Thursday, August 02, 2012

So what's been going on

It's been a bit busy here medically.  I took Carrie to the small city ER for what I suspected to be appendicitis.  Turns out it was a kidney stone.  We were going over discharge orders when Carrie decided she didn't want to leave and had a seizure.  We ended up being transferred to the big city hospital and staying 3 days.

After 2 wks she was doing so well that we assumed she passed the stone and we missed it.   An appt with the urologist proved us wrong.  A plan was made to come in a week later and they'd take care of the stone.  Again Carrie didn't get the  memo and decided things would be different.  3 days later we were back in the hospital with a kidney infection.  She left the hospital 3 days later with a shiny new stent installed and an appt in Sept to deal with the stone and remove the stent.

I took a side trip to the ER with Liz 3 days after Carrie's discharge due to a migraine that ended up lasting 10 days. 

Which brings us to now. Carrie has had times where she doesn't feel well and runs a low grade fever. On Sunday it was happening again. By evening though her fever was over 102 and she was in a lot of pain. Then I found out she hadn't peed all day and my mind was made up....we weren't waiting for office hours to start....we were heading to the ER. It was quickly decided it was another kidney infection and we were admitted again. I figured a day or two of IV meds and we'd be home. Again Carrie had other plans. Monday night she started getting new belly pains that were pretty bad. By Tuesday night she was so bad that I was expecting to be transferred to the picu. Her nurses were BUSY! It seemed like every time they came in we were adding something else onto the complaint or problem list. Wednesday morning it was decided her kidney infection was a yeast infection. It had also wrapped itself around her gallbladder, filled her pelvic cavity with fluid, and gone under, around and into her right lung (its her right kidney). It's amazing how much better she felt after a dose or two of Diflucan. But she wasn't progressing as quickly as they thought she in stepped infectious disease. They upper her dosage and kept her antibiotic going, just to cover her in case the yeast wasn't the only thing she was dealing with. Her belly issues seemed to resolve quickly after the increased dosage. Her lung stuff is still making its presence know but less so. So the plan is, get examined when she wakes up (it's Monday morning now). If thing haven't changed, her meds will be switched to oral ones and they'll be kicking us out the door! Now lets hope Carrie got THAT memo.

Here I sit

I'm sitting in a hospital room with who else but poor Carrie.   We've been here since late Sunday night. Its the third time in a little over six weeks that we've been admitted.

Right now I'm waiting for my clothes to be finished in the dryer.  Hoping that whoever left their clothes in the washer before me doesn't get mad that they can't use the dryer when they want and do something to my load.  Carrie and I both brought clothes to the ER just in case.  Just not enough.   *heavy sigh*

I can't help but keep thinking.....Poor Carrie! Why does she get ALL the medical problems of the family?  She's a trooper though and hardly complains.  Like right now a nurse is looking for someplace to poke her for her morning labs.  Even though she knows it'll probably mean getting poked multiple times since they are rarely successful plan the first attempt.

I'm extremely thankful that she's decided to have a much better day today then yesterday or even this morning.   Last night found her quite out of it.  Oxygen mask on, groaning in pain, barely responding or waking mid  sentence...mumbling nonsense from a dream. ( oh bummer!  She just threw up!)  Late this afternoon she started to be more alert and move better.
(waaaah!  Luke just texted me that Danielle woke him up with a really high fever!  Where's her mommy when she needs her)  I called home just now.  Danielle sounds pathetic and was begging me to stay on the phone.  Talk about guilt trip.  Why hasn't a cloning gun been invented yet!!!!  I made a deal with her.  She can call me back after she takes some ibuprofen.

I guess I should end this now.  Danielle'll be calling soon and the nurse should be in here any sec to do Carrier's 4am lab draw.  Oh here she comes.   Maybe tomorrow I'll have time to post more. Hi I