Saturday, January 29, 2005

Trying to collect my thoughts enough to make sense

I'm 8wks today and still getting my butt kicked by this baby. It also doesn't help that I caught everyone's cold on Wednesday. Trying to keep my eyes open is quite a feat. Today I dozed/slept from 9:30am when the second trip kids left (they had an hour delay due to the frigid temps) until 1:30pm. It helped that Carrie was home and played with Olivia the whole time. Luckily they behaved. LOL

My sugars are still staying at just a smidge too high level. Today my fasting wasn't bad but the rest of the day the stunk! With this cold I can't really taste anything and don't want to eat. Problem is, what I do want to eat are CARBS!!! Soda for my parched throat, comfort foods like pasta, frenchfries, baked goods like cookies, cinnamon rolls and of course there's always BREAD! For the most part I've been good about it. It's hard though seeing as that stuff is in the house for everyone else.

I had to cancel my OB appt on Thursday due below zero temps, not having a working vehicle and the kids having a 2hr delay (they were still home when it was my appt time). I was suppose to get a ride to D's house and she was going to take me to the dr when she got some bloodwork done. She wasn't comfy taking all her little ones out in the extreme cold even if there was no we canceled. When I canceled my appt I gave the secretary my numbers for the at least the dr got to see what he wanted me there for. I'd like to know where my weight has gone this last week.

Why don't I have a working car??? Seems that when Pat stopped to get gas in the car on the way to his first day of wouldn't restart at the gas station. He called Drew to come and help him....then called back saying he got it going and don't bother. Five minutes later he called saying..come help me!! I stalled at the Drew was out the door. Seems a police officer came by and helped Pat push the car into a parking lot nearby. It needs a bit of work...the serpentine belt had come off and one of the pulleys/wheels is stripped. Hopefully this weekend Tom and his friend J will get a chance to work on it.

If I don't get the car fixed I'll have to cancel my appt on Monday with the nutritionist. I wish that type of appt could be done over the phone and internet. At least I can let her see my food journal online.

Michelle learned today..she passed Economics!!! Woohooo! It's a half year course and required for graduation. Until this last week it was touch and go. Seems she did well enough on her final and the last marking period to let her squeak by. She did have a slot in her schedule to fit it in again...but not having to retake it is MUCH better! ;o)

I have more to say but I need to get to bed. Hopefully I can find the energy to post more in the morning.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Rambling thoughts...I have a ton of them

running through my brain but it doesn't seem to want to come out very easily. Let's see if I can get it out and make it sound coherent. LOL

First....I had a fasting sugar that came under 100 this morning! Woohooo! To be exact it was 95. I was worried that it would be high because it seemed like I ate a LOT yesterday (in calories, not amounts). I started tracking what I was eating at I wanted to see if I was truly following what I remember of the GD diet....2200 cals. I've gone over those cals but I'm not concerned about that right at the moment. Here's my fitday page

I've been feeling a bit better but not enough to make me worried that I'm heading for a m/c. I've managed to stay awake for the most part.....most days. I've noticed the last few days that my blood pressure has gone up a bit but it's still ok. I've been consistantly getting 134/86 or 88 at all times of the day. We better not trade one problem for another! (getting sugar under control to then have to mess with my bp meds).

Kathy, thanks for the great note. I've been going to email you but it seems I can do either blog or emails...not both. I have NO idea why! So I'll respond here. Actually thank you VERY much for asking about the diabetes and birth defects.

Birth defects associated with uncontrolled blood glucose levels pre-pregnancy and during the 1st trimester include...the brain, spinal cord, heart, and gastrointestinal tract. Here's a section of one study on it...

In the November issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Sheffield and her colleagues report that out of 145,196 women who delivered babies during the study period, 2,687 (almost 2%) had diabetes. Of those, 410 (0.3%) were diagnosed with diabetes before they conceived.

Infants were born with malformations to 1.5% of women without diabetes, to 1.2% of women with mild diabetes that developed during pregnancy, and to 4.8% and 6.1% of women with more severe forms of diabetes diagnosed during pregnancy and those with pre-existing diabetes, respectively.

Sheffield and colleagues calculated that women with pre-existing diabetes or severe diabetes that develops during pregnancy are between 3 and 4 times more likely than other women to give birth to infants with birth defects.

Dr. Sheffield explained that the risk of birth defects in women with diabetes results from the mother's relatively high glucose levels right before conceiving and during the first few months of pregnancy.

I found this Q&A
What are the chances of birth defects with a A1c of 6.8?
Remember my A1c was 5.4! :o) And while my numbers aren't where we want them, they're really not that bad and much better then 3 wks ago! So looking up specific things has left me feeling a bit better now about it. Thanks again!

As for my dr. I do think most of the visit was jaded by me getting offended with the "don't believe everything you read online" comment in the beginning of the appt. My raging hormones that day didn't help either. I talked with my SIL D yesterday about how it went and Dr B. She said if I'm looking for someone to hover over me...he's not the one to go to. He's laid back and pretty patient. That's exactly WHY I wanted him. I want a dr that isn't going to be shipping me off to the peri as soon as my numbers start climbing. With Olivia's pg they kept sending me to the peri because they thought I needed to get on insulin (started at 17wks). Peri kept saying...I don't see it yet..until the 34th wk when it was too close to delivery to take the time to regulate my insulin intake (would be time to induce by the time we had it right). I don't want someone who's going to say....ok you're 36wks...we should start thinking about inducing you. I know from her experience he's not pitocin/induction crazy. I also want to deliver at the local/closer smaller hospital instead of the huge city ones. So he's what I want.

I admitted to D that if the dr had mentioned the cap n' crunch comment to me without previously offending me. I'd probably have laughed. I know I'd laugh about it now. I still have some issues with some of the things he said about my glucose levels and using numbers to determine whether I'm eating enough. So I do have some things I will talk to him about. I just don't know if it's so important for me to justify my actions of going online for info or not. Although I might let him know that I am respectful of professional opinions and not looking to undermine his every word with info online.

Drew and Pat start classes this week which could be a problem. I'm so used to having the car whenever I need it...I made appts for my convenience, instead of when I'll have the car. I need to get their schedules and see what's what. I have a dr and have to take kids to the dentist this week.

Speaking of the dentist....WHAT was I thinking!?!? Last week I figured I'd remake my appt I missed in October and try to get in while kids had appts. They had an opening for the past Thurs and I took it. I think I momentarily lost my mind! While brushing my teeth (major accomplishment here) to get ready to go it hit me. HOW was I going to survive someone's hand in my mouth? I'm happy to say that the appt was a quick one and I survived. The hygentist said that whoever deals out this stuff must have thought I had enough stress in my life to deal with because the cleaning was super easy this time (never happens with me!) I do have 3 cavities (knew about one already) but the dentist won't work on them until I'm well into my 5th month. So it's put on hold until May. PHEW!

