Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sunny with a chance of baking

We had a beautiful day at the beach on Monday! I didn't bring my camera so no fun photos to share. We had a grassy spot in the shade near the beach, bathrooms and playground. I got there a tiny bit later then I'd originally planned. I was moving in slow motion during the morning. I really didn't want to leave Tom for the day but he had a lot to do around the house. I slathered the kids up with sunblock before we left (nothing worse then sandy sunscreen being applied!) and they stayed fairly sunburnt free. A few ended up with slight pinkness by the evening. I "forgot" to cover myself with the stuff and ended up red but luckily I wasn't sore at all.

Danielle LOVED the water even though it was ice cold (turn your feet red with coldness cold). She could only tolerate being down on her own feet so long though. As long as I was holding her she was fine. So most of the time she spent going up and down. I'd stand her in the waves, holding her hands or arms. She'd kick around and laugh for a few minutes until she'd realize I was up there and she was down here. So she'd try to climb my legs and whine to be picked up, which I did. She was a happy baby again until a few minutes later she'd decide the water looked fun. Then it was time to try to scooch her fanny out of my arms. So I'd stand her in the water. And around and around we'd go.

We were a bit disappointed when they closed the beach at 6 but it gave us incentive to get the kids home early. Everyone stayed until the beach closed. For some reason even though I had less stuff then most, I was the last of the group to leave. Which meant I had cleanup duty. It wasn't too big of a mess, just a few odds and ends.

You'd think with all the sun and fun the kids had they'd be happy to be home, shower and get ready for bed. WRONG! (when will they start thinking like a tired mom?!?) Instead they begged to go swimming in the pool. LOL The water was a lot cleaner, warmer and deeper so they could actually swim. While they swam, Tom took me on a tour of the gardens so I could see all his hardwork that day. We sat out in the shade until the mosquitos started bugging me too much.

The kids snacked and then headed to bed.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Congratulations to my friend!

Memorial Day and my sister's birthday aren't the only reasons to celebrate. One of my best friends ma just found out yesterday morning that she's expecting #12!!! Maybe this will give her something to blog about again. *hint*hint*

I'm so happy for her! I hope this pregnancy goes as smoothly as her last one.

Happy Birthday to my sister!

On Monday my baby sister hits the big 4-0. We're exactly 14mos and 3mins apart. Which was WAY to close for my mom. LOL I was the really active, hardly slept, and into everything baby. She was the calm..."put her down and she stays there" baby. Which I guess is a good thing. ;o) (we have a brother who's 4yrs younger then me also) My sister and I were always great friends even though I drove her felix mentality crazy with my oscar antics. To this day our houses are kept totally different. It might be why she can't quite get that I'm not being driven crazy with all these kids running and around and making noise. (she has 3 girls)

The cookout was a great time. Her dh did a good job and kept it semi secret from her. (she was suspicious but didn't know) It was a catered BBQ with chicken and steamed clams. YUUUUUUM! He rented a bouncy house and cotton candy machine for the kids to enjoy. Danielle REALLY likes cotton candy!

Tom kept laughing at me because he'd catch me eyeing/drooling over the caterer's set-up. It was a flat trailer topped with tons of propane/gas fittings on a pole that ran around 2 sides of the trailer. He mainly used a huge barrel roaster and 2 turkey fryers. I was dying to talk to the caterer but he was pretty busy (him and one other guy working).

Something I haven't shared here before is that I would LOVE to be catering or cheffing for profit. A few times a year I go through this phase of thinking of starting a personal chef business. When I found out I was pg for Danielle I was seriously considering going to the community college for a Professional Food Handler's Certificate in September. Now that our church is installing a commercial/legal (read inspected) kitchen, I'm seriously considering it again. I'd like to eventually put a proposal to the board that I rent the kitchen during the weekday when it's not being used.

While I think my BIL got a great price for the food he had. I told Tom...I wouldn't want you to do something like this for me. He agreed, saying I'd be too critical...thinking...I could do this better and for less. He was RIGHT! It was exactly what I was thinking. (especially with the guys setup) LOL

This morning was church. The kids went swimming after we got home, ate lunch and they picked up the main living area. They still get amazed how much work they can do when they all work and work well. We talked about restarting our chore list once school is out. I started fondling some fabric, thinking about sewing again. Maybe I'll even make Olivia something to wear for Kindergarten graduation on the 19th. I have to find my summer clothes. I have NO idea where my bathingsuit is. Being pg last summer, I didn't use it. It's practically brand new!

