Tuesday, August 30, 2005

First dr appt

Today Danielle had her first dr appt to check her jaundice. She looked so well that the dr said he didn't have to see her now until she's 2mos old. She weighed 6lbs 6oz, same as her discharge weight on Saturday. Her coloring is better then it was when she was discharged too. Olivia got her 5yo shots so she can start Kindergarten next week. She was a trooper and only said OUCH on the third one.

We then hit Walmart to get some desperately needed sneakers for a few kids and the last of the school supplies. Only have to go into the city and get Elizabeth's glasses.

I talked to my MIL today. She sounded better then she has in a while! :o) She's still experiencing a lot of low blood sugars and hasn't really taken any insulin. I told her she HAS to tell them at dialysis and bring in her monitor to SHOW them her numbers. They keep telling her she keep dozing off because she's tired. She's gone from being a bad diabetic to being hypoglycemic! I hope she gets it figured out soon. I'm hoping to go in and visit her on Thursday (we can get Liz's glasses then too).

Monday, August 29, 2005

Latest family picture

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Front row...Luke, Jake, Carrie(pink shirt), Eileen, Olivia
Back row...Liz, Michelle, Drew, Val, Patrick, Tom holding Danielle

I had to photoshop Drew in. LOL He couldn't come visit on Friday with everyone but was with Tom when I was discharged on Saturday. I didn't do a great job of it but at least all 11 are in one picture. Who knows when I'll be able to get another one taken.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Scary night and feeling like an idiot

We were going out to dinner with dh's parents and siblings tonight. (FIL's birthday is tomorrow) Tom and I arrived to MIL's early so she could get a chance to hold the baby. She was complaining of being drenched in sweat, I put it off to us being outside and it being hot out. I was sweating too.

We get to the restaurant and had to wait for a table. MIL is complaining of being drenched in sweat again and she is! The place had the A/C roaring...so no excuse. MIL then started falling asleep sitting on a bench in the waiting area. MIL is a diabetic who's been on dialysis for 7yrs, she also has serious heart problems. I noticed my niece was carrying a baggie of cookies and told her to give her grandmother one. MIL wouldn't take it. I told SIL to MAKE her eat it! Finally she ate it but was still getting less and less responsive and sleepy...everyone thought she was having a heartattack again. Finally 911 was called and an ambulance arrived.

Before the ambulance pulled out they told us she was alert and responding now. :o) We arrived at the hospital to find out her blood sugar was 30 in the ambulance (about 15mins after eating the cookie) and they had given her a shot of glucagon. The ER dr's were amazed she's been this long with diabetes and dialysis and never had a severe hypo like this before. They checked her out, had her eat some pudding and sent her on her way.

Why I feel like an idiot is that I realized on the way home from the hospital. I had EVERYTHING on hand that could've avoided this situation...I just had forgotten about it. I had my glucometer in my diaper bag and glucose tabs in my purse! If I'd had her test her sugar when I first suspected she was low, this wouldn't have happened. (I could have given her my glucotabs to bring her sugar back up) I broke down on the way home, dh tried to make me feel better but it didn't work.

Dh said they (him and his family) should take it as a lesson learned. They had NO clue about hypos and what the symptoms were. I said it's good he knows now, incase I start up on insulin again in 3wks. He was not pleased at that thought! Danielle was a doll through the whole thing! She didn't utter a peep the entire time.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

She's here!!! (stats, pics and loooong birth story)

Announcing the arrival of....

Danielle Renee
August 26, 2005
Weight: 6lbs 9oz
Length: 21 inches

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I hardly slept Wednesday night but felt fine I woke up. I was surprised at how calm I felt about it, especially compared to how I felt before going to bed Wed night. Tom and I left for the hospital at 6:30. I was checked in at registration about 7:15. I was put into a labor room and told if I was lucky and an opening came up, I could go into the birthing center. :o)

Dr B came in and did a quick sono to see that she was still head down...YEAH!!! He checked me (2-3cm and 30% effaced) then broke my water and had them start the pitocin. They upped the pit every 15mins which meant I was quickly maxed out. There were a few sporadic contractions but nothing to really report. Tom and I spent most of Thursday day just sitting around and talking.

Dr B came in to recheck me after office hours and I was still only 3cm and 50% effaced and baby was still high. The contractions started making their presence known about 5:30pm on Thursday. I also started getting bloody show. My mucous plug was lost about 7. I spent most of my time with the contractions on my feet, swaying from left to right. About 10ish I started feeling them down into my hips and knew the baby was starting to settle down.

Dr B called for an update around 11:30. He said if I was still under 4cm to stop the pit for the night, let me eat something and get some rest. I'm not sure what my nurse told the dr because I didn't think we needed to stop the pit, I felt like we only had a few hours left until she was born. I was on the verge of asking for some Stadol and had to have Tom's hand for comfort. It's all I ever want...just his hand to hold or stroke. He couldn't even sit on the bed without making me feel like he was too close. But he'd better not move from the side of that bed and take his hand away. LOL

I kept telling my nurse that once I hit 4 I fly to delivery within 30-60mins. She brought another nurse to confirm her measurments. She got 3-4cm and 70% efface, but the baby was definitely a lot lower then earlier. The confirmation nurse had to do the exam twice since there was a slight discrepency at first. She said she felt the baby moving down while examining me the 2nd time. Needless to say the pit was turned off at midnight. I was relieved because labor had been pretty intense and I was tired. I was also disappointed because I thought I was close to the end and knew I'd have to do this all over again in the morning. I was given some stadol and I slept for about an hour.

I didn't want anything to eat because I was nauseated (and did eventually throw up). I also didn't want ANYTHING to do with the old school birthing bed that was in my room. The mattress was so thin and uncomfortable that my sciatica was raging! I couldn't walk across the room after getting unhooked from the pit. It took a minute of working my hips out to finally be able to move. I then stayed in high back chair for the entire night. I felt a lot better but sleep didn't come easy. About 6am my nurse mentioned that she hoped Dr B would show up soon since I'll have had my water broken for 24hrs at 9am. My temperature had also climbed a bit to 99. Oh great! I will NOT be a happy camper if this turns into a section when I could have had my baby already!!!

