Thursday, March 31, 2005

This sucks!

I'm not really sure I should be writing anything just now. I think maybe forcing myself into bed and waiting until tomorrow morning to see how things are to write might be a smart idea. Unfortunately I can't see myself sleeping even if I do get into bed.

I feel like there are tons of things wrong yet it doesn't seem like anything. I feel like crud yet can't pinpoint how or why I feel like this. I find myself climbing into my bed on and off all day. In the morning I'll reevaluate whether to put a call into the OB. As of right now I'm thinking it might be a good idea.

The poor kids. Things are falling apart here with me not being with it. I feel like I'm "ignoring" them although it's not my intention. It was another night that Carrie didn't finish her homework, not that I wasn't on her about it since about 5pm. At least Michelle has food prep this week so they ate dinner, granted it wasn't until 8:30 but they did eventually get something into their bellies. (and it wasn't half bad! lol)

OK enough pity to try to sleep.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Busy on an exhausted body....

it doesn't fare well. I've been going non-stop since Thursday. You know it's bad when there's no chance to get on the computer at least once a day. Thursday was my dr appt (report below), grocery shopping and guests. Val had K and J come home after school and spend the night. It was a makeup of her missed birthday party. The kids had Friday off for Good Friday. At least K and J aren't labor intensive although they still require food and such. They decided they wanted to go to rock and roll bowling so left at 9pm and got home around 3am. Oh to be young again!

Friday was spent paying attention to my kids, trying to get them to do some work around here and baking for a bake sale on Saturday. I made 2 batches of lemon pound cake, 1 batch of lemon poppy cake, 3 bathches of applesauce spice cake (let one batch be for the house) and 2 batches of cinnamon rolls. Unfortunately I thought I remembered the recipe for the cinnamon buns but I hadn't. I used half the sugar for the filling as I should've...they were bland so the kids got to have them for a snack. I was going constantly from 11am until 4pm. At 4 it was time to sew up my split skirt from last week and get ready to have a dinner date with my parents. Tom and I were out the door by 5:30pm.

Dinner was nice although it had a few minor mishaps. We were seated next to the wall of water which I declared I wanted in my house! LOL (whole stone wall turned into a waterfall) Only problem is that it was brightly lit and it hit my dad square in the eyes...luckily they corrected that problem. Then without realizing it, his jacket that was hanging on the back of the chair was slowly getting sprayed from the falling water...luckily it wasn't too bad and he could still wear it. I think our waitress needed a few lessons in serving. She hardly ever walked around the table and reached across Tom and my mom on more then one occassion. I was given my glass of water, plate of food and COFFEE from the other side of the table...delivered into my hands, midair...not placed on the table in front of me. I was pretty nervous about getting the food and coffee over Tom. At least she was pleasant and attentative. My dad had broiled monk fish in a balsamic sauce...he didn't care for the sauce too much. My mom had veal parm which she claimed tasted like liver...they comped us for her meal. Tom and I had a haddock dish with a wine sauce. I'm not to hot on wine sauces (don't really care for wine period) but it was one of the better ones I've had and enjoyed it anyways. We opted to get dessert from the local bakery/grocery store and have it at home a few hours later with coffee and conversation. We had a nice visit and got home after 1am. Everyone was asleep or in their room when we got home so we had some alone time here too. We finally got to sleep about 3:30.

I was up at 7:30, although I didn't want to. We had to be at Walmart for our bakesale as soon as possible. Carrie and Liz were working there, I brought the other little ones because they needed new sneakers. Unfortunately WHICH Walmart wasn't very clear and I went to the wrong one. I incorrectly assumed it was at the closest one. Luckily I had my cell phone and could find out exactly where we were. I still took the kids sneaker shopping. I HATE sneaker shopping even though the kids were really well behaved and Liz helped Eileen and Olivia take them on and off. I teared up a time or two just because I was feeling lousy and exhausted.

We left that Walmart and got to the right one with enough time to spend a few hours with the other girls. Poor Jake was put out to be the only boy there. He tried to avoid us as much as possible. Everyone one had fun and it was a success....raised over $250! :o)

We got home about 5:30 or 6 and I immediately laid down for a nap. At 7 I felt sorry for everyone and got up to help fix dinner. By 9:30 I was in tears for real this time and went to bed. I kept thinking it was wrong to do because I still had to make up Easter baskets for everyone. But I couldn't help it...I shut down. Tom told me he tried to wake me at 11:30 or 12 so I could do baskets but I wouldn't budge. I don't remember that happening and I usually I do.

I woke up at 3am and the thought of the baskets weighed on me. I dozed, tossed and turned until 5 when I finally got up and did them. It didn't take too long and I was back in bed shortly after 6. As I climbed into bed, Olivia snuggled up to me, reached up and patted the top of my head with a huge smile on her face. ROFL! I wonder exactly what she was thinking or dreaming at that time.

After getting up at 7:30 and denying myself from dipping into the treats, I started to get ready for church. I had to bring candy for their egg hunt, makings for lunch and of course the little kids. I felt like garbage and wanted to just stay home and vegitate. Of course I couldn't becuase I'd already said we'd go so they were really excited. I just kind of hung out while the kids had a ball. I talked to D today and she asked if I was ok that I seemed glum yesterday. I let her know I felt really lousy. She was encouraging me to call the MW and be seen. I told her I would if I felt lousy again but for now I felt a lot better. I just have to remember that I'm no spring chicken and this pregnancy is really taking a toll on me!

After church I took another nap then got up to help the kids color eggs. While they finished up I made a ham dinner. It was really nice and we all sat around the table together. I have to admit we've gotten lax in that department and I regret it..especially after last night. This morning Eileen mentioned that dinner was really fun and we have to eat all together all the time. I have to say, I agree with her 100%!

I am sad to report that I still have spent ZERO time in my room. My self imposed deadline is tomorrow. :o( I don't think I'm going to hit it. I'm still pretty tired today and it's a HUGE job. It makes me a bit depressed that I didn't make the time for myself to get it done. I have to say that most of the house has fallen in cleanliness lately. I know it'll be better once the kids are out of school and won't have to compact so much into so little time while at home. I also know that part of the problem is that I haven't been home for the last two weekends. Especially since Saturday is our big cleaning day. I have to give them credit...they did try, it's just not the same. Even given the fact that Tom tends to get more work out of them then I do.

I have tons of ground beef to deal with in the fridge. I have to make a huge batch of meatballs and have over 14 green peppers to stuff. Not sure what's for dinner I vote for pizza and wings! Or anything I don't have to think about or make. ;o)

Dr appt and pregnancy news...

I went to the dr's on Thursday. My weight went up 2lbs which is fine by me. It seemed an impossible task to lose weight while pg. I thought since my body was cooperating while I was doing everything I should have (eat enough and keep my sugar down)...I might as well embrace it. My bloodpressure was super low! (112/78) This nurse has been known to get ridiculously low numbers on me before. I'm glad I'm keeping track at home so I don't get a false sense of it being GREAT! Usually I run 130's/80's. At least I haven't gotten as high of a reading at home as I did last appointment.

