Friday, August 05, 2011

10 times

That's how many times I started to post here in July but never finished. I was going to delete them out of my draft manager like I usually do, but decided not to. Even though it's old and irrelevant stuff, it's still fragments of my life. So I'll keep them and will look back on them like I do the rest of my blog. :o)

It's been a busy time here and my body knows it. We were camping over at our church for the summer conference/family week. I couldn't believe how excited I was go be staying in a tent over there. The last few years we've commuted back and forth from home (2miles down the road). But it's different staying there, I feel more involved, the kids don't have to leave things early, and I actually have somewhere the kids and I can put our things and go to if we need to take a break. I worked at the grill and candy stand like usual, although I made a concerted effort to keep some shifts opened for some down time. It didn't always end up working out but I was definitely free more often then in the past. I love it though!!! I got to see and touch base with a lot more people (the customers) than I normally would. I got to do something that helps out the others and earn some money for our fellowship in the process. It also helps that I like working in the kitchen.

The kids had a blast! They got to see friends they haven't seen since June. They swam, ran, climbed, and played on the swings. There was a day of inflatables and pony rides, they marched in a parade, watched the big kids play volleyball and basketball and compete in a group competition. The last day was children's day which had a medieval theme. We turned the grill into a marketplace which looked AWESOME! They had made wooden stalls for all the different things we had. One of the families brought their ducks and chickens out, they pickled duck eggs and sold them (never got over there to try one myself...bummed about that). We gave out free cotton candy and popcorn. We sold drinks (including beer and ale....root beer and ginger ale), snow cones, peasant bread (fried dough), candy and roasted drumsticks. Pretty much everyone dressed up. Some of the kids had coconuts and were walking behind people making galloping noises a la Monty Python.

We arrived home on Wednesday to an empty house. Luke and Val were at Michelle's house and Tom went camping in the Adirondacks with his older brother until Sunday. It was weird, I kept thinking I needed to call Tom and ask him to pick up something on the way home from work. Then I'd realize he wasn't coming home. :o( My sister came out, dropped off her youngest and took Liz and Carrie with her. I was exhausted and took a nap. Or at least tried to. At one time Danielle woke me up to tell me I was snoring weird. I informed her I was snoring because I WAS SLEEPING! Needless to say not much got done in terms of unpacking and cleaning that day....or the next. I was dragging on Thursday too and took another nap (2 naps in 2 days...I think it's a non pregnant record for me!). Last night I went over to Della's to keep her company. We had dinner together, talked and watched some movies. It was nice to have some quiet time with her, even if I felt a little guilty for leaving my kids at home. Which I didn't need to feel since they were having fun here and I knew it.

So today is the day I HAVE to get some things done around here. Luke's graduation party is 2 weeks from Saturday and this place is a mess...rugs half taken out, boxes of vinyl tiles and paint cans piled in the living room. I've already gotten 2 loads of laundry in, cleaned a bathroom and done some I'm off to a good start. Now to just keep it going. I think I'm going to have to be a mean aunt and send my niece home tonight (ok...maybe tomorrow). I have a hard time asking them/getting them to work with her here and I need their help. Besides she's coming back next weekend, my sister is going away and they asked if my niece could stay here.

I think I'm finally going to have to breakdown and give Sean a haircut today. he came out of bed with his bangs covered in gum. Don't ask me how he managed to get gum in his bangs that don't even fall over his eyes, but he did. I'll try to get before and after pictures when I do. I kept forgetting I had my camera with me all week (or I was too busy to take the pictures). The only time I got pictures was of Sean taking a bubble bath in one of the utility sinks. Danielle had taken a shower and was waiting for him.

Now off to get some work done!