My day nurse (same as Thursday's) came in and announced that she was moving me to the room next door since it had a nice comfy bed for me! YEAH!!! She then mentioned she didn't know why they didn't move me last night! Booo! It was very comfy...my sciatica disappeared. What a difference!!!!!!!!!!

Dr B came in about 7:45am on Friday and they hooked up the pit again around 8ish. He didn't concur that I would have had the baby in an hour or two if we'd kept the pit on. I hadn't really advanced far from the 11:30 report. I knew that since my contractions pretty much petered out until about 6am when I was hit with a few decent but spaced out ones. He also decided to start an antibiotic since it'd been a while since he broke my water. It didn't bother me, I was used to getting the antibiotics for being GBS+. This time I tested negative (like with Olivia). Unlike with Olivia they treated me as though I was negative and not as though the test lied and I was really +.

The contractions started right back up and were very bearable. I started feeling pressure into my hips again around 9. I also started feeling lack of sleep for days sink in and knew I was exhausted. I asked for some Stadol and relaxed for a little while. When I woke up around 10 the contractions had intensified and I told the nurse. My cervix had thinned out and I was 4-5cm. I had a pretty intense hour. I was crying between contractions because I didn't want to do THIS part! I just want to push and have my baby in my arms!!!

Shortly after 11 I told my nurse I felt rectal pressure. She found me to only have a lip and paged the dr. He walked in with his coffee (had just gotten it after getting out of surgery and then discharging a patient) As soon as he walked in I felt her move down and said she was coming. Tom tried to lift my leg, I slapped his hand and said DON'T! The dr washed his hands, got on his gloves, turned to the end of the bed and said let's go. The nurse lifted one knee, Tom lifted the other and there she was. She was crowning and I gave a slight push and she was HERE!!!!

She was on my belly and was really blue and not crying. One of the nurses and I kept trying to stimulate her and encourage her to cry. I really became alarmed when I put my hand into her armpit to stroke her chest and her arm just fell off the top of my hand. :o( Dr B kept trying to reassure us that it was ok and she had time. He then started moving quickly. Gained more access to the umbilical cord, cut and milked the blood back into Danielle's belly. When he carried her to the warming table next to my bed to work on her she was a as limp as a rag doll. I started crying.

They worked on her with oxygen and suction. I heard her squeak a tiny squeak and Dr B looked over at me and gave me a thumbs up. Then he turned his attention to Danielle again. I later found out that they then gave her a shot of Narcan to counteract the Stadol I'd had. She immediately perked up after that. PHEW!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My nurse walked over to the fetal monitor and heard me breath deeply. She wondered why until she realized....I wasn't done yet!! LOL In all the excitement I'd been forgotten about. I then delivered the placenta to be done with the birth completely. :oD

I realized in all the excitement Tom and I both forgot about the digital camera in my bag. I really wanted him to take a movie of her on the warming table immediatelly after she was born. I guess the kids at home didn't need to see that little drama so it was ok. I got her first picture around 2pm during her first bath. I missed a really great shot when I was eating my lunch! She was wrapped in her blankets, laying in my lap and sucking on her hand! (she really loves her hands) It was adorable but I couldn't move to get the camera that was still in the bag. Tom had gone on home to feed the kids lunch and get them ready to come up and visit us. So I was stuck just sitting there enjoying the view alone. Poor me! ;o)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I feel GREAT although I haven't slept much in the last 3 days. Last night Danielle was up and alert for quite a bit of the wee morning hours. I'm hoping it's not going to become a habit. I was dicharged about 2pm today and MADE Tom stop at Walmart and BJs so we could go grocery shopping on the way home. As we were leaving Walmart Pat called my cellphone. Seems my sister went to visit me at the hospital about 20 minutes after I was discharged. She was now waiting for me at our house if that was ok. I told her we had to finish shopping and would be there as soon as possible if she wanted to wait...and she did. We had a nice visit and she ended up taking Liz, Carrie, Eileen and Olivia (her first sleepover) home with her. I'm tired and quite swollen so have to finish this up and head toward bed for a bit.

All the kids are in LOVE with her. They are constantly calling dibs on holding her and there's always a few waiting in line to be next. I realized about 7 tonight that I hadn't fed her since before noon! OOPS! I also hadn't held her since I walked in the front door. LOL Even when I was feeding her I had kids coming and asking me if they could have her. They do tend to get a bit freaked out when she gags, she's still dealing with a bunch of mucous. She's an extremely calm and alert baby. Wonder if she'll stay that way.

I have a picture of all the kids that I'll try to upload and post tomorrow.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Today's the day!!!

7 more hours! Just wanted to post before I head to bed.

I'm getting a bit nervous and found myself trying to tune everyone out tonight while driving home from my parents'. They all kept irritating me, almost like I was in labor already. I think it was just the reality that once I left my parent's house I was going to have to start getting ready for the hospital.

We had a nice visit. After Michelle's dentist appt, her and I ran to K-mart so I could grab a nursing bra, nightgown & robe set and some nursing pads. I ran the kids back down to the plaza just before dinner so they could take a trip through the dollar store. It was not a pleasant time as Eileen and Olivia wanted to buy everything they touched. They knew they had a good deal of money (moreso then normal) but they had no idea about limitations. I kept trying to steer them away from what I deemed garbage. Eileen finally settled on 7 things, Olivia on 6. The really fun part came at the checkout...all the money they had was CHANGE! Eileen had mostly dimes and Olivia nickles. It took a while but the cashier was very patient. :o) They had to open another checkout because we were backing up the one we were in. I bought snacks for the hospital.

