Monday, December 29, 2008

A houseful of merriment

We couldn't have Christmas without a snag. Our shower decided it wanted to give us a hard time and sprung a leak. That meant no one could take a shower until almost 4:30 on Christmas Eve. We were suppose to be at BIL's at 5. Needless to say were a little late by about 1.5 hrs.

I managed to get almost all my wrapping done before leaving. Unfortunately I didn't manage to finish the projects I had to some people have IOU's for finished projects. I was also missing 2 came on the 26th, I'm still waiting on the 2nd. Luckily they wasn't anything too important in it...mostly fillers.

It was nice at BIL's house with tons of yummy food and fun for the cousins. One of Tom's brothers had me buy 2 piƱatas full of candy. I saw a lot of full bags going out the door. :o) We got home shortly after 10. The kids settled in and exchanged their secret santa gifts to each other. Everyone was very thoughtful in what they gave. I was thinking....we could be done right now and it'd be good.

I had to almost physically throw the kids out of the livingroom after secret santa time. They were having too much fun to go off into bed. It was one of those times when mom's not serious until she's yelling. I finally convinced them with an....I have things to do! I don't care if you go to sleep but you HAVE to go to the bedrooms (boys in one room, girls in another). It was about 1am by then. Tom and I finally finished up and got into bed shortly after 3.

We always set a time that's the earliest they can get up on Christmas, usually it's 6am. Well 6am came pretty quick! I heard them running down the hall all excited and knew I didn't want them in the livingroom...but couldn't remember why. Luckily I remembered before my feet fully hit the floor....IT WAS CHRISTMAS MORNING!!!!

The kids had already gotten into their stockings and started opening gifts before Sean meandered out. He was a pro at opening packages by the time we were half way done. His all time favorite present goes to the one Val's boyfriend bought him....a kids drum set! He was banging on the box before we could open it. He looks so cute sitting on his stool banging his little heart out. Luckily it's not as loud and obnoxious as I thought it would be.

At one point Danielle became totally overwhelmed. She had opened her Wall-E dvd and her bubblegum machine...then came the Mama Mia dvd. It was too much, with a grin from ear to ear she dove behind Liz and burrowed herself in between Liz and the couch. She'd peak out and try to join us, but couldn't. It took her a good 5 or 10 minutes before she could be coaxed out. Luckily she was almost done opening presents.

Drew, Allison, Michelle and Cory bought the kids an Xbox 360 bundle. I knew they were buying it so bought a few guitars for guitar hero. Pat gave them the drums and microphone from his rock band set (he sold the rest a while ago). Needless to say there's been hours and hours of banging and singing going on here (using Drew's rockband game). Me, I'm more of a Beautiful Katamari type of person. *hums the theme song*

Tom and I took a nap while the kids played. There wasn't much time though because we had to head out to my parents' house. We made it out the door at 2:30. We spent the rest of the day snacking and talking while the kids played and drove Grandma crazy (she doesn't tolerate the busyness very well). Christmas ended with us dragging our exhausted selves home about 10pm or so.

Fri and Sat were pretty low key. The kids played with the Xbox. Olivia and I tinkered with her circle knitting looms. I took advantage of the warm (for us) weather and got into the very neglected chicken coop to do some work.

Sunday morning we cleaned up a good bit since my parents were coming over at 1. I was hoping to get things done the night before so I could head to church in the morning but it didn't happen. Sean helped seal the staying home card since he's all green and goopy...his eyes are the worst. He looks pathetic.

It was a good thing we cleaned because Drew and Allison stopped by with an announcement that they found a sectional on the side of the road. He pulled the seats out of the van, grabbed Luke and Jake as helpers and went and picked it up. Seems it was just in time because a pickup truck pulled up to the area as they were pulling away...he didn't look too happy. (we've been that truck's frustrating) So we rearranged things, brought in the sectional and recleaned. It's pretty crowded in the livingroom but we all have a place to sit now. :o) The sectional is in decent shape. It has two reclining sections and a twin size sofa bed on the other end. Thank you to whoever got rid of it!!!

Today the girls are heading to my sister's for two nights. Then Wed we're heading to church for our New Year's feast. I'll have to think of something yummy to make for that. For now though, I have to get ready to take the girls to the mall to meet my sister.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Relaxing before getting my running shoes on

I think this is the 3rd post I've started since my last entry. Hopefully the 3rd time is the charm. It's been a busy time here. Although the kids have had a relaxing time of it. They had Fri and Mon off for snow days so had a 4 day weekend. Me, not so relaxing since I've had to be out in the snow.

Foolishly on Fri I didn't have Michelle call into work. (had to be there at 10) It wasn't snowing here yet and I'd have felt like a fool if the weather guys were wrong. Besides it's not so easy for them to find someone to come in for her when the workers are all in school. So I figured I'd get her there and we'd work out the details of getting her home after we saw how the day went. My thinking was...worse came to worse...Tom could take a side trip with his 4 wheel drive county truck on the way home from work (she was out at 3:45...he gets out at 4).