Besides looking for my warm weather clothes I also have to make some food for tomorrow. We're going to the local state park with a bunch of families from church. Since we'll be there for most of the day, I guess it'd be a good idea to bring food and feed them. I don't think Tom will be going, he has too much to do around here. He bought plants on Thursday and needs to get the garden in. I understand since I could find a lot around here to do also but :o(

Oh yeah, have to charge batteries....cute kids and beaches are great photo ops.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Prom night!

Being a small school district, the Senior Ball/Junior Prom is together. The rule in our house is...I'll pay for your Senior Ball...that's it! Since I had NO seniors I thought I was off the hook this year. WRONG! I ended up with 3 kids going this year. Michelle bought her dress, Val's is borrowed from a friend.

Pat's pictures are on another camera at the moment. I can share Michelle's and Val's now though. One the 2nd pic you might recognize M who took Michelle to her Senior Prom last year. They're bestfriends and graduated together.

Michelle and C (he's a senior)

M, Michelle and C (all best friends)

Val before S arrived

Val and S (he's a junior)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Guess I'll stick with the microwave

I was pretty proud of myself this morning. I'd gotten all the kids out the door for school (huge task in and of itself), matched up a huge tote of socks, added water to the fish tank and threw in some laundry. I decided I could justify sitting down with a cup of coffee now (especially since if I waited a headache would be likely). So I pushed back the crockpot that was resting on the back burner and turned on the burner under the tea kettle. Then headed for my email.

You got it....I had turned on the BACK burner. The controls are different from my old stove and I still get them confused once in a while. Just as I sat down to start reading emails I smelled something. Looked out into the kitchen and see smoke billowing from the stove. Thought maybe a plastic serving spoon was too close to it. Then thought maybe I hadn't pushed the crockpot back enough. As I get up to check it out the smoke alarm goes off....LOUDLY! Do you think any of the older kids bothered to see if they should get up and out of the house. Or even if I needed help? Nope! Although now that I think of it...Drew and Pat may be in the backyard sleeping in the tent. Hmmmm. At least the weather is a bit warmer today so I could open some windows and doors to air out the place.

I'm not sure if the crockpot is salvageable. I have it on /ignore right now. If it's not I'll miss it but I'm not terribly heartbroken. I have a newer one so not totally crockpotless. Although with them being only 4qts each I tend to need two of them. (the 18qt roaster is TOO big for a single meal) At least they tend to be easy to find at thrift stores and garage sales. (burnt one was junkpicked)

Hey! I can scratch something else off my list now....test the smoke detectors. I know the downstairs one works and it works REALLY well.

Edited to Add...

I've taken a look at it now and it's a lost cause. Looks like I burnt the cord pretty bad so it won't be safe to plug in. At least I can use the removable crock still.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Danielle finally got it

or something. She's been running a fever since Sunday morning. I took her to the ped's on Monday. As it usually happens, by the time we got there she'd cooled down to an almost normal 99.1. The dr put her on antibiotics. Her ears are infected and her throat is a bit red. He didn't do a throat culture because he's treating the ears.

She was really burning up last night. I don't think I've ever held such a hot kid in my life. My arm was hot, irritated and bit I had a bad sunburn. I kept waiting for her to go into a febrile seizure. Wondering if I should take her to the ER anyways. Hard to justify that when you can't tell them her temp to begin with. WHERE ARE MY THERMOMETERS!?!?! She feels a lot cooler now.

She's really hard to give meds to and it bothers Liz to hear Danielle upset over it. Little does Liz know, she was a lot worse then Danielle in that department! Hmmm that reminds me that there are such a thing as tylenol suppositories. Wonder if I can find them OTC here (had to have a script for them when Liz was a baby).

These next few weeks are going to be busy! Between all the things going on in school (field trips, picnics, olympics, and special days) and having the next few weekends booked solid (party, picnics, wedding, bridal shower). I was thinking it'd be nice to have a few days off of school on Friday and Monday but they are now filled with activities.

The kids are looking forward to some WARM weather so they can go in the pool. Yesterday Eileen couldn't understand why I'd say no to them swimming. So what if it was only 49 degrees out! According to the forecast they may get to go in this weekend....if we're home.

