Wednesday, March 29, 2006

You can just call me....

This would be filed under the...not too proud category (if I had categories). I guess it could also be crossposted under LAZY! lol

On Sunday I went to a friend's birthday party. It was a last minute planned surprise party. Some wires got crossed and they ended up with 2 half sheet cakes and 1 quarter sheet cake. They barely used 1 half sheet and were trying to get rid of the other cakes. I ended up getting offered the half sheet to which I originally declined since a few of us really shouldn't be indulging in too much cake. I then rethought it and took it. I said we'd save it for Wednesday, scrape off Cathy, write Kim and use it for my birthday celebration. I'm so frugal! While driving home I thought...oh what's the sense of going to all the work of redoing the name. I know who I am...and today it's CATHY! :oD

I know below I said all I wanted for my birthday was to have my house in order. Well it's not, although it's not looking terrible. I'm ok with that! In the end it really doesn't matter to me. I'm just happy that Tom and I and the kids will be here tonight and celebrating. My dad called me quick this morning to wish me a Happy Birthday. I asked him if it made him feel old. He said his body has thought it was old for quite a while now. He hasn't recovered as quickly or as well from the bypass surgery as he'd hoped/liked. At least it's nice out and he's been able to work out in his yard. Working in his gardens seemed to make him feel better. There's just something about seeing young shoots peeking out of the ground...even if it's muddy. lol

Tom still has both his parents in the hospital. :o( His dad seems to be doing well, I'm not sure when he'll be discharged....hopefully really soon. His mom had surgery on Sunday and seems to be perking up more each day. Tom hasn't gone up to see them since he came home from work with a cold on Friday. I think maybe tomorrow he might consider it...depending on how he feels. I'd think that being almost a week out of a cold he wouldn't be too contagious. He'll make sure to wear a mask when he visits his dad (his counts/immune system is way down). I still don't feel comfy bringing Danielle up there since she tends to slobber her germs all over anything she can.

This week was a good week for me weightwise. I'm back to what my weight ticker says above and I'm back into ONEderland! :o) Hopefully it'll only continue. I went off my plan yesterday when Pat asked if he could cash in his birthday present. We'd told him we'd take him and Jess to a restaurant of their choice. He decided on going to Applebee's which is fine by me since there's always a good steak to be had there...along with Margaritas. :o)

On Sunday we joined the local rec center with a pool, weightroom, indoor track and gym. I haven't used it yet but hope to by the end of the week. Michelle and I are going to try to get into a routine.

Tom mentioned that we should go away for the weekend soon. It's about the time of year when we've been going. I'm not in as big of a hurry to go this year. Moneywise it's not the best decision. I'd rather save the money right now (or not use credit to do it).

Well now that everyone is home, it's time for my Cathy's PARTY! LOL Take Care

Friday, March 24, 2006

It's CrAzY in here I tell ya!

Again I've started and deleted a lot of updates in the last few weeks. Hopefully this one will finally make it to the end. I don't know where to begin!!!!

After spending the evening with a charming tech guy from my Internet provider we determined my computer was corrupt. That meant reformatting and updating my computer. Stupid dialup took over TEN hours to download microsoft updates for my system. It's amazing how much easier things are when you're prepared for it and have all the drivers/programs you need at hand. Unlike last time. I wish someone would create a way to reformat my house...short of a bulldozer.

Tom's been pulled in a zillion directions. He just finished up a course for work that had him studying/working for hours...especially on weekends. His mom was readmitted to the hospital on Wednesday. I'm not sure how long she'll be there...hopefully she'll be home this weekend. His dad is still inpatient and getting chemo for his AML. (luckily they are in the same hospital so it makes visiting them easier) I haven't been up to see him personally but drill Tom after each visit. Tom tries to go up every other day or he's not home a lot right now. The good news is that his dad's bone marrow came back CLEAN!!!! He's in remission!!! Wooohooo! The plan for now is to go 10 days between treatments. I would hope that he'd be discharged for those 10 days but right now I think his counts are too low for that to happen.

For the first time in his life Tom is talking about quitting smoking. He smokes outside so I don't know how much he smokes. I know that he used to smoke 1.5 packs a day. He's cutting down and has been successful at it. I guess he talked with Drew yesterday and told him he has a box of nicotine patches that are Step 2 of the program (for those that smoke 10 or less a day). He's aiming to get to under 10 a day and then start the patches.