Now onto my numbers...

Thursday 1/20

Friday 1/21
Dinner......148....1.5hrs after

Saturday 1/22
Breakfast...143....1.5 hrs

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

OK....I think it's me

The day has continued whether I want it to or not. LOL And momma ain't too happy! I'm a hormonal wreck tonight...on edge and crying a few times. My guess is that I was on the verge of what tonight was full of when I was at the dr.

After being home a bit this afternoon I really felt down. I'd bought a few clearance previously viewed dvds at the grocery store and insisted the Drew and Pat throw in You Got Served. It did the trick!!! :oD I was in a better mood before the introduction ended. I LOVE dancing and music! The kids are laughing at me now because they can see little bits of the dance steps coming out in me while I'm walking around the house Woohooo! A overweight, pg, almost 40yo flygirl! Where's my short shorts?

Unfortunately my hormonal self also lost it on the kids this evening. They were interested in seeing some videos on the DVDs I bought and not helping me in the kitchen and making dinner. I threatened them that I was about to play Little Red Hen (didn't help so can't eat/have any) and go Medievil on them. That got them moving! They moved so fast I got upset and jumped into bed for a good cry...until.....

Val, Carrie and Liz had a major altercation which brought me out of my pity party and my room but didn't change my demeanor. Another viewing of You Got Served did wonders. LOL!

I realized I forgot to post my numbers for the last few days. So I'll do it now....

Tuesday 1/18

Wednesday 1/19

116=sugar free ice cream...not good for bedtime snack!
155=afternoon snack missed and dinner not planned well, maybe I should just forget the SF ice cream all together. :o(

Dr appt today

I'm 6w6d and onto my 3rd dr appt. The dr did assure me that once we have my glucose levels regulated, my appts should start spacing out more. PHEW! I have another one set for a week from tomorrow.

The great news first! My Hb A1C was 5.4! Woohoo! Normal is 4 - 6. With diabetes under control being under 7.something is acceptable. This rates my glucose control over the last 3 months. So it looks like my worries of being Type II diabetic before pg and this just bringing it to the forefront isn't a worry. So PHEW!

My blood pressure was 110/70! That's unheard of in my history! LOL But I'll take it! One less thing we have to worry about!

I lost 7lbs in the last week. I'm not so sure that's such a great thing. I'm worried about not eating enough for the sake of good numbers. I'm going to pay attention to exactly how much I eat this next week...including calories (know I needed 2200cals in previous pg before I gained anything) If I was eating normallly or wasn't eating due to m/s I would say it was ok...and I have lost in the beginning before. It's just that I'm not eating normally for me and am holding back. I'm not starving but if there's a chance I can eat more...I'll take it! LOL

OK..onto the dr and how it went. I've never had an appt with this guy but my SIL, D, LOVES him. I love ML the midwife he works with. The first impression wasn't too hot. I left the appt, went out into the car and started crying. It wasn't REALLY upsetting...just a hormonal lady dealing with a lot that got her feefees hurt I think. I do want to talk to him about it next week though. Just hope I have the guts to go through with it. Ready for the loooong vent/whine?.....

I showed him the difference in the numbers of my breakfast's tests after I started waiting to eat until 30mins after taking my morning insulin. (they were GOOD when before they were still high) I made the mistake of telling him I got the info on when to inject online. He responds with....You shouldn't believe everything you read online. You're to do your injections just before eating breakfast as we TOLD you to.

Well the problem is...he didn't tell me to! When he gave me the directions for the insulin he'd popped into the room between appts (I was seen by the MW). He said I want you to do 6 units...twice a day. I I do it when I first get up and then again about 12 hrs later. He said...yes, something like that. He suggested I get the insulin pens and come back the next day so he could show me how to do it. He also suggested I could just have the Pharmacist show me. I chose the pharmacist as I didn't want to go into their office 4 times in a week. (had other appts for different things there too) So I felt like a little kid who was in trouble.

I'd been reading a blog of someone taking insulin from the beginning of her pg and she mentioned the waiting period. Having high numbers after breakfast I then looked up info and found the info on WedMD It seemed legit info to me. And it worked!!! (taking Novolin 70/30) BTW...I know he would have can call and ask...but it was a Sunday and I tried it on a trial basis. I kept it up when it was shown to work.

I asked him about getting nutritional counseling. It'd been mentioned at both appts previously but I didn't have an appt yet. I mentioned that I was concerned with eating enough and losing 7lbs in a wk made me really wonder. Also that I'd gained 5lbs the week BEFORE that. He said...welcome to pregnancy. HUH?

When I mentioned that "this pg is kicking my butt" one time and "thrown me for a loop" another. He didn't even wonder what I meant or ask how so. You'd think he'd wonder exactly what the problem was and see if he could suggest anything to make it easier, wouldn't you?

I told him my concerns about not eating enough so that the numbers would be good. He said the best monitor of whether I'm eating enough is the glucometer. he said if I eat too much or something I shouldn' the bowl of cap'n' crunch he doesn't want to know about, then the numbers will show. HUH again!?! Because if my insulin dose is too low...then I'd have to starve myself to have good numbers. The MW also chastised me the week before not to eat for the numbers. It perturbed me that he made inference that I wasn't eating right when I've been REALLY good and have been too restrictive if anything. I guess it bugs me that he hasn't acknowledged that I'm doing good on my diet. (although he did say that we're doing good on getting the fasting numbers down 20pts in a week) I don't even know if he realizes I'm following a diet! We haven't really talked about diet and I think it's not such a hot thing.

We talked about the increased risk of birth defects due to first trimester high glucose levels. He mentioned that we only have about 2 wks to worry about it so much. I mentioned that I wondered if this increased risk made the thought of an amnio a more important thought. He asked how old I was...said you're almost have to have an amnio and that the procedure was a piece of cake. (or something simliar) I asked whether a level II u/s would check for things caused by diabetes just as well. He said no...downs doesn't show up on u/s very well. Well Downs is on the BOTTOM of the list of problems I'm concerned about. So I wouldn't do an amnio just to find out about downs. I was concerned about neural and heart mostly. Well an amnio won't detect heart problems he says...I realize that...but a level II will right? UGH! It was just a confusing conversation and I felt weird. It kinda ended with a pg pause and him have some things to think about. Me saying...yeah I guess I do.

I'm starting to wonder if 10:15 is such a good time for my dr appts. It's just before my snack is due and I usually feel like crud by the time I get out of there. I almost wonder if half the problem today was how I took things. I'm actually hoping that is it because I don't want to look for a different dr now. And like I said earlier...I love the MW.

