Monday, December 29, 2008

A houseful of merriment

We couldn't have Christmas without a snag. Our shower decided it wanted to give us a hard time and sprung a leak. That meant no one could take a shower until almost 4:30 on Christmas Eve. We were suppose to be at BIL's at 5. Needless to say were a little late by about 1.5 hrs.

I managed to get almost all my wrapping done before leaving. Unfortunately I didn't manage to finish the projects I had to some people have IOU's for finished projects. I was also missing 2 came on the 26th, I'm still waiting on the 2nd. Luckily they wasn't anything too important in it...mostly fillers.

It was nice at BIL's house with tons of yummy food and fun for the cousins. One of Tom's brothers had me buy 2 piƱatas full of candy. I saw a lot of full bags going out the door. :o) We got home shortly after 10. The kids settled in and exchanged their secret santa gifts to each other. Everyone was very thoughtful in what they gave. I was thinking....we could be done right now and it'd be good.

I had to almost physically throw the kids out of the livingroom after secret santa time. They were having too much fun to go off into bed. It was one of those times when mom's not serious until she's yelling. I finally convinced them with an....I have things to do! I don't care if you go to sleep but you HAVE to go to the bedrooms (boys in one room, girls in another). It was about 1am by then. Tom and I finally finished up and got into bed shortly after 3.

We always set a time that's the earliest they can get up on Christmas, usually it's 6am. Well 6am came pretty quick! I heard them running down the hall all excited and knew I didn't want them in the livingroom...but couldn't remember why. Luckily I remembered before my feet fully hit the floor....IT WAS CHRISTMAS MORNING!!!!

The kids had already gotten into their stockings and started opening gifts before Sean meandered out. He was a pro at opening packages by the time we were half way done. His all time favorite present goes to the one Val's boyfriend bought him....a kids drum set! He was banging on the box before we could open it. He looks so cute sitting on his stool banging his little heart out. Luckily it's not as loud and obnoxious as I thought it would be.

At one point Danielle became totally overwhelmed. She had opened her Wall-E dvd and her bubblegum machine...then came the Mama Mia dvd. It was too much, with a grin from ear to ear she dove behind Liz and burrowed herself in between Liz and the couch. She'd peak out and try to join us, but couldn't. It took her a good 5 or 10 minutes before she could be coaxed out. Luckily she was almost done opening presents.

Drew, Allison, Michelle and Cory bought the kids an Xbox 360 bundle. I knew they were buying it so bought a few guitars for guitar hero. Pat gave them the drums and microphone from his rock band set (he sold the rest a while ago). Needless to say there's been hours and hours of banging and singing going on here (using Drew's rockband game). Me, I'm more of a Beautiful Katamari type of person. *hums the theme song*

Tom and I took a nap while the kids played. There wasn't much time though because we had to head out to my parents' house. We made it out the door at 2:30. We spent the rest of the day snacking and talking while the kids played and drove Grandma crazy (she doesn't tolerate the busyness very well). Christmas ended with us dragging our exhausted selves home about 10pm or so.

Fri and Sat were pretty low key. The kids played with the Xbox. Olivia and I tinkered with her circle knitting looms. I took advantage of the warm (for us) weather and got into the very neglected chicken coop to do some work.

Sunday morning we cleaned up a good bit since my parents were coming over at 1. I was hoping to get things done the night before so I could head to church in the morning but it didn't happen. Sean helped seal the staying home card since he's all green and goopy...his eyes are the worst. He looks pathetic.

It was a good thing we cleaned because Drew and Allison stopped by with an announcement that they found a sectional on the side of the road. He pulled the seats out of the van, grabbed Luke and Jake as helpers and went and picked it up. Seems it was just in time because a pickup truck pulled up to the area as they were pulling away...he didn't look too happy. (we've been that truck's frustrating) So we rearranged things, brought in the sectional and recleaned. It's pretty crowded in the livingroom but we all have a place to sit now. :o) The sectional is in decent shape. It has two reclining sections and a twin size sofa bed on the other end. Thank you to whoever got rid of it!!!

Today the girls are heading to my sister's for two nights. Then Wed we're heading to church for our New Year's feast. I'll have to think of something yummy to make for that. For now though, I have to get ready to take the girls to the mall to meet my sister.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Relaxing before getting my running shoes on

I think this is the 3rd post I've started since my last entry. Hopefully the 3rd time is the charm. It's been a busy time here. Although the kids have had a relaxing time of it. They had Fri and Mon off for snow days so had a 4 day weekend. Me, not so relaxing since I've had to be out in the snow.

Foolishly on Fri I didn't have Michelle call into work. (had to be there at 10) It wasn't snowing here yet and I'd have felt like a fool if the weather guys were wrong. Besides it's not so easy for them to find someone to come in for her when the workers are all in school. So I figured I'd get her there and we'd work out the details of getting her home after we saw how the day went. My thinking was...worse came to worse...Tom could take a side trip with his 4 wheel drive county truck on the way home from work (she was out at 3:45...he gets out at 4).