Carrie and I have been busy going to the lessons for the TODAY study. We finished up the LAST one this week!!! We now get a 2wk break but during that time Carrie has to track her food along with her blood sugar numbers and meds. When we return in 2wks she'll have blood drawn that will show whether we qualify to continue in the study (they're pretty sure she will). After the bloodwork show's we're good to go we'll then have an ALL day visit. She'll go through a GTT (glucose tolerance test), physical, ride a bike (not sure what they're testing with this though). We'll find out which arm of the study we'll be entered into (glucophage, glucophage and an additional med, glucophage with a coach who'll do lifestyle changes...exercise and diet) It's a random blind study...meaning a computer will decide which group we go in and no one will know which one we're in (unless we're given a coach..that one is hard to hide lol). Our educator asked if I was hoping to get into the coach arm of ths study. I told her yes and no. That I know it would be most beneficial for the WHOLE family but it would be the hardest to do...especially with the size of my family. It also means having to go to the clinic every week or two instead of once every two months. I'm sure it means more paperwork too (probably have to report diet and exercise amts)

Illnesswise we've been ok until last week. We now have had lice, horrid colds along with postive throat cultures A strep and pneummococcal. I caught the lice quickly and it seems to be taken care of. It's just a lot of initial work!!! I'll use this weekend to make SURE it is, I don't want to have to do EVERYTHING all over again. Luckily I found them over the weekend so no school was missed. Liz is the one with the positive culture and tested positive for BOTH. She was feeling pretty sick. I'm hoping she's been able to keep it to herself.

Danielle is getting so big! She has a tooth and she knows how to use it. Luckily she hasn't used it while nursing yet but show her food and she thinks it's HER'S! Tom was lounging on the loveseat the other night. He had Danielle on one side and was holding a piece of pizza with the other. As he put the pizza to his mouth, Danielle lunged across his chest, clamped on a corner of the pizza and started gnawing away. Tom was so shocked he didn't quite know what to do, so she enjoyed it for a bit. LOL She's having fun trying lots of different things...whether she's suppose to be trying them or not. ;o)

And finally, me. I'm doing ok. I've been getting some extra things done which is nice. Even with that happening though I feel like I may be in a bit of a funk. I know that I'm sitting here WAY more then I should or need to. There's so much I want to get done....yet I don't seem to get started on it. It drives me crazy!!! I've asked the kids to get the house in order. It's all I want for my birthday. Hopefully it'll happen this weekend. I'm not gaining anymore weight which is good. I'm not losing what I have gained either. Not that I should expect it since I'm not eating on plan. I guess I want the fat fairy to come and just remove it for me. LOL I have high hopes of getting back on track. Today has started off to a good start. Now to just have it continue until the end of the night.

Baby octopus is saying...Pay attention to me...Oh pretty keys!...No FULL attention!...Must get the keys and make mommy backspace over and over. So on that note....See ya!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Oh the things people say!

This week's Large family topic at Chris' and Carmen's is comments and rude people. This is something parents of large families could go ON and ON about. I decided to join in on the fun for once.

I've noticed I've gone through phases in terms of dealing with comments. There was the frustrated period...this was generally when I had 4-6 kids and they were all little. I had to bring them everywhere and we WERE quite an eyeful. I also didn't really have tons of time to chitchat or placate someone who made comments...After all I had ALL these kids to take keep herded and take care of.

Then came the amused phase. I think this came about because I myself felt more confident in my choices and family dynamics. So "digs" didn't undermine my self-esteem (for lack of a better word ATM). This started when the 6th or 7th baby came along.

Now I've added in indifference. I've btdt WAY too long! There aren't many comments I haven't heard before. Also with the kids older I'm not such a spectacle anymore. Either we're not out all together much or it looks like there's more then one family making up the group. (yes, my older kids look like they could be the parents of my little ones!) I admit I tend to slip back into the former phases occassionally, mostly amused. Oh yeah and we can't forget appreciative but these mostly refer to the comments about how young or good I look. ;o)

Now we'll delve into all those comments floating out there...the common, the rude, the nice, and the newest type.