I talked with the MW about the possibility of being allowed to go naturally or even to 40wks (tend to be a 41-42wker). She said no, the goal is to get me as close to 38wks as possible. It left me a bit on edge because she made it seem like it would be a feat if I didn't have to deliver before 38wks. *heavy sigh* Oh well, guess I've heard that story before. They were wondering whether I'd make it to a safe wk with Olivia and I was still hanging around and doing fine at 38wks. :o)

The dr upped my morning insulin dose 2 units and I think I'm on the brink of upping some dosages over the next few days. I can't really say right this second because I've been winging controlling my sugar from Wednesday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. After taking my fasting bs reading on Wed morn I got up to answer the phone with the glucometer in my hand. While chatting I set it somewhere I don't normally set it. Then I couldn't remember where it was! I'd searched for days and on Saturday offered the kids a $5 reward to whoever found my kit. Not everyone was here to hear the challenge and those that looked didn't find it, so I reiterated the offer on Sunday. Jake is now $5 richer. He found it in the box of gloves and hats on a shoe shelf. LOL Don't ask.

With yesterday being Easter I was worried about my sugal levels...especially not having a monitor. I have to say I'm impressed with myself, I only ate a few jellybeans and a chocolate covered marshmellow eggs (usually eat the whole dz in the carton myself. LOL) Unfortunately after dinner my sugar was a tad high at 157 (1hr postprandial...suppose to be under 140). I couldn't resist the homemade mashed potatoes and a tiny spoon of cranberry sauce. My morning fasting (97) wasn't bad, but they've been better so I'm watching what I eat today and seeing how my numbers go for the next 24 to 36hrs before I make any doseage decisions.

I did notice something though....I REALLY need my monitor. When I don't have anything to hold me accountable...I CHEAT! I tried not to but still found myself dipping or doling myself more of things I shouldn't have. I can't says that I totally enjoyed it either. I also had a pretty rough end to the week, I think not eating correctly had a part in it. I felt off. I was really busy (more on that in later) and on the go all weekend. I did get a little nervous yesterday morning though. I'd been crampy on and off, especially after being on my feet for more then an hour. I'd thrown up once or twice for no apparent reason (hadn't just eaten or needed to eat) yet I didn't feel ill. Then I see heavy thick CM, luckily it was clear or I think I might have freaked out. I'd decided if I still felt off today I'd call for an appt. I'm feeling tons better today! :o)

Oh and the greatest news of all...I DEFINITELY felt the baby move yesterday!!! I'd thought I might have felt it earlier this week before I got out of bed in the morning (having a full bladder). But I wasn't sure. Yesterday while sitting on the couch I had a HUGE flutter with a few small ones following it. I was wishing I could share it with everyone. I just kept it to myself and enjoyed it. I didn't want the kids to get frustrated that they couldn't participate yet. Also I haven't been so touchy feely since not feeling well. So the thought of them TRYING to feel the baby move made me crawl out of my skin.

At the last second I opted out of making an appointment for the amnio. (would have been this week) I just didn't want to debate myself about it anymore and had run out of time so decided to turn it down and stop thinking about it. I don't have to go into the dr's for 2 wks and have an u/s scheduled for the week after that. I can't wait!!!

PSA (Public Service Announcement) ALWAYS read the directions

especially on OTC medicine bottles. Luckily for me it wasn't that big of a deal but it irks me that I didn't notice it for a few weeks. I was checking out my OTC prenatal vitamins (OneSource) to see if it would be ok for Carrie to take them. Chewables make her gag and adult vits are too big for her to swallow. My prenates are some of the smallest vits I've seen. After comparing Adult to my Prenates I noticed at the top of the nutritional info....serving size 2 caplets. HUH??? I look down at the directions and see...take 2 caplets daily with a full glass of water. GRRRRRR! For the last few weeks I've only been getting half the vitamins I should have. So read your bottles!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

And in a fit of sleepiness

I hit the publish button instead of the save as a draft button last night. LOL Oh well, at least it didn't stop midsentence like I thought it did. Although I have to admit I can't quite remember where else I was going to go with my thoughts last night. Just that I wasn't finished. So consider yourself spared. LOL

My visit with my parents was nice although a bit tense at times. My dad has been told he needs to go back in for a by-pass. In Oct of '97 he had a triple by-pass done. Two of the three new lines are now blocked again and angioplasty wasn't cutting it a few weeks ago. He's terrified (I don't blame him) and doesn't want to go through all that pain and recovery again (don't blame him here either). He thinks because he's not feeling any symptoms he doesn't need to do it now. I tried to tell him NOW was the perfect time to do it...while he was still healthy. If he waits until he has symptoms his heart and body are going to be in worse shape to handle the stress he'll have to put it under. He agreed but it doesn't make the decision any easier. It's especially hard on him because he's convinced he's living on borrowed time. He was 58 when he went in for surgery the first time. Since I've been a little girl I've heard him say he wasn't going to live to see 60. His father, all this uncles and his brother all died when they were 59. He felt it's a family curse. So every year after that is borrowed time and he's tempting fate to end his luck by doing it again. I hate to see him go into this with such a depressed attitude. It really bothered/scared me last time too.

I keep suggesting he get pigheaded and determine this thing isn't going to beat him. Nor is it going to stop all the great things he had planned to do this spring/summer. To go in, get it done and come out with the plan to recover as quickly and as well as he could.

He's seeing the surgeon tomorrow and we both have a feeling that I'll be spending my birthday Tuesday in a cardiac waiting room. Of course he said I don't have to be there and shouldn't be spending my birthday that way. I told him I wasn't going to be there for HIM. Besides what better way to celebrate my birthday but to have my dad open his eyes and say Happy Birthday after getting out of surgery! :o)

I didn't get a chance to talk to Tom too much about it yet but my parents want the 4 of us to go out to eat Friday night for my birthday. I'll have to call and pin him down on a decision this afternoon so I can let them know.

Today's plan of action is to ignore my desire to go overhaul my kitchen and head into my bedroom. I HAVE to get it done and out of the way. It's bugging me that I have it hanging over my head. I also want to start sewing which is difficult right now seeing as my sewing supplies tipped over and are on my bedroom floor under some clothes. I guess you could say I was hit with a clue by four that I need new clothes on Saturday. While D and I were grocery shopping I split the back of my skirt. I crouched down to put 2 gallons of milk on the bottom of my cart and the seam ripped out from the slit up to the middle of my buttocks. Luckily I had my coat on and could tie it around my belly. Tom wondered if I gave anyone a peek show. I told him...probably but if granny pants are what it takes to float their boat....glad I could oblige. LOL

Random thought for the day....How many trips to the store does it take until you remember to buy food coloring/paste. (need it to color eggs this weekend)

Answer...Hopefully less then it takes to remember to buy mouse traps (nope, still haven't gotten them) I told the girls to remind me to get them before we ran into the store last night. Realized I forgot to get them as we walked out the store doors. Liz insisted she reminded me 2 times while in there but I don't remember hearing her. *heavy sigh*

Monday, March 21, 2005

I feel like I've....

stepped into a Jetson's cartoon. LOL All around me work is being done with a push of the button. How do they think up these things?!? The dishwasher is now installed. Like all other installation and fix-it jobs, it didn't go as smoothly as planned. At least we had everything here we needed. Drew did most of the work with Tom's assistance on a few rethinking/reworking sessions. I think I have the 6th load in now as I type. It's so cool to not hear a dull roar, towel up leaking water and rewash spotty or unclean dishes anymore. Funny that my almost bottom of the line Kenmore is so much better then my top of the line Maytag (even compared to when it was brand new).

