and run a few errands. It was also Carrie's first day of summer school (Luke's 2nd week) and Michelle had work.

Tuesday my sister brought her youngest, Emily, out to stay for the week. That meant lots of swimming and giggling around here. She kept the kids busy. :o)

Wednesday was running around day. Michelle had her interview at 10:30. All the kids at home (Luke and Carrie were in school) went along.


It was next to the mall so we decided to walk around there. She'd walk over and meet up with us when she was done. I hadn't even gotten into a parking spot when she called me. The lady she was doing the interview wasn't due in until 12:30!! So we had 2 hours to kill. I hit a few stores...bought Luke a white shirt he needed to wear when serving at the wedding, found some $2.99 shirts for Danielle and Sean, a few things that were desperately needed at the video game store. (they really were...I swear! One of them is part of Jake's birthday present) We had lunch and then back to the store for Michelle's interview. This time we decided to walk around the store while she was in there. It was a quick interview. I didn't get far and totally forgot what I went in there for until we were headed out the door. So I ran back in while they waited at some tables. It was REALLY hot out and there was no way I was driving any further without drinks for everyone. Besides, our fast food lunch had left us thirsty (stupid salt!)

Thursday was another day of running around....
Kids to summer school, drop Olivia, Eileen and Emily off with Della at her camper and visit for about 30 minutes, picked up the kids from school, got Sean down for a nap and then Michelle to work...picked up a few things there. Back to Della's camper to visit again, quick dinner and swim for about 45mins. Then sang Happy Birthday to Eileen, cupcakes and oreos with milk. We had to be home by 7 because Eileen was having her best friend Mady over for the night. We got home right after Mady was dropped off. Then I was back out the door to pick up Michelle.

Friday...Michelle was off from work and there was no summer school. Unfortunately it didn't mean I could stay home. We had plans, tons and tons of them! First off it was Eileen's 12th birthday!!!!


She's a youth in our church now! A very exciting time for a young girl. So we HAD to have fun. I felt bad for my niece Emily. She knew all the plans we'd made but my sister came and picked her up before we left for the day. (they were going camping for the weekend) First on the agenda was to pick up Liz so she could go on our adventure too. Then it was a trip to the airport to drop off Michelle's friend Sarah. She's been living here since the end of June. She's headed to England for 2 weeks. Then she's home again and applying for an expedited visa to move to England.

Michelle and Sarah

Olivia, Mady, Eileen, Liz, Danielle, Carrie and Sean

While Michelle and Sarah relaxed in the lounge for a while, I took the kids to the kids' area of the airport. They have a small playground, a cockpit to explore, mockup of the control tower and lots of interactive displays. (somehow I lost a bunch of pictures from this time)

Sean and Danielle flying a helicopter




After Sarah was through security we headed out to lunch. We went to a Chinese buffet place my parents' rave about. We weren't disappointed! Sean ate so much that at one point he leaned back in the highchair, threw his head back and tummy hurts! I tried to take the piece of watermelon covered in whip cream out of his hands while I told him to take a break. He wouldn't let it go...NO! It's yummy!!! And he kept on eating. I was half expecting him to barf at any second.

Can't have Chinese without orange peel smiles




Danielle tried to hide her messy face but Liz wouldn't allow it. lol


We then headed to my parents' house. We brought along hamburgers, hotdogs and cake to have an "official" celebration for Eileen. Patrick and Tom ended up showing up after they got out of work. I took Eileen and Mady to Mady's camp. Her family was celebrating her birthday the next day and Eileen was spending the's now gone into the weekend. I'm due to pick her up in a few minutes.

Saturday Pat and Alex came over and we talked wedding. I had to be at church at 6. We had a meeting for the food servers for Sunday's wedding. After the meeting I could smell yummy smells coming from the church kitchen so I decided to be funny and let them know they were making me hungry. That led to me working with them! lol It was fun and I was glad I could help. When I got home Pat, Alex and Michelle were heading out the door to the drive-in. As I was cooking dinner, Drew and Allison stopped in. I just wanted to rub Allison's belly all night but I contained myself. :o)

Sunday was the wedding. The original plan was that I'd get to church at 11, work in the kitchen until it was time to change and get ready to serve at 1. There weren't as many guests as they'd planned for so I opted out of my serving duties and stayed in the kitchen where I'm much more comfy. It was fun and I was home shortly after 5. I immediately changed my clothes and jumped in the pool! AAAAAHHHHHH! Jake told me that worked called Michelle and she got the new position!!! WOOHOOO! Congrats Michelle! I guess she'll be starting once they find a replacement for her at her current store...figuring a week or two. We had leftovers from the wedding for cooking for me.