Even though it wasn't snowing at was snowing in the city that's south of us. By the time I got home it was snowing at our house too. It wasn't very long into her shift when I realized it was really going to be BAD. Luckily someone at work had had the same thought because they had her call home for a ride at 12:30. I told her I'd be there as soon as I could. It took me a little more then 45mins. (it's a 20 mile trip one way) I had to pull over twice to clean off my windshield wipers. It was worse on the way home. At one time Michelle had her head out the window trying to see a side road I could pull onto so we could clear the windshield. 2hrs after leaving home we pulled into the driveway. I thanked God and almost kissed the ground.

Monday morning saw lake effect hit us. We debated again on whether Michelle would call into work or not. (needed to be there at 11) Because it was lake effect it was clear in the city this time. (further south from the lake) Drew and Allison both called into work and turned around for home midtrip. However they decided they needed to finish up shopping so agreed to take Michelle to work. Tom and I went to pick her up together and try to get some last minute shopping done. We opted to leave Sean at home which probably wasn't such a great idea. As we were about to run through Walmart Tom's phone rang...Sean's been crying for a long are you going to be? We really were quick as you can be in Walmart...there's just so much to look at! Unfortunately the drive home took almost an hour because the lake effect had picked up again. Poor Carrie was trying to distract him with videos on youtube.

In between all this was Christmas parties for the youth girls at church and the boys at a friend's house on Saturday. The Christmas feast at church on Sunday. And trying to get things ready for Christmas here. We tried to take advantage of the snow day and do some much needed things here. Unfortunately it involved pulling things out and moving them around. So in "cleaning" we created messes. Hopefully tonight we'll get the rest under control. Michelle and Liz have put a huge dent in my wrapping. I still have a fair bit though. For the first time I'm wondering if it's such a good idea to wrap EVERYTHING! lol I also have 5 or 6 projects I have to do. Granted I could give an IOU to the intended recipient but I'd prefer to have them done tonight.

Michelle has to work from noon to 8 tonight. I'm going to see if Drew (who has today off) will drive her into work. Liz, Carrie and I are going to pick her up and finish up the absolute last minute shopping...I hope! She's also due to work Wed from 9-2:30. I'm hoping the weather isn't too bad again. There's a call for a wintery mix so who knows what that'll entail.

We're going to Tom's older brother's house for Christmas Eve. I'm still not positive on what we're bringing to eat. Have to get that ironed out before we go out tonight. Last year was the first year that I had ALL the wrapping done before going and it was SOOOOO relaxing. I'm really shooting for it again this year...even if I have to forego sleep tonight. It's amazing how long it takes to wrap all the teeny tiny stuff. Again, rethinking that part. Think they'd mind a grocery bag full of stuff under the tree? lol

Ok...I'm being used as a jungle gym...making typing (and thinking) very hard. Things won't get done unless I actually attempt to do I'll have to finish up here.

If I don't get back until after Christmas...Wishing everyone the very best Christmas! To my Jewish friends...Happy Hanukkah!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday morning pity party

I'm sitting here in my coat, feeling like garbage. Trying to not let the fact that the day has just started and won't be stopping anytime soon not bring me to tears. Last night was a looong night. For a zillion reasons I kept waking up. So it turned into one of those nights when you feel like your body didn't get any rest. Tom's on call and has been out since at least 6:30am. Michelle needs to be at work in 2hrs and I'm the only driver (it's out of Tom's work area)

The old hag found me yesterday so I'm feeling the effects of that a bit. I always feel cheated when she shows up. Why do I have to deal with it when there's no possibility of getting anything cute and cuddly 9mos later. If it weren't for the symptoms of menopause, I'd be wishing that on myself now.

I'm feeling a bit feverish and I'm not sure if it's because of my face or my hand. I'm either getting sick or I kicked up some major allergies working around here yesterday. I'm stuffed up on the right side so bad my cheek bone hurts right down into my teeth. I haven't looked but my face feels swollen on that side too.

To top it off, I misstepped on the treadmill yesterday which resulted in belt burns on my knees, left shin, left arm and my left hand. I didn't get hurt hurt, if it weren't for the moving belt I'd have been fine. (lesson learned...WEAR the emergency stop clip!) Unfortunately I think I have a case of cellulitis in the sore on my left hand...just below my pinkie finger. Half of the top of my hand is sore, red and swollen with a faint red line starting toward my wrist. I'm treating it and keeping an eye on it and if it increases I'll have it checked out. I know cellulitis can move fast and isn't to be messed with. I only have one primary care doctor. I love the guy but I haven't seen him since before Danielle was born. He operates in a different city and at a different hospital then the one I'd use near me. I'm not even sure what his after hours/weekend protocol is anymore.

