Monday, October 30, 2006

I was this [ ] close!

On Sunday I almost did it. I almost had all my hampers empty! Note that I didn't say I almost had all my laundry done, just my hampers empty. I'm sure there were dirty clothes in the bedrooms, I know I have some in mine. According to the hampers though I only had ONE load of light clothes to do by Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately time ran out on me and we had to leave for the Harvest feast at church. By the time I got back there were darks and lights dirty again. So I'm back to normal with clothes in all the hampers lol.

Oh yeah and before I forget...I posted again over at I answered a readers question about the comments we hear. It's a revised edition of a post I wrote here in March. Q&A...How do you deal with comments and questions? I'll be posting again this Friday. The topic is how we deal with all the activities and commitments the kids have.

Saturday was a pretty productive day. Besides doing tons of laundry I made bread, rearranged furniture, started cleaning little kids bedrooms, helped devise costumes, cleaned in the nooks and crannies where it doesn't show. Tom was gone ALL day until after 2AM. He was working on the van at one of his friend's house. It's not all completely done but rides a LOT better (and safer). I still need to buy 2 new front tires, maybe Wednesday.

Sunday was a FUN day! The youth kids made it a great day for all the little kids. The Harvest feast started out with a children's meeting. It was followed by wheelbarrow races, games for all ages (including the adults...have to give them opportunities to make fools of themselves lol), pizza dinner and then trick or treating door to door in one of the dorms. Costumes this year were...

Danielle - unicorn (costume I bought 75% off last year after Halloween)
Olivia - angel (kimono that was a christmas gift last year, wings and feather crown from the dollar store)
Eileen - cheerleader (skorts and tshirt with pompoms from the dollar store)
Jake - Pirate (vest with stuffed parrot velcro'ed to it, cardboard hat, sword and eye patch from the dollarstore)
Carrie - princess (Val's prom dress from the thrift store, crown from the dollar store)
Luke - karate student (his grandpa's old Gi, green bathrobe belt lol)
Liz - Gorilla (Drew's gorilla mask, all black clothes)
Me - parrot (multicolored feather mask from the dollarstore, homemade parrot outfit I made 2 or 3 yrs ago for Luke)

Jake will be using the Gorilla mask at school on Tuesday (only elementary kids...3 youngest, dress up for school) His attitude is, if you can't bring a sword to school what's the sense of being a pirate? lol He'll switch back to a pirate for T or T'ing though. Liz is going to be a fairy for T or T'ing. I bought her wings at the dollarstore tonight. She'll be wearing a dress she bought this summer for a friend's wedding. We'll be T or T'ing around my parents' neighborhood. My sister with 2 of her girls will be going with us.

It looks to be a beautiful day for T or T'ing. Today was absolutely wonderful! After having lows in the mid 40s for almost 2wks it seemed like summer again. The van became downright hot at times. Danielle took a nap after lunch and I enjoyed reading my book. I also enjoyed a short 15min powernap.

We received some exciting news here today. Pat called this afternoon and told me he now has a job!!!! :o) It's good to see him excited about it. He visited the college last week about getting a waiver for his financial aid. Now he has to write a letter explaining why he should be given it (I think that's what it has to be about). He'll have to do that soon. He has to know whether he qualifies for funding for the January semester before he registers.

Also we are getting DSL!!! I don't have to surf the net by horse and buggy anymore! By Friday evening I should be FLYING around here! I'll be able to see whole pages, pictures and videos! Woohooo!!! The promotion right now is that with a 2yr commitment we get a free computer! It's almost 3x as fast as the one I'm using now. That means we'll have 2 machines and I won't have to share as much anymore. (not sure how long it takes to arrive though) It'll be even sweeter if Drew and Michelle buy their own computers/laptops like they've been talking about.

Well my extra hour this weekend is starting to catch up. I just rescued my forehead from meeting my keyboard. Hope everyone stays safe while/if they're T or T'ing.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Morning Musings

First an update on my FIL. He's doing ok and has double pneumonia. I hate to say it but PHEW! Not that I'm glad he has it but I'm glad that's what it is. What was going on was SO much worse in my mind. (relapse or myelodysplasia...yep the same thing Carrie had). There's talk of him being discharged on Wed. :o)

Tom told me something someone said to him concerning this blog. They said they've read my blog and I paint our life all rosey and great. Ummm guy....this is MY blog!!! I decide what goes in here. If I decide that I'm only going to write about everytime I fart....that's my perogative! If you don't want to read it....that's your's.