I went to the grocery store quickly and when I got back the nutritionist called to set up an appt with me. She was impressed that Dr B called her himself. So that's a good sign ;o) I can't get in to see her until the 31st. I made the appt then realized that Drew and Pat will be going to classes then and I might not have a car. Not sure of their schedules yet. GRRR!

Well enough whining for now I guess. Back to real life...hungry people to feel.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Where to begin?

I guess I could start with the notice that....I'm getting my butt kicked here!!! This pregnancy has knocked me for a loop and then some. I think Sunday was one of the worse days I've ever had in any of my pregnancies (not including my m/c). I woke up at 8am, tested my fasting sugar, and ate breakfast while I read some blogs. About 9:30 or so I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore so jumped back into bed...where I stayed until after 1pm!!!! UGH! UGH! UGH!

I wouldn't mind it so much if I'd wake up refreshed and raring to go. Instead I wake up exhausted like I hadn't slept at all and am ready for another nap at any second. I think about 11 someone woke me to ask if we were going to church (it starts at 11 lol) I said no and begged them to bring me a tylenol because I couldn't open my eyes...had a major headache. Luckily that died down greatly. I still felt like death warmed over all day long. To make matters even worse...I was crying about everything and nothing at all. So my eyes were swollen to slits most of the day.

I was surprised how I felt. I think it was the first day since I've been monitoring my sugar that my numbers have been at or under the limit all day long. You'd think with that I'd have felt like a million bucks. Luckily today was a lot better.

The kids and Tom had the day off today but Michelle, Val and I had to be out the door by 8:15 for dr appts. We ran to the dollar store and WM afterwards...getting home at 3:30. I managed to keep upright until 5:15 when I finally caved and went to lay down until 6. I think I was out before my head hit the pillow. LOL

At the dollarstore there was TONS of low carb and organic food...BRAND NAME stuff (Atkins, Annie, Earth Best, etc). I also happen to get there just as the Pepperidge Farm guy was leaving...I bought 11 loaves of bread including Carb style, 9 grain, Rye, and Dark German Wheat. I'll throw a bunch of it into the freezer and try to keep it to myself for the most part. I've never felt so guilty before. I keep buying these special foods and saying...DON'T TOUCH!!! At WM I bought sugarfree double strawberry icecream and chocolate chip cookies. Let's see if I can get them into me without gagging and running for the bathroom. Otherwise the kids will get them like they did my light yogurts. I also bought some asparagus stir fry veggies. We eat a lot of corn, peas, potatoes and green beans. Things I really need to avoid or eat a tiny bit of. So I'll be greedy and eat the YUMMY veggies while they are chewing the regular chow.

I am going to give myself a HUGE pat on the back!!! I took Michelle and Val to the Chinese Buffet for lunch today. I ate more then I thought I should but I didn't go back for seconds and ate the right things because my sugar was 142 (suppose to be under 140) after an hour. I just keep remembering eating only a regular Arby's roast beef sandwich and having it fly up to 201. So we're getting better.

I ate, fried zucchini (removed breading), buttered button mushrooms, cooked shrimp with cocktail sauce, seasoned greenbeans, steak with onions and peppers. I also had somethings I probably shouldn't...but had TINY amounts. A forkful or so of noodles, about 3 or 4 pieces of General Tso's Chicken and ONE Crab Rangoon (I wanted a dozen of these..they're my fav!!!)

I've decided that having 2 blogs with info is too much work and maintenance. So again, I'm killing my other blog. I found I held back here from talking about things because then it would be monotonous on the numbers log. I'd prefer to have it be apart of my everyday happenings, since that's how it is IRL. It'll probably be listed at the bottom on each new post. I'm not sure if I'll be including my meals yet. We'll see. I'll edit/update that day's post as the numbers come in or the following morning.

After doing a little reading online I discovered that I was eating my breakfast too soon after injecting my morning insulin. I thought I had to eat within 5mins....I have to eat 30mins after injecting it. So I'm hopeful my breakfast numbers will be better now.

I'll list the weekend's numbers. Blood pressure has been great and stayed pretty much the same so won't bother with that now. Parameters are...fasting...under 100, 1hr after meals....under 140, 2hrs after meals...under 120

Saturday 1/15

Sunday 1/16

Monday 1/17

Friday, January 14, 2005

2hr delay...

The second trip kids are still here. Our superintendent of schools did it again. She managed to delay or cancel school when no one else in our area did. I don't mind! I love them home but I'm sure the working parents aren't happy. Today was a 2hr delay which allowed me to stay in bed even more! Like I need that...I went to bed at 10pm last night and that's after falling asleep on the couch for half an hour and taking an hour nap in my bed during the day! I kept waking up but kept going back to sleep.

I'm wondering if half my problem is the insulin. I'm SO sleepy after getting it although my numbers don't show to be anything abnormal. In the middle of the night I woke up itching my head and wondering if I have lice. I HOPE NOT!!! I'll do a headcheck on everyone when they get home tonight. If you hear screaming tonight, you'll know I wasn't very lucky with the headcheck.

If this exhaustion will stay out of the way, I'm hoping to get this house in order! Which means to work in ALL the bedrooms, get the laundry brought up from the basement and into the correct drawers. Just don't ask me which ones are which right now. That's one thing about living out of thinking involved. need to go out the door and it requires some of my attention.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Finally getting to update....

Sorry! I've either been gone or too wiped out to update.

Monday was spent shopping and recouping. I actually had to recoup on Tues too. I can't believe how tired I've been!

Wednesday was spent at the OB's in the morning, at the dentist with a couple of kids in the afternoon. I visited my parents after the dentist and got home about 8:30pm. Just in time to get everyone to bed. Lucky me! LOL

My dr appt went as I thought it would. I measured what I should have, so SIL is wrong and I'm not further along then I thought I was. (her reasoning for me having symptoms so quickly and so bad). I thought I'd lost weight both before getting pregnant and this week with eating low carbs. I GAINED! I am now at my highest weight ever, and it's only going to get worse. :o( Guess I better get used to it. I know it's what's suppose to happen but I still don't WANT it to! I really need to get moving and into better shape. I'll need to talk to Tom about joining the local rec center. They have a pool, indoor track, gym and weight room.

They took one look at my glucose levels and told me I was done! I'm on insulin 2x a day now. It's a small dose and hopefully it'll do the trick. It should help me feel better and be able to eat more variety. Although I still have to watch my carbs and sweet intake...just not restrict them as much as I was. I did my first dose this morning and it wasn't too bad. The urge to hold back from poking myself was hard to get past but I hardly felt anything. It's bugging me more now itches.