Now it's Monday again. Kids are at school, I need to pick up Eileen now and then the kids at school in an hour and a half later. I don't need to take Michelle to work though...only pick her up! The girls are waiting for my sister to call since there's a rumor that they may be staying at her house for a few days. Sean is looking forward to this weekend when it's his turn for a birthday. I'm waiting for a phone call from Drew telling me Allison's in labor and it's time for me to head up to the hospital.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Try, try and try again

I've been trying to get an update on here for weeks. Life has been pretty busy and then we were down to one computer...and it wasn't "mine". That meant online time was to a minimum. Actually I haven't minded for some reason, my motivation to be online socially has diminished greatly. It's a good thing in a sense because I've been paying more attention to things around here. Of course at the moment you wouldn't know it by looking at my living room and kitchen, but we can see it. I've already told the kids they are hitting those rooms before swimming this morning. It's going to be HOT today so it's best to get it done early.

Allison will be having her baby in the next few weeks, I CAN'T WAIT!!! It's made the transition from Sean being a baby to a big boy a lot easier. From some comments he's made, I think even Tom is dealing with some feelings on being absolutely done. Although we have been talking about him retiring a lot lately, which is also exciting.

Val moved out on Monday. She's going to school to learn Aesthetics (skin care and makeup). The school is practically across the street from my parents' house so she's staying there for the next 16wks. She's one of 2 students and the teacher is pretty young. I'm hoping it turns out to be what she expects and needs.

Michelle had an interview at the same store she works at but in a different location. It's a full time job and most likely she'll get the job, she should be hearing tomorrow. The neat thing is she was going to ask for a transfer to that store at the end of summer. She's planning on moving out and into that area then.

Liz is gone for the month. She's working over at our church conference center. Mostly she's working in the kitchen, feeding the other workers. She's also doing general maintenance...painting, grounds work, etc.

Luke and Carrie are doing the summer school routine again. We're working with the peds oncology KNOT (Kids now off therapy) clinic to help Carrie be successful in school. They already have some good things started, hopefully it'll be what she needs.

We're working with Sean to WANT to be in undies. He uses the toilet a few times a day. Unfortunately he has no desire to do it ALL the time and wear undies.

The rest of the kids are enjoying their summer vacation....swimming, bonfires, bike riding and being lazy. And now I'm publishing this before it sits in never neverland like all the other attempts.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Random morning things

Danielle had fallen asleep on the couch last night so we left her there. I had to find my camera and call everyone into the room to see this this morning....


Sleeping Beauty...yes she is truly sleeping, not just blinking. She stayed in this position for some time. You have to wonder what her dreams are made of.


School beauty....Olivia did NOT want to go to school this morning. She hemmed and hawed and dragged her feet. It killed me to "make" her go but she did....


Can I just say that I'm super pysched that there's only 4 more weeks of school left!!! WOOHOOOOO! *does a little dance in her chair*

Beauty of an owie...Sean woke up with his ankle like this, I'm assuming it's a bite.



Fortunately it looks a lot better already. I was so worried that we were dealing with cellulitis. I was sure we were headed into the doctors. Looks like we'll be able to avoid that.

As for everything else that's going on here. Can I just was so much easier when the kids were all little. Well emotionally and mentally at least. Physically the little ones will the toughest gig award. There's nothing terrible or really bad going on here. Just some things weighing heavily on my heart. It's so hard when your kids may have to suffer through an experience. You just want to jump ontop of them and block the blows for them. Hopefully in a few days we'll be back to blissfully boring around here. LOL

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wedding...The rest of the story

Now I get to share random pictures that I like. Only problem is that I don't feel right sharing some as I'm not sure how the people in them feel about being posted online. So as much as I'd like to share even more....most of the pictures will be of my family. (lucky you! lol)

Drew and Tom enjoying a lighthearted moment before the ceremony

Jake experiencing some sisterly love on the dance floor

Allison with all the yummy offerings of the night.

Sean and D showing us their dance moves. Sean proceeded to roll from one side of the hall to the other numerous times.

Pat giving his speech as the best man. He said some words then told Drew he wanted to give him some words of advice. Then he said...

We're no strangers to love
You know the rules and so do I
A full commitment's what I'm thinking of
You wouldn't get this from any other guy

I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling
Gotta make you understand

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

In the middle of it Drew realized what Pat was saying and yelled out....I'm being Rick Rolled!!! Hysterical laughter ensued.

Drew and Allison getting pictures taken with my parents. A song came on that Allison didn't really like so she's telling him to go turn it off.

And he did...after he took his time dancing over to the laptop.
(I realized when previewing this that Drew seems mad in this picture...not so, they were fooling around)

Allison showing us her best bouquet throwing technique

Guess who caught it...
Allison said to me...Apparently Val has an awesome jump shot. I threw the bouquet and turned around and she was still in the air. lol

Cory and Jake

Ashley and Alex dancing with the baby

The boys playing. (The person in the back is the hands for the person in the front)

Val and John with Sean

Pat and Alex...the next wedding in the family...Nov 13th.