OK...pity party over. Yesterday was Carrie's day to go shopping. Unfortunately we didn't have much time and I'm not sure if she's completely done. So the lucky duck may get another trip out (and I'm sure I'll hear about how unfair it is from the peanut gallery). Today is suppose to be Jake's. As much as I don't feel up to going out, I don't really want to back out of this on him either. He's had to wait for more turns then he was suppose to and he wasn't handling it very well the other day. We have to finish this up this week since some of the purchases are for the Christmas feast next weekend.

Michelle has gotten the kids into a paper snowflake frenzy. They are covering the livingroom walls with looks pretty cool in here (as long as you don't look at the floor lol). I "wrapped" our front door in some rich blue and silver water resistant paper with silver ribbon and huge silver bow. It came out pretty good if I do say so myself.

Like I said above, I've been working around here. Yesterday was a mass laundry washing day. If I let myself I could get depressed over the amount that's still left in the hall to do. At least I know there won't be any kids cleaning their rooms and rejuvenating the piles. They did that last weekend! lol Now my room...that'sw a different story. I'd like to find the time to get in there and clean it before Christmas as a gift to myself (and Tom). I don't think it's going to happen though. I figure I can do it after Christmas. That way I can take advantage of the kids being on vacation and have them watch Danielle and Sean.

Well, Sean's sleeping on the couch next to me, Michelle is due out the door in 15mins. I'm gonna go grab a cup of coffee that just finished brewing.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Short Hiatus

It's been so long since I logged into blogger that I had to sign back in. I haven't had to do that in forever. Even when I don't post for a while, I usually ATTEMPT to and therefore log into my dashboard. Not this time...

Trying to get ready for Christmas here. As I say every year, it's going to be different. Things are tight, blah blah blah. I'm sure that's how the kids hear it since it seems somehow I manage to put a bunch of stuff under the tree. This year, they might be surprised. Yes, I managed to get things again but it's not the big ticket items they've come to expect. And as I do every year, I have to fight the thought that I don't have enough. That I've shorted someone. I know that no matter how much I buy...those thoughts will still be there. Thing is, as of right now...I am short. I have NOTHING for Liz. It doesn't help that she doesn't have a list so to speak. I mean she knows I'm not going to get her a laptop. And then there's the ticket to Norway in the summer...not in the budget sweetie. Oh wait, I did buy her something last I have one thing. PHEW! lol

I've set myself up for exhaustion. The kids have drawn names for each other, a secret santa. As of right now we're planning on having a party on the 28th so they can exchange them. Although I've heard mention of just doing it on Christmas morning after all. Where does my exhaustion fit in here? I decided it would be a good thing for the kids to have some one on one time with me. So I'm taking them shopping individually. Each night that Michelle works I go in early with someone and we shop before picking her up. So far Eileen and Olivia have gone.

As much as I miss being home at night, I know it's a good thing. They LOVE it! Eileen's mouth went a mile a minute the whole time we were out. Olivia is a bit quieter but loved that she had my hand or could hug up to me as we walked...whenever she wanted and for as long as she wanted. As tired as I've been, I was sad to see the time end.

And now it's 24hrs later, Friday morning...

Life got in the way and I ended up abandoning this yesterday. Our family gift came yesterday...a treadmill! I spent most of the afternoon/evening trying to put it together. I finally had to stop and wait for Tom to get home to finish it. I wasn't strong enough to get something essential attached. It's been going nonstop since we finished though. It's set up in our smallest bedroom which will eventually be Danielle and Sean's bedroom. Sean really loves it and we have to watch him like a hawk. He's adorable on it, just walking on and on. He goes on for short bursts quite a few times a day. Last night he slept the soundest then he has in a while...maybe it'll be the solution to his sleep problems.

The kids are making sure I get into the Christmas spirit. They dragged up the tree and set it up. I had to get into the action with the colored lights and all my glass ornaments...some of which are over 50 years old. Even I don't like to handle them.

Sean was mesmorized with the whole thing. He's been really good about not touching things. :o)

And now....12 hours later again!

Today I had a surprise leisurely day in the city with Della and her oldest Emily. They were stranded there while waiting for some work to be done on their truck. So after taking Michelle to work I picked them up, we ran to a few stores and then had lunch. Just as we finished eating the dealership called to say the work was done. Perfect timing.

While I was out Tom called me and let me know he was bringing home dinner. Seems they had their Christmas party at work and the leftovers were gifted to us. He brought home a TON of food! Salad, a huge pan of ziti (whole steam table pan size), a pan and half of chicken parmesean, pan of Italian sausage with pepper and onions, half a pan of meatballs and sauce, dinner rolls with individual crocks of margarine. All yummy and enough for a few meals. THANK YOU TOM'S WORK!

We got quite a bit of snow today and the poor kids thought they were going to have to miss activity club. We couldn't get car out of the driveway. We had just said...everyone has to stay home when Tom said...let's try one more time...and out they pushed me.