Friday, May 19, 2006


I've been dealing with a major headache for the last 24hrs. It actually sent me to bed before dinner it was so bad. I've only had a handful of times it's been that bad. I'm not sure if it's allergies, a bug or related to AF arriving yesterday. I've noticed that I'm running similar to my teens years now...30+ day cycles, heavy and long, horrendous cramps for the first 48hrs. I hope I'm not adding on my mom's migraines that sent her to bed and made her throw up every month!

I really need to get some things done around here. This place is a mess and I won't be here this weekend to fix it. The kids have to be fed and out the door for the pep rally by 8. Carrie has a 4:30 dr appt for her physical. Her ped has been bugging me to get her in for one. Nevermind that she's had 4-10 of them in the last year already. He wants one by him who will concentrate on the WHOLE her...not just her cancer, post bone marrow transplant issues, post meningitis arthritis issues, or diabetes. I love this guy! He's so thorough and cautious. If the ibuprofen doesn't help I'll be calling to ask if it's ok for Drew or Pat to bring her in. I really need to talk to him though and bring him up to date on her diabetes and the TODAY study. Maybe I'll just have one of the boys drive us there.

I'm suppose to be going grocery shopping afterwards too. Need to at least get things for the kids' breakfasts and lunch this weekend. If I call Tom before he leaves work I'm sure he'll stop at Save-a-Lot for stuff. Guess for lunch I could give them cash to buy stuff from the Grill.

This better go away! I don't think I could do all day on my feet outside in the rain and cold tomorrow if it doesn't. And then to be there all night for a feast...on my own...with a bunch of little kids. Joy of joys!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's been mildly calm here this week

No one's sick although most are exhausted (again, can't wait for summer vacation!). I've had a few kids feebly try to stay home in the mornings. This morning I thought Olivia was going to be impossible to get going. Luckily she finally woke up enough to get ready.

The pool is now crystal clear and has a chlorine reading!!! As true to form mother nature has decided to thumb her nose at me. It's rainy and chilly now. I keep thinking I'm getting excited for nothing, that SOMETHING will happen to cause us to not use the pool this season. Like a whole season just isn't possible for us. Watch it'll probably snow in August or something.

The kids are hopeful for this's suppose to hit 70. (then drop into the low 50s for the weekend...yeah!...not!) It's hard for me to argue it's too chilly to go still. Last Saturday morning I was attempting to vacuum and nothing on the bottom was moving. I did what a good mom would do....I put the kids to work! I let them put on their suits, go in the pool, and stir things up. They weren't allowed to get water in their face/ears but they had fun what if it was probably in the 60s. You didn't hear them complaining. LOL

Liz, Luke and Carrie are getting excited. This coming weekend is our semi-annual soccer tournament at church. They get to see friends from all over the Northeast. As I mentioned's suppose to be wet and chilly all weekend. Wouldn't be a soccer weekend any other way. LOL I'm not too sure how I'm going to go and keep Danielle semi dry and unfrozen.

My house is in shambles right now. It's still not whole after we started tearing it apart last week. How can cleaning make such a mess? It's exciting to have a way to organize things. What I'm really wanting to do it run out and buy supplies to make shelves and smaller bins for everything. I'm in my..."can't have too many shelves" mood. I think I heard the craft store is closing next week. So if I decide I do want more bins/shelves...I'll have to figure it out and get down there by then.

My garden is getting pretty, even if it's getting overtaken with weeds! While the kids were waiting for the bus yesterday morning I spent some time attacking the weeds. I'd like to be able to see my Irises when they bloom (almost there!) I'm afraid someone is going to not realize there are desired plants amongst the weeds and just trample all over them. I haven't done too much in the garden this season. I'm waiting for Tom to buy the belt for the tiller, hopefully tomorrow. It's getting late! Not really but it seems like it. Around here most try to get things put in around Memorial Day weekend.

Time is flying! I'm amazed how quickly the week seems to go by...busy or not. I keep thinking about trying to rush things and missing out on something. Danielle is a perfect example of this. It seems like everyday she learns one or two new things. This week she's learned to pull herself up and cruise. She tries to spend as much time standing as she can. It amazes me since she can't crawl or creep yet. Although she can push herself backwards pretty quickly :o) Just goes to show you....each baby is an individual. No parent is an expert no matter how many times they've been through this. Last night the girls taught her to throw kisses. Granted right now it looks like she's just smearing spit around her face, but she does eventually throw SOMETHING out there. lol

It amazes me how gaagaa everyone is about her still. She can't even stick her finger up her nose without someone thinking it's cute! They're still fighting over her. She's constantly being carried, hugged, and smooched on. If she doesn't grow up with a BIG head (or become a total cutup) I'll be surprised. And to do my part to assure she does...