I admit I don't share all the nitty gritty stuff here. Reason's the internet! (no offense to my cyberfriends) I try my hardest to not bash my husband in public so I certainly try not to do it here. My kids, especially the teens, have their own lives and a right to their privacy...I respect that. Also this is ONE side/version of the story. I would hope that anyone reading this would realize that.

Believe me there have been times when it would've been SO easy to come and just let everything out here. But that wouldn't have been fair to those involved. There were times when I couldn't blog because heavy private things were too close to the surface and effected me so much. I'd try to write but I felt the situation always showed through in my I'd delete.

So X, if you're reading this. You're right to a degree. And no, I won't change a thing. It's your call whether you want to read this or not. I'm not really sure why you'd want to though, since you have an upclose and personal view of the whole thing (not to mention your own opinion on it that you've freely shared).

Now I'm off to clear off the mounds of things on my computer table. Have a good day :o)

Friday, October 20, 2006

Debunking the myths

The current topic over at is putting some myths about large families to rest. I picked the older kids are mini parents as my myth. So head on over to and read Mini Parents

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Look out world!

Here she comes! Danielle is walking!!! She started on Saturday, taking 4-6 steps between things and people. On Sunday she spent all day walking around whenever she could. One of the kids asked me....why is Danielle walking around everywhere? I asked how they got around? She's having tons of fun with it. She even stands back up when she falls. BUT if there's something she REALLY soon as she falls it's crawling all the way. LOL

Today's been a busy and nerve wracking day. In the middle of my errands Pat called me to let me know Janna was in the ER of the local hospital. I knew she'd gone home (Val called me) but didn't know why. I called the school and asked them to have Val call me. Then I stopped by the ER to see if Janna or her mom needed anything. She was really glad we stopped by and was just telling her mom she wished we were there. Val called when I was there and asked to be picked up so she could be at the ER with Janna, so I did. They think she passed a kidney stone during the day and still has one in her opposite kidney. We were joking that she just wanted to be like Val and a copycat. lol She's resting peacefully at home now.

Ontop of that Tom's dad has been running a really low grade fever which spiked a bit today. With his counts low he's suppose to report ANY fever at all. He's in the hospital and not doing so great. Everyone is a mess. (why I'm still up at such a horrible hour of the morning!) I'd appreciate any prayers and positive thoughts you could send for Tom, his dad and his family.

I was thinking there was more I wanted to share but can't think of it ATM. I'll post more tomorrow if I think of it.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Found some photos

Drew downloaded Allison's camera onto my computer. I'm snitching some to share since I don't have any of my own to share.

The first is Drew's band. They were playing at the local Marina's good-bye party (last day opened for the season).

Drew on bass, Brian on vocals, Nate on drums and Mitch on guitar

Of course I HAVE to share a pic of Danielle whenever I can. So here's a pic of her with her first ice cream cone.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Status Symbol?

I posted last week that the current topic at was how and when to know you're done. Luckily for me that weekend the blog was featured in an article on larger families being a new status symbol. The hit count soared at and here. I got a negative comment or two about my irresponsibilty toward society and the earth.

I don't get how kids can be used as a status symbol. If they are, they are one of the most costliest symbols around. Not only in the all mighty dollar but in blood, sweat and tears. WHY would anyone put 18yrs worth of responsibilty infront of them just to up their standing amongst their friends? Not to mention while it might be cool to have a larger family now, it hasn't and won't always be. So what happens when the status isn't such a great thing anymore? They can't be thrown away, sold or pushed into the back of the closet. These are kids' lives they are trivializing!!!! Thanks for making my "extra" 8 or 9 kids seem like props. I'm sure they appreciate it.

There's something else people forget when they make having a family that goes above society's norm whimsical and fun. People lose a lot because of their decision to have a larger family.

* They're subjected to every Tom, Dick and Harry's opinion about their lifestyle decision because it's so apparent. Everyone seems to think that because of this they are free to voice their opinions or wisecracks. (Oh the things people say) I don't know of any other life choice that is so obvious and has this happen. (I'm most likely mistaken and am willing to be corrected)

* They lose friends, invitations to social events, etc. People think they can't relate to them anymore. The idea of including so many people into a social event is daunting so they're overlooked. People assume because you have so many kids you don't have the time or money to socialize/participate. We can be seen as too stupid to be bothered with or "intimidating" and are avoided by others in a social setting.

