Monday, October 31, 2005

They're back! And so am I

THEY are the "ladybugs". The invade our house every fall and terrorize us through the winter. They're flying into our face and hair, landing on our plates, etc. The outside of the house is covered with them. All along the ceilings and lights in the livingroom and kitchen there are hundreds of them. I think they're a little late arriving, I was hoping we'd avoid them all together this year. All morning I've had the ladybug picnic song (from Sesame Street) going through my head.

My computer is back but with limited capabilities. I have NO sound and only minimal graphics (640x480pixels and only 16 colors). I can still read though. :o) The graphics problem makes enjoying all the pics difficult though.

Update on Carrie. We were seen at the Joslin Center last Wed. They're assumption with a child this age is that they are a Type 1 diabetic until bloodwork proves them wrong. The dr did admit with our medical history (family is riddled with type 2s) she could be Type 2. They've given her some fast acting insulin to be administered when her before dinner numbers are off the roof (even for a diabetic). We haven't had to use it yet, although her numbers after eating are still in the upper 200's. They're being pretty liberal with her treatment until they have some set answers about her. We were suppose to be seen in 1.5 wks which is Friday. Because they want her to also see the dietician on the same day it was going to be 2 wks before she could be seen. I realized later that day that the appt she gave us was THREE weeks away (Oct 16th), not 2. So I need to call and get an earlier appt even if it means we can't see the dietician.

I do have to say that she's doing really well with this news. I saw concern on her face when they were talking about things. I've only talked to her in terms of type 2 so some things were a little more then she was prepared for. She's a bit scared about the shots (as is everyone else) but I think once she's done it once or twice she'll be fine. She tests herself and even knows when to test for ketones (in her urine...when numbers are too high). I noticed at the Harvest feast at church on Saturday she skipped the cupcakes and sweet desserts and opted for the chips. I had a bit more to teach her about carbs it seems. I'm trying to get her to understand that a carb is a carb...whether sweet or salty.

My main concern is not making her afraid to eat all together, which I've seen signs of. Last week at the church potluck she begged me to go through line with her because, "I don't know what I can eat". I saw a look of mild "panic" on her face when she stepped on the scale at the ped's office last Thursday. (has strep nose instead of strep throat) Seems she gained a pound since they weighed her 2wks ago. I've been trying to drill into her that it's not a big deal!!! Hard to really blame her since I see a lot of myself in her reaction.

My weight has stuck around the 190lb mark. I haven't been sticking with my food plan or exercising. I'm hoping to get back into things this week although Halloween candy will be tempting me! I'll have a neat announcement later in the week concerning LOK/TOK and weightloss.

Today is a busy one with Halloween parades and parties at school. We're then headed into the city to both Tom's and my parents houses. I'm taking Liz on down with me afterschool for an evening of pizza and trick or treating. We'll go into my mom and dad's house first and go around their block. Then headed to Tom's with most of his brothers and sisters and their families. We'll hit the houses around her house too. Carrie is excited as this is her favorite holiday. Unfortunately she won't be pigging out like normally. Saturday night at church I had to get on her case about putting her candy bag away. Poor thing. I told her not to waste her candy allowance on the cheap stuff like suckers and hard candy. Hit the candy bars while she can! LOL We'll save the more sugary stuff for when/if she goes on insulin and needs to treat a low.

Pat has a new permanent job at Subway. At first I thought it would be bogus, working parttime when he should be working fulltime. He has been working a lot more hours then I thought he would. It's also for a lower pay thne he'd been getting working temp jobs. One of the reasons he wanted this job is that they'll work around his schedule once he goes back to classes...good point. Drew has worked here and there but nothing long term or permanent. He's more motivated to go for the longterm jobs now that Pat seems to have settled in. I just wish I knew WHAT was up with their schooling! I don't get too many straight answers from Drew. Pat says he's headed back in January. Fingerscrossed on this.

Enough rambling for now. I'm sure I'll have lots of fun stuff to report tomorrow after I'm done ransacking the kids candy bags. ;o)

OOPS! I forgot to give a Danielle report! She's getting more adorable everyday. She's 2mos old as of the 26th and getting bigger by the second. Her favorite thing to do at home is to laugh and coo and make cute smiley faces at everyone. While out in public she's still a bit uneasy. At church on Saturday she was the most alert she's been. Not "sleeping" to block things out so much. She didn't really want to make too much eye contact with anyone, including me while there though. Near the end of the night she was a little more friendlier with everyone. I think a lot of people were starting to wonder if things were ok with her for a bit. I've never had a kid who coped by "sleeping" and it is a bit weird to be dealing with her too. I do see her doing it less and less as time goes on though. She even decided to SCREAM during my quick (but not quick enough obviously) trip through K-mart last Wed. A first for her.