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Eileen and Olivia

The other night Eileen, Olivia and Michelle were fooling around. They came out dressed up with something robin's egg blue on along with pink gingham. Michelle would kill me if I shared the pics they took of the 3 of them together. I feel ok sharing the pic of Eileen and Olivia though.

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Sweet moment to share

I've never been bold enough to take, much less share a breastfeeding pic. Tuesday I decided why not? I liked it so much I'm even going to share it!

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Week in review

Michelle down and out on the couch all day. Needing another trip to the dr.

Carrie had her all day appt at the TODAY study. When they say all day, they mean ALL day. We arrived at 9:40, left at 3:05. She looked like garbage after her 2hr GTT (glucose tolerance test) and wanted to take a nap. There was tons of paperwork for us to do. She did great on her fitness test. They kept upping the resistance on the stationary bike every few minutes. I don't think I could've done it, yet she didn't seem to be huffing and puffing. Her full body x-ray was really cool! She's been put into one of the medicine arms of the study. It was a bit disappointing to not get the PAL/coach. The kids here were starting to come on board with it. Our next appt in in July. For this week Carrie has to wear a monitor that records her activity level. We'll be fed-ex'ing it in on Wed.

I made a dr appt for Michelle. Luckily she's 18 and can go alone, Drew drove her. They decided to wait to see exactly what type of strep she has since she's been on so many antibiotics already these past 3 months.

After the appt I ran down the Rag Shop craft store that is closing. I bought a 5' table/counter and 14 metal wire bins. I'm thinking of going back down for more! I keep thinking of other places around here that could use some storage. I still have a little tweeking on how to hang the bins though.

I had to go to school bright and early for Luke's IEP meeting. It was a good thing. His resource teacher had nothing but praises for him. He's done a complete turnaround in terms of focusing, completeing his work and his writing!!! What was one of his weakest subjects is now up to grade level. Where he used to barely get a paragraph out in 40mins of prompting. He now sits down, gets a topic and writes...pages prompting needed! He still needs extra time and possibly a quite location for testing. His reading is still below grade. We're pushing him to TRY harder things. They've cut his book reports to one every other month instead of one a month. He has to promise to use more difficult books for his reports (was using Choose Your Own Adventure Books). Even though they aren't in place until next year, he's already trying to get started on harder ones.

Liz was the next one to be down and out on the couch. I made a dr appt for her before I left for school and took her in in the afternoon. Dr didn't think a throat culture was necessary since she was so sick. We also found out that Michelle's culture came back positive (surprise! lol). So they both got a prescription. That makes Drew, Pat and Danielle (which totally amazes me!) the only ones that didn't get strep.

While home I played with, vacuumed the pool some (water isn't green anymore but very cloudy still). Then we started pulling the house apart. We got rid of the microwave stand and an old buffet I was using as a kitchen counter. My kitchen is in shambles as of now but it looks better then originally already.

D went to the hospital to be induced with #16. I kept waiting to hear from them all day. I'd finally decided to I was going to call her house after the little kids were in bed. I never had to...D called a little after 9. I became an aunt at 8:12pm to a little girl! 6lbs 8.8oz. Baby and mom are fine.

While waiting for the phone to ring I played with the pool and tore my house apart some more.

Played with the pool some more. Tore apart the house some more. I now have a bookcase back in the livingroom. When we built the addition and gained a playroom the kids books ended up in there. When Val and Michelle moved in there the bookcase was pushed into a closet. It's nice having books in the main living area again. I've noticed that the kids are more apt to pick up a book now. Makes me smile!

I went up to the hospital to visit D and see the baby. I even got to hold her! She's a little tiny thing but definitely one of D's kids. :o) While holding her I couldn't help but think of Robert (D's angel baby born at 25wks). :o(

Monday, May 08, 2006

3 out of 4

That's how many throat cultures came back positive for Strep. Jake's was Strep but not Group A so techincally he could kick it himself. He was originally sick almost 2wks ago so I had him treated also. Liz was the one that was negative. She's still acting sick. Of course she is also exhausted from the Youth Weekend this weekend. Nothing like staying up until 2am and waking at 7 to help you recoup from an illness. She tried to stay home from school today but I made her go.

