Friday, March 16, 2007

Another dr appt....another update

Yikes! It's been 2wks since my last update. I've tried to get in here a few times to update but never seem to get it done. I had my 20wk dr appt yesterday and heard the results of my amnio. Everything came back NORMAL!!!! Everyone was dying to know if I'd find out what I was having. One nurse asked if I had an inkling of what it was or if I had a preference. I said No and No, although it'd be cool if it was a boy since we haven't had a baby boy in 11yrs. (Jake's 11th birthday is 5 days after my due date).

My blood pressure was fine and my weight is up...but I can't complain since I haven't gained a lot. Still it kind of bugs me since I know I haven't been eating as well as I should be. Hard to keep the carbs down when Spaghetti is the meal and snack of choice as much as possible.

The midwife came in and told me all tests came back normal. We talked about my insulin. I told her my numbers have been all over the place but I haven't been eating right or taking my insulin at times (can't seem to remember to do my evening shot). So I wanted to keep things where they are with me upping it if I feel the need. Then she you want to know what it is? YES! She walked over with my chart, flipped the paper on the report and showed me.... 46;XY. We are having a BOY!!!! Wooooooohoooooooooo! We found HIS heartbeat almost chasing him today. She kept it on an extra long time. I told her I was wishing I could wear it 24/7. It's something you never get tired of hearing.

As I walked out of the exam room the nurses were standing there waiting to see the expression on my face. They were laughing at the huge smile I had on my face. I said you should see your're grinning like fools too! Thing is just hearing my baby and hearing about it put the smile on my face...I don't think the sex of it did. I'll probably have the same look after my next appt in 2wks since we get to do a full sono! :oD

Luke had a dr appt after me, then we picked up Michelle and grabbed something to eat at Burger King. I called Tom while waiting for Luke to be called into his appt. He was really happy but couldn't talk long. All the melting snow and rain has him working double shifts and running nonstop.

After the appt we decided to run to Marshalls so Michelle could look for jeans. Danielle and I headed to the baby section. I have a baby shower on Sunday for my nephew's wife and needed to find gender neutral things to buy. They don't know what they are having and aren't going to find out. Do you know how hard it is to find gender neutral things!! Yeah there are green and yellow clothes out there but they are always decorated in gender specific things (flowers, bugs, tools etc). I managed to find a nursery organizer and a set of 4 ecru with mint green receiving blankets. I think I might get a gift card for the rest of their present. (also have a mint green...I love my grandma bib and a feeding set put away). If I decide differently I'll try to get to Target before Sunday. Oh yeah and for myself I bought a 5pk of blue/boy print onsies..size Newborn and a 4pk of boyish receiving blankets.

While we were at the store my phone rings. It's Eileen, who had just walked in the door from school. She asks...Moooom when are you going to find out what you're having? Did you find out yet? I asked her if it had been bugging her all day and she said it had. I then asked what she was hoping it would be. She said a boy. I said Well YOU'RE RIGHT! Then there was a bunch of screaming in my ear as she tells everyone at home the news. So it's safe to say that everyone is pleased. :o)

There's more to talk about but I'll save it. Have to get kids out the door for the bus. TGIF!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

My dr appt...17w6d...quick update

I had an appt at 2 today. Dr was at the hospital but wasn't too far behind me getting the delay wasn't TOO long. Eileen wasn't feeling so hot so stayed home and went with us. Drew watched her and Danielle while I went in. He ended up leaving to pick up Michelle while I was still being seen. :o)

My blood pressure was perfect! 120/80 They are using a new scale now which is digital and EXACT to the tenths. I'm not sure how it compares to the old scale though so I can't say if I went up or down. I was 211.8. Which is about where I ended Danielle's pregnancy at. (dropped to 204 during pg before getting there though). I think I mentioned earlier that my sugar levels have been creeping up. Dr agreed my insulin needs to be split into 2 doses a day. So we're going with 20am/16pm (putting this here for my benefit above all else). I know I really need to eat better and keep better track of my numbers. And NOT misplace my meter! There are a few of them here so I can almost always find something to take it on. But then my numbers are scattered in different machines. The girls found my favorite meter that's been missing for a while in their room this weekend. I'm assuming I have Danielle to thank for that since I don't remember ever testing in their room before. (or have a reason to even think I would of tested in there)

I had my amnio done today. I think I freaked myself out more then it physically affected me. At one time the nurse asked if I was ok. She thought I looked a little whoozie. I admit I was bit light headed getting out of there. I made the mistake of going to Walmart afterwards and was a bit sore. Then nursing Danielle and carrying her to bed for a nap didn't help. I took a nap with her. :o) Tom said he's glad I did since he's thought I needed one for a while now. Me, I just see it as a waste of time...but I enjoyed it anyways. I'm a bit crampy here and there still. I hope tomorrow most of it is gone. The test results take 10 business days. I have an appt in 2wks. Not sure if the results will be in or not by then. I'm hoping they will.

I have to call the dr's office tomorrow. From what I've read online I think I was suppose to get a Rhogam shot after the test(I'm RH-). And I didn't. So maybe I'll have to run in tomorrow and get one. NO big deal since I have to pick up Michelle anyways but I'm not happy if they did forget.

I forgot I was suppose to take it easy after the amnio. So one whole day/night of getting ready for Luke's party is gone. I'll see how I feel tomorrow before I decide whether I tackle it full force or not. Hate to leave it all for Friday since I have his cake to make and such.

Well off to bed now that I've updated. I can hardly keep my eyes open.