Thursday, October 18, 2012

We're home

Carrie was discharged from the hospital at 6:30.   Her test showed that things aren't perfect and could be contributing to the kidney infections.   They aren't bad enough to do anything drastic like surgery to fix it though.   So for now we leave it like it is and hope we can get to the point that she doesn't get any more infections...thinking this is all still related to the kidney stone and stent even though they are gone.    I just hope he's right because we can't be doing this every month or so.   And most of all it's not good for her kidney!

We were out the door in no time BUT we couldn't car wouldn't start!   On Monday I'd taken a shower before leaving the house and my hair was down.  So before going into the urologist's office I pulled down my visor so I could pull up my hair.  I left the visor opened with the vanity light on!  For three days!   Luckily my parents' house isn't too far from the hospital so I called Drew to come give me a jump.   We were also lucky in that didn't insist Carrie stay in the hospital until she could get in the car and that it was a really beautiful night out.   Carrie and I stood on the top of the parking garage and people watched...pretending multiple times that we were dropping things on them or making up stories about their lives.   It was one way for me to get a chance to get a kiss from Meghan.   I bought them dinner at a local place on the university for helping me out.   On the way home Carrie and I stopped to fill her prescriptions and then ran through McDs for some fries to share and a drink.   When Carrie noticed one of our school buses in the parking lot we decided to go inside.   It was the girl's field hockey team coming home from a game, so Carrie got to say hi to a few friends.

It is nice to be home.   I'm due to head out the door in 20 minutes and take Val to work.   I'm tempted to not come right home and go grocery shopping  and just let Sean and Danielle sleep in and take the day off.  We REALLY need groceries.   I could be home by 9 or 10 and then spend the day with them.   Besides Sean has gotten another cold and was coughing most of the night.   I think he might even have a bit of a fever but I'm afraid to touch him to find out because then he'd probably be up for the day!  

Well, I took Val to work and decided to go to Wegman's quick and let the kids stay home.   I ran through the store and filled my cart but then GRRRRRRRR!    I realized I'd left my cell at home and inside the case was my bank card and my license, so I wrote a check.   It came up denied!!!   I have had their shoppers club card since they were first offered 20+ yrs ago.   The reason I was check cashing privileges are attributed to my card.  HUH!?!?   It seems when they sent me my replacement card it didn't include all my privileges....I had to add them back on again.   Problem need a LICENSE to add these privileges to your card!   When I explained that I was writing a check because my bank card and license were home and that I've had the account forever, that only the card was new because my old one couldn't be read anymore it fell on deaf ears.   I was given the option of using a credit/debit card (helllloooo it's at home!), them holding the cart of groceries while I went to the bank and cashed the check (no branches in the area and besides....i need my license to do that!) or to run home and get my license and proceed with the process (which would take over an hour and if I did that I wouldn't need to write a check since I could also grab my bank card!).    I ended up walking out of there without any groceries having just wasted a hour of my time and feeling a bit frustrated and like they thought I was trying to scam them.  Then on the way home I realized I was also without my coupons that I "used"!...including a buy one get one free shampoo coupon that I'd rather use at BJ's.   I'd only used it there because we desperately needed shampoo and conditioner and they didn't have any of the cheap VO5 stuff on the shelf.   So double GRRR!  

And on that note I have to leave, Val just called.   She's sick and needs me to come pick her up at work.  Never a dull moment.      

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quick update

The urologist came in this afternoon.    Seems the cat scan didn't show any new stones so we're dealing with another kidney infection.  So we continue IV antibiotics.  We have to figure out why this keeps happening. Tomorrow they are scheduling her for a test to see if her urine is backing up into her kidneys.  As long as the test comes out ok, she stays fever free and her bloodwork supports that she's improving we should be heading home tomorrow.

Earlier tonight she started complaining of more pain in different areas.  I couldn't help but get nervous because that is how her yeast infection started last time.  Hopefully it's nothing and the rest of the night is booooring.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This is exhausting

Carrie and I are again enjoying a fun filled vacation at the children's hospital.  She came home from Liz's on Sunday with a fever and pain in her right side.  We had a 9am post-op appt with the urologist so we sweated things out at home for the night.  Carrie slooowly walked into the office bringing along her fever of 102.   We were immediately sent to radiology to get an ultrsound.

Originally Carrie also had an appt at 10:20 at the KNOT clinic (for long term cancer survivors).  So we stopped in there already an hour late...explained things and dropped off some papers.  Then we headed back to the urologist's.   We walked in, they looked at the ultrasound and then announced they were admitting her.   Something was uttered about more stones, swollen kidney, possible blockage and cat scan but nothing definitive.