Well I've now had to take 4 turns to get this out. Sean is trying to help me...adding his own version of the story to mine. So I'm done! For now...

Friday, November 28, 2008


We joined in with the annual Black Friday madness. Actually we left the house later then normal. I took Drew, Michelle and her boyfriend Cory. Cory was really interested in seeing what the hullabaloo was all about. Unfortunately we didn't make it to Walmart for the unveiling of the doorbuster pallets. To hear the WHOOOSH of the crowds' movement and hear them suddenly go crazy is quite the experience. Still we made it in the door shortly after 5am and he saw the chaos that ensues when a mob is shopping.

Although we weren't shopping with them, we ran into Della and their older brother throughout the morning. Michelle and I were dumbfounded over one of Della's experiences. We were watching her at a pallet of pajamas. Neither one of us figured out exactly how it happened but a woman ended up getting between Della (who was holding her baby in one arm) and the pallet. When Della tried to finish getting her things off the pallet the woman acted indignant and like Della was rude. Told her something along the lines of...I'll move and you can get to the pajamas in a minute! Ummm lady....she was already AT the display!

Luckily there wasn't anything I really NEEDED. We still price matched a few things and spent a good chunk of change in Walmart. I even went back shortly after 10:30 for a few things I forgot and something Della had wanted to get but hadn't found. We hit Walgreens, Tim Hortons for liquid breakfast, McDonald's for actual eats. Then we had to drop off Michelle at work at 9am. We ran through her work, and hit Big Lots. Drew and Cory stayed in the car with a sleeping Sean while I ran in Radio Shack and Rite-Aid. They were all sleeping when I came out of Rite-Aid for the second time (yes, I ran back in because I forgot a few things). Cory and Sean continued snoozing while Drew and I ran back into Walmart for a bit. They were still soundly sleeping when we came out. Poor Cory had to go into work at 3. I'm pretty sure he got home in time to take a short nap before then then.

I unloaded Sean and the groceries myself since I didn't want prying eyes in the trunk. I changed a diaper, gave Danielle some attention and then the other kids...had a bite to eat and then settled on the couch where I snoozed on and off for about an hour. Then it was back out the door to get Michelle and back home by 3:15.

I'd probably be in bed already if the kids didn't have activity club and need rides. But here I sit, trying to chat, waiting to hear if I need to pick up kids from church. UGH! My mom called me and scared the daylights out of me! I hate late night calls, I"m always expecting the worst. It doesn't help that my baby brother (4yrs younger then me) has been in and out of the hospital. They think he had a mild heart attack a few weeks ago. I'm not sure why but he's not seeing the cardiologist until the 9th I think.

Hmmmm it's a few days away from Pat's birthday. On Monday he'll be 23. Hearing that makes my bones creak. lol I really should get his birth story up since it's the only one I haven't done and it's been 2+ yrs that I've been saying I'll do it. Thing is, his birth was one of my it's not like I'm trying to avoid it. It just keeps getting pushed down on the todo list. Just like me updating the kids page (link at the top of the page). I started to do a new one back in the spring and it's still sitting as a draft. I'll have to update the unpublished update. It's the story of my life.

I'm a bit bummed. We didn't get a family picture done on Thanksgiving. The one over there -> in my sidebar is from last Thanksgiving. We were all there too! It would've been too much to try to do it with the extra people. Last year we were the only ones to eat with my parents. This year my sister was there too and then my brother came in for a visit and pie as we were finishing up dinner. I don't know, maybe we should've set up a mini studio and taken EVERYONE'S family pictures. It would've been fun to take one of all the grandkids. Hmmmm now I'm wondering if we can set that one up during the next month. I wish I'd thought of this BEFORE Thanksgiving!!!

Oh well, all this thinking is hurting my brain. My eyelids are starting to get really heavy. Jake just came in the door so I'm off the hook for rides tonight. So I think I'll chat for a little more and then head to bed.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Heavy heart

While I've been elated with the arrival of my niece's baby boy. I'm also dealing with a heavy heart. A young girl I know is dealing with a due date that will never be. For that she has some deep regrets that'll haunt her for the rest of her life. An online friend is dealing with her second 2nd trimester loss in as many pregnancies. It's hard to stand by and see them suffer, knowing there isn't much I can do to help them in their pain.

Today I found out my sister's last day of work was Friday. She works/worked in the mortgage industry. To say there aren't too many options in that field for her right now is an understatement. At least her situation is fixable. It might not come quickly or be exactly what she wanted...but there are options available to her. It doesn't help that the economy is also putting a dent in her dh's gutter installation business. People are holding onto their money instead of investing it in their house.

UB just let me know that our van needs a lot of work and it's not driveable. *heavy sigh* In the grand scheme of things it's not a big deal, but's something I have to deal with. We were planning on driving it to my parents' house for Thanksgiving dinner. So now I have to do some major planning to get us all there. I haven't ironed it all out but I think it'll be ok. It makes me wish we were staying home though.