I didn't feel so well on Sunday after breakfast. I was exhausted and felt nauseated so took a short nap. Michelle and Val kept bugging me about going to the mall to look at prom dresses. I'm happy to announce that not only did we go, we managed to find Michelle the dress for her. I'd say it was perfect except for the fact it's a tad snug. It's not so snug that the seams are in jeapordy of popping or she looks like she's stuffed into it. It's snug enough where she might not be breathing as deeply as she normally would though. We called all over a few cities and no one had the dress in the next biggest size. I think we found 10 dresses in this size range the whole afternoon! I really wish the fashion industry would make clothes for society's needs instead of trying to dictate what society should have! We're not all a misses size FIVE!!! We're still keeping our eye out for dresses but at least we have the pressure off of us. It kills me to spend $100 on a dress for one night. I guess I can't say anything at least Michelle gets to KEEP her dress unlike the boys and their tuxes which cost about the same.

It was bugging me to have to wear a regular shirt and look fat instead of pregnant again. So I ran into Old Navy and I bought myself a tank top and 3 t-shirts! Woohooo! It's so nice to be dressing the part! I'm going to have to do something about my skirts now. The bulky flies and waistbands are making a mess under my tshirts.

Val hasn't passed her stone yet. :o( She forgot her pee strainer cup this morning so I had to run it to school for her. Even though I was dragging pretty good this morning I decided to go visit my parents. Unfortunately they weren't home. LOL It's a loooong trip to make just to turn back around and head home (30miles one way). So I took Olivia and Liz (stayed home from school AGAIN!) to the Asian Buffet for lunch. We sat there for about an hour and enjoyed the food. I stuck with mostly veggie foods.

We went back to my parents and they still weren't there so we decided to camp out in the driveway for about half an hour. They pulled in within 15mins. :o) We stayed and chatted until after 7pm. My dad made us some YUMMY homemade fried butterfly shrimp. I thought I did good on my eating but both my lunch and my dinner were up and a smidge over 140. I'll have to be really good tomorrow and see if it's time to up my morning doseage. I'm assuming it was just that I didn't eat normal though.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Welcome Spring!!!

If you ever decide to come around. I welcome you with huge open arms. We had a bit of a tease yesterday with temperatures into the 40's. We still have tons of snow on the ground and it looks like me may be in for more today. I'm SO ready for the warmer (but not too warm) weather to get here! I just keep reminding myself that we're usually into t-shirt material by the middle of April so it's not too far away. :o)

Yesterday D and I went out with a few kids. First we stopped at a rehabilitation/nursing home to see a older lady from church who fell and broke her hip. Luckily she's only in there for a short time . It was a very nice visit. Those type of places make me want to run away and keep coming back at the same time. Everyone's face lit up when they saw D's baby get wheeled by. I told her the place needs a pet Baby J to go along with the other pets they have around the place (birds, cats and a dog). :o)

We went to a local Tex-Mex place that we'd never been to before. My BBQ pork sandwich was good but the coleslaw wasn't so hot. The kids enjoyed theirs also. Unfortunately D didn't care for the spices in her burger and couldn't eat it. (she's still feeling the affects of the pg hormones too which don't help). We've chalked it up to experience. Funny thing is...none of us got the deep fried oreos they're famous for. LOL We then and picked up my DISHWASHER! YEAH! It's not installed yet but should be as soon as certain people are out of bed.

We then hit Target and the grocery store. I got a few things at target but nothing too great to brag about. At the grocery store I got the common questions from the bagboy....Stocking up? No? How long will this last? A week!?! (I didn't even get any meat lol) How many kids do you have? At least he thought it was cool and was interested in the makeup of it instead of telling me how insane it was. Which always makes for a very pleasant shopping experience. I am officially pregnant! Someone in the store asked me when I was due. MADE MY DAY! :oD I had to giggle though when they said I looked like I was due anyday now after I told them not until September. I thanked them and said...I knew I popped out lately but didn't realize I popped out THAT much.

D lucked out that they had a group selling grilled burgers outside of the grocery store for $1. I agreed with her, the $1 burger was better then her $4 burger at the tex-mex place (she's asked me to taste it to see if she was imagining things). Our quick trip into the suburbs that started at 10:30 ended at 6:30. WHY does it always take us all day to shop. We'd both hoped to be home by early afternoon. We hadn't even gotten lunch by 1! LOL

As everyone gets up this morning all I can here is snuffling, coughing and nose blowing going on. I'm fighting a cold myself (with the help of claritin) I have an hour or so to decide but I think we'll be staying home from church today. Carrie even sounds a touch croupy and it's the first morning for her. I certainly don't need to be passing that around...especially in D's family. She's spent quite a few nights in the hospital with kids with severe croup over the years.

I think Val is about to pass her stone. She showed me some sand in her strainer this morning and said it hurt to go to the bathroom. She hasn't had any pain since Friday morning. This morning she took a pain pill and has made a lot of quick trips to the bathroom. Guess that would be what the urologist was referring to when he asked if she felt the need to pee but didn't really go too much. So fingers crossed that today is THE day. LOL

Michelle is sitting here asking me to go to the mall. She needs to find a gown for the senior ball. It's not until June but I do know with her being a difficult size to find we need to go out when there's a huge selection. The bargin hunter in me is cringing though because I know at the end of May dresses will be really cheap. I thought about making her a dress but with the fabric alone I'd be spending $64. Not something I want to gamble about and be stressed with. Hopefully I can find a dress for around that price.

Because I went shopping I never got into my bedroom to clean. Looks like I have my work cut out for me this week. I have so many things I want to get I don't know where to start first! I guess breakfast would be a good start...seeing as I've had my insulin already.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I really should learn to...

listen to myself. Yesterday I mentioned the need to keep something to raise my blood sugar with me at all times. Well, it went in one ear and out the other on my end. Val never did call home to be picked up yesterday. About 2ish I felt comfortable with the fact she wouldn't need me so Liz, Olivia and I went out shopping. We hit the fabric store first and found some valentines day fabric reduced 60%. Liz bought an adorable red silky material with Hello Kitty and conversation hearts on it. We're thinking they'd make great pj bottoms and maybe a camisole. I'm worried about Liz using this on her first major project. I'm trying to convince her to try out the pants pattern with a bunch of flanelette I have.

We then hit the mall to look for some clearance sales. I also had ordered a new dishwasher from Sear's yesterday and they had it in stock. Silly me thought we could somehow figure out a way to squeeze the machine into my Olds trunk. It's big but it's not THAT big. The guy at Sear's looked at the trunk and wouldn't even consider trying it. I guess I'll have to wait until we get someone with a bigger vehicle to get it. :o(

Sear's actually had some decent clearance sales, including an additional 50% off Land's End clearance tickets. Liz got a cute LE jean skirt for $1.50. I think we got something for each of the girls. There wasn't anything decent for anyone else, including gender neutral baby stuff. I was hoping I'd find some cheap cute stuff for the baby.