The MW mentioned I'll probably end up on an oral med for diabetes after pregnancy. I always figured I'd have to deal with it eventually. Just wish it was later in life. Oh well, at least it's getting taken care of. I've seen what uncontrolled diabetes can do and I do NOT want to end up on dialysis 3x a wk like my MIL!

I have another appt for next week. I can't believe how much I've been in already and I won't even be 7wks! All I keep thinking is...this is going to be a looooong pregnancy! Guess I just have to vow to enjoy it as much as I can. The chances of it happening again are not great. (but as I say and am proof of...never say never lol)

The kids were watching the newer Cheaper by the Dozen movie. When the mom mentioned that the last pg was twins making it #11 and 12, they decided that it would be neat if that's what happened to us! I'd agree with them normally but right now all I keep thinking body can NOT handle a twin pg!!! So as usual...until my first sono shows only a singleton...twins will be wished for, by most.

Right this second I'm ready for a nap! I'm hoping that will change once I get some more food into me (had a light breakfast). I'd really like to get this house in shape! Especially my bedroom. It's the WORSE room and one I rarely touch. I keep thinking...if I get put on would be nice if I had a nice place to be in! I wouldn't mind starting to paint either. The little girl's room upstairs and my bedroom never got touched when I painted the whole house...ok most of it...before Drew's graduation party in '02. I have the paint for my room in the basement...just never used it. Wonder if it's still ok?

It was a good thing I was keeping my numbers in my blogs. I went to leave for my appt yesterday and discovered my book with my readings wasn't in my glucometer's case! I had to go online and get them out of my blogs. LOL I knew it would come in handy! And the good thing about my numbers guilt that I didn't maintain it! I can't get behind...just start back in again! :o)

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Will the real me please step forward....

I don't know what's gotten into me. I got mommied out last night and the chaos was getting to me. So I jumped into bed at 8:30. I wasn't intending to sleep, just relax. Eventually the chaos found me in my room but it was more subdued and tolerable for the most part. I skipped my evening snack, just wasn't hungry and didn't feel like getting out of bed. I finally sent everyone to bed at 10:30 and went to sleep myself.

Having gone to bed early I woke up early...3:30 to be exact. I tossed and turned a while but fell back asleep until 5 when Jake came in saying he was scared. We talked and tossed and turned until after 6. After that I kept waking up and going back to sleep until 10:30! I'd been in the bed for over 14hrs!!! YIKES! Thing is, I could have easily and happily stayed there all day! And I feel like I need a nap still! Totally not me!

I was worried about how low my sugar would go overnight without eating a nighttime snack. I didn't have to *sighs* At 5 it was 108, at 9:30 it was 102. JUST over my fasting limits.

Seeing as I had a lazy start to the day, it looks to be a lazy day all around. Liz is using her machine finishing up a fleece cap she started last night. I'll try and get a pic of it as soon as I find out where my camera is. I had it on New Year's Day and it's the last I've seen of it. This morning I started thinking that maybe I need to get a newer camera and let the old one be for the kids. :o) The time to do the taxes is getting close (waiting for W-2s to arrive) and it's burning a hole in my pocket already. LOL Not that there'll be anything to spend after paying bills. But it's fun to spend in my head anyways.

Saturday, January 08, 2005


I'm not feeling sick but feeling blah. I don't really want to eat but am trying to make sure I eat nonetheless. My fasting was still too high at 124. I ended up munching out of the spaghetti pot last night before bed, though only a few forkfuls. I missed my breakfast numbers because I went back to bed after eating.

I never went to Walmart today, it was snowing too badly. Unfortunately I had to drive in it anyways...Val had volleyball practice this AM. I don't know why I'm complaining about it. We've had hardly any snow this year. Last year we had over 78" by this time and most of it was still on the ground.

Michelle was pretty motivated today and put a huge dent in the work around here. It's amazing what they can do with the right incentive. LOL Now if I could just find the right carrot to dangle everytime I wanted something done. ;o)

Now to go find something to fix for dinner. UGH!

I created a numbers log

It's here... There's also a link in my sidebar for it. I replaced my foodblog link with it. I've decided I don't have the time or energy to maintain my foodblog so I'm closing it. I haven't deleted it yet though. I'd like to think of an easier way to keep it up. I liked doing it. It's just when you get behind there's NO catching up. It also messes up the running totals if you aren't faithful to it.

Dinner was extended. I ate a bit with everyone else when they had spaghetti. A few hours later I made some cooked shrimp. I shared with Eileen and Olivia. They don't understand why they can't have any when I have a bowlful in front on them. No biggie.

My glucose was good though....126! So I'm happy for that. I'm not going to eat anything before bed (where I'm going when I finish this). I'm queasy and not hungry. I'd like to see what happens.

No school tomorrow! Woohoo! I'm thinking of running to Walmart early in the morning. We'll see if I get my rear out of bed early enough. I'd also like to get the kids working around here. Liz already started in the livingroom so she could set up her sewing machine!

Olivia has decided that we'll be naming the new baby Ashley. I gave her a few sheets of wrapping paper and told her when it's gone, it's gone. She's been wrapping presents for next Christmas, including presents for the new baby Ashley. Gift tags and all! LOL I haven't asked her if she thinks that's a girl's or boy's name yet.

Friday, January 07, 2005

5 wks down....35 to go!

LOL! When I put the ticker up above and saw that I had 245 days left, my eyes bugged out of my head. It seems so long! Next thing I know...I'll be did it get here so fast.

Today I'm feeling more m/s'y then yesterday but not as bad as the first few days. My breasts have also been tender lately. I could have sworn I've felt BH contrax! At least my pelvic area gets tight for a bit. Happened a few times last night while watching tv and a few times this morning while chatting.

Dinner last night...145
Fasting 1/7...109
snack...86, 112, 94 (all done within a minute)

If Pat doesn't go down to the volleyball game (it's away today) then I might run to WM and try to see if I can find a BP cuff. It's bugging me that I don't know what it is.

I've done VERY little around here and it's showing. I'm not even using being pg as an excuse. I've just been lazy. I'm hoping this weekend to get things in order a bit and start a chore list for the kids. I feel like I need to get them trained so they can handle things if I have to go on bedrest.

I've already told Luke that if I'm on bedrest...I'm stealing his Game Boy Advance and buying a Kingdom Hearts game for it. He wants to know why I have to wait until I'm put to bed to do it. LOL I'm kind of agreeing with him.

I think I'm making spaghetti with meatsauce and garlic bread for dinner. I think I'll cook up some shrimp for myself. I'm sure that'll fly well. Oh well, they're going to have to get used to it. Next thing I know they'll all be begging to start the Atkins or South Beach Diet so they can eat low carb with me. :o)

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Hormones are winning...

I'm feeling a little better seeing as m/s is here again but not really bad. Gee, who'd have thunk I'd WANT to feel sick? LOL I've also felt totally on edge feelings wise.