Even though it wasn't snowing at was snowing in the city that's south of us. By the time I got home it was snowing at our house too. It wasn't very long into her shift when I realized it was really going to be BAD. Luckily someone at work had had the same thought because they had her call home for a ride at 12:30. I told her I'd be there as soon as I could. It took me a little more then 45mins. (it's a 20 mile trip one way) I had to pull over twice to clean off my windshield wipers. It was worse on the way home. At one time Michelle had her head out the window trying to see a side road I could pull onto so we could clear the windshield. 2hrs after leaving home we pulled into the driveway. I thanked God and almost kissed the ground.

Monday morning saw lake effect hit us. We debated again on whether Michelle would call into work or not. (needed to be there at 11) Because it was lake effect it was clear in the city this time. (further south from the lake) Drew and Allison both called into work and turned around for home midtrip. However they decided they needed to finish up shopping so agreed to take Michelle to work. Tom and I went to pick her up together and try to get some last minute shopping done. We opted to leave Sean at home which probably wasn't such a great idea. As we were about to run through Walmart Tom's phone rang...Sean's been crying for a long are you going to be? We really were quick as you can be in Walmart...there's just so much to look at! Unfortunately the drive home took almost an hour because the lake effect had picked up again. Poor Carrie was trying to distract him with videos on youtube.

In between all this was Christmas parties for the youth girls at church and the boys at a friend's house on Saturday. The Christmas feast at church on Sunday. And trying to get things ready for Christmas here. We tried to take advantage of the snow day and do some much needed things here. Unfortunately it involved pulling things out and moving them around. So in "cleaning" we created messes. Hopefully tonight we'll get the rest under control. Michelle and Liz have put a huge dent in my wrapping. I still have a fair bit though. For the first time I'm wondering if it's such a good idea to wrap EVERYTHING! lol I also have 5 or 6 projects I have to do. Granted I could give an IOU to the intended recipient but I'd prefer to have them done tonight.

Michelle has to work from noon to 8 tonight. I'm going to see if Drew (who has today off) will drive her into work. Liz, Carrie and I are going to pick her up and finish up the absolute last minute shopping...I hope! She's also due to work Wed from 9-2:30. I'm hoping the weather isn't too bad again. There's a call for a wintery mix so who knows what that'll entail.

We're going to Tom's older brother's house for Christmas Eve. I'm still not positive on what we're bringing to eat. Have to get that ironed out before we go out tonight. Last year was the first year that I had ALL the wrapping done before going and it was SOOOOO relaxing. I'm really shooting for it again this year...even if I have to forego sleep tonight. It's amazing how long it takes to wrap all the teeny tiny stuff. Again, rethinking that part. Think they'd mind a grocery bag full of stuff under the tree? lol

Ok...I'm being used as a jungle gym...making typing (and thinking) very hard. Things won't get done unless I actually attempt to do I'll have to finish up here.

If I don't get back until after Christmas...Wishing everyone the very best Christmas! To my Jewish friends...Happy Hanukkah!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday morning pity party

I'm sitting here in my coat, feeling like garbage. Trying to not let the fact that the day has just started and won't be stopping anytime soon not bring me to tears. Last night was a looong night. For a zillion reasons I kept waking up. So it turned into one of those nights when you feel like your body didn't get any rest. Tom's on call and has been out since at least 6:30am. Michelle needs to be at work in 2hrs and I'm the only driver (it's out of Tom's work area)

The old hag found me yesterday so I'm feeling the effects of that a bit. I always feel cheated when she shows up. Why do I have to deal with it when there's no possibility of getting anything cute and cuddly 9mos later. If it weren't for the symptoms of menopause, I'd be wishing that on myself now.

I'm feeling a bit feverish and I'm not sure if it's because of my face or my hand. I'm either getting sick or I kicked up some major allergies working around here yesterday. I'm stuffed up on the right side so bad my cheek bone hurts right down into my teeth. I haven't looked but my face feels swollen on that side too.

To top it off, I misstepped on the treadmill yesterday which resulted in belt burns on my knees, left shin, left arm and my left hand. I didn't get hurt hurt, if it weren't for the moving belt I'd have been fine. (lesson learned...WEAR the emergency stop clip!) Unfortunately I think I have a case of cellulitis in the sore on my left hand...just below my pinkie finger. Half of the top of my hand is sore, red and swollen with a faint red line starting toward my wrist. I'm treating it and keeping an eye on it and if it increases I'll have it checked out. I know cellulitis can move fast and isn't to be messed with. I only have one primary care doctor. I love the guy but I haven't seen him since before Danielle was born. He operates in a different city and at a different hospital then the one I'd use near me. I'm not even sure what his after hours/weekend protocol is anymore.