Tom wasn't too tickled that we didn't get home until after 10:30pm. He wanted me home at a decent time so I could get to bed...like I'm going to sleep! LOL While trying to pack I wasn't very pleasant to be around. But it's finally done!!! Clothes are hung for tomorrow morning, only need to shower and shave. I finally showed Tom how to work the digital camera...I hope he remembers and takes decent pictures.

I've had a few contractions here or there but nothing remotely regular or effective. I've also started to get achey in the pelvic/groin area. I'm hoping this means that I've done/doing something toward effacing or dilating. I'd hate to get pitocin all day and my cervix stay thick and closed (it's happened before).

People seem surprised that I'm apprehensive about going into the hospital and dealing with labor. People....I KNOW what I'm in for!!! This is not a picnic in the park and it certainly gets to be no fun at times. I'm really trying to keep in mind what I'll end up with after getting through all this. Otherwise I'd probably run away and hide somewhere.

When packing tonight I thought...MAN! That's a lotta pink! Even my robe and nightgown are pink. LOL The kids keep joking that we've made a mistake and the baby will be a boy. I told them...he'll learn to LOVE pink! ;o)

OK...guess I need to try to get some good sleep. At the very least I'll go snuggle in with Tom while it's just him and I in the bed. Next time I get in my bed, there'll be 3 of us in there! :oD

I'm going to try to have Michelle post an update here when there's news. Hope my instructions aren't difficult to follow.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

24 hour countdown!

In 24hrs I will be half way to the hospital with my stomach in my throat. I'm really excited to know I'll soon have my baby. I'm also quaking in my boots knowing what I have ahead of me to get that baby. I'm not ready mentally for this, I never am before an induction. I always walk into the hospital thinking....I'm not suppose to be here. It'd be a lot easier if I was ready physically but I can't even say I am that way either. Don't get me wrong...Bedrest hasn't been real fun, I'm not very comfy and I'm sick of constant heartburn. It's still not so unbearable that I want this baby out NOW!

I've never been one to be anxious for the pregnancy to end. I'm too lazy! It's a lot easier carrying her around inside of me then to be taking care of her outside of me 24/7. Oh I'll be on cloud nine once she's here and I can hug and love on her, don't get me wrong. There's just something about stepping over into the next stage that I'm not so quick to volunteer for. LOL

Everyone here is bouncing off the walls waiting for it to happen. The first thing Jake said to me today is...is TOMORROW the day you have your baby? My mom made the mistake of saying...so we're going to have a baby on Thursday. I reminded her that we're going to START to have a baby on Thursday. She responded...OK...we'll have a baby by Friday, how's that? I said Maybe! LOL This could last a while. Valerie's induction took 44hrs. If this one does the same (and I pray it doesn't!) that takes us into Saturday.

Today we're heading into the city so Michelle can go to the dentist and get her permanent crown put on. Hopefully it won't take too long. I'll be dropping the rest of the kids off at my mom's...she only lives 2 or 3 miles from the dentist. It'll be nice to see them. I don't think I've seen them since Michelle's grad party!

My mom is anxious to talk to me. She's going on her second week of trying to control her diabetes (taking glucophage) and it's not going so great. Her fastings are still going up into the 200's! She hasn't seen a nutritionist yet. Yes, my dad has had diabetes for quite a while but he's clueless and noncompliant with his diet. So she can't talk to him about it. He keeps asking her why she's testing her blood sugar so often. He just doesn't get her need to know what's going on with her body. I think it's great she's taking this so seriously. It'll be nice to talk to someone who doesn't get a glazed look on their face when the topic comes up. I so hope this does my dad some good too!

I'm not so sure it's a great idea but she wants me to bring my food plan with me. I think it's ok for now, hopefully they get her into see someone who can get her settled on her own plan. Last night she said she was going to have a no-no. When I asked her what it was she told me a Thuringer sandwich (similar to summer sausage). I tried to explain to her that the thuringer wasn't bad for her diabetes...although it's not so hot on the fat aspect. The bread she puts it on is worse! She still hasn't gotten that carbs are nasty right now. LOL

I don't have such a great desire to do a lot around here this morning. I know I only have until noon though and some of that time will be taken with getting ready to go out the door. I should probably tear myself away from this machine and DO something!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Finally have a new belly picture to post

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It's been a busy and productive day. My blood pressure is actually cooperating. I did a lot of laundry and even got some things ready for school. I baked bread for the first time in quite a while (it's cooled down quite a bit here so it's doable). Kids cleaned the livingroom and bathrooms really well.

I'm still working on the kitchen and have yet to get into my room. The kitchen I'll do tonight while working on dinner (although we did clean the fridge already). My room will be either before bed or first thing in the morning. Tomorrow night I'll get all the younger ones' "visting" outfits ready. Oh yeah and I have to pack a bag then too. lol

Tomorrow Michelle has a dentist appt at 1. I was going to have Drew or Pat drive her in but since I'm not on bedrest, I can do it. I'm bringing all the kids with me. They've have been bugging me to go to my parent's house for a few weeks, so we'll stop there too. I just wish I could stay home to work AND go into the city at the same time.

Hmmmmm...since sitting down to post this my body caught up with itself. I'm yawning up a storm...I need a nap! Guess if I'm going to stay up and chat tonight I'll need it.

Monday, August 22, 2005

My LAST OB appointment

Tom took today off and came with me. He really enjoyed taking a peek at the baby. I'm not sure when's the last time he's seen a sono. The baby has decided to cooperate and is head down! Woohooo! Hopefully she'll stay that way. I think she will since she also seems to have calmed down a bit in the movement department (makes me nervous though...trying to be more aware of kickcounts) The gameplan is to be admitted at 7am Thursday morning for induction.

This week's BPP weighed her in at 6lbs 2oz! I reminded the dr that last week's had her at 6lbs 13oz. It made him go hmmmmmm. It'll be interesting to see what she really weighs. I gained a pound or so and am at 211. The nurse didn't try to add 10lbs onto me this time...so that was nice. :o) My blood pressure was GREAT at the office (120/78). I asked if I still needed to be in bed, the dr mulled it over a few times and said he'd be nice and let me off of bedrest. I guess he didn't realize how things went this weekend. Saturday at the grad party it climbed to 158/94 until I got home and into bed again. I'll be keeping track of my blood pressure and will curtail my activities if it starts climbing too high. I have a LOT I want to do around here though!