* Time and time again other TOK (tons of kids) moms have mentioned how their families put them down for their decision. They've even had family break all ties with them because it. :o(

Yep, we're just trying to out do our friends and neighbors. After all, that's what's most important in life.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bullet Time!

*** It's an invasion!
Yep Sunday was the start of the annual "lady bug" invasion. My mom told me if she'd known they were out she wouldn't have come for a visit. They (the ladybugs, not my parents) are stinky and pesky. They land on and in everything including food, drinks and faces. I told her it had just started and was getting worse by the hour. Luckily they've calmed down and have mostly settled into their corners.

*** Never assume
Tuesday I heard a truck pull up to the house, then a tiny knock on the door. I assumed it was Tom with his hands full. I ran to the door, whipped it open and yelled...Waddaya waa.... Standing there staring at me was a tiny timid Fed Ex man with a package in his hands. I was so embarrassed! I was also laughing so hard that I couldn't get a proper I'm sorry or an explanation out. Bet he's hoping we don't get anymore deliveries for a while. LOL

*** I found it!
I found a Walk Away the Pounds Express DVD yesterday! I've been wanting for it for a while. Last year I'd ordered it from someone online and never received it. Everytime I'd looked in WM they didn't have it. I figured since it was an older program it'd never come in. I even started looking for it in the 2 for $11 bin. LOL Our Super Walmart has gone through a huge renovation which makes that section of the sports department easy to get to. On a whim I decided to check to see if they had something I'd want and there it was! I was a happy shopper!

*** One chore off my list
I hate tire shopping. I feel like I'm going to get taken for a ride. Then there's all those extra fees involved. I never know which I need. My van really needed new back tires at least. They kept getting soft and one was almost bald. I put it off and put it off although I'd been browsing the ads for prices. Finally I decided to bite the bullet and run over to the tire store to get a quote. They didn't have any extra charges and the price was right. So now I have 2 new back tires and the van is driving great. Although it was bit hard to tell with the monster winds throwing me around like a paper cup yesterday.

*** I'm not ready!!!
Yep, it's that time of the year again. Time for the dreaded white stuff to start flying. I'm not ready for it! Well I'm more ready for it coatwise then I've been in a while. Bootwise I'm not sure about but that can wait. Mentally though...NO! Take it away! I don't want to see the stuff! I want everyday to be like last skies, sunny and mid 70s.

***Let the stripping begin
Danielle is learning to take off her clothes. She fights me tooth and nail over wearing shoes....takes after her mother. lol They don't last long and then it's time for the socks to start flying. Running errands while waiting for Michelle yesterday I had to put her socks on 4 times. Then while she was sitting in the cart at Big Lots she tried to take off her shirt. Luckily she's not too adept at that yet. It's gonna be tons of fun trying to keep her bundled in the van while waiting for Michelle this winter.

Monday, October 09, 2006

How things have been faring lately

My posts have been sporadic and mostly about how I haven't been handling things well. Now that I can catch my breath and think straight I thought I'd update about how everyone's been doing here.

Daniellewise...she's growing by leaps and bounds. She's at such a fun age! My latest walker she's taken a few tenative steps from here to there but not walking yet. Give her a pushtoy or something to put her hand on though and she's off like a rocket. She's so cautious I'm sure once she does start walking she'll be pretty sure footed which is fine by me. She's turned into a little monkey and mimics everyone and everything around her. While she's a little girls and likes to play with her dishes and babies, her favorite toy is a little car....complete with appropriate sounds while she drives it over everything.

Schoolwise...We've been to the school quite a few times with open house celebrations. This year homework has been going well for everyone!!!! Which hasn't happened in quite a while. Luke is continuing to do his homework well on his own (started it midyear last year). Carrie has joined him and is doing great! I haven't had to get on her case about starting it yet and she's always done early enough to participate in youth activities at church. (unlike last year when she would sneak it into bed to finish). It makes for a much more relaxed evening. Jake, Eileen and Olivia are naturally pretty self motivated so no problems on that end.

Last week I actually had Pat take over a few days of driving Michelle to school for me. It made a HUGE difference in how I felt and what I accomplished around here. I even started digging out my bedroom (always the last room I attack). I'm feeling ready to face the chore of driving again.

Drew's band is pretty sought after. They're booked for quite a few weekends in the next month or so. They even have a date set in January and for St Patrick's day. Between going to school, band practice and seeing Allison he's staying really busy and isn't home much. Allison is in her last year of school and has mentioned going abroad to teach English. I guess she really enjoyed Italy last semester. Drew asked what I thought about them moving overseas. I told them I'd miss them but if that's what they want and can do, then go for it! As of right now I'm thinking we'll be having a wedding next summer.

