Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wow! THAT was fun!

Last night we had beer pouring for the Syracuse vs Villanova basketball game. It was a record breaking crowd with 34,616 in attendance. I LOVE working at the Dome. The crowds, talking to people, even just working. I thought I made myself some trouble because I stayed up until 4am Sat morning crocheting (had to MAKE myself go to bed). The game was late with a 9pm start. No problem. I actually was so pumped by the time we left that I couldn't fall asleep until after 2 last night. Of course this morning is another story...I'm a bit stiff and a little slower then normal. lol

They opened the Dome half an hour earlier then normal. We poured our first beer almost immediately (usually the first half hour we don't do too much) and it didn't really stop from there. I got into a rhythm where I could pour and cap without turning off the tap. I'm not sure exactly how many cups we (me and another lady from church) poured but by my count it averaged about 500 cups per hour. (poured for 3.5 hours) I've had football games where we didn't pour that many the whole day (and it's a longer beer pouring session). They definitely got their money's worth out of us last night.

I was laughing at myself last night when it was announced that some of Syracuse's past best b'ball players were in attendence and I became all giddy because I was there with them. It's not like I even saw them...I was standing in a hallway where I couldn't even see the basketball court (the private boxes were blocking my view). But I was there and a part of it nonetheless. :o)

We have one more basketball game to pour beer for on Tuesday. Then we're doing a concession stand for the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games for the NCAA tournament at the end of March. I think we're also doing concessions for a few lacrosse games before we're done for the summer.

Today Michelle has to work at 2 and Pat and Alex may be coming out but I'm not sure when. Because it's been so long since we've held a regular meeting at church, they've decided to have one at 3:30 not sure how everything will work out. I hate when both my worlds collide!!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tavel Advisory

I was tossing and turning since 3:15 this morning. I finally managed to sneak out of bed without waking anyone at 5:30. Peeking out the window I saw a slow snowfall. Imagine my surprise when I turned on the morning news to see school closings listed. Even more surprising was seeing the BIG districts listed. I thought they were being ridiculous, especially when the newswoman reporting live outside one district started talking about how bad the snow was falling. All I could think was...she's obviously not from this area. It was later reported that the closings were based on weather reports for the bus drive home. Just a few minutes before 6, our district popped up on the list. YAY! I'll take a snow day any way I can get it. Although as of right now I think they would've probably been ok going. Tom walked out the door at 6:30 encouraging me to have Michelle call into work. While the drive there might be ok, it's suppose to be the worst weather when it's time to pick her up at 9pm. She finally called them at 2:02. She was worried she'd get written up because she's suppose to call 2hrs ahead of time (she was due to work at 4). Her boss said she was close enough...phew!

Right now Michelle's getting everyone riled up. She's made a chore list and told them if they get it done...we'll have an electricity free night. It involves candlelight only lighting, camping out on the livingroom floor, board games and maybe a dance party by a battery operated radio. It's amazing how much and how fast they can work with the right motivation.

Never posted's the next day

We had a fun night. My making pizza ended up being overridden by the Michelle, Carrie and Luke who made dinner. We had eggs in a basket (bread formed into a basket in muffin tins, filled with an egg and then baked) and soup. With the soup all I could think of was the stone soup story. They started with bouillon and just kept adding was really good and filling. They also made a cinnamon sugar coated trail mix for our snack along with grapes and lemon slices.

After dinner we sat around telling stories and then we did round robin stories. It's where one person starts the story and then the next person adds onto it. For some reason our stories seemed to always include a janitor, diarrhea, and axes. With no lights on in the house, you could see how bright it was outside. More then once someone mentioned turning off the outside porch light. We could see Tom outside trying to gain on the snowfall. Wasn't happening, even if the neighbor came over with his tractor and cleared the driveway before Tom got home. Tom asked/suggested/told me I wasn't going anywhere in the morning. Luckily I had no plans to leave the house. The night ended with a huge dance party and air guitar session. It was after 11 before we all started heading to bed. I was banking on the kids having at least a 2 hour delay in the morning.