We struck out at Old Navy, not a stinking thing under my price limit. I did drool and almost buy some maternity t-shirts for $10ea. It's a bit higher then I like to pay but I have a feeling I'm not going to have too much of a choice. I'm getting impatient with she fat or is she pg phase I'm in. Although my belly is getting a bit rounder, it would be obvious with a maternity shirt on. LOL

I always have to run into Kay-bee toys when I'm at the mall. Their clearance stuff makes for great stocking stuffers and things to wrap when there's a birthday party to go to. I bought out all their Hulk pens with a game at the end. I can consider myself done with my nephew's Christmas presents now...$.99ea I bought a few Tiny Steps Baby Kelly sets for $2.50ea. Actually they were $7.99ea or 2 for $5. Luckily I was paying attention when he rung out the third one and saw it ring up for the single price. Foolishly I had Liz run back and grab a 4th set so I could pay $2.50 less and essentially get the 4th free. LOL I also bought Tom a handheld jeapordy game (THE best show in his eyes) and myself a scrabble game. Gotta get the neurons moving and exercized.

As we left the toy store I started feeling cruddy. I realized I hadn't eaten in a long time and my sugar was dropping quickly. I was so tired and didn't want to function. I got to the food court, found out Arby's takes cc/debit cards and ordered. Thing fish sandwich wasn't made and it'd take 5 minutes for it to be done. I sat at the table, ate a few of the girl's curly fries and hoped the 5mins would be quick. I was kicking myself for not having something in my purse to grab to eat. Even my glucose tablets were at home, although I'm not sure how they got out of my purse (remember holding them on Sunday). I couldn't imagine what the girls would have done if I'd passed out. I really have to be more careful about that! It also hit me...I didn't have my monitor or my insulin. Here I was well past dinner and hadn't had my evening dose of insulin. What if my car broke down and I was stuck somewhere for a while. Not a good thing. I was worried about driving home but luckily the fish sandwich, a few more curly fries and a swig of root beer made me feel relatively better. I'm finding I get crampy when on me feet a lot. I'm going to be in big time trouble this summer if this continues! I feel like I won't be able to walk by then. My feet/ankles were hurting too so I cut things short. We ran to Walmart and then got home shortly after bedtime.

This AM my sugar was up to 114. (has to be under 100) I haven't been that high in quite a while. I'm not sure exactly what did it. One thing I picked up at WM was a timer. I've found since my numbers have been better I'm not remembering to test regularly. So now I set the timer for an hour after I eat so I'll be reminded to test.

Val went to school this morning but she's still not feeling well. The nurse called about 8:45am to let me know she needed to be picked up. I couldn't run out because the school bus hadn't even picked up the 2nd trip kids yet. Pat ran over there to get her before he went to classes. She's been laying around and napping most of the day. She's sick of feeling yucky and mentioned trying the surgery so it would be done and over with. I don't blame her a bit.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Now that my glucose levels are down. I'm finding I have to be careful to stick to my diet and make sure I eat on time. This morning I tested after breakfast (had an english muffin with egg, cheese and canadian bacon) and found I was a 64!!! I'm sitting here with a few gummi hearts waiting for Liz to finish making me some french toast (her specialty). Guess I'm really going to need to make sure I have something to snack on or bring my sugars up quickly from now on.

Val went to school today even though she hasn't passed the stone and is still sore. I'm expecting her to call me to come get her soon. I made her take her pain medication before leaving. I'm sure after she socializes with her friends at lunch...sticking around for classes won't be so important. It's a bummer though because I really wanted to go visit my parents today. If I leave I'll be an hour away from the school...not a good idea. I can't even take Liz to the fabric store either. Hopefully we'll get that done tomorrow or Friday.

I forgot all about our unexpected news last week. Unlike Chris we have a REAL mouse problem. I'm sure Chris would gladly trade with me though. Val casually mentioned last Thursday morning AFTER her shower, that she saw a mouse in the bathroom before she got into the shower. LOL I finally remembered to let Tom in on the news Monday night. He forgot to buy traps yesterday. I should probably call him and remind him before he leaves work today. I'm trying to decide whether one sighting in a week is a good thing or not. And exactly how many of his friends did he invite to the party? It makes the idea of going down in the basement to clear out the bags of OLD stored clothes a little intimidating. They seem like the perfect place to set up mousey condos. Maybe I'll move that down my list just a bit.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I have no idea how I forgot to share

the most exciting news of my dr visit....we heard the baby's heartbeat!!!! I've been waiting and waiting for this milestone for weeks and I totally forget to report when it happens. It was a bit tricky to find at first and I was getting nervous but we found it. It registered in at 147-150 range. :o) Olivia got to hear it too as she was with me. I don't think she quite understood what it was or what the big deal was about it.

Val's pain seems to have lessened quite a bit. She still hasn't passed the stone yet. She's getting a bit impatient about it. This morning she was complaining about being dizzy and a headache. I encouraged her to get up and about. It's hard for her to see that it'll help when the dizziness gets worse when she gets out of bed.

Liz went to classes with Drew this morning. I was a little leary about letting her go but Drew insisted it was alright. It'll be interesting to hear how it's actually gone. Liz is out of school for the rest of the week. Her class has gone to Washington DC and she isn't going along. I'm hoping to take her to the mall and fabric store, maybe even lunch. She's really been wanting a pattern and fabric so she can start using her machine. I keep telling her to look at my huge stash of fabric but she says it's not the same. Have to admit I know how she feels. LOL I've also had the same inkling when thinking of sewing maternity clothes (need different/new fabric!)

I actually wrote up a list of things to do today and they're not all just everyday things. I haven't gotten to them yet, although I did do a bit of general stuff this morning before school started. I'd love it if I could report that I got a few things crossed off. I was laughing at the list though, my bedroom isn't on it and it's the WORSE room in the house. I know the only way I'm going to get in there and get it done is to put it at the top of everything else. Now to just do it. Maybe I'll make a goal. I WILL give myself a birthday present and have my room perfectly clean by the time my birthday comes around in 2wks.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Making it all about me now

Can't let my kids totally take over here! LOL

At my dr appt on Thursday I found out that I lost 2lbs, my sugar numbers were in a great range, that I don't have to be seen again for 2wks...woohoo! BUT (there's always a but) my blood pressure was up to 150/100. :o( I let them know that I've had readings like that at home occassionally but never consistantly. I also asked about my edema. I noticed a few days last week that my ankles were quite swollen. I always have some pitting but the severity of it comes and goes. I wasn't sure how much was too much. The dr decided to up my water pill. This will hopefully reduce my swelling and lower my pressure at the same time. I also had to get put on a potassium supplement to counteract what the water pill removes. The things are horse pills and if I'm not careful make me gag. The other option is to eat a banana or 1/2 a peach everyday. I opted for the pill for a few reasons. I'm not too hot on peaches, so so on bananas...especially after eating them often. I'd have a hard time keeping them in the house. I'd also have a hard time fitting it into my diet. I'm allowed 3 fruit allowances throughout the day (1 fruit allowance is 1/2 a banana). I tend to convert 1 or 2 of my fruit allowances to starch anyways. I figure if I plan to eat a banana or peach during the day I'll just not take the pills for that day.