We couldn't have asked for a better 3 day weekend weatherwise. Tom took the kids to the apple farm, bird sanctuary and a playground on Saturday. The kids took advantage of it and were in and out all day. It led to Danielle throwing a few fits because she wanted to be big and go outside too. I don't want to see this weather end. I actually heard the "S" word in the forecast for the coming weekend. Waaaah!

I brought my book into the house tonight. It's Fannie Flagg's "Standing in the Rainbow". The main character is Neighbor Dorothy who was a character in her book..."Welcome to the World Baby Girl!". I'm just starting it but it's good like most of her work. D has already read it and just finished the next one in line called "Can't Wait to get to Heaven". She's wanting me to hurry up so we can talk about them.

Something that made me go hmmm while reading the book. Dorothy is what was called a "radio homemaker". A housewife who ran a daily 1 hour long radio show out of her home. In the book it's described as someone who dispenses tips on child rearing, home, garden, cooking. Someone who talks about news and entertains. Most of all it was a daily visit from a good friend. I thought....hey! that's what bloggers do and are!

I've had a chance to do some blog touring this weekend. It's nice to catch up with some good friends that I've missed in the last month.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


I seem to have caught up with things around the house. Having company (my parents) is a great motivator. :o) Tomorrow most of us have a day off. I don't have to drive Michelle to classes!!!! Yeah me! It'll be nice to get up and not have to think about where to start around here. I'm actually sitting here thinking about baking cookies and apple pies, revving up my sewing machine, starting some projects to sell on ebay or to give for Christmas presents. Believe it or not I'm even thinking of bringing my "waiting for Michelle" book into the house and disappearing into it.

Don't get me wrong, things aren't perfect here. I have things to do. But it's better then it's been in a long time! I even managed to do 8 loads of laundry today(may even do more before bed). That means I have less then 3 loads waiting for me to wash! If tomorrow is as nice as today I'm hoping to wash all the bedding and hang it. Nothing like climbing into a bed with line dried sheets.

We had a nice visit with my parents. My mom brought us the scrapbook she made of our trip to Orlando and all the area parks in Oct '99. It was Carrie's Make a Wish wish. The kids had a ball going through it and remembering everything. They all got a kick out of how little they looked. Tom and Pat BBQ 4 chickens for dinner. Even though we had 6 extra people here to feed we ended up with enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow. :o) My dad brought me out some more plants for my garden including YUMMY smelling Russian Sage! Tom's preparing my circle garden to act as a nursery until next spring. My dad has offered to sit down with me and map out exactly what to do and where. I'm always at such a loss where to put things even though I have tons of choices (we own 7+ acres)

Last Monday we celebrated Michelle's birthday (Her birth story). Actually she had a multiday celebration. lol We had pizza and wings on Sunday while C (her boyfriend) was here. He was heading back to school on Monday morning. Monday we had her birthday dinner (she picked cheeseburgers) along with cake and ice cream. Wednesdays I took Michelle, Val, Janna and Kat to the mall. We hit a great sale at Wet 1 clearance item, get 1 free. I wanted to go back and do some Christmas shopping!!! I bought Danielle some much needed clothes at the Children's Place...additional 50% off clearance prices. Poor thing, most of her clothes were geared toward summer.

I'm starting to think that I might have a handle on things now. Just in time for the hoiday craziness to start! LOL Hey! Isn't Columbus Day the new "first day of the Christmas shopping season"? Let the jolliness begin! :oD

Michelle's birth story

Her Stats....

Michelle Lynn
October 2, 1987
8lbs 15oz

For my pregnancy with Michelle I went to my regular family practice dr. I LOVE this guy! He's so laid back and easy to talk to. I'd have had all the rest of my kids with him but the HMO is was through would only allow OBs to deliver babies shortly after Michelle's birth.

I had my first ever sonogram. The tech said it was girl then told me....I can only be 75% sure of a girl. It might be a boy who's parts haven't descended yet. I then went on to have a dream that I had quads....3 girls and 1 boy. lol

About 7mos into the pregnancy while visiting my parents I suddenly announced that Valerie didn't sound right this pregnancy. We'd had Valerie picked out for our girl's name when I was pg for Drew and Pat. Tom was shocked since he really loved Valerie. He asked what name I did want to use? I don't know is the only answer I could give him. My dad was standing at the stove cooking dinner and said...I've always like Michelle. You never hear it used very much anymore. I jumped up and shouted...THAT'S IT! I like it, let's name this baby Michelle! Tom agreed. :o)

As was par for the course for me I was still very pregnant as my due date came and went. After being overdue for 16 days my dr decided he'd admit me the next day for an induction.

