Thursday, June 30, 2011

You'd never know by looking at me

I am stuck in the house for a while because...I'm a mess!!! I got to painting and it shows...all over me! The ceiling wasn't so bad to do and I was pretty neat about it thanks to a roller with a shield. It was the black enamel paint and the bunkbed that did me in! I couldn't start the girls' walls since they needed a skim coat of spackle first. So I decided to get their bunkbeds painted. With 2 half pints of semi-gloss black enamel paint from the dollar store and few sponge brushes I got to work. Knowing that the rug was going to be ripped out soon, I didn't worry about drips. What I forgot was that it might not be a good idea for ME to be wearing the drips. I am covered in the stuff! I ran out of paint, what I did do could use a second coat and I realized that the sponges weren't the best idea, I need a regular brush. So it looks like a trip to the dollar store is in my near future. After running out of enamel I decided to get some fresh air and try out another find from the dollar store.... Valspar spray paint for plastic. I grabbed a junk picked plastic lawn chair and attacked it with the can of royal blue paint. I did a pretty crappy job and used one can on one chair, but it's an improvement over what it looked like. Now to see if it's tacky after it dries or if it's going to flake off. I don't want to do the other chairs and then discover I don't like how it weathers.

I am so pooped out right now but I don't want to stop working. I'm afraid once I stop, I'll lose my gumption. I have to at least get up and make something for dinner. Think they'd mind if I just threw some cheerios into the center of the floor and said...go at it! Can't they see I'm too busy to eat, much less make THEM something to eat!?! I guess I'll be a good mom and cook some marinated chicken breasts and make a huge salad before all the produce I bought last week turns to mush.

Oops! Heavy eyelids won and I dozed off before hitting the publish buton! Now I really have to get up or it'll be breakfast time before I know it.

WHAT are you doing to me!?!

2 posts in one day...when's the last time that happened here?

I had to run into the city with Liz for a bit, Jake and Luke here to watch the kids. (passed Tom coming home on our street) I ran my errands and as I was coming around the corner of our street I find Jake on the side of the road with Danielle and Sean. (about half a mile from the house) WHAT!?!?! It wasn't so unusual that they were going for a walk. It was the fact that they were all barefooted and the little ones, especially Danielle looked like slobs! Sean wasn't so bad since he was wearing his spiderman costume...luckily it was only in the 60s today. Danielle though...oh my goodness! She hadn't had her hair brushed all day, she had on a winter Dora pajama shirt, and not matching flannel pants. UGH!

I can say I could care less what the neighbors think of me. But deep down I kind of do. At the very least I don't want to give them "ammunition". I can just hear it now...SEE! I told you she couldn't take care of all those kids, no one can. Oh well, I'll just consider it a gift to them to help them feel better about their life and choices in it.

And now it's the next day since my laptop made Blogger crap out on me and wouldn't let me in. Seems my date setting was off on my end and it made blogger security certificate wrong and therefore off limits. (thank you google!) Olivia is driving me slightly crazy. She's relentlessly on me about starting to work on her room. I don't blame her, she's been hearing me talk about fixing it up for quite a few years. Besides our bedroom, it's the one room that hasn't had any improvements on, not even paint. Those new cans of Sour Apple Green paint are just mocking her on the kitchen floor. And to make her even more excited to get things going...I came home with 15 cases of self stick vinyl floor tiles....enough to do all 4 rooms in the addition. We're been dealing with a flea problem and to help get them under control I've thought of getting rid of the carpeting. Besides, the carpeting is really gross. The tiles are low end and are only a temporary fix, but they'll be a vast improvement over what's in there now. When the kids pointed out to Tom what I came home with his response was....have fun with that. So I guess I'm on my own in terms of the work. Good thing I have some big kids to help, I'm not a spring chicken anymore.

Well, I can't take Olivia's pestering for me to get off I go!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

28 years

It seems like it's been 28yrs since I've last posted here. I must have at least a dozen drafts on my dashboard. No actually yesterday Tom and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary! WOW! It's amazing to me to think that since I don't think I'm over 28 myself. lol

As life has been lately, yesterday was no different...busy, busy, busy. I was out the door by 10am, popped in for a minute here and there and wasn't back again until after 9pm. Luckily Tom and I still had a nice evening together. I just happen to get delivery of my new laptop....Happy Anniversary to me! So Tom and I locked ourselves in our room with some snacks and adult beverages and enjoyed a kid free evening. I can see this becoming a regular thing for us. After the little ones got it that we were serious about not letting them in, they were fine. Of course it helps that the older ones kept them entertained too.

My new laptop....I always have my eye out for a deal since Drew rightfully stole (my MIL's favorite way of saying someone used something and never returned it) mine way back when. My old one has since bit the dust big time so there's no returning it. Anyways, I came this >< close to buying one a few weeks ago....4gb of ram for $300 but I didn't have the guts to complete the sale. Tom and I talked about it and I've regretted the decision ever since. Then I came across an even better deal so grabbed it. I'm excited as I don't have to kick anyone off to do whatever I need to do (like post here!!!) Or fall asleep waiting for my turn at night. Not only that, I now have the extra incentive to do what I've been thinking of doing for a while....start taking some online college courses and working towards a degree. So after I've finished getting this machine in tiptop shape (which I'm doing while I'm writing here), I'm registering at the county's community college. Look out I come.

Lots of exciting things are happening here. We're getting the house in order, I actually cleaned my room on Monday. *bows deeply* Last night we bought paint for a few bedrooms. As things tend to go though, while working on things like this, the rest of the house suffers and looks horrible.

This is the first full week of summer vacation. I'm a little off kilter since I've been staying in bed much later and feeling like a bunch of my day is wasted. But, I'm giving myself permission to do it this week since Carrie and Luke start summer school on the 5th and I'll need to be up early on those days. They both have to take one course and if things work out the way we're hoping....should be home by us most of the day to do things if we want. I've managed to gotten most of the doctor and dentist appointments taken care of before the end of school, so hopefully we won't have too many of them mucking up plans.

Now that I have my own machine which happens to have a card reader (desktop I usually used didn't have one), I'm hoping to take and share more pictures of things around here. All I need in the equation is my camera's battery charger and I'm pretty sure I know where that is.

Well, I might have better resources that enable me to be here, unfortunately tons of time isn't one of them. Right now I have a few kids clamoring for some attention, so I'll end this now and post before it ends up being another draft on my dashboard.

Where's my camera? Sean just came in here wearing only his underwear and a huge Darth Vader mask...talking about the dark side.