We sat in an exam room for 2+ hours waiting for her room to be ready. It wasn't too bad, Carrie napped and I spent most of the time calling and texting people trying to fix needed rides to and from work, another needed shot records for their job in the morning and another had to be given instructions for the next day.  Boy, was I glad I got up in the middle of the night to throw in the 3 loads of laundry, get a few outfits for Sean and Danielle put aside and pack myself a bag...just incase.  I just wish I hadn't put off grocery shopping Sunday night.

So here we are.  Carrie had her cat scan about 10pm, is now fever free and is getting pain meds and antibiotics.  I have yet to talk to the doctor since we left their office.  It's a little frustrating.  I know they've been really busy but what is going on!?!?  I'm pretty sure she has stones because the sono tech slipped and asked something about them.  When she realized I didn't have knowledge of them she tried to cover herself.  Which sucks since it's purely a legal cover your butt thing (and I'm not blaming the's society's fault).

As far as I know things are going ok at home.  Luke managed to send Danielle to school with her library book and Sean with his snack.  Oh crap!!!  I JUST realized that today was Danielle's day to bring in a snack for the whole class!!!!  Ugh!!!!  And here I was thinking everything was covered.  Hopefully her teacher has a back up plan.  I know she'll understand, it just makes me sad to think of those kids with grumbly tummies if there's no back up.

Speaking of grumbly tummies, Carrie is up from her nap and it's time for lunch so gonna end this.  I'll try to keep things updated here.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Field Trip

I chaperoned my first field trip today.  It was a trip to the apple orchard with Danielle's class.   I was given 3 kids to take care of, Danielle, a little guy I know from church, Timmy and N.  Mrs G NOT take your eyes off of N for a second.   Oh great!  Within a minute of introducing myself to N her mother showed up to go with her so it was only Danielle and Timmy for me.   Easy Peasy.

Those kids...OMGoodness I just wanted to take them all home in my pocket!   Although on the way home I decided I didn't want to be a bus driver when I grew up.   The responsibility would weigh pretty heavily over me and those kids can get a bit crazy after being cooped up all day.  We had a lot of fun  and ate some yummy apples.  Timmy was a sweetheart as always and Danielle didn't want me to go home without her.   We were back before lunch and they had work to do so I promised I'd pick her and  Sean up at the end of the day.   So everything was good after that.

WHY do I have to make things so difficult for myself?   Tomorrow is a Dome day.  Oh well so much for not letting posts sit.   I wrote this on the 4th!    Not only did I do Dome day but have also done 2 more.  The One World Concert with the Dalai Lama was Tuesday and tonight was Orange Madness which is a pep rally for the men's and women's basketball teams.    

For some reason I've had very little sleep the last few days.

Tuesday...One World concert until 1am, got into bed after 3am
Wednesday...Up at 6:30am, into bed with the little ones at 8pm
Thursday...Up at 4am, into bed shortly before the following 4am
Friday...Up at 6:30am (Sean made sure of that), running errands all day, home at 2:15pm and into bed for half an hour nap, night at the dome and now here I sit (1:15am)

WHY!?!?!     I should be sleeping like a rock, yet I'm sitting here probably babbling unintelligibly while watching mythbusters on netflix with Jake.

I am sooo glad that there is nothing going on tomorrow and Val doesn't have to work.   I'm hoping both Danielle and Sean sleep in although I don't think Sean is capable.  I so wanted to keep them home with me today but then I remembered that I had running around to do.   Sean being up and attem before the sun helped decided to send them.   Plus it seems like they've missed a good bit of school.  They keep coming down with little illnesses.  Danielle had a fever all day and well into the night last Saturday.   They have sore throats and headaches.   I  finally took Jake into the dr's Wednesday since he was coughing constantly.   At the last second I decided to bring Carrie in  for a throat culture.   Then I ran home....grabbed Olivia, Danielle and Sean...headed back to the dr's and  had their throats swabbed too.  Yesterday the call came in, they all have the some germ that they COULD fight themselves but the dr is willing to treat.   Since it seems it's been ongoing for a while I decided to treat them all, except for Danielle....she's negative.   The dr wants to see Sean in 3 to 6wks to recheck his lungs and ears.   I'm ok with that because I wanted Sean's ears retested since he failed the hearing/tympanogram during his kindergarten checkup.  

Last weekend I had all these plans to get things done but manage to not get one single thing done.  Not this weekend, I just want to chill and have fun hanging out together.    Now were to do I hire a mom so I really can spend the day doing nothing?    I guess I should attempt to get into bed if I don't want to have to fight my eyelids all day tomorrow.   They're finally getting a bit heavy now.   NIGHT