My family is getting bigger and I'm afraid it's getting to be too much for my mom. She's not the Martha Stewart type. She gets stressed out trying to cook for a bunch of people. Me, I love that type of thing. As the years go on she also becomes less tolerant of the kids' and their baggage (noise and movement). If I thought my mom would be comfortable at our house, I'd invite them here instead of going there. BUT she's not, so I don't.

I do have a lot to be thankful for though. For a fairly healthy and happy family, for a husband who has and will have a job in these uncertain times, for good friends both in real life and online and being given another day to make the most of.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Get up kids!

It's one of my most dreaded things to do for the day...get the kids out of their nice warm beds every morning. Even if I don't care to sleep and think it's a waste of time, the stark and cold reality of getting up and going is something I don't like. It just doesn't seem right to have to do. Then to have to do it once, twice, a few dozen times (I''m kidding...they are actually pretty good about getting up usually)

Things have been pretty busy around here. The middle and school kids had an extended weekend. They had a half day Thursday and all of Friday off for parent teacher's conferences. With lake effect snow in the forecast, the high schoolers were hoping for a snow day They settled with getting out of school an hour early instead. I had my conferences on Thursday so Friday was all mine (especially since Michelle also had the day off). We worked on getting things in order around here and we did pretty ok with it. I actually made a dent in the laundry situation although it's diminished now that I haven't touched it since then. Hopefully I can get back to it today.

The conferences went well. We're concerned for Carrie a bit. It was rough sitting in front of all 7 of her teachers at once and hearing again and again and again how she's struggling. Some of it is from lack of attention in the homework department and that we can fix. I'm pretty sure a lot of it is residual from her transplant and having had radiation. Her recall abilities suck. You can teach her a concept, she'll get it and do it over and over and over again on her own while she's sitting there. The next day though, it can be like she's never heard of the concept before. I mean someone doesn't score in the teens on a test (or a retest) unless they didn't attempt to take it or truly don't know it. I HAVE to call up to 5C (cancer clinic) and get her in to see the educational specialist...she can't keep going like this. Right now she's ok with school (although she was in tears talking about it Thursday night) But it won't continue to be like that if she's constantly struggling and still not making it. I don't think she minded summer school too much, but I'm sure she'd rather not do it again.

This weekend was nice! Saturday night the youth at church cooked and served the adults a formal sit down dinner. It was SO wonderful to sit, have an uninterrupted conversation and not have to worry about what anyone was doing or getting into. The food was DELICIOUS!...Hors d'oeuvres, wine, french onion soup, roast beef, garlic mashed potatoes, green bean almondine, 3 different types of dessert and coffee from the coffee bar! It was sad to see it end. lol Tom and I were surprised when we went to the car and realized it was only 9. We thought about finding something else to do but decided we'd been out for 4hrs so we'd just head back home. It's a good thing because shortly thereafter, Tom had a horrible headache and went to bed....he's coming down with a nasty cold. I think a few of us are flirting with it.

Michelle was here while we were gone and as usual made it fun. She's the type that's always up for some fun and games. I had planned on them having something easy like chicken patties and boxed mac and cheese. She made them that and a smorgasbord of odd things...oatmeal, baby food (apricot with pears and apples), olives, celery with dip and/or peanut butter and something else that I can't remember. She strung up christmas lights to make it festive. Made me want to get the Christmas decorations out. lol

Sunday was an exciting time.... my niece gave birth to a baby boy! The first boy of the family! My SIL has 7 girls and until granddaughter. That little guy is going to be so spoiled! I can't wait to see him! We had a potluck dinner at church. We use to eat together after almost every Sunday meeting but then kitchen construction put an end to it and it never started back up. I've missed it! I don't think I'd like to do it every week (it's HARD to make a dish and get out the door by 11am!) but it would be nice if we could start it up once a month. It allows for some good fellowship. :o)

Della and I ended up taking a trip to Target and Price Chopper. She brought 2 of her older kids, I brought Sean. It was nice to get to talk together and the older kids made sure we had fun. They're very interesting shopping companions. Sean really enjoyed being the only child for a bit. I knew his vocabulary was expanding quickly but I don't think I realized just how fast it's exploded. He makes a good parrot.

Having Tom home all week has been nice. I'm a bit sad to see him going back out the door this morning, at least it's a short week with Thanksgiving in there. He's been getting a bunch of odd jobs around here done...including getting the furnace tuned up and running! It's nice to see the inside thermometer go above 52 again. For me it's the floors. The way we have our ducts running the floors get nice and warm even if the air's a tad chilly. I can deal with chilly arms, cold feet...not so much. Especially when I have an aversion to socks!