You have your hands full...My answer...If you only knew! (it's true because I usually only have a few kids with me. Makes the person feel good that they noticed. It also leaves it open to more conversation if I feel like it).

How do you do it?...I don't! or You obviously have never seen my house. (has to be said with a wink and a smile)

Do they all have the same answer...usually just say yes while inside my head I think....What a sad commentary on society. (This is why I don't add this to the rude's more sad then rude)


OH GOD! I'd SHOOT myself if I had that many kids! (said infront of my kids by a store clerk...I pick this for the rudest/most upsetting one)

Are all these kids your's...Yes...You must have a GREAT sex life. Your husband is a lucky man. (said by a biker looking guy...infront of my kids!...while standing in the grocery store checkout. See below for a PS on this.)

I wish you were my wife. (This isn't as rude as it was creepy since it was uttered by my OB while he was doing my initial internal exam for pg #5...I know he was just jealous and had terrible timing lol)

I thought we were the only white people to have that many kids anymore (said by a caucasian father of 10 who was purchasing our old van. No I did NOT try to strike up a friendnship with him and his wife thankyouverymuch).

Tell Tom to put a cork in it! (rude only because it came from a cousin when I was pg with #3. I've since determined she's JEALOUS..she has/had a crush on Tom)


Your children are so well behaved (first reaction is to look around to make sure they are talking to me and about MY children lol)

You look too young to have 11 children. (have to restrain myself from kissing them. Funny that there was a time when I didn't appreciate this comment)

You look good/great for having 11 children (have to admit I wonder if they'd think I looked terrible if I only had is a mom to 11 kids suppose to look anyways?)

You are so blessed! (YES I AM!)


This one is also the hardest to deal or know how to deal with...the unbeliever. They are the ones who insist you are joking or lying to them. Generally they only think it for a second and then go on to letting their jaw drop to the floor. The absolute worst time goes something like this....

Store clerk...You have 11 children!?!?!

You're pulling my leg right?
Nope, I really have 11 kids.

No, you're lying. You can't have 11 kids. No one has 11 kids.
Well I do

I know you're lying!
No, I'm not.

Come on! You can admit it. You're just trying to fool me right?
No, I'm not. I really have 11 kids.

Hey so and so(co-workers in the adjacent checkouts)...this lady says she has 11 kids. Can you believe that?! There's no way she has 11 kids. Have you ever heard of anyone having 11 kids?

The co-workers murmur responses, trying not to get involved...looking apologetic. Customers in their lines are now fully drawn into the drama. I'm left wishing I had a family picture to whip out...or that I could just leave the groceries where they are and disappear.

As I finish and start to leave I can still hear her standing at her register going on and on about it. If I wasn't so wiped out from shopping for hours and just wanted to get home...I might've talked to her supervisor.


PS Tom often heard/hears comments about our family size at work. Most of them are geared around sex. Tom came home one day after #3 was born and told me he got them! They were talking about all the sex he must have to have so many kids so close together. Tom looked at them innocently and said. Nope! We've only done it once! Kim says I'm so good that's all it took! And he's stuck to that story even 21yrs later when he told them we were expecting #11.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Cancer SUCKS!

Our worst fears have come true. FIL was finally given a diagnosis...leukemia...AML. I'm SO SICK of this stupid disease!!!!! I wish it'd just leave us alone!!! I think we've dealt with it enough thankyouverymuch. It leaves me quacking in my boots when I look at Carrie. The whatifs start rolling around in my head and I start seeing things that aren't there. I know I can't do this though, its foolish. I'm thankful she was so young when she went through her transplant and she has few memories of it. What ones she has tend to be nice ones. :o)

I'm chomping at the bit to know details (staging, protocol, etc) not that it'll help any. It's just my "enough knowledge to be dangerous" and medical hobbyist self wanting it's way. I deal with things by sinking into the medical stuff. Tom deals with it by knowing as little about it as possible. Since I'm getting most of my info through him and his conversations with his's frustrating.

FIL will be admitted on Monday. They told him to expect 2wks in, 2wks out, 2wks in... It's going to be SO rough for him. He's VERY shy and hates public places. Not to mention he's smoking. Granted it'd be a good time to quit. I wouldn't want to have to deal with all this AND having to quit.

