Saturday, June 30, 2007

What's that you hear?

That's right...SILENCE! Friday Liz, Carrie, Eileen and Olivia went to my sister's house for the weekend. Drew's house sitting for Tom's baby brother. Pat's in Lake George with Jess's family. Jake was down the nature trail campign with BIL By. Luke was out fishing with some boys from church. Danielle was sleeping. That left Michelle and Val who asked me for a ride to someone's house for a birthday party. I happily obliged, giddy with happiness at the thought of Tom and I home alone with NO ONE home!!! (sleeping babies don't count) I can't remember the last time that's happened. The girls and I jumped in the car, I hurried them there and got home as fast as I legally could. The whole time I was driving I was trying to think what special meal I could make for us. I walk in the door and find.....Tom out cold next to Danielle in our bed!!! Waaaaaaaaaaah! So now it's just me all alone in the house...not so fun. I don't care to be alone...I'm gregarious by nature. At least I still had the TOK chat to visit.

Today's weather was BEAUTIFUL! Unfortunately I didn't get outside to enjoy it. I had decided I was going to get some work done in the house, namely my room. I started sorting and doing laundry in the hall instead. That's about as far as I got. No one was cooperating with me. They all had things that needed to be done and I NEED HELP! How am I suppose to move a dresser all by myself. Or bend over and pick things up off the floor. I can't breathe and feel like I'm going to barf when I bend. IT'S NOT FAIR!!! PG LADIES SHOULD GET SPECIAL TREATMENT!!! Who raised these barbians anways?

At least my breathing problems eased up. So it was the heat and humidity that was giving me problems. I can't say that the baby is any lower. For the first time I kept getting poked along the ribcage. I like to "gross" the little girls out by having them come over and feel the hard bump (whatever it is) sticking out/up. Of course they are in a giggling fit as they complain how gross it is. And they can't stop themselves from being pulled into it again and again. :o)

So now I'm sitting here in a quiet house again. Luke, Jake, and Danielle are in bed. Michelle's vegging in her room, probably in front of her computer or a movie. Val's gone off to a friend's house. Tom's outside, I think with his brother. (could be enjoying some solitude out there...I'm not about to mosey out there to find out). It's amazing how the dynamics of the house change with kids gone. Usually just one makes a difference. Having seven of them gone at once is HUGE! Guess I should get used to it...they'll be moving out permanently soon enough.

I have high hopes for tomorrow, as usual. I really feel like I won't be able to relax about this birth until my room is clean. I NEED to get it done. It's not even a desire anymore but a need. (I know, I know...not really. But indulge a pg lady for once) If no one can or does help tomorrow I may have to take drastic measures here.

I did something I don't normally do this week. I splurged and bought myself some lotions at Bath & Body Works. I couldn't resist a tiny bottle of lemon and verbana that was clearanced for $1.25. I'm addicted! I'm trying to not use it all before I go into labor. It smells so nice that I think it would help me relax and calm my stomach if it gets queasy. Then again I could be totally repulsed by it once I'm in labor. Then I guess I can try my Grapefruit Lotion which is also yummy....although not AS yummy as the lemon and verbana. At least the grapefruit bottle is quite a bit bigger so I don't have to worry about running out of that anytime soon.

I'm not really sure why but I'm feeling the need to be pampered now. For the first time EVER I've been thinking about a pedicure and manicure for myself. Of course I'm always wishing someone would offer me a massage....especially on my, on the verge of cramping legs. But the hands and feet thing....not my style and usually not anywhere on my radar. I could see if I'd been running myself ragged, feeling neglected or misused. But I've been taking it really easy, almost to the point of slothfulness. Tom and I have been having it really good too. So WHY the need now?

Oh well, I'm going to try to not dwell on it too badly. I think I'll head off to a shower, slather myself in lotion and climb into bed. Even though I don't feel so sleepy. Maybe I'll take a book with me...haven't done that in a while. (Cause Tom's usually sleeping way before me)

Here's to a productive day tomorrow!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

24yrs ago....