OK...pity party over. Yesterday was Carrie's day to go shopping. Unfortunately we didn't have much time and I'm not sure if she's completely done. So the lucky duck may get another trip out (and I'm sure I'll hear about how unfair it is from the peanut gallery). Today is suppose to be Jake's. As much as I don't feel up to going out, I don't really want to back out of this on him either. He's had to wait for more turns then he was suppose to and he wasn't handling it very well the other day. We have to finish this up this week since some of the purchases are for the Christmas feast next weekend.

Michelle has gotten the kids into a paper snowflake frenzy. They are covering the livingroom walls with looks pretty cool in here (as long as you don't look at the floor lol). I "wrapped" our front door in some rich blue and silver water resistant paper with silver ribbon and huge silver bow. It came out pretty good if I do say so myself.

Like I said above, I've been working around here. Yesterday was a mass laundry washing day. If I let myself I could get depressed over the amount that's still left in the hall to do. At least I know there won't be any kids cleaning their rooms and rejuvenating the piles. They did that last weekend! lol Now my room...that'sw a different story. I'd like to find the time to get in there and clean it before Christmas as a gift to myself (and Tom). I don't think it's going to happen though. I figure I can do it after Christmas. That way I can take advantage of the kids being on vacation and have them watch Danielle and Sean.

Well, Sean's sleeping on the couch next to me, Michelle is due out the door in 15mins. I'm gonna go grab a cup of coffee that just finished brewing.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Short Hiatus

It's been so long since I logged into blogger that I had to sign back in. I haven't had to do that in forever. Even when I don't post for a while, I usually ATTEMPT to and therefore log into my dashboard. Not this time...

Trying to get ready for Christmas here. As I say every year, it's going to be different. Things are tight, blah blah blah. I'm sure that's how the kids hear it since it seems somehow I manage to put a bunch of stuff under the tree. This year, they might be surprised. Yes, I managed to get things again but it's not the big ticket items they've come to expect. And as I do every year, I have to fight the thought that I don't have enough. That I've shorted someone. I know that no matter how much I buy...those thoughts will still be there. Thing is, as of right now...I am short. I have NOTHING for Liz. It doesn't help that she doesn't have a list so to speak. I mean she knows I'm not going to get her a laptop. And then there's the ticket to Norway in the summer...not in the budget sweetie. Oh wait, I did buy her something last I have one thing. PHEW! lol

I've set myself up for exhaustion. The kids have drawn names for each other, a secret santa. As of right now we're planning on having a party on the 28th so they can exchange them. Although I've heard mention of just doing it on Christmas morning after all. Where does my exhaustion fit in here? I decided it would be a good thing for the kids to have some one on one time with me. So I'm taking them shopping individually. Each night that Michelle works I go in early with someone and we shop before picking her up. So far Eileen and Olivia have gone.

As much as I miss being home at night, I know it's a good thing. They LOVE it! Eileen's mouth went a mile a minute the whole time we were out. Olivia is a bit quieter but loved that she had my hand or could hug up to me as we walked...whenever she wanted and for as long as she wanted. As tired as I've been, I was sad to see the time end.

And now it's 24hrs later, Friday morning...

Life got in the way and I ended up abandoning this yesterday. Our family gift came yesterday...a treadmill! I spent most of the afternoon/evening trying to put it together. I finally had to stop and wait for Tom to get home to finish it. I wasn't strong enough to get something essential attached. It's been going nonstop since we finished though. It's set up in our smallest bedroom which will eventually be Danielle and Sean's bedroom. Sean really loves it and we have to watch him like a hawk. He's adorable on it, just walking on and on. He goes on for short bursts quite a few times a day. Last night he slept the soundest then he has in a while...maybe it'll be the solution to his sleep problems.

The kids are making sure I get into the Christmas spirit. They dragged up the tree and set it up. I had to get into the action with the colored lights and all my glass ornaments...some of which are over 50 years old. Even I don't like to handle them.

Sean was mesmorized with the whole thing. He's been really good about not touching things. :o)

And now....12 hours later again!

Today I had a surprise leisurely day in the city with Della and her oldest Emily. They were stranded there while waiting for some work to be done on their truck. So after taking Michelle to work I picked them up, we ran to a few stores and then had lunch. Just as we finished eating the dealership called to say the work was done. Perfect timing.

While I was out Tom called me and let me know he was bringing home dinner. Seems they had their Christmas party at work and the leftovers were gifted to us. He brought home a TON of food! Salad, a huge pan of ziti (whole steam table pan size), a pan and half of chicken parmesean, pan of Italian sausage with pepper and onions, half a pan of meatballs and sauce, dinner rolls with individual crocks of margarine. All yummy and enough for a few meals. THANK YOU TOM'S WORK!

We got quite a bit of snow today and the poor kids thought they were going to have to miss activity club. We couldn't get car out of the driveway. We had just said...everyone has to stay home when Tom said...let's try one more time...and out they pushed me.

Well I've now had to take 4 turns to get this out. Sean is trying to help me...adding his own version of the story to mine. So I'm done! For now...