We got the 2 hour delay! Then it changed into a snow school! Woohooo! And as I type this the next door neighbor is outside clearing the driveway with his tractor. (it's 8am btw) So the kids get a break with no shoveling in their near future (snow has stopped for now). The amazing thing is, true to form...a few of the kids were up and raring to go even before they normally grumble out of bed for school! lol Luke and Jake are glad to have the extra time today. They're doing laundry, getting ready to go to young brother's weekend at church this weekend. I'm working on a new afghan, planning on getting some kitchen work done and maybe even head off into my room...even if it's to organize my yarn and fabric. Oh and make cookies that never got made yesterday. The no electricity party food prep team took over the kitchen last night and kicked the about to be cookie makers (Eileen and Jake) out.

And awaaaaaay we go!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A short day

The kids HATE their bus ride and are always asking for me to pick them up. I don't blame them really, it's an hour long ride over hilly and curvy roads....carsick city. Usually I'm on my way to take Michelle to work when they get out. Today Michelle went into work at 8:30. So I told anyone who wanted to that I'd pick them up at 2. My mindset was that Michelle was getting out at 2:30, I'd get the kids, pick Michelle up and then run a few errands. Then I looked at her schedule and realized...she gets out at 4. I was really tempted to call the whole thing off and just go by myself to pick her up after the kids got off the bus. I couldn't really though....they were so excited to go, especially Danielle. She's been talking about going to the dollar store and buying socks for weeks now. No toys, just socks. Of course once we got there her whole demeanor changed....she got the gimmes pretty bad.

I picked up Luke (no need to sign him out) and then he waited with the Danielle and Sean while I ran into the elementary school to sign out the rest of the kids. When I went to sign the sign-out book I realized I was shaking pretty badly. I'd forgotten to eat before we left. None of the kids had any snacks or candy in their bags either. RATS! I kept debating on what to do. Stop for food first and eat on the way into the city or run an errand first and take the kids to McDonald's to play. I opted for the errand first. I LOVE our small city DMV! I walked in the DMV door, up to a window, did what I came to do and was back in the van before the parking meter even knew I'd dropped a quarter into it. I asked the kids if they'd done their homework while I was gone. For some reason no one did any.

I was still shaking so it was onto McD's. The kids hadn't had an after school snack so were on the hungry side also. Carrie...she just wanted fries. I got to indulge in a filet o fish (or two). thank you lent! I love McD's 2 for $3 fish and lg fries special every lent. Carrie ended up "stealing" my salad (she wanted to go buy one so I just gave her mine). Sean and Danielle split a McDouble and the three of us split a lg fries. The rest of the kids got a dollar sandwich and a lg fries each. They were SO good. Sean and Danielle just sat there chomping away, watching the tv. I had to tell them to stop eating and go play. lol We stayed for about an hour...until it was time to pick up Michelle from work. Then we hit the dollar store, stopped at Burger King so Michelle could grab something to eat, a quick (and expensive) trip through Walmart to get prepared for the weekend and snow. Michelle bought Tom a chicken teriyaki sub from subway for his dinner. Yay! No cooking for me! The kids fixed a snack before bed. We got home just in time to unload the van and take the kids to cleaning. Now they're in bed, hoping for a snow day or two. I told them not to hold their breaths for tomorrow since the storm isn't suppose to be bad until evening...right when I'm suppose to be driving Michelle to work and picking her up!!!

I remembered to bring my camera with us today. BUT I forgot the memory card in the printer so could only take a few pictures.

Luke lounging with his ice water

Jake feeling right at home with a video game

Carrie getting in on the action

And of course Sean has to be a part of it too

Danielle the two headed girl



Eileen finally gets a turn on the video game

Oops! Did I say they were SO good!?! Danielle started to protest because we had to pick up Michelle from work and not go to the dollar store which she could see...RIGHT! ACROSS! THE STREET!!!!


The whole gang on the way home

Monday, February 22, 2010

Odds and Ends

Just some fun pictures I wanted to share (especially with Liz)

Danielle after her makeover. I'm not sure who did her makeup.


Seanie showing off his cup Aunt Della gave him.


The world through Sean's viewfinder...


I last but not least...I decided I didn't want to clog up the family blog with tons of craft/crochet posts. So I've started a blog dedicated to it called... It's off the Hook!

I'm pretty sure I've caught up on everything I wanted to share. If not, I'm sure I'll post again. lol

The rest of the week

The rest of the week was kind of low key. We tried to gear our meals toward the island theme but that was about it. I never did get pictures of the ceiling fan in the kitchen dressed up as the sun. Or Olivia's treasure map that runs across the back wall. She has us going around a palm tree, over a mountain, past a volcano and through a river before coming to the big red X of a treasure. I never finished the palm tree either.