My sugar has started to climb. I've started a new insulin pen to see if that's the problem. I personally think it's the strips since I switched them out on Saturday which is when my numbers jumped drastically. I'm wondering if the pharmacy's supply of 100ct test strips (box with 2 vials in it instead of 1) was compromised somehow. It seemed to do the exact same thing with the last box of 100ct strips I had. Switched them over to a 50ct box and it went back down to my regular low numbers. If my numbers continue to stay high I have permission to adjust my dosage.

We talked about what we'll be doing concerning my diabetes postpartum. He said I'll still keep track of my numbers but won't be on insulin. I'll be given a 1 month grace period to see what my body decides to do. If my numbers stay where they are now...no insulin. If they start to rise...I'll be doing insulin until I'm done breastfeeding at the very least. The may switch to oral meds.

After the dr appt Tom and I went out to lunch. We hit the chinese buffet :o) I usually do really well there but today my sugar was 158 2hrs after eating!!! OOPS! We had a really good time though. It was nice to sit and talk without being distracted or interrupted. After leaving there we hit the dollar store for some snacks to take to the hospital. I picked one dollar store over the other and the gamble didn't pay off. :o( The one I picked doesn't have a set food supply but they tend to have better deals and types of food....they didn't today. I could probably do with a trip to the other one now. Maybe when I take Michelle to the dentist on Wed I'll stop in quick.

Our next to last stop was the laundromat. I did 3 loads of laundry and decided to dry them in a machine instead of on the line. NOPE, BIL didn't fix the dryer. He thought he did but it's still not working. The good news is....ALL the baby clothes are now washed! :oD I can now pack the baby's bag. I'm hoping to finish everyone else's clothes tomorrow and put up an outfit for them to wear to the hospital. I learned that lesson when Luke was born. Val and Liz weren't in school yet and Tom brought them to the hospital when he picked me up. "Luckily" he got in an accident on the way up to the hospital and his brother had to pick them up and drive them. BIL stayed in his van with the girls while Tom ran in to get me. I was SO glad they didn't come in. They had ripped and holey clothes on, striped leggings and flowered print shirts. Val had a ponytail behind one ear on one side of her head, the other side's pony was almost standing straight up onto of her head! Don't ask me when the last time Liz had had her hair brushed! ROFL

After laundry was done we hit the gas station for bread and milk. We lost out on the bread since they were sold out of it. I'll have to bake some tomorrow.

I got a great surprise in the mail today. One of my online friends sent me a BEAUTIFUL baby quilt! Thank you Jill! All the kids are jealous! LOL Email will be coming to you and especially P in the morning!!!

OK...I think I got everything I wanted to mention in here. If not I'll post again in the morning. I'm heading to bed now.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


I can't believe in a handful of days I'll be having a baby. Everyone is getting so excited around here. It's fun to see Tom getting caught up in too. For a few days this week Eileen has been practicing. My MIL bought Carrie a lifesize baby doll that has a bladder to fill with air or water in it's belly. Eileen carried it around for days wrapped in a blanket. She kept bringing it to me to take care of. How do you nicely tell a 7yo that you don't need to practice and will have a baby 24/7 to take care of soon enough...so no thank you! I played along a bit.

I'm getting a bit frustrated here. There's so much I see that I'd like to get done before the baby is born...but can't do it. Even if I wasn't on bedrest...bending over has gotten HARD and all the work seems to be below knee level. Today is my cheating day but I'm watching my pressure and will change that if it gets too high. We're heading to D's house at 2pm for her 2nd oldest's grad party. Tomorrow I'm planning on laying low so my pressure won't be too high on Monday when I go in for my next OB visit. I WILL be making lists for the kids with things to get accomplished this week. I guess I should start packing some bags (still need to wash baby clothes too). At least I know what I want packed for her. I did bring my hair and toothbrush with me to the dr's on Thurs. So I'm not totally ignoring it.

I THINK this little lady is breech again. Although that opinion can and does change throughout the day. I've felt what I think was her head everywhere but DOWN yesterday. What was down was a lot of pushing and kicks. OUCH!

The kids have asked a few times to have their sugar tested when I test mine. I tested Carrie's last week and it was in the 250s!! YIKES! I reasoned that I wasn't sure what and how soon before testing she'd eaten. On Thurs after dinner all the kids were on my bed with me and asked to be tested...so I tested them all. Jake and Carrie both tested high (I tested at 117). Jake was 155, Carrie was 167 so I decided to see how their fasting levels were the next morning. Jake was 86...Carrie was 121. (should be under 105 for a nondiabetic) I called the nurse practioner at the long term survivors oncology clinic to see if she's had her A1c tested recently, she's on vacation until Monday. Carrie definitely needs it done if she hasn't! When she heard her sugar was high she got a bit excited and asked....does that mean I get my own monitor? LOL If only it was that easy.

Hmmmm, my BIL just walked in, asked for a flashlight and is going downstairs. Would it be a fantasy to think he's putting the new belt on my dryer before the party? *fingerscrossed* It's so much easier for the kids to do the laundry if they don't have to bring it outside and hang up. Plus we don't have to worry about whether it's going to rain or not. If it does happen then I can add....clean up the laundryroom, organize the clothes and get ready for school to my todo list this week! :oD I'm sure the kids won't be smiling at the thought.

OK...going to go laydown before it's time to get ready to go. I may be cheating but I don't want to overdo it either.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

She's a sneaky one!

Went to the OB's today. My cuff tested just about the same as theirs...close enough to say it was accurate. They got 138/80, with my cuff 142/78. I was worried that the numbers would be unbelieveable low again. At least they are what I've been getting at home on a consistant basis. The nurse tried to put my weight into the 220's again and I had to correct her. Originally it looked like my weight had dropped to 206 but after fiddling around on it a bit it read 210...no biggie.