OH and as a public service might be a good idea to rethink letting a 14yo cut your hair. My hair had been terrible to take care of. I've had to have the girls comb out the back for me a few times because I can't. Most of the time I just made a pony with a huge snarl in the middle. No one wanted to cut my hair on Saturday except Carrie. I figured one straight cut across the back using the back of my bra as a I let her do it. I guess I didn't realize I wear the left side of my bra a little over my armpit high!!!! By the time we "fixed" it I went from my hair being past my waist to just past my shoulders. It's still a bit uneven and it's going to stay that way for now.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I meant to add pictures to my last post

So I edited it to include a few. I had a couple more that were taken yesterday that didn't fit into what I talked about.

Liz and buddies

Jake the mystery man. He wore this to school this morning. I guess the principal had a problem with him wearing it so he had to take it off.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Has it been that long?

Yikes! Over a week and still haven't gotten a post up here. I've been trying all week too. Things have been busy. I've been working on doing more around here although it doesn't show. Mostly just trying to keep up with the daily stuff, getting a few not seen but needed to be done stuff done. My lazy susan is very organized and looks great! lol

Actually most of my day is spent following Sean around and undoing the messes he makes and trying to finish fast enough so I can stop him from making the next mess. I've said many times in the last week or's a good thing he's so cute! ;o) Thing is, I know if I had this place in better order...he wouldn't have the opportunities he has now. I mean how many bags of chips have to be left on table and dumped upside down before I realize....the table's not the place for opened bags of chips (or cereal, cookies, bags of rice, canister of salt, etc...)

Needless to say sitting with him up isn't much of an option. When I do sit it's when I'm nursing or acting as a jungle gym for him and Danielle. (they are climbing all over me as I type) Perfect conditions to try to learn a new skill. Yeah right but that's what I decided. My MIL gave me her ottoman that's filled with yarn and some unfinished projects (one being a baby blanket for Danielle). She said I had to learn how to knit and crochet and continue the tradition. Last week I bought crochet hooks and knitting needles. I've been reading websites, watching videos and attempting to do it. The first night I gave up after I realized Sean had become entangled in the opposite end of the skein I was working on. Last night though...I made my first ever granny square!!! I think I might hold off on learning knitting until I have two hands open on a regular basis. Now to figure out what projects I want to attempt first.

Danielle has been entertaining us and we've come to realize she has a mind like a steel trap. The things and details she's remembering have left me flabbergasted. Right now her favorite thing is to tell everyone detail by detail which movie she watched the night before. Liz usually watches a movie with her each night. Nothing like getting the 3yo version of the Lion King. Did you know the baby lions died from the doggies (hyenas) and when the pig dumped water on the baby...he came back to life and grew up. LOL

Pat's been here for the last few days while he worked out a car situation. If everything worked out like it should...he should be driving it by now. It's been nice having him here. The little ones really appreciated him. I think he liked being around them more. I know he's worried that they won't know who he is. I was laughing last night, thinking to myself....I doubt he'll want to move back home anytime soon. It can be a bit hard to tolerate this place when you're used to semi quiet, non chaotic living conditions.

Tom's been home this week which has been nice. He's getting a bunch of little projects done that have been on the todo list for a while. He's also helping me drive Michelle (it's where he is right now). Lucky me! I think I'll like it when (or if) he retires. For now at least. :o)

The chickens are starting to crank things up a notch. We're now getting 8-10 eggs a day (maybe even more today...I've already gotten 9 this morning). It's amazing how fast they can fill up my cartons. It'll be really interesting come spring when they are in their prime for laying. Would be nice if we could sell some. Last night I scrambled up one short of 7 dozen of them. (pics on my food blog in the nav bar up above) They were yummy and everyone had as much as they wanted. I'm sure scrambled eggs as one of our meals every week will wear off quickly but for now....WOOOHOOO! Go chickens go! I'll have to start finding more recipes for things like custard and angel food cakes.

Hmmm both the little ones have fallen asleep on my lap and the couch. Think I'll attempt to get up, go potty and do some fun, exciting things like switch over laundry and fill the dishwasher. Aren't I a lucky girl! Maybe I'll even be able to make and eat something without little birds chirping for tastes. Oh wait! The first trip bus is due here in 10mins. Then I'll have vultures looking for samples. Gotta run!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm sitting here under a blanket

with Sean across my lap...wishing someone would turn on the tea kettle and make me another cup of coffee. It's a grey, damp, chilly day today. But it's a GREAT day! NO ONE has to go anywhere! Michelle has it off from work, the kids are home from school and Tom has the day off from work for Veteran's Day. Well Tom is on call so may have to leave at a moment's notice and for that I feel sorry for him. But me, I don't have to leave! YIPPEE!