Tom and I had just gotten married!!! It was a Tuesday night, 2 days after my high school graduation and party. We used leftovers from my grad party for our wedding buffet, SIL made our cake, a neighbor made Italian wedding cookies and my dad bought some champagne. PERFECT! I woudln't do it any differently even after all these years. Now if I could just get my kids to do it just as frugally. ;o)

We moved our wedding date from Aug 22nd to June 28th for 2 reasons. We got sick of fighting everyone over the details of our big wedding we were planning. My dad had given me 2 options...big wedding and no present. Small wedding and a monetary gift. We needed the money for a downpayement for our mobile home so changed our minds and took the cash. :o)

Was fun watching everyone count the months on their hands when Drew was born 2 days short of our 10mo anniversary. (and he was 15days overdue!!! AF arrived on the last day of our honeymoon). They were all sure I was lying about why we moved the date up and that I was pg when we got married.

Unfortunately we're not doing anything for our anniversary today. Tom's over at a friend's working on the van. It broke down on the way to my dad's birthday party Tuesday evening. I'm waiting on the kids to call to be picked up from the youth meeting. Not sure if we'll do anything this weekend either. Although some girls are going to my sister's for the weekend (I get her girls the following weekend). But I think we're going to an anniversary party for another couple on Sat. Hopefully we'll find time eventually to do least dinner out.

Another week, another dr appt... 35wks

So much for that 6lb weight loss. I gained back 2lbs which didn't surprise me. It's been really hot and muggy here and my feet are paying the price for it. I'm also having a hard time breathing which I thought was due to being muggy out. BUT when the nurse was hooking up the fundal monitor to me today she made the comment "OMG! You're WAY up here today!" (ontop of my sternum) So maybe this little guy decided to cooperate, turned from transverse to HOPEFULLY head down position and is all stretched out. I guess once the humidity goes away tomorrow we'll see how easy it is to breathe. was the heat. Still's the position of the baby.

There's nothing newsworthy to report about my NST so that's good. I did ask the dr if things continue like they are (blood pressure and diabetes under control) is there a possibility of being allowed to go further then 38wks. He gave me know the answer to that question...look. Then proceeded to tell me that some are advising drs to wait until 39wks to induce diabetics and high blood pressure patients. That'd take me to the last week of July. I was planning on being over at church for the summer conference then so we'll see. Don't get me wrong...I want to wait until the last possible minute to have this baby. I'd LOVE it if they allowed me to go on my own. I haven't done that since my water broke with #5 Luke, and then #2 Pat's delivery before that. It's just that the kids are a bit bummed that they might miss the family fun week...after all it is FUN! I'm headed back in to the dr's on July 5th for another NST. I believe the week after that I'm due for a sono! Woohooo!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Busy weekend....

I had a plan and I wanted to see it done! This place has falling apart and I really want to get things in order before the baby gets here. So the plan is...

This weekend... Get the kids bedrooms taken care of. The older kids already do that so we concentrated on the littler ones. Val helped Luke and Jake....Michelle helped Eileen and Olivia. Carrie got out of cleaning her room because Liz was gone for the weekend (helping with the food at the band weekend). So I had Carrie helping me, flitting around, doing a lot things but really getting nothing accomplished. The boys managed to get their room finished (except maybe vacuuming a few cobwebs). The girls...only about 75% done. Even I helped in was a HUGE mess. We have to downsize the things in there, there's just too much stuff to get all over. I have a plan for it but not sure when I can implement it. Hopefully we'll finish their room tomorrow morning.

This week...We'll get the main living areas taken care of. They've already started since school has been out. What I really want to do is deep down stuff, not just everyday pick up and sweep. It shouldn't take too long and hopefully the weather will cooperate (meaning won't bake us in our livingroom)

Coming weekend...hit my room. It's the room that everyone uses when they don't know what to do with something. I've hit it here and there but it needs a LOT of work. I'll need help for sure in there...hauling stuff out, rearranging things, etc. I was hoping to get it painted before the baby came but I don't know if that's reasonable. (it's the only room that hasn't been painted since we built this place)

Next week....the basement!!!! Again the collect all place. This time for things that are huge or no one really cares about. If you want to keep something, the basement is not the's damp and musty down there. Most of the stuff will probably need to go out the door. It's just a matter of finding the time and having help available when you do have the time. Personally I'd be happy if we could just park a dumpster outside a window and start trashing. I know not the greatest attitude but it will make life a lot easier to be rid of things.