I told the dr's office that Val was still sick from the beginning of the week and had pus pockets on her throat, Eileen was complaining of a sore throat, and Olivia had a headache. The dr called all 3 in a prescription with instructions to wait until they are sick for 48hrs before I start them on the meds. I ignored him. Michelle woke up this morning with a sore throat. My nose started running last night and my throat is scratchy. Looks like we may not be done with the dr appts.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I was in and out all day. I worked on the pool and the front garden. Throwing the super shock in on Saturday morning has turned the pool from green soup to a cloudy we're heading in the right direction. I noticed the filter is pumping DE (earth) back into the pool. My dad just happened to offer me his 2yo filter on Saturday night. (one I'm using now is original...15yo?) So I'm taking him up on it. Tom should be bringing it home tonight. I think it'll make a huge difference. Pat just got back from the pool supply place with a new vacuum head and bag of earth. I'm going to try to vacuum out a bit of the pool and let it discharge out the drain pipe instead of filtering it back into the pool. The only problem is it might drain the pool too quickly. So we'll see if it works or not. I did fill the pool higher then normal the last day or two.

I'm sure I'll let you know how it goes. I'm hoping to have it sparkling clean by the weekend...even if the temperatures are forecast to be below normal (55 is normal temp right now). We may not be able to swim but it'll sure be pretty to look at! lol

Shopping in hell

Friday night was a youth BBQ. I dropped Luke and Liz off at 6 and had to pick them up at 8:30. So 2.5hrs to pick up meds and go grocery shopping...tight but doable. So I thought. I had to wait half an hour at the pharmacy for the meds. Then it was to the grocery store.

Being a Friday night there wasn't much left of their stock. Quite a bit of what I'd planned on buying was GONE! Frustrating but at least I got quite a few rainchecks. The main problem was one of the families shopping drove me crazy! They had a boy about 8-10yo and a girl who was maybe 2. The mom was pushing a shopping cart with the little tykes coupe fronts. The 2yo didn't want anything to do with it. I (and everyone else in the store) soon found out that the mom was...loud, sarcastic and HARSH! You could hear her speaking to the little girl through the whole store. When I went to pass them she told me....Just go and run her over! (I stopped and said hi to the little girl as I walked by) Now I've been known to say something along those lines...jokingly my younger years. Let's just say this woman wasn't younger and she certainly didn't sound like she was joking. By the time I was a few aisles over I was feeling shakey having to listen to her.

You'd think this would make me sympathize with the old lady following behind me in the cracker aisle. NOPE. The old biddy was so bitter and equally harsh I ended up "turning" on her. *blush* I felt like an idiot defending the harsh mom but geesh! The old biddy was looking to me for validation and I wasn't going to give it to her! I think it was that I could see her acting the same way to me if I had all my kids. She was spewing.....

I came here to do my grocery shopping...not to listen to someone's BRAT crying!!! (little girl was fussy/crying over something). For crying out loud...TAKE THEM HOME and come back later! I then looked her in the face and said...sometimes that's NOT an option. She stammered...well I've raised 3 kids so....
I cut her off and shot back....I have 11 kids...SO!?! You'd think the fact you had 3 kids would give you a little compassion and understanding. Sometimes you HAVE to get groceries and you can't come back at a different time! Sometimes NONE of us can be on our best behavior! She then stormed off. Leaving me shaking and on the verge of tears. I came upon and passed this lady through the WHOLE store! It wasn't pleasant. Things did seem to calm for the harsh mom. We all ended up cashing out around the same time. I ended up pulling out of my parking space at 8:31. A bit late but not too bad. I also ended up feeling like I didn't get anything I needed/wanted. I may have to go shopping again on Tues after Carrie's clinic appt.

Friday, May 05, 2006

One thing leads to another....

I was sitting here thinking that my "About Us" page needs to be's almost 2yrs old. Then I remembered I couldn't take any new pics anyways because I couldn't find my memory card. I also realized that I never installed my graphics program when I reformatted. So decided to do that.

That led to looking for the CD (CD rack fell over onto the table a week ago). That led to cleaning off the computer table. I picked up a USB cord and realized it was for my card reader which I had just placed ontop of the CD rack. I start to plug the cord into the reader and realize...there's something in it. Hmmmm...MY MEMORY CARD! Imagine that! A memory card in a card reader...whodathunk?