I was a bit surprised while sitting with Val in the hospital. I was sure my sugar would be high and I just expected it. I ended up chasing my numbers every evening instead. They were really low, as in the 60s after dinner. I was eating jelly beans, candy, ice cream to get it up. I was terrified I'd bottom out while I slept. When I was in that hospital with Carrie the year before (different area of the hospital though) I was given a food tray for every meal. It didn't happen this time. I finally asked for a breakfast tray one morning so I wouldn't have to run to the cafeteria and miss the dr when he came. They ordered me a tray and I got was ALL carbs. Toast with jelly, cereal with milk, and a juice cup. I could have made or gotten most of that from the floor kitchen. Made me wish I'd just run down and grabbed my regular breakfast of an english muffin with peanut butter. Not like it cost me a ton, it was only $.38! Lunches were easy, they had tons of sandwiches to choose from along with side salads. The sandwiches were a bit bigger then those I'd eat at home but obviously if my numbers weren't was ok, so I was ok with it. LOL

Dinner was a bit trickier and I think that's where my problems came in. I did get a leftover tray Friday night which was lasagna, mashed potatoes and green beans. I didn't eat it all but ate more then my allowances. It was STILL LOW! I thought stress raised blood sugar levels. Oh well. I made it through...that's all that matters. Now to get my nose back to the grindstone.

I've developed a bit of a belly lately. I'd say it was just that my jelly belly has gotten firm, but I do think it's actually grown. With my general biggness it's still not clear whether I'm pg or a big bellied lady. I've notice people (like nurses) sizing me up trying to figure out which it is. Maybe some maternity shirts would clue people in. I've noticed that when I'm lazy it tends to swing. If this keeps up I'll be waddling like a penguin in a few months! LOL

One thing I was worried about was my sciatica. I thought sitting in a chair all day and night would make it flair up really bad. Thankfully it didn't flair up at all! I'm thinking about sneaking back to the hospital and stealing my chair sleeper. ;o)

Yesterday when we got home the kids were telling me that they were joking that Val and I were going to stay in the hospital until I had the baby. I laughed about it at first but then it was a chilling thought. If they only knew that it could possibly happen. The amount of diabetics who develop pre-e is a bit unsettling to me...especially with my chronic pressure problems.

I guess I can't let it ALL be about me. Val update. She seems to be a bit less pain this morning and slept well. We've seen some teeny objects on the dust. When I touched it it disintegrated. I'm hoping this means that the stone has fallen into the bladder, which means pain should be about over. Also that she passes it today and she can be done with it.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

How would you rate it?

I've heard that question a lot since Thursday night and I'm sick of it! I'm sure Valerie is too. We just got home this afternoon from the hospital. I've been there since Thursday night with Val who is dealing with a Kidney Stone. She's in a lot of pain. Everytime a nurse would talk to her they'd ask her the above question and have her rate her pain on the scale of 0 to 10 (zero being no pain, ten being the worst ever pain).

It started Thursday morning when she was getting ready for school. As she came up the landing stairs I saw her double over and complain that she had pain...pointing to her upper right quadrant. Next time I saw her she was sitting on the floor in the hall. She insisted she was ok, got up and went to school.

I got everyone out the door, got Olivia and I ready and went to my dr appt. (I'll talk about that later) As I got to the doctor's I realized I left my cellphone home. OOPS! Then I hit Walmart and a dollar store. I noticed that Tom's work truck was home already as I pulled up to the house. Tom was then coming out the door and walking up the driveway. I thought he was going back to work, he was getting into Drew's car with a crying Val. He was taking her to the dr's office. It seems they (Tom, Drew, Pat, the school nurse) tried to get ahold of me all afternoon but couldn't, so Tom had to leave work and pick up a sick Val. I begged Tom to let me take Val to the dr's but he didn't switch places with me...meaney!!

Val's gym teacher noticed her leaving class and going into the locker room so followed her in. She said Val was throwing up in a stall for quite a while and then sat on the floor (ICK!) She begged Val not to pass out on her with the stall door locked. Val came out and the teacher had to drag Val to the school nurse. You see Val had plans and she didn't want them messed up by any crumby illness. With there being no school on Friday she was having a few girls come home with her on the bus for a birthday sleeperover. So much for those plans. Even with her throwing up many times in the nurses office and Tom on the way. Val told the girls to pick their bus passes out of the trash and get on her bus anyways. That would've been fun....NOT!

Dr "I" saw Val, did an exam and a blood test and sent her to the ER for more tests. I met Tom up there with Michelle and Val's friend F. The diagnosis was appendisitis but they wanted to do a contrast CT to make sure first. After she'd drank the initial dose of radioactive contrast the surgeon saw her and said it they hadn't started the CT process already he'd just assume take her into surgery and take the appendix out.

I asked if Val could have something for pain and they gave her a shot of demerol. I had to go potty so told Val I'd be right back and left her with F (Tom and Michelle went out to get the bags we'd packed for Val and myself). Val complained that her arm burned. I assured her it was the medicine going into her arm and left. I was gone for about TWO minutes tops. I walk in to see Val with a VERY red and splotty arm raised in the air. I didn't even walk all the way into the room, I turned around and ran to the nurse's desk to let them know she was breaking out in hives. The stopped the demerol, gave her benedryl and moved her to a room where they could hook her up monitors to constantly check her vitals for sign of shutting down. Luckily it was uneventful.

Tom, Michelle and F left and Val and I went to radiology for her CT scan. They then put us into a regular room for the night. About an hour later we learned that Val didn't have appendisitis but it looked like she had a kidney stone. They reluctantly gave her morphine through her IV, luckily she didn't get hives and did ok on it. She was allowed to have a dose every didn't help. The poor thing. We didn't sleep all night. If we didn't keep up on the Zofran she would start throwing up again.

It was confirmed during the day that it was a kidney stone and we saw a urologist on Friday night. He told us it could be hours, days, week or months before she passed the stone. Being in the hospital was mostly for pain maintenance (outside of a fever and infection control). We decided to keep her overnight again because the pain medication wasn't doing exactly what we wanted and she hadn't taken anything by mouth (incase she needed surgery) for so long. I was afraid we'd get home, she'd start throwing up and whatever oral painkillers they gave her wouldn't stay down and be effective.

On Saturday morning she seemed a bit better but was extremely weak, nauseated and dizzy. It did seem that her pain was lessening a bit. The dr informed us that after the inital irritation and extreme pain, the body would calm down for a while until it started passing again. Seemed we were settling into this calm now. As the evening went on she seemed to get around a bit better and wasn't nauseated. Sunday morning we were both raring to go home. We got home about 3pm. She's on an antibiotic, anti-nausea and pain med.

Tonight she seems to be a bit more pain again. During the day the pain meds had been doing the job and she didn't request them as soon as she could. Tonight she asked for them an hour earlier and was in tears after pottying. She also had to have anti nausea meds for the first time since yesterday. I wish she didn't have to go through this but I sure do wish she'd hurry up and be done with it! At least she's sleeping for now.

She's extremely disappointed that her perfect attendance record will be broken tomorrow. She's had it for at least the last 2 might be 3.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Happy Birthday Valerie!!!

Valerie's turned 15yo today.

Her stats...

Valerie Suzanne
March 9, 1990
7lbs 15oz

Her pregnancy occurred at an interesting time. We'd just moved sold our mobile home in a trailer park and moved into a 17ft travel camper on our land. We were building our house. We didn't have electricity or running water. Our bathroom was a rent a potty you'd find on construction sites...really fun when dealing with m/s. I felt so pioneer'y working along Tom on the house and camping every day. Luckily we had a tiny propane fridge and it wasn't TOO pioneery.