I mentioned in chat this morning that I got scared last night when I had pain in my right side on the way home from grocery shopping. I was thinking it was ectopic. Christi and ma told me about Corpus Luteum Cyst of Pregnancy. I reacted by totally breaking down into tears. You'd think that having done this so many times already I'd have it down pat.

I'm not so sure I want to believe my glucose monitor now. I woke up at 6:20 to see if the kids had the day off (they did but probably didn't need to...I'll take it anyways). While up I tested my fasting and it came up 125. I went back to bed and got back up at 9:30...retook my fasting and got 137. hmmmmm I went and washed my hand and retook it...102 MUCH better. But which is right? Did it again....114...again....126 UGH! Now what do I do? I poked my finger each time in a different place and even different finger. All around...I think my numbers are getting better though and I don't feel like I'm starving within an that's good!

Here's today's so far....

126 you decide

1hr after breakfast...146
1hr after lunch....140!!! (Finally one that hits the limit instead of over!)

I'm thinking of creating a food log, along with my numbers. Trying to decide if it's worth the work and if I'll keep it up. It'd be nice to have everything in one place and just be able to print it off to show the dr or nutritionist at my appts.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I'm so pathetic!

My m/s has been good today....too good. LOL Now I sit here and wonder if maybe it's going away and the miscarriage is on it's way. UGH!!! I can't win! Hopefully it's just the B-6 working it's magic.

I went shopping with my SIL D today. So I'm a happy clam...I have FOOD in the house! It's amazing how much food affects my mood. I bought a few thin sliced steaks on clearance. Tomorrow I'm going to divide them up into appropriate sized servings and freeze. I won't even have to defrost them before cooking. I also bought a LOT of raw shrimp which cooks up quickly. For immediate use I have deli roast beef and a can of peanuts. I now have tuna and canned soup to grab also. PHEW!

I had a neat thing happen at the grocery store today. We were in the deli area eating lunch. D had 3 of her older girls, 3 of her younger girls and was nursing her ds. I had Eileen and Olivia with me. An older couple asked if there were any boys in the mix and I explained they were at school and told them that D had 14 kids...9 girls and 5 boys and I had 10 kids....6 girls and 4 boys. They made a comment about what great families we had and we went on our way. About 3/4 of the way into the store I ran into the lady again (she was riding in a driveable shopping cart) She stopped me and asked if I was the girl that talked to her at the deli. When I told her I was she asked if I'd ever tried the store variety of dry onion soup mix. I told her no I hadn't. She explained that if you put a packet of the soup mix in with your roast at 350degrees, she thoughts I'd really enjoy it. She then proceeded to hand me the box of soup mix with a dollar laying ontop of it and said it was her treat. LOL I tried to turn it down but she was adamant so I accepted. When we were leaving the store D asked me if I bought the box of soup mix. I said yes. She then asked...but don't you have 2 huge cans of onion soup mix at home? I said yes, but it's what the lady wanted me to buy so I bought it.

A neat thing that occurred was that our conversation caused the aisle to be blocked. I could see a middleaged lady standing behind the older lady getting impatient with what was going on. By the time we were done with our conversation and the onion soup lady drove away...the impatient lady was standing there beaming. :oD

I went a LONG time without eating today..not a good thing. I ate breakfast at 7:30 and didn't get to eat lunch until 2:30. I can NOT do that again! I felt like crud! I tested my sugar before eating because I thought it would be really low. It was 125. All I had for lunch was a small fried chicken breast and a 3"x3" piece of pepperoni pizza. An hour later it tested out to 201.

The good news is that tonight it was only 125 after dinner. But then again, dinner was over a long amount of time and I didn't eat tons either. (1/4 ruben sandwich, salad with blue cheese and italian dressing)

Rest of the day numbers....
1 hr after lunch....201
1.5hr after dinner..125

I'm hoping tomorrow is a snow day. We're suppose to get hammered with a storm tonight and freezing rain in the morning. The kids wore their clothes inside out when they went to bed (tradition in our district to cause a snow day). Guess I'd always be wearing my clothes inside out though...I'm always hoping for a snow day! LOL

*GAG!* Updated

I do have to admit the m/s wasn't so bad today. It was still there but not as overwhelming as the last few days. Maybe the B-6 is helping already?

After doing my bG test after my lunch I broke down and made cream of tomato soup...YUMMMM! I really enjoyed it at least. I then fell into bed for an hour or so nap. 2hrs after the soup I tested and was 167, not so hot (120 at 2hrs is the limit). I found three small steaks that weighed about 1/2 lb each that I found on clearance. So I broiled them up along with a pot of garlic egg noodles and canned corn. I felt like such a heal to take a hunk of steak and only leave the kids a small sliver each. I think I'm going to have to get used to it. :o( I feel like a shmuck.

I went to the volleyball game with Pat. My MIL, J, Jjr ended up showing up. MIL is NOT someone you want sitting next to you in a game. She kept saying...why did they give them the ball, why did they give them a point. LOL I tested at the game and it as 173 bummer! If this doesn't get under control I'm insulin for sure! Chances are by 24wks it'll be a reality eitherway.

Jjr spent the night. Drew and Pat decided that since Jjr was here, they'd see if D's oldest son B could stay too. He could...they passed me in the hall at 6:30 this morning going up to bed. Oh to be a teen again. LOL

My original plan was to leave for grocery shopping as soon as I get the second trip kids out the door. Not sure I want to do that now that my babysitters have JUST gone to bed. Eileen is up, still coughing and already complaining that she doesn't feel good. Even if she stays home from school, I don't want to take her to the grocery store with me hacking her brains out! So now I'll have to rethink's too early to think!

This morning's numbers were the same as yesterday...127. I had a GD ok'ed breakfast this AM but had to GAG it down. UGH! It's for the baby! At least the veggie/tomato juice was yummy. :o) It was the 2 scrambled eggs that got me, even with them slathered in ketchup and on a piece of toast. Usually I LOVE eggs when I'm first pg. It's been something I've used as a sign of pregnancy. (thinking...I was dying for eggs yesterday...hmmmm what's the date? Hmmmmm I think I'm pg) NOT this time!!! Oh well, I guess we'll see what it does to me in half an hour or so.

Time to get the kids up for school (if there are any going).

Numbers from lunch til present...

2hrs after soup.......167
1hr after dinner......173
Fasting 1/5...........127
1hr after breakfast...176

OH yeah! It's the 5th....HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my online friend...Ma!!!
Fingers crossed for you today Christi!!! Stay high my friend!