I arrived at the hospital bright and early like a good little patient and found that there wasn't really any room for me. They decided that they'd make room and put me into one of two birthing rooms they had at the time. (they considered it substandard lol) I was given an IV, hooked up to the monitors, checked and told nothing remarkable was happening. The pitocin was started about 9am and we were on our way...or so I thought. Tom and I sat around all day and NOTHING happened. I'd feel a small contraction here or there but nothing to report.

My dr came in to check on me after office hours were over. (5pm'ish) He asked if I was tired and wanted to take a break for the night. I told him I wasn't tired...all I'd done is laid in bed all day. Let's go for it! Around 5:45 he broke my water, announced he was heading home to grab a bowl of cereal and would be back soon. 15 minutes later the contractions started...and they were huge! I was having a hard time concentrating through them. The nurse came in and told me that I needed oxygen and placed the cannula. I told her...I needed to throw up and did! lol

Around 6:30 I decided I'd had enough and asked for some pain medication. They told me that I'd just started labor and it was too soon. I waited about 15 mins and asked for it again. They checked me, declared I was a 4cm and it might be ok to give me some but they'd have to call my dr to see.

I started feeling pressure around 7'ish (and still without my pain medication I might add). I told Tom he should probably go out and tell someone that I think I might be ready to push. He said I can't be ready, they said it was too soon. I convinced him to go out and tell someone anyways...they said they'd be right there. He walked back in the room, I then grunted and said...Tell them I need them NOW!!!! He ran back out into the hallway and yelled for someone to come NOW!

A nurse saunter into the room, took one look at me, lifted my sheet and yelled.... I NEED SOME HELP NOW!!!! We have a head here!!!! All hell broke loose and everyone flew into action. A resident came in and told me to go ahead and push. I did but nothing happened. He told me to push again....I did again and nothing happened. While holding Michelle's head he placed his second hand just under my ribcage and PUSHED! I SCREAMED!!!! He then did it a few more times and the rest of Michelle was born.

Just a little side note. The room I was in was seldom used. It was also right behind the admitting desk. While all the above was happening a very pregnant young girl in labor was sitting at this desk getting admitted. They'd put a screen up to block her view but she could hear EVERYTHING and I knew it. After I would grunt loudly or scream I would then say....oh that poor girl. I'm so sorry. I'm probably scaring that poor thing to death. Oh that poor girl.

We were told that my uterus had shut down after I delivered her head. I wasn't contracting anymore. They had to push on my stomach to help expell the placenta. I was bleeding quite a bit and they were working pretty hard. They opened up the pit all the way, gave me a shot in my bottom and massaged my stomach trying to get my uterus to contract. They swept my uterus a few times just for good measure. Each time they'd push, knead or sweep I'd give a yelp and then an apology.

Michelle was beautiful....full, round and bald! Her scalp did show a tiny hint of red hair which tickled my MIL who was always hoping for a redheaded grandchild to be never happened. I noticed that all the girls in the nursery had pink bows in their hair, except Michelle. I asked my nurse why that was and she told me she didn't have enough hair to put one in. :o( Next time they brought her to me though she had a bow attached to a few stray strands of hair. I was instructed to not breath on it or it would fall out!

After delivery my blood pressure started going up and wouldn't come down. I was put on bedrest and given meds to help. After 4 days it started coming down and I was discharged. We headed to my parents' house for a few days (they'd been taking care of Drew and Pat) While there I started running a fever, I had mastitis. The dr called in an antibiotic and I lived with hotpacks. Then we headed to our trailer. I left their house in tears because I knew that our trailer was going to be cold since it hadn't had a fire in it for days. It didn't help that I was also dealing with a mean case of the post pregnancy blues. Luckily it only lasted a few days.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

As is par for the course....I'm behind

Michelle celebrated her 19th birthday on Monday. I have to write out her birth story yet. Hopefully by the end of the weekend. We're heading over to church for the weekend. It's the October/Canadian Thanksgiving Conference.

It's my friday at The topic is knowing when you're done growing your family. Hear my lifestory at I've learned never to say never