The pregnancy was uneventful until 30wks when my blood pressure starting rising. I was put on Aldomet which kept it under control until my due date hit. (March 3rd) I had a late appt that day and they weren't happy with how my NST (non-stress test) was turning out. Because the office was about to close I got sent to L&D to be monitored. I felt like crud while driving back to my parents' house to call Tom at work and inform everyone what was up. My head was buzzing and my eyes felt swollen. I was also extremely thirsty. I got to my parents and drank about a quart of water and felt much better. By the time Tom got home and we got up to L&D my blood pressure was better and the baby was as active and looked nice on the monitor. We decided I'd be induced on the 7th.

I was got to the hospital at 7am like I was told. At 9am I was hooked up to the pitocin. I had irregular contractions all day that didn't really do anything. Around 5pm they decided to give me a break for the night. Unhooked me and sent me to a room (with all the ladies who'd had their babies) :o( for the night. At least I got to eat dinner.

The morning of the 8th I was a little irritated as I wasn't allowed to eat. What really irritated me though was I wasn't allowed WATER! Since when is water contrained during labor? As soon I got to L&D I asked for something to drink! This day's plan was to break my water and have us walk around. Tom and I had fun going through the halls...too much fun. At one time we had a little old lady look at me poor thing, you have NO idea what you're about to be dealing with. Little did she know it wasn't my first. LOL I would get upset occassionally due to sharing the hall with a pg teenager who walked with her parents while hugging her teddy bear. I just wanted to cry!

As the day progressed my contractions got harder and closer together but as soon as I stopped walking and sit down, they'd peter out. I was getting tired so took a break about dinnertime for about an hour. The dr thought I was having way too much fun and was smiling too much for being in labor and told me to GET UP AGAIN! LOL I got exhausted around 10 and insisted on sitting in the rocking chair. Around 11pm it hit me...the chills. I was spent. I was rocking in the rocker with a blanket around me and crying BETWEEN the contractions. The contractions weren't hurting me so much but the fact that THAT contraction didn't end my tiredness was too much for me to handle. Poor Tom thought I was having a nervous breakdown. I almost bit off the head of a nurse when she came into room after midnight and told me I needed to get up and start walking to get labor going stronger again. I informed her I'd been walking for HOURS and couldn't get out of the chair if my life depended on it. I was NOT walking!!!!! (although I did attempt to walk around my room on and off)

After that incident it was decided I needed a break. My OB came in, asked where my smile was now and suggested I take a nap. He's such a comedian. I told him I couldn't sleep now if I wanted to. That's when he suggested drugs. I was given a twilight drug (not sure which) so I could take a nap. I slept for a solid 45 mins to an hour. I woke up feeling like a new woman and informed everyone that things were getting close! Less than an hour later I had Val in my arms nursing. While the dr stitched up some small tears I was sarcastically asked...So..What are you going to do in your spare time? I replied...have another baby. Liz was born 15mos later...but that's a story for another day. LOL

Sad news today

Last night it was confirmed that D is having a m/c. :o( She's been spotting since late last week. I was hoping that she was just being pessimistic and a worrywart. She went into the OB and they did a u/s and found a blighted ovum. Her bleeding picked up last night. I'm so sad for her. She seems to be doing ok given the circumstances. I just wish no one had to go through this, much less one of my best friends.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Feeling a bit motivated....

Now to actually accomplish something, even if it's tiny things that only I can notice. I'm in an organizing mood. This means I want to tear things apart and make messes. LOL Of course nothing gets done if I don't get out of this chair. I have to finish this and my coffee first though. ;o)

Yesterday Tom's brother J and his son little J came over. They got the snowmobile unstuck. Drew and Pat buried it in some deep snow down the hill. It didn't help that we got about a foot of snow since they got it stuck. Everyone had fun going for rides on it once it was unstuck. They also went sledding off the front snowbank including a ramp/jump they made. Made me cringe to watch them going over it so I didn't bother looking out the window. LOL While we were at church Michelle made Olivia a cake with an awesome cream cheese frosting/filling! I didn't care about the cake...I just wanted the filling. LOL My MIL came over to our house after church. She seems to be getting around a bit better lately and has been hitting the stores. She admits she's not anywhere near her old self though. She brought presents for the birthday kids. Luke got a huge set with 3 generic GI Joes a helicopter, hovercraft and a 4wheeler. She gave Olivia a 32" walking doll with a wedding dress and ballerina outfit. They've been having a ball with her and the umbrella doll stroller D gave her at church. We gave her a looney tunes barbie (with tweety bird), sweets streets school house set, a mini magna doodle board and a bolster and fleece blanket set similar to Luke's.

Week 3 of the chore chart and this weekend was MUCH better although it doesn't look it right now. LOL Everyone did their jobs without too much nagging. It's interesting to see the younger kids more enthusiastic about this system then the older ones. Eileen and Pat had bathrooms. I'd told Eileen I'd help her and teach her how to do it. She bugged me nonstop until I finally got to it. She did a really good job! Last night she was asking me to help her do some maintenance on it. I never thought this would be happening.

Where do they get it from? Saturday Pat was on someone's case about the quality of work they were doing. I reminded him that he had no place to say anything. That he's done a half hearted job with all his chores and the driveway shoveling. He corrected me by letting me know that..."No one had a better week off then I did!!!" LOL

I NEED to start some sewing! Before I can do that though I have to organize things and set them up. I've been thinking of moving my machine into the livingroom so it's more accessible. Hopefully having it stare me in the face will make me get to it more often. I'm just not sure if the cabinet will fit or be in a good spot where I think I'll put it. I'll probably have to rethink things. It's in the library/little boys room now which makes my prime sewing time (after everyone's in bed) off limits to it. Same with my bedroom as Tom tends to go to bed a lot earlier then I do.

One of the reasons I need to start sewing is...I can't breathe in my skirts anymore! Well my going out in public ones anyways (meaning less then a year or two old). My old dumpy around the house ones are ok. I've had them since the beginning of time and they have elastic waists...although their numbers are starting to dwindle (as they should!). I noticed at church yesterday...I was swinging my belly! LOL Granted I had to go to the bathroom REALLY bad, but it's way to early to have a pregnancy walk already.

This weekend I noticed my jelly belly is becoming a thing of the past. It's getting firm and is definitely more then my usual flab. Well I'm getting a belly PAST my flab, that's still hanging around too. LOL A few people yesterday said I look like I've lost some weight. It'll be interesting to see what I weigh at my dr appt on Thurs. I feel like I've lost some too. Oh to be skinny after delivery! LOL Don't worry, I'm still eating tons of calories (1800-2200 to be exact) I'm just eating better then normal. I will admit though, I've cheated a bit this week with birthdays being here. The weekends are my downfall. I tend to not keep track of my numbers too well. I tend to sleep in messing up my schedule and timeframe of eating. I have to cook more often for more people making it harder for me to concentrate on myself. There's also more opportunity to pick while I'm cooking...which I'm HORRIBLE about!!! My numbers have been ok, even with the cake and such.

The older kids have been bugging us about joining the rec center. They want to start working out, walking and swimming. I'd really love to be swimming myself. A few laps around the track on a regular basis wouldn't be so bad for me either. I've noticed that I'm getting winded just walking up the cellar stairs again. Not a fun feeling. What am I going to do in a few months when I have a bigger belly to tote around?