I originally had planned to take Jake to buy new sneaks. The soles of his sneaks had come undone and they flopped when he walked. He stayed home yesterday and went with me when I dropped off Michelle so we took care of it then. One night we were fooling around with his sneaks, making them talk. Sean got ahold of one, pulled the sole from the top of the shoe and put his head between the two a lion tamer at the circus. We all started saying OH NO!!! The evil sneaker is eating Sean! He just stood there with this huge smile on his face, laughing. Another funny man...I'm in trouble! lol

UB just came in the kitchen and said it seemed like a Walmart chicken day. Walmart sells a huge 50pc box of greasy yummy chicken for about $30. It's enough for us to eat as much as we want for dinner and still have enough for lunch and snacks. As much as I like it and know how everyone else likes it (not to mention a meal I don't have to pay for!) I refused to be talked into going into the city and buying it.

I think I'm going to try to get some help in the basement. I want to do a ridiculous amount of laundry, clean up the laundry room, get rid of some things that got ruined by the leaking bathtub faucet, clear off and clean up some wooden shelves down there and make it into my pantry. I've been building up my pantry again and it would be nice to have it there. It's closer and more accessible to the stairs and it's sturdier then the old metal ones I'm using right now. Of course I've also been wanting to get my sewing machine moved back into the living room, tuned up and ready to start sewing. I was hoping Liz would be agreeable to doing that for me, especially since it will also allow her to do some projects. :o)

I'm trying to convince Tom to throw up a piece of plexiglass over the coop window. It's getting way too cold for them to have that window open all the time. Thing is he has his own todo list going, including trying to get the van running again. It's still parked on the side of the road and now has the fuel tank out of it. They think the fuel pump is bad and it's INSIDE the VERY full tank. (had put over 28 gals in the tank the day before it died) So it might turn into a "do it your own self" job.

As far as Chick Inn news goes....the girls are starting to give up the goods! Yesterday was a SIX egg day. Unfortunately one of them was a green egg that was laid on the floor that I stepped on. :o( One also was found under the roosts in the icky bedding. I'm not sure why that happens every once in a while. I can only imagine it's a first timer that has no clue what's happening and it gets dropped where they are. But I could be wrong. I also got a huge green egg (so more then one EE is laying!!!!) that proved to be a double yolker...our second. I was also happy to see that someone used the other nest boxes we have set up. So far they were only using one certain one. When I found the floor egg I became concerned that there were too many layers for the one nest so they were dropping them on the floor. I'd still like to make a few more boxes that they seem to like (rubbermaid tote laid on the floor with a hole cut in the lid that's bungy corded on). I certainly can't ask or expect Tom to get the permanent boxes built now. It's getting too cold and he has too much to do. The temp ones will be ok until spring.

I'm also starting to wonder if two specific hens are wanting to get broody. One is an almost bald one that the boys seem to be especially lusty for. They bug the snot out of her so she spends a lot of time on the roosts (where they won't bug her). She also is very easily handled, hangs out with me in the coop when I'm working and likes to "sneak" into the small room when I'm getting feed out. I always manage to "drop" a few tidbits for her to enjoy. :o) I just worry I'll accidentally close her into the room one day. So I have to start thinking of whether I want to encourage them to be broody or not. And set up an area for them if I want to. I personally would love it but Tom....he's not so gungho on the idea. But then again, he readily claims they're my chickens (not what I intended to happen when we started this thing lol)

OOPS! Jake turned the tea kettle on for me. When I went to give him my cup so he could make me a some coffee, I found it 3/4 full still! Thanks anyways Jake, guess I should've checked my cup first.

Well, coffee is almost gone. I've managed to slide Sean off my lap without waking him. I guess I should go do something before he wakes up. Hmmmm a shower or the dishes or head into the basement. Maybe a quick side trip to the coop to check out what the girls have been up to first. Eeny Meany miney moe

Sunday, November 09, 2008

What's been going on

Oops, it's been a few days since I've been here. Between the nice weather, my dentist appointment and grocery shopping things have been busy. It doesn't help that I'm pretty sure I'm dealing with mastitis. On Friday afternoon I was feeling a bit sore and thought I was getting engorged. Della and I had taken the little kids out shopping most of the day (with my niece as a BIG help!) so I hadn't nursed Sean since early morning...made sense. I have no idea why but I was EXHAUSTED on Fri night. I took Danielle and Sean into bed at 7:30 and we promptly fell asleep. My stupid body would only let me sleep until 3:30 the next morning though so I was up way too early. Running around after dropping Michelle off I noticed that my nursing side (yes, I only nurse Sean on the left side) was a tad sore and I was feeling a little icky. This morning there is no doubt...I feel like garbage! There's no getting near my left side, my glands under my jaw are tender and I'm chilled at times so figure I'm flirting with a low grade fever. Luckily I don't feel exhausted like I have before and can get through this. Life still has to go on. Tom is on call so can't leave the area, that means that I have to run Michelle even though I'd prefer to cuddle under a blanket. If I can just get Sean to not crawl all over me and cause me to jump through the roof...I'd be ok. I feel bad for warding him off but a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

I've spent an obscene amount of money on groceries the last few days. You can see just how much here. (hmmm, just realized I don't have a link to my food blog up above anymore...I'll have to try to fix that later). Thing is my cupboards, pantry and refrigerator/freezer were getting pretty bare, so I had to do a bit of stocking up. The good thing is that I shouldn't have to shop for too much for the next few weeks. I'm feeling a little low in the veggie department though but that's a common feeling, so we'll see.