*added* Test results after breakfast. Boo!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Well Lunch is better...

although now I'm wondering if I'm getting good numbers not eating enough. I had a can of crabmeat in butter and lemon. A lot more meat then I probably was entitled too but nothing else. And now I'm HUNGRY after an hour has passed.

Lunch level was....121! Let's just hope that it stays that way.

Thank you to everyone for their kind words and support. It means a lot to me!


I've had my bp up shortly after birth. Actually I've had it where my bp didn't get high until AFTER delivery (in the hospital still...2 or 3 days). It was fine at my 6wk appt. There is a chance that it could stay that way but most likely when you go in for your 6wk checkup it'll be down.

You have to are still recouping!!! So give yourself some time to heal and baby yourself! (I know....easier said then done) I'll be praying for you. The fact that you've had bp problems during pg increases your risk factor for it in your later years. I've been told the best way to avoid it is to eat healthy and EXERCISE!

Not an encouraging start to the day...

It's only 8:30 and I'm already not a happy camper. My bloodsugar numbers STINK!!!

Fasting....125 (normal is 100 or 90)
After breakfast...218 (had an Arby's reg sandwich)

I'm trying not to let the numbers rule me. I know I still need to eat, but it's hard! I just want them go to down. I can feel my sugar affecting me. Shakey and foggy head when it's high. Shakey and starving when it's low. Maybe I'll have a cup of coffee and just go back to bed for a while! LOL

I need to get to the store. I NEED some protein food in the house. Also Eileen has what Jake had on New Year's day (fever and yucky cough) and I'm out of children's tylenol or ibuprofen. I could do with some tylenol for myself too. All I have is Ibuprofen. Not to mention I need to find my large cuffed blood pressure monitor. Val has a volleyball game tonight at 7:30!!! It's CRAZY to be playing so late..but that's what it is.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Called the OB today

I explained about my history and they had me come in this afternoon for a test and a nurse visit. I loved the office and they were great to deal with. Here's my newest test...isn't it purty?

I saw the CMW/nurse, unfortunately she already let me know I won't see her very much due to my complications. My blood pressure was a tad high but better the second time she took it. (second time was 132/84, she said the first systolic was over diastolic number)She put it off to me being excited. I put it off as to me feeling like garbage! I'm always shaking and nauseated. I need to buy a home monitoring kit, only problem is that I need to find a LARGE cuff. I'll try and find it in the next few days. We changed my blood pressure meds. I'm now on Labetalol which is what I was on with Olivia. We'll see if it's working well next week. I can stay on my diuretic.

She prescribed me some killer horse pills for my prenatal vitamins! They are combined with time released B-6 vitamins so should help my m/s a bit. If not she suggested seabands and then move onto B-6 shots. Said that although it's not too bad right now, I'm early and it might get worse. Won't say these are purty!

When I mentioned that the only other time I was this sick, this early was my m/c. She corrected me and told me it's usually a GOOD sign to be sick when pg. I told her I know....just not what's the norm for me. She said, well until proven otherwise, we'll consider it a good sign.

I am now the proud owner of a glucometer. I have to test my blood sugar 4 times a day...fasting, when I first wake up and an hour after each main meal. I did my first test tonight after dinner and it wasn't very good. 200mg/dL when normal is 140. I retested at 2 hrs after meal and it still hadn't dropped too much, was at 195 (normal is 120). I'm hoping it was because we had Arby's for dinner. I'm hoping to stick to what I can remember of the GD diet, starting tomorrow. I've been trying to stick with low carb/high protein foods anyways these last few days. Hopefully it'll be better tomorrow, otherwise I'll probably be heading to insulin injections. Not that it's a terrible thing...I'd just prefer to handle it with diet.

I have another appt for 1 wk when we'll do my prenatal bloodwork and initial exam/pap smear/visit. Unfortunately it'll still be a little too early for a good u/s, I'll be a day short of 6wks.

I hope no one minds but I may be using my blog to keep notes of my numbers everyday. Easier to find when I know where it is and no one can pick it up and walk away with it. Who knows might go the way of my food blog (which I really intended to start back up this week!)

Olivia heard I was going to the drs today and got all excited. She started yelling...Momma's gonna get her baby out today!!! Poor thing...she's got a loooong wait in store for her.

Well screaming at the kids from my computer chair to GO TO BED isn't need to get up.

Next appt....Wed, Jan 12th @ 10:15am

Sunday, January 02, 2005

It's for a reason!

M/S and headaches are taking a toll on me and I'm trying not to complain too much. I know I'm blessed and some people would die to be in my shoes. I truly am thankful that I'm pg. I really thought it would never happen again. So while I'm tempted to complain...I'm trying to "enjoy" it for what it is...a new baby developing!!! One thing that is hard for me to get used to though is that I've been sleeping a lot the last few days. To me sleep has always been a waste of time and still is, but I know it's for a reason now. I went to bed at 1am woke up today at 7, went back to bed at 9 and woke back up at noon. HALF the day gone! UGH! I can't remember the last time I slept that late. Pat and Drew will be home for the next few weeks so at least I can nap when I need to when the kids are in school. After they go back to classes it'll be harder because I'll be alone with Olivia.

I think I've gotten past the OMG stage. Now reality is starting to creep into my thoughts. Oh no! I don't know if I have anything to wear once my belly is big. I'm going to have to buy diapers! Fun things creep in too like...I'll have to buy the baby a whole new wardrobe. Everything has been weeded out of the house over the last 4 yrs. People are already asking me if I'll find out what I'm having. I'm always on the fence about whether I will or won't. This time though I think it's best to find out ahead of time...easier to go shopping.

As usual, everything is guessing I'll have twins. This usually continues until an u/s shows it to be a singleton. Luke and Jake want me to have twin boys so that we'll be even at 6 each. It better be twins because I doubt Tom will allow this to happen again and I always vowed I'd never have an odd number of kids!!! ;o)

I remembered something this morning. I weighed myself at my parents on Tues and found I lost 5lbs. I jokingly thought...time to get pg. EVERYTIME I lose 5lbs...I end up pg. Guess this time isn't any different. LOL My MIL said she had a fleeting thought on Christmas Eve that if she didn't know any better she'd think I was pg because my complexion was so clear. An online friend said she's had a nagging suspicion that I'd soon have a positive hpt and she's usually right about those things. And of course, Christi's been praying and wishing for me to be pg for YEARS now! LOL I guess I didn't have a chance to be anything but!

Well, falling asleep into my keyboard. Time for bed

Saturday, January 01, 2005


So the excitement has started. I hope that everyone else has found the start of the new year a good one also. During all my happenings these last few days I've been thinking of my online friends who are ttc. Some for quite a while. I hope that soon they all find themselves pg. The more the merrier! When I was pg for Olivia there a huge group of online ladies that were also due. It was fun to be a part of them...I'd love to have it like that again!