So where do I start around here? My room? The library? Playing in the kitchen? Straighten up a bit? (nawww...the kids can do their chores after school!). I need someone to make some decisions for me and set me on my way! LOL Before I know it I'll have planned and thought this through so much I'll be too exhausted to actually accomplish anything. Here's hoping that I have tons of progress to report when I return!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Olivia is FIVE!

Happy Birthday Olivia! Olivia was induced at 38wks and was born at 4:19pm (same time as LUKE!) weighing 6lbs 9oz, sharing my smallest baby slot with Patrick. (and now also Danielle)

Her stats....
Olivia Nicole
March 6, 2000
6lbs 9oz

Olivia's pregnancy was eventful right from my first dr appt. I didn't get in for that until 15wks as I was trying to avoid as many appts as possible. They had me monitoring my bloodpressure right from the start. When I was 17wks I did my initial bloodwork including a 1 hr GTT (glucose tolerance test). I was called the next day saying I had to go on the gestational diabetic diet and monitor my sugar as it was high. I was also to visit the high risk clinic in the city(a pain to drive to and park at). The thought was that I needed to be on insulin. The weekend before my high risk clinic appt my blood pressure shot up and wouldn't come down with rest. It was 168/104. I was scared senseless and Tom was a bit irritated that I was an emotional wreck and stuck on the couch. I went online and printed info on pregnancy induced high blood pressure and toxemia out so he'd understand a bit. It helped. The high risk dr put me on blood pressure meds and said my sugar numbers didn't indicate a need for insulin at the time.

I gauged how active to be according to my bloodpressure throughout the day and tried to lay down on my left side at least once a day. The medicine actually did a decent job of keeping it under control for the most part. If I wasn't careful it would go up and stay was taking it easy a lot. My OB kept insisting I needed insulin and sending me to the Peri. The peri didn't agree with him and kept sending me back empty handed...until I was 34wks. At 34wks he finally agreed but wouldn't put me on insulin. His reasoning was that by the time we got my insulin doseage regulated, it would be time to induce me (peri was thinking 37wks).

From 28wks on I was monitored closely with weekly visits, NSTs and also biophysical workups. Olivia liked to take her time to respond and get me threatened with a trip to L&D. One day she was excited and her heartrate was over 200 for a long time. Just as they were about to send me to L&D she calmed down and they relaxed. For the first time in all my pregnancies I called the dr's office and asked to be seen. I hadn't felt the baby move much and I was scared. The nurses let me know that I scared the daylights out of them. They knew I wasn't one to react without a reason and thought something was wrong for sure.

We were having a hard time picking out names. Nothing seemed right, or if it did it was already used. We have a lot of neices and nephews with names that we couldn't use (they all go to the same schools). The names Olivia and Isabelle kept coming up and they were totally not my style. Olivia grew on me and about a week before I was due to be induced I went to lunch with MIL. I told her that I was thinking of using Olivia and her reaction was...YUCK!!! LOL Oh well.

I was scheduled to be induced at 38wks. The NP informed me that they had 3 women with problems similar to me. I had presented with it first and the worst. They didn't think I'd make it to 28wks and was very glad when I hit 34wks. I was the LAST of the ladies to delivery. :o)

I was told to come in at 7am on March 6th for my induction. Tom and I took our time and left the house late. We knew that at 7, it would be shift change and the nurses would be in we didn't feel guilty. As the nurses were taking some info at the desk and getting things settled I was asked about names. When I mentioned I wasn't sure we got talking about odd names. The nurse informed me she went to school with twin boys whose names were Urson and Myson. I'm still not sure if she was fooling me or not. It was a fun way to start the morning anyway.

I was surprised to see that whole L&D floor was updated to huge birthing rooms. They had just recently been done and were pretty! I was hooked up to an IV and the pit was started. Knowing I'd had failed pit induction which were attempted further along then 38wks, I figured I due to be in labor a looong time. I was pleasantly surprised when the contractions started coming and stuck around. They weren't too hard to handle like pit contractions are either.

My dad surprised us and decided to stop by for a visit around noon. He was retired and home alone while my mom was a little lonely. He'd planned on staying for a bit, allowing Tom to take a break. The three of us had a nice time sitting and visiting while we waited for the pit to work it's magic.

About 2pm I could start to feel the contractions getting stronger. I had been debating whether to have an epidural or not all morning. I kept hearing how great it was during my pg. I kind of wanted to try it out seeing as this delivery was going to be "my last". When it seemed that my dad would be around for delivery it finally clinched it for me. I know he hates to see me uncomfortable, it makes him feel helpless. So I decided to have it done. Knowing that once I hit 4cm I zoom to 10 and delivery I asked for the epi before I really needed it. I'm pretty sure an inexperienced resident (under the guidance of an anesthesiologist) gave me an epi and saddleblock (because great grand multiparas tend to go too fast, not giving the epi time to take the saddleblock covered me if that happened). He poked me THREE times before he was's a good thing I wasn't in hard labor!

I did really enjoy going into transition with my epi! For the first time in all my deliveries..when the doctor asked me not to push...I had control over whether I did or not! No screaming...I'm not pushing! I can't help it! type of thing.

Olivia was an easy delivery and was perfect. It was my dad's first time seeing a birth and he was awestruck. I wondered if I'd feel funny with my dad watching...but it wasn't even a thought once I was ready to deliver. I'm glad he could be there.

Shortly after delivery our friend from church, Dr L (pediatric surgeon in the hospital I was at) came in. While visiting she looked at Olivia and asked if she looked a tad blue. I told her I'd call security and have her escorted out if she didn't stop! ;o) LOL She's super cautious and would've had her in NICU in a heartbeat. Olivia did have a problem keeping her blood sugar up for about the first 36hrs. They gave her a few supplements of glucose water along with my breastfeeding her. She was a great nurser.

I had a problem after delivery. After they removed my epi I asked to be allowed to go to the bathroom before they took me to my room (a private one!!!! woohooo!) As I got off the bed my head felt like it was about to explode. I asked for some tylenol as I got into the wheelchair. My headache didn't go away and ended up getting worse. I had a spinal headache. It was the WORSE thing I've ever had to deal with before. I tried tons of caffeine including a 2lt bottle of coke which only made me feeling like barfing. I spent 2 days on my back only moving to get Olivia in and out of her bed (she was rooming in). I even nursed her on my back. Everytime I'd try to sit up, get out of bed or stand up I'd end up with the back of my head into my shoulderblades and tears into my eyes.

On the 3rd day it was finally decided that it was indeed a severe spinal headache that I was suffering and that nothing was helping. That evening they did a blood patch* and within an hour I was jumping around like I was a kid! The nurses couldn't get over how different I was. I was discharged and got home shortly after everyone got into bed. A few older kids were up and had some special time with me...little ones got a surprise when they woke up.

*A blood patch is when an anesthesiologist redoes the epi. Then they take a vial of blood from your arm and insert it into the epi. The blood flows with the spinal fluid toward the leak. When it gets to the leak it blocks the leak and clots. Spinal fluid leak taken care of. After the epi is removed you have to lay for 30-60mins. After 15mins I was going crazy because I felt great and wanted to get up!!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Funny how things work out...