This led to searching for rechargeable batteries and a charger. I found 2 quick chargers and 11 batteries. I also found a set of batteries that were already charged. Now I'm cooking! I try to sneak into my bedroom and take a picture of Danielle while she's sleeping. I wake her up and end up playing with her. Which led to this....

Danielle ~ 8mos

All that to you all are in trouble! I have a camera, memory card and fully charged batteries and I'm not afraid to use them. I'll have you begging me to please leave some of my life to your imagination. ;o)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Now onto the real fun stuff!

Around 1pm today I started the pool pump and fed it earth. So now we are filtering. The pool should probably be done filling tomorrow. I want to stay home and vacuum it but I need to go grocery shopping. We'll see which gets done. It's suppose to cool off this weekend so there's no urgent rush for it. I keep going up on the deck and checking the level of the water, feeling if the water temp is improving and listening to the hose fill it even more. Danielle likes to sit on the deck but what she really likes is...kicking her feet in the water. She's a fish! If you take her in the bathroom all she has to do is see the sink and she's trying to jump into it. Today she ended up in the tub with Eileen. You'd have thought she won the lottery. She was splashing and kicking and giggling and a grinnin. She also pulled herself from a sitting to a standing position for the first time. Of all the places for it to happen it HAD to be in the tub. As soon as she was upright I took her out. I don't want her comfy with standing in the tub. She's been working on pulling up on everything ever since.

She also LOVES to be on the floor. It's a bit of a challenge since our floor space has decreased lately. We've added a chair, a swing/highchair and a bouncer. Just everyday stuff (shoes, backpacks, books, etc) takes up a bunch of space. We seem to be doing well with it though. She tends to stay in a sitting position. Once in a while you'll find her on her belly but she's usually screaming to get picked up then. She does this weird contortion thing with her in front, one behind and she twists a lot. You don't realize it but eventually she's moved. It's almost like magic it's so subtle. One minute she's sitting next to your chair, then next she's 5ft across the room trying to reach a ball. If she does get on her belly and doesn't mind it...she can move like lightning! Too bad it's in REVERSE! Her arms can shoot her 10ft backwards in the blink of an eye. LOL The pitfall of it...she usually ends up stuck somewhere and screams to be saved. She's cute...even when she's screaming.

I REALLY want to find my memory card for my camera and take a new pic of her! How can it just fall out of the camera like that? Drew has an adorable video of her on his camera. I was hoping to get a snapshot of her off of it. He needs to buy a cable to connect it to the computer though. :o(

And now the fun begins

As I mentioned before quite a few of us are fighting colds. Some have been hit harder then others. Around 2 this afternoon I got a phone call from D telling me that a few of the families in the church are dealing with STREP! (she knew we were sick) OH NO! Not again. We dealt with it in January. I realize that a few of the kids are still not acting so great. They're also complaining on and off about headaches and sore throats. So I call and make only 4 nurse visits for throat cultures for 3:30. I was afraid of sending them into a tailspin with too many at once. (some weren't showing symptoms either) I triage and take the ones I think need it the most...

Carrie...she's been out of school the last 2 days and is still running a fever. Complained of her throat hurting this morning

Luke....Complaining of a headache on and off. This morning said his throat felt swollen. He's planning on spending the weekend over at the conference center for a youth conference (read LOTS of other people)

Liz...She's been exhausted and actually slept across 3 kitchen chairs last evening, after school. She's also going to the youth conference.

Jacob...One of the first who started this.

I ask for Liz and Luke to get the rapid test done. If they are positive I want them to have over 24hrs worth of antibiotics in them by tomorrow night. Then they should be ok to be around other people. (go to the conference) I didn't realize it was a HUGE todo and there were separate things that had to occur. (like a dr visit and his permission for it) We'd never had one done before. Because we had to be sandwiched in between patients it took us an extra hour to get it done. I'm lucky they agreed to it...I LOVE my pediatrician! Luke came back positive, Liz negative.

Liz is notorious for testing negative but continuing to be sick and eventually testing positive needing meds for it. They sent a 2nd culture from her off to be tested with the rest at the kids. I don't normally do this but I'm having Liz take some of Luke's antibiotics too. I'm almost sure she'll test positive. If not, I'll take my lashes with a wet noodle like a man.