I wanted to make some New Year's resolutions but I haven't really thought about it much these last few days. I know one of them would be to keep up on the housekeeping more...having the kids help me more. Last week I'd thought about joining Curves gym to try to lose some weight..guess that's not going to happen now. LOL I guess I could stick to the GD diet and take good care of myself as a resolution. Unfortunately I've not being too successful on that though...seeing as I just finished off my second poptart as I type this. OOPS! Spiritually there is always tons of room for improvement and I hope to be open to whatever he has instore to me.

Today has been a pretty lazy day. I keep seeing everything that I need to do but it's not getting done. Laundry is piling up and will have to be done tomorrow, seeing as the kids start school on Monday. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get everyone going and get this place back to the condition it was on Sunday. It shouldn't take as long that's for sure.

Everyone that NEEDS to know about my pg has now been told. I tried to call MIL yesterday before I went to church but it was busy. I got ahold of her first this morning. She refused to believe I was pulling a trick on her. She finally came around that it was real and congratulated me. She mentioned my health and yes, it's a concern. I told her what D said to me about God not making mistakes and she agreed. It seemed to help her accept it more.

My parents were next. When I called I wasn't even sure I was going to tell them today...just play it by ear. HOWEVER Olivia had other plans. She was yelling...Momma's gonna have a baby into the phone before they even answered. I let her tell my dad but he thought she was fooling around saying SHE was going to have a baby. He was a bit quiet when he realized it was ME that was going to be having it. He admitted he didn't know if it was exciting news or not. I expected that from him. I could hear my mom saying congratulations in the background. I asked if I could talk to her, Eileen wanted to tell her the news. Her and I talked a bit. At least she was supportive.

My brother and sister were next. They were shocked and I told them they weren't alone. I had a nice conversation with both of them and they congratulated me. It's all I could ask from them. I do have to wonder though what was said OFF the phone though. LOL Having shared the news with a few of Tom's brothers and sisters at church on Friday...everyone is officially notified. Oops...just realized we never called and told Tom's baby brother C about it. I'll have to have Tom call him.

Carrie has her friend R over for the night. They are being quiet, you wouldn't even know she was here. It's nice that Michelle has taken it upon herself to keep them busy and play with them all night too. Right now they are playing Barbies. LOL Most of the other kids are watching the first Lord of the Rings. I haven't seen any of them yet. Most have seen them quite a few times, not necessarily in order. I'm off to pay more attention to it.

The rest of the story

I woke up at 5am Fri morning having to go pee. It hit me that I've been having to get up in the middle of the night the last few days. I forgot that I wanted to retest in the morning with FMU and didn't save anything....oh well. I retested when I got up at 8:30 and it did the EXACT same thing as Thurs night. So I'll consider it a true test! :oD

Thursday night after dinner I was a bit queasy and kept saying...I'm going to barf. Well duh! Friday it hit me full force. Most people would be excited to be a sign of pg. Why it makes me uneasy is that the ONLY time I had m/s bad was the pregnancy I miscarried. I had it immediately and hard. So this time having the same thing so soon has left me a bit on edge. Michelle suggested that perhaps it's twins. LOL Guess that will be a guess and hope until the first u/s proves it wrong. I'm hoping it's the fact that my body hasn't dealt with pg hormones in so long it's in shock. I'll even accept that my age is making it worse if it means that m/c'ing isn't the reason!

We told all the kids this morning. Olivia started kissing my stomach and saying...I love you baby!!! Eileen kept coming up to me all day and asking me....Mommy...are you REALLY going to have a baby? LOL They are full of questions and concerns.

I called my regular doctor and told him. I wasn't sure if I was to start immediately with a perinatologist or with a regular OB. He said I could go to a regular OB and see what their opinion is. YEAH! So there's hope that I won't be micromanaged and spend it laid up! I haven't had a GYN exam since Olivia's been born (bad I know) so don't have an OB anymore. My regular OBs aren't practicing and I'm not sure that they'd accept my insurance anyways...was an HMO when I was there. I'm hoping to get into the practice that my SIL D is in. At least I know he's dealt someone with as many pg as I've had...seeing as D has had 16 of them. I called the office but got an answering service. Guess they're closed for New Year's Eve. I'll call on Mon morning.

As I was getting ready to go to church, the phone rang. It was my online friend Christi!!! What a great surprise! It was so nice to talk to her and here her voice for real. I so hope that she is joining me in the pg circle soon. Fingers and toes crossed for her. After all, me being pg is HER fault! LOL For years she's silently been sitting on the sidelines cheering me into being pg.

We went to church for a New Year's Feast. It was delicious! But I couldn't enjoy it too much. :o( I brought some crackers to nibble on when I got queasy. I think I'm going to need something different. Something with more protein, like peanuts. I probably would do best to try to stick with my Gestation Diabetes diet from the start. I had GD with Carrie, Jake, Eileen and Olivia. They think Luke's pg might have been a missed GD pg since I had polyhydraminos and he was 10lbs. With Olivia they were threatening we'll be trying to avoid that this time too.

We had fun at church and stayed until 12:30. The kids didn't want to go home but I needed to get to bed! I'm such a party pooper!


Let's try this again. I was almost done when my browser crashed this morning. GRRRR!

Not much happened during the day on Thursday. I'd decided I'd try to go to Walmart and hit their 75% off sale, along with the dollar and grocery store. The idea was to take Liz to the ice rink at 8:30pm and then go. I knew I'd never get there before the dollar store closed at 9 if I went to the rink first so we made Liz a little late and hit it first.

I had to get bowls for the midnight snack Friday at church...I was making broccoli soup. I also had wanted to pick up a few extra things that I wasn't so sure I even needed. HPTs AF was due Wednesday or Thursday so technically I was late, but another day or so wasn't REALLY late. It could still show up.

I tried to sneak a few off the shelf while Liz was down the aisle looking at headbands. As I grabbed them about 4 more fell onto the floor. I felt like a kid who was caught with their hand in the cookie jar! So much for being discreet. I'm not sure if Liz saw what it was or not...she didn't say anything.

After dropping off Liz and sticking around the rink helping out and visiting for a bit I drove home. All the way home my mind was going....

Why did I buy those things? I'm wasting money. I'm going to get my hopes up and find out it's negative as always and then have to deal with those raised hopes and baby lust all over again. What if it's positive though!?!? What will Tom say? I know he'd be ok with it eventually but what will his first reaction be? What about my meds and my blood pressure? What would we do about that? Will Olivia be ok with being ousted as the baby of the family after having the spot for 5yrs? Do I really want to start ALL over again? We're coming up into a different time in our lives. What about going back to school? How would I tell my parents? I had to make myself stop before I went crazy with all the what ifs.