Hope to get some batteries charged and take some pictures to post soon. It's a bit difficult to do pictures on this computer so I'll have to do it through Drew's.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Sorry for the inconvenience

I apologize to all the real people. I have had to make commenting more difficult by turning on word verification. This means that you'll have another step in the commenting process. I hope it doesn't deter anyone real from posting to me (I LOVE to hear from everyone!)

The problem is that I was getting blasted with SPAM! Friday night instead of posting here I had to spend my online time deleteing about 30 bogus comments throughout my blog. Minutes after I posted below and before I could turn on word verification, I got hit again!

I was SO wrong!

Not only did I continue to have computer problems. I now have a computer which is only good for playing solitare, freecycle, minesweep, etc. I reformatted and borrowed someone's Win2K Pro to install. It installed alright but I can't install any drivers for my monitor or modem and such. UGH!!! I'm hoping to buy a new full version OS at the end of the week. I WANT MY COMPUTER BACK!

Things have been a little topsy turvy here lately...mostly dealing with Carrie. I had to take her back into the dr's last Thurs. She managed to bruise her tailbone on the school bus. She landed on a seatbelt buckle when she plopped herself into her seat. OUCH! It's doing well now. With the kids having Columbus Day off last Monday I decided to use the weekend to monitor Carrie's sugar. It was off the roof! No reading was lower then 150's (even fasting...which is suppose to be under 100). After meals she was consistently in the 2 and 300's!!! I showed the ped her numbers and he agreed she had type 2 diabetes. We are being referred to the local Joslin Center (diabetes clinic).

We've been really watching what she eats this weekend and her numbers look a bit better but not great. Even if they were normal with this diet...I'm not sure she could maintain this level of carb counting very long. She's been a real trooper and seems to have a decent grasp of the concepts. I've got to switch my thinking around too. I sent her to girl's craft at church Friday night. They have a snack afterwards which is usually sugary koolaid/juice boxes, cookies, chips, etc. It didn't even occur to me that she'd be given these things. She drank the juice (which was only about 6oz..phew!) turned down the cupcake, took two cookies then proceeded to give one away and leave the other on the table. Not too shabby for her first solo run. :o) If it'd been chips I don't think she'd have done so well. I'm going to have to start sending her with her own special drinks and snacks. At least she can tolerate alternative sweetners (splenda, nutrasweet) and doesn't think they taste horrible. She'll have a lot more alternatives available to her then I did/do.

Luke informed me this morning that he's on a mission. His mission is to not miss a day of school or a homework assignment. I commended him on the homework mission. Then informed him that not staying home when you're sick isn't a good idea for him or other kids at school who he'd infect. We joked he could ride the bus, go to homeroom then immediately to the nurse's office to have me come pick him up. LOL

Danielle is getting BIG! We went to church yesterday and everyone couldn't get over how much she's filled out since they saw her last. She's got pinchable/kissable cheeks. LOL She's still fighting the snuffles. Her eczema comes and goes but never gets very bad or stays around for long. In the last week she's started giving deliberate bright eyed smiles along with goo'ing, gaa'ing and gurgling. She's just TOO CUTE!

I've held off mentioning it here but Danielle is going to have a playmate! My SIL D is 9wks pg with #16!!! Woohoooo! I can't wait until she gets past 12 or 15wks so she can relax a little more. These first few months are SO hard after you've had multiple m/c's. She is feeling pretty icky and tired. I'm glad she is but in the same breath wishing she didn't have to.

I've been fighting an infection for a week. I had an infection in my armpit. I've been feeling like I'm fighting the flu this whole time. MW put me on antibiotics on Thurs which didn't seem to be helping. (TMI and icky stuff alert) Last night I finally got it to start draining and I'm feeling MUCH better today! It still has a way to go before it's gone but it's a start. I was starting to think I was going to have to go back in to get it lanced.

Tom's been on call this week and has worked a ton of overtime. I'm happy to see the extra $, it allows us to catch up on things. I still hate for him to be gone so much. In one sense I can't wait for him to retire (hopefully within 10yrs) and be home all the time. In another sense I'm not so sure it's a good idea to be so anxious for it. LOL Too much of a good thing.

Well need to go take care of some things around here. Hope to update again SOON!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Had computer problems but I'm here now!

I THINK I've resolved the computer problems. For the last 2wks I've had my computer giving me fits whenever I tried to post. Before that started it was the kids closing my browser after I'd been away from the computer for a while (I know...use the "Save as Draft" button!) To save on length I'll do a person by person bulletin update.