While waiting at the dr's office Eileen kept complaining of her throat hurting. I'm not sure if it's a ploy to get out of school tomorrow (yes she'll start trying to work me over the night before) Or if she's finally getting hit with it. Later I looked at her throat and it could be considered a bit red. Val was sick in the beginning of the week but she wasn't home to take. When she walked in the door I asked and she confirmed...her throat is hurting still and even worse then the last few days. I'll probably be heading back to the dr's tomorrow for a few more cultures. I'm not sure how many kids will be going to school tomorrow. I can see at least 3 of them staying home already. I suggested to Tom that he make an appt with his dr since he also seems to still be a bit sick.

Before bed Luke asked why I didn't make him a dr appt so he could have his toe looked at. UGH! It totally slipped my mind. The poor kid has been walking around with ingrown toenails this week. We've soaked and treated but they are still there. Well hopefully his meds will help it.

So the tally of as tonight.... Throat Cultures...4 Positive Kids...1

Sometimes it DOES pay to have TOK

After school yesterday we went out shopping. As I knew would happen...I didn't finish. We never got to the grocery store so we'll have to do it tomorrow. I took the girls to the mall so Michelle could look for shoes. I WASN'T going to buy anything there. UNTIL...I spied the "Additional 50% of clearance" sign outside of The Children's Place. I stopped dead in my tracks...couldn't resist...had to go I went. The older girls took Olivia to the bathroom (where I was originally headed lol), Drew took Jake, leaving me with Danielle in the front carrier and Eileen. I found each of the girls a pair of active knit pants with a matching t-shirt. Eileen and Olivia both ended up with 2 skorts and/or skirts with matching t-shirts. Carrie got 2 skirts (no matching shirts in her size). As the lady was ringing them up she cleaned us out! I offhandedly say...No, but I probably could. Then I spied the boys t-shirt rack and grabbed Luke and Jake a few...threw them into the pile. I think the cashier realized I was buying a lot of different sizes because she asked THAT question....How many children do you have? I tell her 11 and then it starts.

NO! Seriously!?! You seriously have 11 children? No way! You gave birth to 11 babies? I couldn't imagine someone giving birth that many times. *turns to the other worker there* THIS LADY HAS 11 KIDS!!! Unlike this time (under newest) I wasn't embarrassed or getting angry. Maybe it was because it was a more intimate setting. Maybe it was because this cashier wasn't incredulous but in the point of stammering and being speechless at times...with a few more seriouslys thrown in.

She asked me if I had a 15% off coupon. (No, I don't.) Well you do now! She continued cashing me out, the older kids came into the store. It picked up another notch. How many boys and girls do you have (7 girls and 4 boys). How do you do it? (One day at a time, just like everyone else). I don't know ANYONE who's had 11 kids. That is amazing. You were pg 11 times? (Well actually 12 but yes) Can I ask you how old you are? (41) Really how do you do it? How do you afford to feed and clothe them all? (By doing what I'm doing now...only buying clothes when they are clearance and at their cheapest). You must have a lot of patience. (The look on my and my older kids face let her know that's not the case lol) Well do you pray a lot? (Yes, I do)

Other worker gets into the picture and they start talking about how they can't imagine what it's like to have 11 kids. One thought 2 was hard, the other can barely keep up with her 3. Other worker starts going more toward the wisecracking side of the conversation and asks....How do you get through the day? With a little bit of this *putting fingers to her mouth like she's toking on a joint* (No, I don't think so) She replies with....I think that's about the only way I could get through it. (I tell her I used to hang out with girls like her in high school!)

When they finally get all the clothes rung out and put into the bags the original cashier says...I don't care! You deserve 30% off! I'm scanning this coupon through twice! saved $18.XX. I thank her and walk out of the store laughing. The kids were a bit put off at how they went on and on. It quickly wore off though because as we get near the toy store Drew asks...Hey mom! Wanna go in and tell them you have 11 kids?!?! I could just see the wheels turning with visions of video games and toys being thrown at my feet.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Happy? Anniversary!

While I was publishing my last post I heard a vehicle pull into the driveway. It sounded like up to was Tom. It then hit me...May 3rd. It's his anniversary at work. As of today he has been working at the county for 24yrs! WOW! When he turns 55 (7.25yrs to go) he'll have the option of retiring. We're hoping that we can work the finances so it's a big possibilty. What HE's really hoping is he can send me out to work so it's reality no matter what! ROFL!

I also had a DOH! moment when I realized that today was Wednesday! That means that I totally forgot about Tuesday night chat last night. Sorry ma!