We've been dealing with pink eye all week. Carrie started it with Danielle, Eileen and Olivia following. We stayed home from church today even though most of the families have had it (or have it). It's where we got it. I still don't feel right bringing contagious kids in public. Plus I didn't want to break the momentum we had going toward the house. Can't say that today was as productive as yesterday but at least things did get accomplished. I just wish someone walking in my house could see it. Think anyone would mind if I ran up to them with a pillowcase in my hand, screaming....HERE SMELL! Doesn't it smell great!?!? Don't you just love bedding after it's been hung out to dry! I did a zillion loads of it this weekend! LOL

Pregnancywise I'm suffering a bit. It's not the heat, it's HEARTBURN!!! I woke up 3 times last night and needed to grab my antacid bottle. My sciatica was also acting up by the time I was done working last night. It hadn't hurt me that bad since the middle of May. Yes, my sciatica actually decided to give me a break and behave. It seems that I haven't really had much pain since the soccer weekend which was mid May. Luckily today wasn't so bad. It's something I can work through. I can't believe I'm almost done baking this little guy. I am so not ready to be done with this pregnancy. I want to keep him to myself for a lot longer. Plus I have to admit I'm a bit intimidated at the thought of dealing with a almost 2yo and newborn alone. I know...I've done it over and over again...even some closer together and with more of them. I just feel out of practice and shape.

Yeah I'm so proud of myself. I managed to post again in the same week! I'm liking this again. :o) Now you'll wish I stayed hidden. lol

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm here and everything is OK!

I really am perplexed why it's taken me so long to update here. Everyday I wake up intending to do it. It just never seemed to get done. So now I'm writing before I head to bed so I don't have to start the cycle all over again.

Things are really going well. Michelle's been done with classes about a month. The rest of the kids have one half day of school left on Thurs...let SUMMER VACATION BEGIN! The pool is up and running although I'm not keeping up on it as well as I normally do. That means we've had a few bouts of green water here and there.

Val went to the prom in mid May with her boyfriend J. Here's my favorite pic of them.

Pregnancywise things are going well too. I had a week or two that had me worried. My blood pressure was up and I thought I was headed to bedrest. Luckily we upped my meds and it helped. Although today at the dr's it was up a bit again. The dr is still ok with it. I'll have to restart monitoring it better at home again. My sugar has been ok. I've been at the same amount of insulin for a few weeks. My numbers aren't as great as they were with Danielle's pregnancy but they are acceptable. I hit my highest weight ever last week after gaining 5lbs 2 wks ago and 3lbs last week. This week I seemed to have lost 6 of those pounds though. Don't ask my why or how...I have no clue. But I'll take it! :o) The heat has gotten to me for the first time this week. Monday it was in the high 80s which isn't so bad but the humidity made it unbearable. Tuesday was in the mid 90s and humid. Needless to say I didn't do or move much that day. Amazingly my ankles didn't disappear or explode though. Today it was a very nice day in the 70s with a breeze to boot. If I could have a week of days like that and a houseful of kids to help me...we could get this place in tiptop shape in no time. I'm really trying to work on getting things done and ready for the arrival of the little guy. Right now the present thought is I have 4wks to go (will be 38wks). Technically it could be less then that. TICK TOCK, TICK TOCK.

I had Liz take new belly pics of me today. I love the first pic, it's too cute! Liz was trying to get a front shot when Danielle came running up, grabbed my legs, looked at Liz and said CHEEEEEZE! LOL

Belly shots...33w6d

I think I'm as big as I was in my last belly pic of Danielle's pg

Oh and I didn't forget! (unlike other past years) I bought a cake while out shopping today. It is Carrie's 10th anniversary of her bone marrow transplant. It's amazing to think that much time has gone by. Then othertimes it seems like 10 lifetimes ago. I was the only one to remember it which is fine by me. It means that things are going well. She's doing really good, just wish she'd remember to take her meds better! I felt horrible last week after I resorted to scare tactics to get my point across. No one, much less a 12yo should have to worry about losing body parts or getting hooked up to machines (dialysis) inorder to survive. STUPID DIABETES!!!

PHEW! Managed to get SOMETHING out there afterall. I'm heading to bed and will really really try to keep things up to date here. Especially as I get closer and closer to welcoming our new little guy into the family.