Tom is on call this week/weekend but went into his parent's today anyways. Technically he's now closer to work so no big deal. It just happened that he had to go into work right before leaving for his parent' he took his work truck in. I hope they all have a very nice day together. I would love to be in there too but we're taking precautions. We're still not sure if my neice had chickenpox and if she infected the kids last week. I'd hate for Danielle to break out with them, exposing FIL to it.

There is talk of Michelle going in to stay with MIL. She was just discharged on Tues! There are a few other people living in the house but they all have school or work during the days she doesn't have dialysis. I'm waiting on Tom to let us know whether she should make plans or not. Figures this week would be my really busy week! I can't even go in and spend the day with her. Although if need be I could drive Michelle in first thing in the morning. Drew had a job this week and I'm not sure how long it lasts so can't depend on him to do any shuttling.

Around the house people got moving and the place is looking a lot better. I've been thinking of getting out my sewing machine. Guess it would help if I knew what I wanted to do first. What I NEED to do is get to the store! I've had Tom run to the store once or twice this week to get milk, eggs and bread. We're making due and we'll survive. It'd just be a lot easier and more fun if I went. I wish someone would hurry up and invent a transport a la Star Trek. Hmmmm, better yet, if I had a replicater I wouldn't have to go to the store at all!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Island week in pics

Image hosting by Photobucket
Our main decorations. I don't seem to have a pic of the cool sun covering the whole livingroom ceiling.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Monday's festivities started out with snacks and a vicious game of Uno.
Olivia, C, Michelle, Jake, Eileen and Carrie

Image hosting by Photobucket
Cap't Dad with his pet parrot and crew

Image hosting by Photobucket
Yes there were bathing suits, leis and "grass skirts".
M, J, Val and Michelle

Image hosting by Photobucket
Tuesday was filled with a visit from my parents...and SNOW (why it's white behind my dad). Here we're relaxing and gabbing after a lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup. Yeah I know THAT'S not island sue me.
Carrie, my mom, my dad, Eileen, me, Pat and Tom

Image hosting by Photobucket
Danielle was mad that she didn't get a lei like everyone else. So we have to make the queen happy.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Dessert Michelle made on Sunday, the final day of Island Week. It's a cornflake version of rice krispies.

Our adorable island baby!

Image hosting by Photobucket

I know I'm WAY behind in posting here. Sorry! To appease everyone I'm sharing my beautiful SIX month old baby in her new exersaucer. Things have been crazy here. I haven't been feeling so well lately and am glad I have a dr appt next Thurs. I think we're in for a bout of chicken pox now, starting with Danielle. My neice who was here during Island Week had them the previous week. Eileen and Olivia haven't had them although I'm pretty sure they've had the vaccination (not that I think that's helpful or a great thing). Carrie's had them pre-transplant, had shingles post transplant and was vaccinated after that. She tested negative for titers to them and was revaccinated...guess I should find out if she's finally tested positive yet.

We started Birthday week on the 2nd with Luke's 13th birthday. Luke's birth story I think he'll be having friends over on the 17th (no school that day). He wanted Chinese so I made fried chicken wings, sesame chicken, bay scallops, lo mein (glorified spaghetti), fried frozen egg rolls, chocolate and vanilla pudding. Before bed we had strawberry shortcake. Tom bought him a few things from the dollar store and I got him a Knex rollercoaster set with motorized lift. Olivia's 6th birthday is Monday and I think she wants Chicken wings and pizza....along with strawberry shortcake again. lol Val's 16th birthday is next Thursday on the 9th. She's asking to go to rock and roll bowling with a bunch of her friends and then have them sleep over next weekend. Nothing definite though.

MIL finally was released from the hospital on Tues. Then FIL was admitted on Wed. Tom spent the day up there with him, he should be released on Friday.

Carrie has a lesson for the TODAY study on Friday. I may cancel if Danielle is looking pox'y. Next week looks BUSY with one or two things scheduled everyday of the week but Wed (not counting church activities which are planned for everynight). Then again, if we do have chicken pox then my schedule will quickly clear since I can't go anywhere without Danielle and no one goes anywhere without me. LOL

I'm hoping to put up some pictures from Island week later. Posted by Picasa