So why was Tom home in the middle of the day? Did he take half the day off to celebrate his anniversary? Nope. That cold I mentioned below has knocked him on his fanny! He's taking a nap with Danielle as I write this. Carrie just woke up from a nap and is feeling like crud. She took a shower and was sitting here shivering and crying that her head hurts. I finally convinced her to take some Ibuprofen and have a bowl of cereal. At least Danielle is faring a bit fever or fussing.

Oh and between entries I went to run the pump again and check the pool. The water is now going in the skimmer and has filled the filter! Only about 2 or 3 more inches of water until it's completely filled. Should only take a few more days. lol The timer is set to turn the pump on every 6hrs. I'm trying to remember to manually run it every 2hrs between those times.

Almost over the edge!

If you were driving down my street this morning and you saw me doing a happy dance on the deck of my pool. My apologies. I couldn't help it. I went out to check the pool this morning and found that the water level is JUST about to start going into the skimmer! I was happier then normal because I know that the house well is filled to a great any water we pump today can be used to fill the pool! Wooohooo! Can you guess what I've been doing this week? ;o)

This year the pool saga is going so much better then the last 2yrs. To think, we'll have a WHOLE season to use it! (watch I've probably jinxed myself and the pump won't work or something or other) I even put the solar cover on it for the first time ever. The water right now is numbing...even to put your hand in.

Monday was spent cleaning, maintaining and hooking up the pool filter. As usual I ended up soaked trying to clean it, good thing it was sunny and warm. (yes, it was put away dirty! grrr! *gag*) Michelle played outside with Danielle while I did it. Danielle has a tiny farmer's tan on her forearms and a bit of color to her cheeks. Michelle was out longer and burnt. Danielle loves it outside! Bugs fascinate her...for now. I'm expecting that to change once one actually lands on her. lol We're plagued with blackflies right now so we're pretty itchy. Luckily I didn't have a bad reaction this year (first bites can make me swell up pretty bad). Danielle gave me a scare when I saw blood at the edge of her ear canal. She'd been bit and that's where the blood pooled...phew!

I still have to buy a new pool vacuum head and testing supplies. Hopefully I can get them this week, maybe even tonight. We're heading out shopping after school today. I'd rather do it when everyone's in school but I was asked to wait. Val needs to pick something up and Jake is begging for new sandals. He wasn't with us 2wks ago when I bought most of the kids a pair. We're also still on the prowl for soccer cleats....only a few more weeks until the church soccer tournament. I may see if we can find hand me downs around here for Carrie and Luke. They'll only use them 2 weekends a year. Liz will get a new pair since she'll be trying out for the school team in the fall. (and I'm pretty sure her feet stopped growing!)

Michelle's on the hunt for a pair of shoes for the prom at the end of the month. (going with her boyfriend who's a senior) She bought a knee length with big white polkadots. It also has a pink ribbon sash and trim. It's adorable but there have been a few Minnie Mouse jokes flying around. Val is going with one of her friends who is a junior (small school so junior and senior prom/ball is together). She's borrowing a friend's dress. It's the same length as Michelle's, also black strapless. It's decorated with small irridescent glitter spots. She already found a pair of midheel sandals at Walmart while we were looking at sandals/flipflops. So she's pretty much set.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot I have to find a bridal shower gift for this weekend. My nephew M is getting married next month! :o) This shopping trip is getting a LOT bigger then I thought. I'm not sure there's enough time to get it all done. Oh well, story of my life.

The call came from the Joslin Center....Carrie's bloodwork qualifies her for the final part of the study. I'd scheduled her all day visit for Thursday. Later that afternoon I realized that Carrie had a bowling trip with the sports club Thursday evening. So I called yesterday and rescheduled. We're going in on Tues. I'm not too thrilled to have to drive there. There's major roadwork going on in that part of the city. The main way I go there is shut down and traffic is horrid. I know eventually I'll find my way there...detour signs or not. It's just the idea of driving on roads I'm not as familiar with.

Quite a few of us are coping with a warm weather cold. Tom thinks it's too late in the season for anyone to have cold (especially HIM! LOL) I think he needs to talk to the germs.

With the warm weather comes the homework fight. Everyone wants to be outside and play instead of doing homework. I don't blame them, I do the same with housework. Unfortunately the teachers don't agree. Carrie is having a really difficult time. It just takes her a lot longer to get things done. Monday's are especially hard on her because they have soccer school at 7pm.

Guess I should go do some of that housework. I still need to plan out my grocery shopping and cut a few coupons.