Danielle is 5.5wks old now and getting bigger everyday! It's sad to see her growing up but it's also exciting. This morning she showed glimpses of her beautiful smile she'll be sharing with us. I love when their eyes light up. She's dealing with a stuffy nose and has eczema on most of her face. Today it looks like a lot of is cleared up, I'm hoping it continues. The kids are still clamoring to hold her and continue to drive me crazy.

Drew and Pat are working through a temp agency. Drew's job is over but he's hoping to get another one this week. According to Pat his job is open for as long as he wants to work there. :o) It's nice to see them have money again, even if they never showed an inkling of missing it.

Michelle is an adult now! She turned 18 on Sunday. We had a "celebration" on and off all weekend. LOL She went to the high school to get info on taking her ACT tests. It's good to see her start thinking about college. Her and Pat are shopping for a campus to attend.

Val is busy as usual (too busy actually) She's loving and doing great at school. Her and F celebrated their 1yr anniversary on Saturday. He gave her a really beautiful diamond and aquamarine ring (it's JUST a ring as I've been told). Yesterday her friend E came over for a few minutes. She hasn't been in school yet because she's been in and out of the hospital (3 admissions so far). They're waiting on test results but think she has Hodgkin's Disease She looked SO tired! :o(

Liz has been busy with church weekends and soccer practices. This weekend is the semi-annual soccer tournament at church, with fellowships from all over the US and Canada competeing. As usual it's looking to be a cold wet weekend. :o( Hopefully that'll change as it gets closer.

Luke is doing SO much better with school! He hasn't had a lot of homework and is doing it on his own! :oD It's so nice to not have to bug and nag him all night. I have to get him into the dr's. He's been complaining on and off that his ankle and knee are bothering him.

Carrie went back to the dr's. We've decided to hold off on trying to draw blood again. She'll be getting blood drawn at the KNOT clinic in January so we'll have her A1C added on then. Sue may decide to do a 2hr GTT (glucose tolerance test) also. Dr G thought is that testing her sugar at home occassionally is adequate for now. Her levels aren't off the roof and he's told me what symptoms to watch for. If they show up I'm to bring her right back in. Her knee is a calcified hematoma. As long as it's not hurting her or impedeing her movement then we're just watching it. If it starts bothering her or increases in size she's to back in.

Jake is Jake ;o) He's full of energy and is one of the major Danielle hogs. (or tries to be) He's really enjoying and taking advantage of the beautiful weather. He really wishes we hadn't been so foolish as to have shut down the pool so soon. LOL

Eileen is a different person at school this year. We went to the elementary school open house on Thursday night. She is now been pegged a leader! Her teacher told me she heard all about my baby shower and the new baby. THIS from a girl who didn't tell her teacher last year that her mom was pg or that she was one of 10 kids! The stress of the spelling tests has lifted (so far...fingerscrossed). Her first 3 tests she's scored...100, 90 (wrote a "p" backwards), and 100.

Olivia is loving school also. She talked about her friend Paige for 2wks. I was then's not Paige mommy! It's SAGE! LOL She hit a big milestone last week when she was allowed to take out a library book for the week.

Tom went camping with our neighbor this last weekend. I felt weird about him going and have NO idea why. He's often been away when I've had a newborn and it's never bothered me. This time I kept looking for him to pull into the driveway...even though I knew he wouldn't be. A car would come down the road and I'd get excited for a second. Then I'd remember he was away and wasn't coming. He came home early on Sunday and put me out of my misery. It was nice to have him back. I like where we are in our relationship right now. :oD

Me...I'm doing well. I haven't been tracking my meals due to the computer problems and it's showing. I find without the numbers infront of my face I tend to sabotage myself eventually. :o( I'm yo-yo'ing between 188 and 193. In itself not too shabby but I'd prefer to see the numbers continue their downward trend. It's really bugging me that I'm not getting the exercise like I planned on. I'm waiting for some extra $$ to get WATP (walk away the pounds) and/or WP (winsor pilates) DVDs. We're hoping to get a membership to the local Rec Center soon. I'll be able to walk the track, swim and if I get really ambitious...workout in the weightroom. I'm still amazed at how much food is in the house affects my mood. I'm totally giddy after a grocery shopping trip. By the end of the pay period I have a black cloud hanging over me. I have to admit that this pay period I am doing a lot better. I think it's due to having preplanned things and made sure I had supplies for special things to last the 2wks. Also helps that I've had the gumption to actually MAKE special things. LOL

I hope it won't be weeks before I can update again! I'm ending this now before I have to rewrite this a SEVENTH time! Hope to have some pics to post soon too.