I was prepped for a pelvic exam and waited, and waited and waited. Dr has someone shadowing him and I could hear him discussing things with her. I can't complain..he's definitely not a man you can rush. I like that about him. I know he'll take however long I need him to.

Anyways...I lay down and he starts palpitating my belly to see whether we're "heads or tails". Hmmmmmm.....do it some more....no....not there....hmmmmm again. I suggest how about neither!?!?! LOL Move along the left side of my belly....and then onto right. Some more hmmmmm'ing. OK...guess we're going in for a pelvic to figure this out. All I can say is OOF! I think he was trying to reach my belly button. He thought he had a bottom...nope that's not what that is. He pushed the baby toward him, tried to get a better angle. Finally he says....get dressed we're headed to the sono room to figure this out.

We rev up the machine and he places the transducer above my pelvic bone. Hmmm that's much of anything. He moves it to the left. OH! There's the head. Yep she's transverse AGAIN! This time favoring my left side with her spine facing my diaphram. Since she's proven she's a mover we've left birthing decisions up until the last minute. I was to go back in on Tues to check for position but they were booked solid. So I'm going in on Monday. This time straight to a sono. PHEW!

We're still planning on induction for next Thursday....ONE WEEK!!!...SEVEN DAYS!!! It's too close! I can't believe I may have my baby in my arms at this time next week. YIKES! and YIPPEE!!!

I asked about bedrest...he thought and rethought it. He pointed out how well my pressures have been from the first week to now. I admitted the numbers change whether I'm being good or bad about staying in bed. So it is doing some good. So he decided I should ride out one more week in bed. I'm ok with it but I do plan on cheating already. D is having a graduation party for her dd that graduated with Michelle on Saturday and I'm NOT missing it. I've also been dying to do some sewing and want to make the girls a few quick things. If I run into a really good pressure day where the heat isn't bad in the livingroom (where my machine is), I think I may take a stab at it. Note I said may.

I had a lot of questions about whether an external version was an option and whether he'd allow a vag breech birth. They're all on hold until Monday. Tom is adamant that this is it. While I'm less inclined to agree with him. I understand and respect his stance. We've left it at...if I have a c-section...I'll get my tubes tied. So this baby BETTER get her act together so the chance of a section is greatly diminished!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ouch! Ooch! Eech!

I'd decided yesterday to see if I could work this baby into the right position. So a few times I tried the frozen veggie trick. This involves using an ice pack on the belly where the baby's head is. The theory is the baby won't like the cold and move away from it. You then "chase" it toward the cervix. I coupled this with the knee chest exercises I'm so familiar with from when Luke was breech until 39wks. This is where I lay with my chest on the bed and my buttocks up in the air. Nothing I did hurt and the baby did move a bit...just not enough.

What I'm whining about is her PAYBACK! She decided that once I started to go to sleep last, it night would be the perfect time. I'm not positive what she was doing but it was not a pleasant experience. I felt like she was doing jumping jacks or sitting there just giving my pelvic floor random kicks. I was hoping she was turning but I don't think that's the case....although you never know with her. (never felt anything besides the pelvic floor discomfort) I kept feeling like my water was about to break. I'll just say she's made her point. I've decided to just stick with the knee chest exercises for now. I'm looking forward my next BPP.

I can't believe I have 8 days left!!! It's too close. LOL I always go into an induction thinking....I shouldn't be here. Once labor kicks in though it's a different story. It's still far enough away that I'm not "affected" by it. It's close enough though to be in the back of my mind constantly.

I was on my feet a bit more then I probably should have been yesterday. Moreso then I have been, that's for sure. It's hard when the older kids aren't here, although Liz was home from her trip to Connecticut. She's a bit less able to handle the chaos that can churn up around here then Michelle or Pat can. I figured out on Sunday that me on the couch doesn't work. It wasn't the heat that was the problem, it's quite pleasant out now. I was crowded like I complained about in an earlier entry. I also kept seeing things to be done and would say something about it. Next thing I knew I was right in the mix helping take care of it too. Some supervisor I make.

Well breakfast is over (still need to get some coffee though) and time to get back into bed. Next update tomorrow night after my OB appt. :o)

Monday, August 15, 2005

Monday OB visit update

As usual the nurse got an unbelieveable low blood pressure reading on me (120/60). The dr was impressed and asked...what have you been doing all week...laying in bed ;o) I told him to look at my at home numbers and ask me that again. He reasoned my numbers are so high because my BP cuff is too small...told him nope, I bought an extra large one special. So now I have to bring in my cuff to be tested against the office's when I go in on Thursday.

MY BPP took a while because little stinker didn't want to move around. The dr finally got her to move around. And where is she you ask? She's breech of course...complete breech to be exact (cannonball position) The dr seemed a bit concerned about it but repeated a few times...we have a little time left (10 days to be exact!) Guess that explains the firmness I've been feeling in my midsection. LOL She was measured to weigh 6lbs 13oz...so 7+lbs next week. I was tempted to ask questions about birthing options with a breech baby but decided to wait until next week since she's a mover. The dr asked me if I was considering getting my tubes tied and I responded...I'm not sure yet. He made the comment...that means no at this point. Tom and I really need to talk.

I gained 4lbs that I lost last week so weigh 209. The nurse couldn't figure out why I corrected her on my weight. I reminded her she said my weight was 229! She was taken aback, saw what she'd written and then apologized. Oh yeah, I'm still on bedrest.

I was feeling lousy for some reason during my dr visit. I was HOT and sweating buckets, had a slight headache, and was on the verge of crying. I waited until I was walking out to the car for that to happen though...just a few tears, nothing major.

