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Meet the Kids ~ 2009

Again it's been almost 3 yrs since I've updated the kids' page. Someone recently pointed out that poor Sean isn't even mentioned on the last one.

Andrew/Drew is 24yo. He was the first to move out but didn't move too far away. He lives down the street with his girlfriend, Allison. By day he's a donut pusher, by night he's an aspiring musician. He plays bass guitar in his band...the details They've recently expanded from a cover band to all originals.
Drew's birth story

Patrick/Pat is 23yo. He's the 2nd to move out and lives with a bunch of friends and his girlfriend Alex a few towns over. He's currently working temp jobs but would like to go to culinary school in the very near future. He's the most independent of my kids.
Patrick's birth story

Michelle/Shelly is 21yo. She recently received her 2yr degree from the community college. She's living home and works as a clerk in a wholesale club. She's the funmaker of the house, thinking up ideas and projects to liven up this place. Sbe also spends lots of time with her boyfriend Cory.
Michelle's birth story

Valerie/Val is 18yo. She's taking a break between high school and college. She's an aspiring Esthetician (skin care) and Make up artist. She's always up for a makeup session and a photo shoot with her bestfriend Janna. She's taking her dream trip to NYC very soon. I'm sure she's wishing it was a one way trip.
Val's birth story

Elizabeth/Liz is 17yo. She'll be graduating from high school in June of this year. Whether she attends graduation or not is the unknown as she may be leaving before the ceremony. She's working on getting a working visa for a year to Norway where she'll be working with our church. She'll be sorely missed, especially by Danielle.
Liz's birth story

Luke is 15yo. He's the quiet one of the house. He's also the peacemaker...hates to see discord. He'd be perfectly happy to sit infront of his video games or computer all day but obliges us a face to face visit on occassion. He likes anime such as Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, etc.
Luke's birth story

Carolyn/Carrie is 14yo. She's in 8th grade. She's a cancer survivor who is celebrating 11yrs rebirth after a bone marrow transplant (June '97...Drew was her donor). She now battles Type 2 diabetes. She's growing up into an amazing young lady with lots of friends, both at school and at church. Carrie's story
Carrie's birth story

Jacob/Jake is 12yo. He's in 6th grade. He's a bundle of energy that keeps everyone going and laughing. He's our newest family member to join our church's youth group...which he loves. He's always willing to go and do whatever it is on the schedule whether it's fun or work.
Jake's birth story

Eileen/Bean is 10yo. She's in 4th grade. She's my most sensitive kid and the family worrywart. But she's also a bulldog if crossed. She likes playing with Olivia and Danielle, hanging out with her friends, or being on the computer taking care of her webkinz.
Eileen's birth story

Olivia/Livvie is 8yo. She's in 3rd grade. She's my mother hen, always coddling Sean and Danielle. Her favorite thing is Friday night activity club at church where she can be with all her friends. She also likes to visit her cousin's house for the weekend.
Olivia's birth story

Danielle is 3yo. She's one of my most social babies yet is also shy. Her bestfriends are Liz and her cousin Charlotte. To her there's nothing more fun then a day out with Charlotte.
Danielle's birth story

Sean is 18 months old. He is one of my most serious babies. I truly think he delights in making the ladies in stores try to get him to smile. He's a studier and quiet. Combine it with his distaste for sleep and you have a....I like to keep my mommy on her toes type of kid. He's our last baby which I'm sad but at peace about.
Sean's Birth Story

The whole crew!
Applepicking Oct '08 (click on picture to see it larger)
back row... Luke, Cory (Michelle's boyfriend), Michelle, Val
middle row... Pat, Liz holding Sean, Carrie, Alex holding Danielle (Pat's girlfriend), Allison (Drew's girlfriend), Drew
front row... Jake, Eileen, Olivia

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truth said...

That was so much fun to see and read. Gosh, everyone is growing up so fast. You have such beautiful children. I absolutely love the pic of Val, so artistic! But they are all great pics.