On Sunday we were surprised when our friend from church, Delandie, pulled into the driveway.


He lives in Michigan but had a doctor's visit here on Tuesday. So he turned it into a week long visit. He stayed at our house Wednesday and Thursday. His original plans were to stay until Sunday morning but on Friday it ended up that he was here with just Tom, me and the little ones. He decided to head back home early. The ironic of the reasons he decided to go early was so he could hang out with the boys from here. On Friday Luke went with a few boys to Michigan to hang out for the weekend. lol Shhh don't say anything but there's been talk of him getting hired in our area in a few weeks. Seems he may be working at his old job soon so will be moving back here for the summer. (it's a seasonal job) We're all praying it happens. Also that he can find something more permanent while he's here.

On Tuesday night we dropped Michelle off at work and then headed to McDonald's. The little kids played in the playplace while Carrie, Delandie and I sat and talked. I let them all get a sandwich and fries. Then I splurged for sundaes for everyone (and another sandwich for Delandie lol).

Wednesday was right up there as one of the worst days of my life. Val and I ended up getting into an argument over something really stupid. In not one of my best motherhood moments, I allowed it to escalate into something really ugly. She ended up calling Pat to come pick her up, walking out the door without saying anything to anyone...even the little kids. We haven't heard from her since. (although I'm pretty sure she's talking to at least Michelle) I was a mess for days. It breaks my heart that we have this divide between us. She's the type of person to keep it there for quite a long time. I'm not sure if we'll ever be ok again. Whoever thinks having big kids makes life easier is INSANE!

Saturday we went to visit my parents. We hadn't seen them since they were out here for their Christmas visit. They just got back from 2 weeks in North Carolina last Sunday. It just so happened that my mom was cooking a pot roast and if I could bring potatoes, she'd have enough to feed us. So I grabbed Tom, our bag of potatoes and loaded Jake on down into the van. We had a good visit filled with lots of laughing as everyone got to play with their Wii and balance board. Someone had mentioned us getting one (I'm thinking it was Drew) but I nixed the thought since we already have the Xbox. Now seeing how physical the kids are while playing it, I'm rethinking it, but it's still pretty low on my list.

Sunday was finally the day that it happened! We finally got the kitchen together and enough chairs that allows us to all sit at our kitchen table. It's a really tight fit but no one's complaining since they've missed it so much. I can't remember the last time we all sat our kitchen table for dinner. We had a ball! Allison came over and visited us. We talked about what Olympic competition we each thought we'd be the most likely to metal in (being that we had lifelong training and such). I picked softball, Jake and Allison picked curling, Tom picked running. Then it was onto what competition would we most like to be able to compete in. I picked the platform high dive since it seems so scary to me and it would be awesome if I could do it. Tom picked weight lifting. Olivia and Allison picked the half pipe. Danielle said skateboarding. lol We then moved onto our favorite veggie and fruit. Then we played Doctor. Get your mind out of the gutter and stop giggling. It's a parlor game where someone is the doctor and leaves the room. The rest decide what the symptom will be (like everyone to say Ummmm before answering their question). The doctor then comes in and asks everyone questions. Everyone has answer his questions while incorporating the symptom into the answer. The doctor has to figure out what the symptom is. After a few rounds of that I had to be the wet blanket and end all the fun. But it was after 9:30 and there was school the next day.

Island Week 2010

Friday Michelle and I got to work trying to get things in order here and decorate, afterall it was ISLAND WEEK! We were hoping to kick it off in high gear on Saturday. It was decided the livingroom would be the ocean. The kitchen would be the land. This year we lived underwater with the fishes. We had crepe paper waves above our heads along with swimming fish.


Ocean bottom with some seaweed

Our dolphin friend

Coral reef

Flower garden in the kitchen

The kids made a mega hopscotch game in the hall. Sean loved it!

Drew and Allison came over on Saturday. They even brought their dog Sweetpea who was in her island finest.



Just for fun everyone decided to start cheering for Val

We had coconut shrimp, punch, rye bread and dip, and other snacks. There games of limbo, including one done backwards. We played Apple to Apple during which I feel asleep in my chair, leaving Tom to work for a win on his own (we were partners).