I went to BJ's and Walmart on the way home. It's nice to have groceries in the house. BUT I FORGOT the garbage bags....major reason for being at the store!! I bougth a few school supplies and baby things, including newborn diapers (they're so tiny and CUTE!) The only things I didn't get that I wanted before going into the hospital are....a cute bonnet for the baby (all they had was knit caps) and a nursing bra for myself. Since WHEN does Walmart NOT carry nursing bras?!?!? I bought 6prs of socks, a pink blanket with plaid binding and a pair of pink booties. Oh yeah and I bought myself some sanitary pads. So we're good to go. Now to wash the things so I can pack it. I'm still not sure what I'm going to pack for myself to wear at the hopsital, guess their gowns will work.

On the way home from Walmart I got pulled over by a state trooper. Seems he noticed my van registration was made in June and I still had the temporary 10 day inspection sticker on it. I was so tempted to try to excuse myself out of the ticket but figured it was no use. He's heard it all and it all just sounded like excuses. Of course it didn't help me feel any better. I managed to hold things together until the trooper got back into his car...then I broke down. I managed to drive down the street until I got to a park and pulled into the parking lot to have a good hysterical cry. There's NO way I'm going to be able to afford the ticket anytime soon. (things are tight!) The only way for me to get any leeway in my fine is to appear in person with an inspected vehicle. Court date is Sept 7th. HOW am I going to show up for that!?!?! Especially if I have a c-section. WAAAAAAAAAH!

Needless to say I got home, instructed the kids to bring in and put away the groceries and then collapsed in my room. My blood pressure was 144/90 which is better then I thought it would be. I'm still on bedrest and really should be heeding it. (soon...I promise)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Saturday was a better day

First of all, thank you to everyone for their warm wishes here and in emails. It's greatly appreciated. Heather....7mos! UGH! I feel for you. And you are very lucky I don't have much time to be online (just to read so I do know what's going on). ;o) Kidding...you're not stirring up anything. I did giggle though when you referred to the board as my board. I still do consider it my baby even though I don't mod it. Thanks.

I'm still fighting slight depression. It's so hard to be in my room when things are going on around the house. I tried to move out onto the couch but it's difficult. First of all it's the main seating area of the house. Second of all it's not air conditioned and it affects me. I sat/half lounged out there for about an hour before I realized I was dripping in sweat and feeling lousy. I went back in my room and my blood pressure was high again.(148/88) GRRRR! It's ONLY in the 80's out there. Why NOW does the heat have to affect me when I did fine in the 90's (while working my butt off getting ready for the grad party to boot!)

Last night I was talking to D on the phone. She made the comment if I hadn't gone to the summer conference (camping) I would have been fine these last 2wks. I'm not so sure she's correct although the trip certainly didn't help anything. (it was worth it though) I didn't feel like I ran myself anymore ragged then I normally do. And I did manage to lay down for half an hour once or twice a day. Besides if it was that then why isn't my pressure cooperating after resting for a week? I think she doesn't realize that this just happens to me near the end in some form. Plus I'm already on the meds they'd give me. Not to mention 2wks doesn't give them too much of a timeframe to work out doseages, strengths, etc.

My crying jags seem to have tapered off at least. I only lost it once yesterday. I'd asked the kids to have Tom come in for a visit. He did :o) He talked about work for a while and then decided it was a good time for a nap. I didn't want him in with me to nap! The kids kept distrubing him and he kept jumping up to let them know. It finally got too much of a hassle for him to relax so he got up and went on about his day. I let loose with the tears. I don't think he fully understands WHAT I do or don't do while in bed. On Friday I noticed he kept shushing the kids when they were in the hall. I finally called out to him...WHY are you telling them to be quiet? I'm NOT sleeping in here! I think he has ideas of what he'd be doing if forced to stay in bed (he's a SLEEPER) so puts those actions on me. HOW can anyone think someone is sleeping for 20+ hrs a day? I really need to get something else to do in my room. MY MIL called last night and was surprised I didn't even have a tv in my room yet. Oh fun, hours upon hours of mindnumbing talk shows and garbage all day. Now if we had cable...I'd be happy. I could watch and enjoy the food network all day. LOL

Yesterday my glucose levels started going up. I'm not sure if it's because I'm not eating my set 6 meals a day (only doing about 3 or 4), lack of activity or normal end of the pregnancy resistance hitting (or all of the above). I'm going to try and eat better today and see what happens. I think we're finally going to have to up my insulin...no biggie.

I have NO idea where this baby is now. She got a huge case of the hiccups and where did I feel them? Deep in my right hip! I've felt a lot of movement along the pelvic floor too. I'd say she's totally transverse again but I also have something firm up in the midsection. Guess we'll find out Monday when I get my next BPP. I feel like I'm carrying small. So I don't know how there's much room for this baby to move let alone do somersaults. I told Tom yesterday...if she's born without the cord around her neck...it'll be a miracle. We haven't had it happen to one of our babies yet. Hopefully it won't.

I've been awake since 4am and up out of bed longer then I intended. Need to get back into a horizontal position. The fact that we're seriously needing a resupply of things here has me tempted to run to Walmart before anyone gets up. I'd love to go to church this morning! UGH! Why am I putting myself through this....thinking what I want, could or would like to do!?!? At least I have my dr appt tomorrow morning to look forward to. ROFL! Guess I could bop into Walmart afterwards.

Friday, August 12, 2005

A not so great day

I had told the kids not to plan on doing anything today because they were going to get some work done around the house. Well they listened but they also pushed the not doing anything into the housework. They kept busy around the house but not attacking what I had written on the list.

I finally blew around dinner time, stormed out into the kitchen and started picking up and doing the dishes. Bad pg lady on bedrest...I know. I was working up a storm and then started crying hysterically. Funny how people started moving then. As soon as someone said something to me I blew. I told the kids I wasn't expecting anything from them anymore since they proved I shouldn't/couldn't. I'll just keep doing what needs to be done, who cares if I end up in the hospital, having seizures or with a dead baby (oops....NOT good thing to blurt out). As long as everyone was having as much fun as they wanted...that's all that matters around here.

