Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Trying to put off cleaning

Well that's one reason to sit here and write. It was either that or start playing a video game. For some reason a game just doesn't interest me right now.... believe me, I tried. This house is swallowing me whole! I've puttered here and there but haven't put too much of a dent in any one area.

I SO wish we were leaving for South Carolina now instead of in 3 weeks. As much as I want to see Liz and AJ, I'm really looking forward to spending some alone time with Tom. Figuring AJ has school all day and Liz will most likely have to work some of the days leaves us alone.

Hmmm, I just went back and looked at my last post. Seems a lot of it was lost when I published it... sorry about that. I'm not even sure what else I was rambling about that night. Maybe its a good

And now it's the next morning. I ended up doing something around here, though you can't really tell.

It was beautiful out last night. It makes it hard to get homework, dinner and bedtime done. I can't wait for summer vacation... its going to be a loooong 9 weeks. At least our mornings have been v going better. That is as long as everything goes according to Sean's routine. It amazes me how quickly these kids are growing up. Can Danielle really be almost 8 yrs old?

And my baby is on his way to being a 1st grader!

Nevermind the fact that Drew will turn 29 on Friday!!! How can he be that old when that's how old I am!!! LOL

Ok... enough off this. I have to go get Danielle and Sean up for school and be productive. See ya!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Well blow me away!

I can't believe the wind is still howling out there. We lost power this afternoon for a few hours because of it. Hopefully it stays on. I don't want to end up sitting in the dark. Although if it decided to go out when it was time to go to school... letting us use a snow day. Then I'm all for it! I know... I'm worse then the kids.

Why am I up? Because Pat called
me on his way home from work and woke me up after I'd been asleep for over an hour. So I essentially power napped. He was calling to tell me I wasn't going to watch Gabe tomorrow. Waaaaah! I needed to pick him up early and it didn't work out well for Alex, so her mom is taking him for the evening.... no fair! There are going to be a lot of bummed out kids in the morning when they hear the news. They've been waiting all week for him to come back.

Poor Liz, she's been dealing with a migraine and had been pretty quiet today. Hope she's better soon. She did manage too land a job yesterday. She was hired on the spot to work at Hardees. None of my kids really know what that is. I explained it as a hed my quiet time alone but I should be sleeping. I'm watching Meg in the morning, Carrie has a doctor appointment, and I need to get ready for a conference at church that's happening this weekend. Besides its getting harder to swipe accurately on this phone. Hope everyone's weekend is a good one.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

3 Months?

Can it really be that long since I wrote here last? Sheesh! We're still without a computer here so this process can be slow going. Lots has happened here.

Val and Matt announced last month that she's pregnant and due at the end of October. Matt insisted it was twins until the sono proved him wrong.

AJ graduated from bootcamp March 22nd and headed to South Carolina for Nuke school. When he arrived they said he could get married. So on the 28th...Liz, AJ's mom and I headed down there with my van loaded with their stuff. The county clerk's office was closed due to it being Good Friday but they met them outside the office building to sign the license

application. They also met them outside city hall on Saturday to perform their ceremony.

They granted AJ special liberty so he could spend his wedding night with his bride instead of in the barracks. On Sunday we went to see the USS Yorktown. It was fun watching everyone watch/interact with AJ and his brother in their uniforms (he's in the army stationed at Fort Bragg. He surprised AJ and joined us for the weekend).

AJ was the Navy's again Sunday night. Monday was jumping through hoops and red tape day so Liz could be an official military wife. Amazingly everything happened according to the timeline and the kids had their house on Tuesday. We unpacked the van, went grocery shopping, had dinner and then hit the road for home. AJ's mom and I both arrived home wearing sandals... IN A SNOWSTORM! Made me want to turn right back around and move in with Liz!

Last week I started my new baby sitting gig. I get to snuggle and cudle with Mr Gabe on Fridays ( and various other days as needed) while Pat and Alex work.

Luke started a full time job this week. He's working construction with Matt. He's already worked a ton of hours (15 yesterday alone). Poor kid is sore and tired. Bye bye soft and smooth hands... hello man hands.

The kids have about 10 more weeks of school. Sean is doing better about going. Although he can be tempted to start balking as soon as the routine is messed with.

I know I say I'm going to be better about posting and then fall off the face of the earth for long stretches. But now I have to keep this updated for Liz and AJ's sake. So hopefully it truly happens this time.

Now to try and get control of this disaster area. But first a picture of Danielle just for Liz.