I had my weekly OB appt today, or so I thought. I'd thought earlier in the week I'd have to cancel because we were getting hit with lake effect storms and today was suppose to be bad. Last night they were saying it was about done and today would be mostly nice (with a few squalls here or there, nothing to worry about or that I can't deal with). I made plans to drive the boys to classes so I could use Drew's car and then pick them up after my dr appt was over. (our car still isn't fixed)

This morning appears and Carrie starts crying her head hurts this morning. She also has a nasty raw and itchy rash under both her arms that has been bothering her all week so I decided she could stay home. Luke complains his head and stomach are bothering him too (he went to bed with a bowl last night) so he's home. Second trip kids are Jake and Eileen who both complained of headaches too. So all three stayed home (I'm such a sucker!) That means no appt for me today...I got to relax instead of rushing out the door this morning. :o)

I called the dr's office after they opened to cancel my appt and call my glucose numbers in. The receptionist can't find my appt on the list. She checks the appt is NEXT Thursday. I told her it's impossible because I was in last Tues and I come in every week. She informs me she's just telling me what she appt card also said 3/10. Guess I'll have to check that a little closer before leaving now. I'm just glad I didn't go through the work of getting to the non-existant appt this morning!

Tomorrow Olivia and I are getting dropped off at D's house by the boys on the way to their classes (before 9am). I'll stay at her house with the kids while she takes a dd to the dentist. Then she'll come home and we'll go to WIC. She canceled her appt on Tues and is making it up, I'm getting put back on.

Last night we had a quiet celebration for Luke's 12th birthday. I made meatballs and we had subs. For dessert we had the $6 half sheet cake I found on the bakery clearance rack and ice cream...choice of on the plate or in a rootbeer float. I had a small bit of cake and ice cream and figured my nighttime snack was done. I was worried that my sugar would be high this morning. It was a tad high but still under my limit. Drew and Pat bought him a portable CD player. We gave him a reading bolster and fleece blanket, a jigsaw puzzle and a monster labratory that I got REALLY cheap on clearance (90% off). I told him we'll keep our eyes out for a bike. I found out yesterday that D passed up a 10speed mountain bike on clearance at Target for $26 not too long ago!!! I wish I'd known then, but oh well.

Tonight (as long as the snow doesn't get too bad) the youth group at church is throwing a surprise party for Luke. It's his first official youth meeting (starting age is 12...although he went to a special meeting last week). I'm sure he'll love it and be totally shocked that anyone would do anything like that for him.

I've been thinking a lot about Luke lately. He really doesn't have a lot of self esteem. I'm not so gungho over the whole self esteem pushing movement so when I say he's's serious. He's always been a quiet person in both personality and mannerisms. (he's a peacekeeper...even to the point of shorting himself for it) Lately I've noticed he's gotten so quiet that you can barely hear him....I'm often making him repeat things a few times. He also tends to look down when he speaks, speaks too fast and slurs his words. I know it's not a smart thing to do but I just want to grab him and shake him and say....Spit it out!!! Just say what you want to!!! No one's going to make fun of you or put you down!!! Makes me wonder just how great he's doing socially in school. :o( I'm really going to have to make an extra effort to give him some special attention. I'll mention it to Drew and Pat too.

Olivia's been asking me if she can look at my baby stuff. I have a mini diaper bag (ones they give you in the hospital from the formula companies) in my closet that has some clothes I found in the $.50 bin at the thrift store. She brings them out onto the couch, unfolds everything and ohhh and aahhhs over it, then folds it back up and puts it away. I found her sitting there the other day with a onsies across her chest and shoulder...patting it and hugging it and saying...awww baby, it's ok. It's ok baby. LOL I wonder how she's going to handle the change a new baby will be. I tend to think she won't want to give up her spotlight so readily, but I could be mistaken. I hope I am.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Today is the start of birthday week. Luke, Olivia and Val all have birthdays in the next week. FUN! FUN! FUN! I've never written out birth stories before so thought maybe I'd do it on the kids' birthdays so it would be done by the end of year.

Luke is now 12yo.

His stats....

Luke Alexander
March 2, 1993
9lbs 15.75oz

I have NEVER heard of 3/4 ounces before or since that when weighing a baby. I BEGGED the nurses to give him a quarter ounce and call him an even 10 but they wouldn't do it. He's a 10lber to me anyways. LOL

While he was my biggest baby he was also one of my easiest deliveries. I always said it was to make up for being the most uncomfortable pregnancy! LOL It started with a change of date at my first dr appt. I was due 2/14 by my LMP. Uterus size and u/s pushed my date to 2/28. When thinking about it, me going over 2wks unless I was induced seemed to be par for the course of my previous pregnancies. (15days over, 12days over, induced 17days over, induced 6days over, induced on due date)

I had polyhydramios with him (excess amniotic fluid) and was HUGE for a singleton pregnancy. Many people assumed I was carrying twins. (measured 44 at 40wks). This was compounded by being hit with sciatica (first time I'd had it). Unbelieveably, my blood pressure wasn't a real problem until the last week or so and then, barely. Val and Liz's pg before this had blood pressure problems show up earlier and required meds. I did have to have a lot of extra u/s due to the poly. Laying on the hard table with my sciatica was pure tortune and I'd be in tears by the end. We also discovered he was breech at 38wks. Luckily he turned the night before I went into the hospital for a manual version (manipulation/turning of the baby from the outside) at 39wks. I just wish we'd known that before they admitted me and gave me an IV. LOL (sonogram done before they turned the baby showed him head down...before the sono dr insisted his butt was his head.)

It's the only labor where my water broke on it's own. It broke at 5am and there were no contractions. Being GBS+ I went into the hospital anyways (wanted to miss rush hour traffic too). My MIL was here to stay with the kids. We got there by 7am. They insisted my water hadn't broke because they could feel a bulging bag. Guess the soaked towels I brought were just for show ;o). The litmus test showed that it was amniotic fluid. They broke my water again so that contractions would start up. And again, and again. I'm not kidding! They literally milked my belly. They'd hook the bag, get a huge gush of water, massage my belly to cause more fluid to escape, and do it all over again...about 4 or 5 times in all. When they were done Luke was floating high so they banned me from getting up and elevated my feet/hips for about 20 or 30 mins. By then he had settled in again, the concern for cord prolapse was less and I was allowed to get up.

Walking got some contractions going but they were infrequent and weak. About 11am it was decided they'd start Pit. :o( The contractions weren't too bad for pit contractions, they also weren't really close or strong. I was advancing but slowly. The dr could tell that things were progressing rapidly once I got to 4cm. She decided to check me and said I was 9cm with a lip. She told me I could push now and we'd see what the lip did. The next contraction hit and I didn't push. The dr asked me why I hadn't pushed. I informed her I didn't feel like I had to push with that one. She suggested I push anyways. So I push (dr called it a half a push lol) and he was here! Along with him came a HUGE gush of bloody amniotic fluid...all over everyone and everything! At this point Tom became "embarrassed" due to the mess I made. He asked if they had a mop and bucket. I wanted to clobber him, the nurses just laughed and assured him that they paid people to take care of messes like this and not to worry about it. lol

It was so great not to have to go through the scramble of transition, feeling like I had to push, sending Tom out to get someone, waiting to be examined, etc. I never had the transition panic and loss of confidence I'd had before. It was great! :oD