I have a lot to share

UGH! This computer is moving like molasses. And wouldn't you know it...I have a bunch of photos to upload and share.

Super bowl antics. It ended up that Tom and I where here with only the 4 little ones. Everyone else was either working or invited somewhere else. Eileen and Olivia got into the game spirit and got their game faces on.



Michelle and Carrie got home just after half time ended. They had their own little party in Michelle's room since she has the best tv in the house. Most here were happy that the Saints won. At Pat's house it was a very sad occasion.

The rest of the week went on fine. Carrie had her TODAY study appt. We picked up Carrie from school at 1:45, dropped Michelle off to work early at 2:20 and then headed to the city.

Getting ready



Hiding on Carrie. Carrie was out of the room getting her vitals taken. Danielle and Sean decided they'd hide behind the door and scare her when she got back. Here they are with Danielle peeking out of the crack, watching for her.

Danielle's hair was going crazy (moreso then normal) so Carrie tried to tame it with a pony.

Carrie getting down to the nitty gritty.

Her blood pressure was good for the first time in a long time! She's been good about taking that medicine since it's once a the morning. It's trying to remember the 2nd dose of her diabetes medicine at night that's the problem (and weekends).

Carrie's been bugging me to get her ears pierced. I've always told the girls not until you're 18...old enough to give their own consent. As time has gone on my take on pierced ears has changed. I've found that after the excitement of getting them done is gone, most people tend to not care about it so much. You throw in a cute pair once in a while but for the most part...they're just there. Still it wasn't fair to the other girls if I gave in. Then it came to me....Carrie's been having such a hard time getting on track and taking ownership of her medication requirements. So I made a deal with her...If she can take her medicine twice a day everyday and test her sugar at least once a day and log it...she can get her ears pierced. Guess what...she's taken control and has only forgotten one night (we both swore she took it, she must have become distracted in the middle of doing it...I've given her a by on it)

Next up....Island Week!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Thanks Della

My SIL, Della over at 18 Under One Roof honored me with the next Honest Scrap Award. So now I have to think of 10 things to share with everyone here. Hopefully at least one of them will be good/positive. :o)

1. I hate shoes and socks give my feet the heebie jeebies. I'd be in hog heaven and might even move down south if bare feet were allowed in public places. I'd say I'd throw all my shoes away but I really don't have many to throw away. Right now I'm wearing my sneakers in lieu of boots. Quite the fashion statement especially paired with #2 below.

2. I don't own any pants. I only wear skirts. Well I do have an old pair of red sweat/active pants around here somewhere but it's been so long since I've worn them...I don't know where they are. They certainly aren't going out the door in quality, they're barely going to bed in ones. I wear them for modesty and comfort. I think I'd die of embarrassment if I had to wear pants out in public. I know the inseams would certainly drive me crazy...almost as much as socks.

3. I'm a slob. My sister hated rooming with me when we were kids because my side of the room was always a pig sty. I don't walk around here thinking I need more storage space but more flat surfaces to make piles. I don't mind cleaning, actually I like to do it. Problem is that I don't like to do it ALL the time. Or I think I have time to do it later, yet later never comes. I have gotten better as my family has grown. Unfortunately my family has grown faster them my skills have developed.

4. I'm a procrastinator although I've learned to a point that it's best not to and try to avoid it. Maybe it's because I work best under pressure and actually enjoy it. (although those working with me may not) I think that's why I like working concessions so much.

5. I'm the queen of fairness to a fault. Everyone has to get the same amount or nothing at all. It's driven Tom crazy for years...especially at Christmas and Easter time. I've gotten better about it over the years. Especially when you think about it...exactly how fair is it for a 2yo to get the same amount of candy as an 18yo?

6. I'm a terrible friend to communicate with. I'll do anything for you but ask me to call or email you and you're pushing your luck. I guess it kind of goes with the procrastinating and thinking I'll do it later. Next thing I know it's too late to call or what I needed to email you about is over with.

7. Food controls me...I love it! Often my state of wellness/depression can be attributed to the amount of food that's in the house. When my cupboards are full and there is a plethora of quick fix meals...I'm ecstatic. Bare cupboards with need to work to make meals only and I can become really depressed.