I pulled into the driveway, stuck the tests into my coat pocket and went into the house. Luckily the littler kids were already in bed. It made getting into the bathroom quickly and ALONE a lot easier.

As I watched the test working I kept telling myself that it was going to be negative. It went past the test area and no line showed up. I knew it! Wasted money again. Oh well, we're not suppose to be having anymore anyways. The test was working because then the control line showed up. Oh well. I'll wait for the pinkness to finish clearing the area and then I'll hide it and throw it away.

Wait a minute....what is that? Is that a shadow starting to show at the test line area? Oh great! A faint positive. Now I can make myself crazy with the question of whether I am or not for a few weeks. Grrrr! Is that line getting darker? OMG!! IT IS!!!! It's getting darker!!! It's a definite line! I'm pregnant! OMG I'm pregnant. I started shaking and all those thoughts from the car started over again. For a fleeting second I thought about keeping it a secret and not telling anyone. But I was a mess and this was NEWS!!!

I tried to get Tom to come into the bathroom so I could show him the test. He eventually did. His first comment was...maybe it's wrong. NOPE! It's NOT wrong hun...I'm pg. I was just glad he didn't say oh no. We hugged and went out into the livingroom. Michelle was standing at the kitchen sink and I told her I had a late Christmas present for her. Michelle has been known to whine while we're shopping....Moooom, why don't you have a baby so we can buy all these cute things and dress it up? I always tell her to buy a doll! LOL

She looked at the test cassette and asked...what does this mean? What is it suppose to be telling me? What does 2 lines mean? Pat was sitting at the kitchen table with Jess and got a blank shocked looked on his face....Are you PREGNANT!?!?! YEP! SURPRISE!! Michelle and Val's friend J started saying OMG! You're really pregnant? You're not fooling? You're really going to have a baby!? OMG! Pretty much the same thing I kept repeating to myself too. They ran down into the bedroom and told Val who was on the phone. She pretty much had the same reaction. I have to admit I was a bit surprised. I thought for sure after the initial...oh goody we'll have a "doll" to dress up reaction was gone. I'd have the...oh no, not another brat to deal with. It hasn't happened yet. Although Drew hasn't said too much on the subject.

I called SIL, D, after and told her. After her initial shock she was happy for me. When I mentioned that I'm scared senseless she reminded me....God doesn't make mistakes. And it's true!

A whole week! Oops ...Sunday through Wednesday

I didn't realize I'd gotten so behind on things here. Between the kids being home all week and being busy I haven't had time to sit here long enough to write. I'll try to wrap up most of the week quickly here and move on to other things. ;o)

For the first time in my life...I LOVE MY BED! It's the most comfy thing I've ever laid on before. I find myself in there laying on it on and off through out the day. The kids don't know where to find me. LOL

Carrie is doing lots better musclewise. She says it's stiff but doesn't hurt like it did. So I think she'll be ok. I still don't know what it was that she experienced. I'll have to remember to bring it up at her next clinic appt.

Sunday was busy but a good day. We cleaned all day and the house looks GREAT! I cooked a ham, sweet potatoes, scalloped potatoes (one pan with onions, one pan without), and had lots of snacks out. My sister and her family came over along with my parents. We all had a good time visiting and I ended up keeping 2 of my sister's 3 girls.

E fell down the stairs about 10:30pm and had a pretty good size egg on the back of her head. I put some ice on it and it seemed to help. Although when she tried to put it on her pillow it hurt. For some reason it didn't hurt in my bed and on my pillow she slept with me. LOL

Monday and Tuesday
The girls stayed with us until Tues. On Tues night E started crying for her mom about 9:30. I didn't really feel like driving for over an hour so she could go home so I climbed into my bed with her, Eileen and Olivia. Tom fell asleep on the couch and climbed in in the middle of the night. I got up to go to the bathroom and found my spot taken. So curled up at the bottom of the bed for an hour or so.

We had my nephew S stay over on Monday too. S and Jake are bestest friends and have been since birth. Unfortunately they aren't in the same grade so don't see each other too much in school.

On Tuesday I took my sister's girls home and then stopped by my parent's house to tutor my parents on the computer. I brought along Michelle and Val so they could test the Bare Escentuals mineral makeup samples I bought them and my mom. They'll be getting fullsize ones soon. I don't think my mom was too keen on them (she's the one I bought it for mainly!) Although she hadn't prepped her face properly before applying it.

When I got home I found out that S had gotten permission to spend another night but then called his mom a few hours later to get picked up because he didn't feel good. I thought he was homesick. I found out on Thursday that when he got home he had a 101 degree fever. OOPS! Poor kid! Looks like Jake is starting to get what Sam had today. :o( Oh well, it was only a matter of's epidemic around here (really bad cough and fever)

I was beat after going non stop for the last week or so. I decided I was going to get into my pjs and just relax all day. And I did...until Tom got home. He came running in from his work truck telling me that his baby brother C was on his way to our house. C was picking Tom up to take him to the Riveredge Resort in Alexandria Bay. C had won 3...$250 gift certificates to the resort and they expired on Thursday. SIL, D and her dh had used one the Wednesday before Christmas and C had 2 left. Tom asked if I wanted to go and I said NO WAY! I'm not staying with C and J and you in a room! He then explained that he was going to ask if we could buy one of the $250 certificates off of him and we'd get our own room. OOOOOOOOH! That's a different story. OK, if it's ok with him.

C got to our house and Tom talked to him. A few minutes later Tom came in telling me to throw a few things into a bag...we were going. YIPPPEEE! It took me 5 minutes. (already got dressed when I heard C was coming) Oh the joys of having kids old enough to stay home alone and take care of things.

We got there at 8pm which left little time to enjoy everything. Restaurant, pool and jacuzzi closed at 9, bar closed at 10. Tom and I decided to spring for a jacuzzi room since we couldn't use the public one....ahhhhhh! We closed down the restaurant and bar with lots of good things to eat and drink. Our waitress lucked out as we were big spenders with our gift certificates. Tom and I left her a $20 tip, BILs left her a $40 one. Not too shabby for less then a hour's worth of work, although she did have to work a bit for it.

I couldn't fall asleep and tossed and turned until 2:30am. Finally I got up and turned on the tv and watched the food network until 4:30 when I started getting sleepy. We HAVE to get cable if it ever comes through here so I can watch the food network all day!!!! LOL

After eating breakfast on Thurs morning we left with $1.31 credit. Talk about perfect planning. Although I'd have happily spent some of my own money if we needed to. We were home by 11am on Thursday. C had to get home and Tom had to go into work in the afternoon (he has no vacation days left until his anniversary in May). I was immediately slapped with reality as everyone tried to get my attention at once. It was nice to be away, but also nice to be home.