As I moved onto the bathrooms, Carrie came in and told me Luke was in his bed crying. He was worried that the baby was going to die. I felt horrible that I'd implant that into his head and started crying again. Him and I ended up cuddling and talking for quite a while. I assured him that the dr and I were doing whatever we could to make sure the baby was fine. I apologized for even putting that thought in his head...it has no right to be there.

I then went into my room and took my bloodpressure. It was 157/88 :o( Tom came in the house and found out what a mess I was. He said I should have told him that things weren't working out well in the house. I asked him why he couldn't see it wasn't working out since the house is a mess. That a lot of things *I* normally take care of and no one notices weren't getting done. I told him technically I couldn't even be out there supervising, much less "forcing" them do what needs to be done. I have to give him kudos though, he made a great dinner. We all sat down to a nice and peaceful dinner. After resting my pressure is down to 144/80 where it's been on and off all day. I hope tomorrow is better pressurewise.

My mom called today. She hasn't been feeling well for over a month and went to the dr's yesterday for a checkup. Her A1C came back at a 8.9...she is officially a diabetic now. I welcomed her to the club. While it's a bummer that she's diabetic. At least her and my dad can work on it together now that they are on the same page. She still has a few tests to take and will see her dr on Wednesday to see how he's going to treat her for this. For me and especially my kids it stinks since we now have diabetes on BOTH sides of my family. Only clean side for it is Tom's dad.

I was going to suggest to Tom that he take the kids to the beach tomorrow. I'm not sure if that's still going to fly. I remembered that tomorrow is the bone marrow drive for a local woman who is on her second transplant. I thought it would be neat for Tom to go over and take Carrie with him. He's not too up to doing things like that (hates crowds) so we'll see if it actually happens. Tomorrow night Drew and his band are playing at the marina again. I'm bummed that I can't go. I'd like Tom to take Michelle and Val since they stayed home last time to babysit and really want to go. I think he's even balking at going to that. Party pooper ;o)

Well it's storming and I need to head back to bed.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Test results are in

I had to the call the OB's office three times today to get the results. It finally required someone from the office to run to the lab at 3:30pm and personally get it. (was suppose to be sent to the office by 11am).

When they called back I was told it was good but slightly elevated. I let them know what my pressure has been running today (138/80). They were going to show the results to the dr and let him know how my pressure is running. They'll call back if there's anything new he wants me to do. So far no news...so I'm assuming that's good.

I got a little frustrated today with the amount of help I am or am not receiving. Depends on who you're talking to. LOL I thought I'd had the kids into a routine where things would just get done. They seem to have different things in their heads. I have had to ask/plead/prod for anything to get done. If this is going to continue for 2 more weeks...things will have to change.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that we have a definite induction date....as long as everything continues along an ok path. It's set for Thurs, Aug 25th when I'll be 38wks. Of course that's also likely to change according to how my pressure goes (not worried about my sugar anymore).

Luke and Jake went with a church family to a water park nearby yesterday and haven't been home since. The mom just called and asked if they could stay another night. I'm glad they get to go and do something fun. I've felt a little guilty that our summer has lacked fun outings, what with getting ready for the party, then the summer conference, now my bedrest. Usually we've gone on quite a few day trips already. On Sunday, Liz went home with one of the girls from Connecticut and is staying at her apartment for the week. She'll be home this weekend. The older kids are pretty much doing whatever seems fun. So it's basically been just Carrie, Eileen and Olivia home with me. At least it's not to many to fit into my bed at once. lol

I was a little bummed when my sister called this morning. She was seeing if I wanted to go to the beach with her and her girls. Obviously it wasn't doable but I SO wanted to GO! I guess I should have called her yesterday. But then again I was kinda waiting to see what my test results would bring.

Since there's only 5 of us home for dinner I was going to try to convince Tom to go and pick up some chinese for dinner. He got paid today and did a bit of shopping on the way home. I don't think he'll be so quick to go get takeout with so many new meals in the freezer/fridge. :o( I'll still try to work him over.

We're in desperate need for some groceries, not just a quick trip to the store for a few things. I'd really love to go and see what my pressure does but I can't risk it too close to my dr appt. If it goes up I'll need a day or so to bring it back down (considering how my pressure is reacting right now). I'll probably just write a list and send the big kids though. It's hard since I don't normally shop from a list...just know what to get and get it. I could REALLY use a laptop about now!!! Then I wouldn't have to be bad and sit at this computer.

OK...going to be a good girl (as soon as I find the store ads to take back to bed with me). Back to bed I go!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Back from the OB's

I'm still on bedrest. My pressure was 130/80 at the dr's today. Better but it's not what I've been getting consistantly at home. I've gotten one or two readings like what they did but most of the time it's still in the 140's over high 80's to low 90's. He was disappointed that he didn't know what my 24hr urine catch was. He won't find out until tomorrow morning. I have to call about 11ish tomorrow to find out. He's still really pleased with my sugar readings.

He has had a med student with him for my last 3 appts. He's been using me quite a bit as lessons for her. Today's lesson was the recommended glucose levels for pg ladies. He said in 1967 a bunch of dr's got together, got drunk ;o) and picked out a bunch of numbers that we've been using ever since (fasting under 105, 1 hr after eating under 140). They happen to be right the first time! The ADA came in recently and tweaked them a bit (a tiny bit lower values) but technically they are very similar...so just use the long standing ones. As they walked into the room she asked about a reading that was a tad high yesterday (141 after breakfast). He let her know that EVERYONE will have an occassional high...especially when that bagel calls to them. I corrected him and told him....small bowl of frosted mini wheats with lots of milk. He LOL and said the same thing called to him this morning. Bet mine was smaller though. ;o) I also let him know that if he'd made the crack about faking my glucose levels in the beginning of the pregnancy I'd have probably been offended.