8. I have an addictive personality. Or more like a personality that makes addiction a real threat for me. With my mom it's reading. I wanted to avoid that trap so I rarely read anymore. (always had my nose in a book before kids came along) The few times I've been to a casino I always end up saying...I'm so glad I don't live closer to this place! I'd be in trouble. While I feel like garbage because I've lost my "play money" (money I'd intended to use there). I'm still thinking....oh if only I had $20 more dollars. Oh look at that machine! For a while the computer took over where reading would be. Now it's crochet. I've gotten better at tempering my time with them. With crocheting I can reason that it's functional too. But sometimes I really wonder.

9. I feel really guilty right now. I'm dreading Olivia's birthday which is 3.5 weeks away. I've been dreading it for months. Just writing about it makes my chest get tight and the tears threaten to surface. It's the anniversary of Billy's death. I'm still mad at him for doing this to her. (amongst other things) I know we'll get through the day but I really don't want to. Olivia tries to talk about what to do that day but I tend to put if off until later or say we'll see. I'd really like to make it special for her but not sure what. I'd also really like not to be physically here. Hmmmm, it might be a good time to go away for the weekend with everyone. Although I'm not sure if we can swing it $$wise.

10. I have the word SUCKER written on my forehead. I'm a pushover and people pleaser. I have a hard time saying no when asked to do something. While I've been known to say...I'm your mother, not your friend. Many times that line gets blurred more then it should. I'm terrible at giving ultimatums, deadlines, and whatnot. Take driving Michelle to college/work. I KNOW that should've been over a long time ago. I KNOW I'm not doing her any favors by continuing it. I've said she's going to learn to drive after the snow goes because I'm not driving anymore. We'll see how that goes. Or how about our new car that no one was going to drive but Tom and I....that Pat's still using.

So who do I pass this onto? Since I'm not much of meme person to begin with...I'm not passing it onto too many people.

Gretchen over at A House Full of Boys


Karen over at Our Deer Baby

You can thank me later ladies. lol Have fun.

4 days at home

Wednesday I took Michelle to work for 4 and never made it home before she had to be picked up. I hit the grocery stores and when it was obvious I needed to kill some time. I used the last of my gift card at AC Moore and bought a bamboo handled G hook, grabbed a package of mill end yarn I bought at Big Lots that day and sat at her work (they have a table near the entrance) and crocheted. We got home pretty close to 10.

It's a rarity but I had 4 straight days when I didn't leave the house this weekend. Drew took Michelle to work on Thursday, Tom picked her up. She had Friday and Saturday off and there were no activities planned. Most of us skipped church on Sunday after Sean woke up complaining his eyes hurt. I figured he had a headache. Danielle said she didn't feel good either but I'm not sure if she was just trying to jump on the sympathy train with Sean. They both have had yucky noses so I'm sure she wasn't feeling 100%. Then Tom took and picked up Michelle for me.

What's even more amazing is that I was in an organizing mood and my body cooperated. I cleaned out a cupboard or two, scrubbed down cupboard fronts, cleaned out the laundry room and did laundry non stop for days. I'm happy to say that I was down to a tiny bit in the hamper. Then Eileen and Olivia cleaned their room. No problem...I did that too. What the problem is...I slacked back off on keeping the machine going and it's quickly piling back up!!!!! Last night I declared that no one could wear clothes anymore. I don't think anyone was listening.

Usually when I'm in that type of mood I can be someone who you don't want to be around....especially if you get in my way. This weekend was different. I just puttered around and every once in a while decided...I'm taking a break. I'd grab a coffee, my crochet hook, some yarn and sit for about an hour. I'm lurking at a few crochet alongs over at Crochetville and have started a few of their projects. Problem is there are too many of them...I want to do almost all of them! lol

So my WIP's (works in progress) are....

Jackson Square Blanket that the Captain Hook and the Yarn Pirates are doing. I have 4 squares done so far. I'm not sure who or why I'm making it...just for practice I guess.

The Tree of Life Afghan that I found through the Tree of Life CAL (crochet along). I have a wedding in May and I figured this would make a good shower gift. I'm on row 21 of the first set of trees. It's a bit harder to do around here since I have to concentrate and count my stitches more. I'm a little bit disappointed in my yarn. I'm using aran Bernat worsted I had stashed. In natural light it looks ivory/cream colored. In artificial light it can take on a yellowish coloring. I'm afraid I'm going to put all this work into it and then not like it enough to give as a gift.

Working the Tree of Life as a shower gift also allows me to join along in the new Somebody is Getting Married CAL. And when that's done I have 2 other weddings I want to make gifts for, so it works for me. I've also thought to offer to make wedding favors for them. (hearts for Drew's, snowflake ornaments for Pat's maybe?) but we'll see.

I also have the Midnight Brites afghan. However I haven't done too much on it since the last time I mentioned it. Maybe I need a CAL for that! lol

My last WIP is MIA at the moment.


I seem to have misplaced the baby blanket I was working on (on row 44 of 73 rows). Last time I had it I was working on it in the bathroom while supervising Danielle and Sean in a bath. I stuck the bag into the closet before they got out of the tub so that they wouldn't get it wet. When I went to get it, it wasn't there. I haven't looked too hard for it. I'm hoping I took it into my room when I went in there to get their outfits. I'm dreading the thought that someone thought it was a bag of trash and collected it before Tom left for the dump on Saturday. Finding and working on this would make it possible to join in the Baby CAL. Then there's the things I want to make for Drew's baby. And the things I can donate to various charities. Baby things make for quick projects.

Then there's the...12 months of Crochet Christmas Caroling, the February Charity Blitz (might still join in that one) and the Lumberjack Flannelghan to name of few. But there's too few hours in the day.

I am happy to announce that I can share pictures now. While out shopping last Wednesday I bought a memory card! YIPPEE! And wouldn't you know it...first thing I walk in the door I find this...


And the next day Danielle and Sean were too cute sitting in the new chairs, reading.



John and Sean playing guitar together.

guitar session

So now I need to get to work and keep up the momentum I started this weekend. Tomorrow I won't be able to do much as I have to go to beer pouring at the Syracuse Dome. Thursday is Carrie's appointment for the TODAY study. Then the last day of school Friday before midwinter break and ISLAND WEEK!!!!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I can hear them laughing from here

This morning has been a dandy already. Tom informed me when I got home from beer pouring last night that Oreo's lead had broke. He also informed me that he fixed it. Well he may have fixed it for normal everyday use. What Tom doesn't realize though is that Oreo goes absolutely berserk when the school bus pulls up to the house. I think you can guess what happened. As the kids were climbing into the bus Oreo managed to undo Tom's fix. Before I knew it he was standing in front of the bus barking his head off. The bus was gently and ever so slowly trying to persuade him that it wasn't the best place to be (with a car waiting behind it no less). Oreo wouldn't be persuaded. The bus continued to creep very slowly down the street with the maniac dog dancing and barking at it's front tires in front of it.

I didn't know what to do. Sean was up but no one else. I planted Sean in front of the computer, threw on my sneaks and ran out the door screaming. They were pretty far down the street. I definitely couldn't run down there, I'd drop dead from exhaustion before I made it to them. Plus I was sure my kids on the bus didn't want everyone else to experience their mom running in half on sneaks, no coat...oh it's just not a pretty sight. I tried my no fail method of getting Oreo back to the house...turning on the van like we're about to pull out of the driveway. No go...after all why would he bother coming home for a puny van when he had the mother of all catches under his control already! I was standing in the road screaming for Oreo, trying to decide my next step (grabbing Sean, throwing him in his carseat and driving down to where the bus was so I could snag the stupid dog). Then the bus put on it's blinking lights and a kid got off the bus, crossed in front of it and came out the other side with Oreo in his hands. The bus turned off it's lights and continued on it's way. I could barely make out who it was. I finally heard his faint yells and realized it was Jake. He dragged the dog home by his collar, no small feat. The bus driver is a sweetheart. She called our house before she left the school for her 2nd trip. She wanted to make sure Jake and Oreo got home safely.

So Jake went to school on 2nd trip (an hour late) and I had to write him an excuse for his tardiness. I had NO idea what to say. I couldn't say he overslept or that he missed the bus...everyone knew he didn't. So I wrote...

Please excuse Jacob's tardiness today. We had a major loose dog incident. Thank You.

Now the question is...will they accept it as a legal excuse....after they pick themselves up off the floor and wipe the tears from their eyes of course.

Maybe I WILL give Oreo that bath I was thinking of giving him today...he HATES it! Serves him right! :op~~~~~