I've gotten a cold sore on the top of my nose overnight. He said it was from getting sunburnt. I told him it was that I'd gotten run down this last week. At the end of the appt he asked if he could ask an obvious question. I said sure. His question....How can you get sunburnt if you're on bedrest. Both his med student and I let him know the sunburn was from camping last week (wasn't really burnt...just a tad red...no pain). That's why I told him I think it's more from being run down then the sun. He gave me some Valtrex for it but I'm not sure I'm going to take it. (did fill it though) It seems to be decreasing in size already.

The kids are handling me being on bedrest ok...I think. LOL I've had a lot of visits in my room for various infractions but it's calmed down a bit. It seems they've been spending a lot of time playing video games, on the computer and with DVDs. I feel a bit guilty about that but there's nothing I can really do. They also don't seem to mind, although the girls wanted to go swimming today and couldn't go. No big kids to take them, hopefully Tom will take them when he gets home. My house isn't faring so well but I expected that. Tom tends to get on their cases when he gets home. I feel bad to make him the bad guy all the time but again...it's the way it is. I stopped at the store and bought my one splurge for hospital stays...a Math Puzzle and Logic Problem magazine. :o) I also found a book that my mom had given me a while ago. It's along the lines of Danielle Steele's type of writing. Not something I'm really gungho on but I'll take it right now.

I'll update tomorrow once I get my test results.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

OB appt update

That is IF my ISP will allow me to stay online long enough to post this.

I've now been put on bedrest. My pressure was still 148/90 at the dr's office. I let him know that it's been that high since Saturday. He then told me I'm about to become best friends with my pillow and I'm to go on bedrest. He also ordered a 24hr urine collection to test how my kidneys are holding up. I finish the collection Wed morning then take it into the lab and get bloodwork done. After that's over I head to back to the OB's office to be rechecked. I have NO idea what his game plan is.

I had another BPP and got another surprise. The baby has decided that being head down wasn't so fun after trying it out for 2wks. She's transverse again with her head up near my left ribcage. I don't seem as worried about it this time as when I found out she was transverse at 31wks. Thinking about it I probably should be more worried since technically I could have this baby any day now. If she doesn't turn I'll be severely limited in my birthing options.

My weight stayed the same! :o) And the OB asked if I was faking my glucose numbers. lol I was thinking when I left...I would have been ticked if he'd given me that jab at the beginning of the pg. Now it's just a friendly jab. He also asked me if we had a name picked out. I told him we're still discussing it but it was surprise anyways. He acted offended that I wouldn't share it with him and I let him know I had to have ONE secret for him!!! LOL

So today I spent most of the day in my bedroom. I tried the livingroom couch for a bit but it was too hot. Since I was also told to stay out of the heat I headed back into my room with the A/C. I'm not prepared to spend all day in bed and it was BORING! I need to find something to read. I thought about doing some needlework but it's kind of difficult to do while laying on my left side.

I am NOT ready for the baby. It's what I'd had planned to do this week. My room is a mess and laying there looking at it is driving me crazy!!! I also need to get some baby clothes washed and organized. Not to mention going shopping for diapers, nursing pads and sanitary napkins for me. I guess if worse comes to worse I can stop at the store for those on the way home from the hospital. Oh yeah! Guess I should try to get a hospital bag packed too.

Well time to head back into bed. I'll try to update tomorrow.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

We're home

Just a quick note that we're home...I'm exhausted and sore! We had a great time at family fun week though! I felt great for most of the week even though it was over 95 degrees at times. It all started catching up with me though as my blood pressure started rising on Saturday night. I got home quickly today so I could take it easy and try to get it back down. It hasn't really come down yet. (got a 148/100 reading after a nap today) It'll be interesting to see what the nurse gets at the OB's office tomorrow. (2:30pm appt)

Today was Jake's 9th birthday. I'm hoping to write and post his birth story tomorrow night. I'm too tired to do it now.

Monday, August 01, 2005

I'm still around....just not a lot of time to update.

I enjoyed the "cooler" weather this last week and was doing a bit more around here in terms of cooking, cleaning and sewing (although I didn't finish sewing anything...grrrr) Working more around the house means getting online less. The kids took full advantage of that and hogged the computer so when I found a bit of time to get online, it was generally in use.

This weekend was busy as my two oldest nephews came up from California and Georgia for a visit. We had a cookout at my BILs that lasted all day and night. Sunday was spent grocery shopping and then one of my nephews spent the night.

Today I went to the OB and heard that I am now on a timetable. About 3wks until D day!!! (around the 24th unless I am absolutely NOT induceable) The baby at this biophysical measured about 6lbs which is about a week ahead but the dr is ok with it. She's decided she likes the head down position and has settled in nicely.

My blood pressure is still doing well and reading really low at the OB's office (how's 110/50!!!! LOL....only time I've seen 50 in the past was when I was on the verge of passing out). It's higher at home but staying the same. Insulin needs are still the same and might even need to go lower. The OB said he thinks I'm less insulin resistance now then in the beginning of the pg because of my weight loss (actually I weigh about what I did at my first OB appt). He also reiterated that I could reasonably expect to lose THIRTY pounds between delivery and my 6wk appt. I told him I could live with that. He then put a disclaimer on there...That's as long as I don't try to fill the hole having the baby creates with junk...gotta stick with the plan! In general I'm feeling better then I could've ever imagined. My sciatica lays me up a bit here and there but I can live with it.

For the next week I'm in the midst of preparing and going to our church's annual summer/family fun conference. (Wed night - Sun afternoon) I was going to sleep at home and commute (only 2miles away) but have decided to give camping a go. (pulling our popup over there) The kids miss out on less when we spend the night (although I'll miss Tom) and it's really fun for them. Not to mention I then have a place during the day to go sit, eat and take a nap if I need it. It's also easier to get everything done ahead of time, go there and stay there. Sometimes having a comfy bed and all the comforts of home makes getting everyone out the door by 9:30 a little difficult. At church they have their friends waiting for them as soon as they get up and they're a lot more cooperative to get going...as am I. LOL The kids know we're flying by the seat of our pants, so I could decide I can't or am not handling it well and go home at anytime. Hopefully it won't amount to that though.