Yesterday was a good day in the chicken coop! We had 3 brown eggs in the nesting box yesterday morning, a green egg was in there later in the day. FOUR eggs in one day...never happened before. Thing is I don't know if a few girls just started laying or if it was because I didn't let them out until almost 11AM and they couldn't lay around the yard. (haven't found evidence of anything in the hedgerow yet) I'll guess we'll see what the next few days bring. If I drop back down to 2 eggs a day again I may have to confine them to the yard all the time, maybe even the coop for a few days. On a not so great note though, I think there was one less chicken last night. I only counted 41 before closing them up for the night. It was too dark to try and see if I could find the missing hen. Hopefully she's ok and will be back tonight.

Here's a shot of all the eggs we collected for a week. The white egg in the middle is store bought and was added for comparison purposes.

Yay! Michelle got a ride to work this morning, I don't have to drive her (but have to pick her up). I have to go quiet the kids. Tom's trying to take a nap. He got called out twice since midnight and only got a few hours a sleep. Not good for someone who likes their sleep.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Could there be a better day?

It's November and I'm sitting outside without a coat on and no shoes! My laptop with my full coffee cup next to it on my free patio table. My butt firmly planted into one of the free chairs that came with it. Danielle is on her swingset in her own little world. Sean's in for a nap which is allowing me to stay planted. Hmmm...a chicken just tried to go through the propped open kitchen door...maybe I won't be able to sit like I thought lol. (it's always something!)

Ok that lasted long. The phone rang (note to self...bring phone outside too) which woke up Sean. So now I'm sitting here with Sean on my lap watching Michelle almost kill herself doing flips on the trampoline. But good news...Drew is coming down, getting our car and taking Michelle to work for me...YIPPPEEE! I don't need to leave the house until it's time to pick her up at 8!

There's ton of work I should be doing, could be doing...but too bad! There aren't going to be too many more days like this this year and I'm going to enjoy them. Besides, my little ones need their healthy dose of Vitamin D!

This time of the year is so busy with projects. Seems everyone has one going or has just finished. Jake just handed in his cell project, Carrie has to make her inanimate object using building materials with specific characteristics (pliablity, brittleness, magnetism, etc), Eileen's native american project is due next week, and Olivia has the turkey book report (which is actually an easy one to do). Then it's onto all the fun stuff for the holidays!

I'm actually starting to look forward to the holidays. Even if they'll be tight this year. I know the kids are thinking...yeah mom you say that every year. But this year I think they'll be surprised when it actually happens. I'd like to some things different like Secret Santas where the kids don't give gifts but are nice to their recipient. Make more of an effort to do things together like baking cookies. I think I'll ask the kids what they want to be able to do differently that doesn't necessarily involve money. I'd love ideas for anyone if they have any, so let me know. LOL...I just asked Michelle if she had any ideas and she said yeah! We can give away the chickens for christmas dinners! (the big kids hate the chickens, think they're gross)

Well my laptop battery is getting low and Sean is making me jump up and down too much so I'll have to cut this short.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I'm one of the luckiest girls in the world

I've never been so head over heels in love with my husband as I am right now. Just writing this brings me to tears. Tom had to do something that went totally against everything he stands for. He did it for us. I couldn't imagine how hard it was for him. Thinking of him doing it makes me want to climb into bed and never come out. It would've been nice if he could've stood up for his principles and reputation but our financial situation and family size didn't allow it. There will be some that don't understand why he agreed to do what he did. But I totally support him and he can still live with himself...that's all that matters. God brings all things for our good. A renewed love and respect for my husband is EXTERMELY good!!

And yes, this has to do with the thing I can't talk about. It is over or is suppose to be. We don't like the outcome but we can live with it. We'll get through the rest of the year and then we'll be in a good position all around. Thanks for your support, thoughts and prayers over these last few months. They are greatly appreciated.

See I'm doubly lucky since I have such great friends who are there for me both IRL (in real life) and online. Who tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. Who can bring me to tears with their caring words and heartfelt prayers. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Wait for it....

I haven't said anything here but I haven't seen my wallet since hurricane IKE hit us on Sept 14th. I had it when we were grocery shopping that night. There was a instant when we pulled out of the parking lot that I heard what sounded like something falling off the roof of the car. I have a bad habit of putting my wallet up there when buckling Sean in. But I was almost sure that I felt between the front seats and felt my wallet there, although I wasn't absolutely positive. I watched our accounts to make sure there were no unauthorized uses.

We looked through the house and it didn't turn up. I figured when we cleaned for Michelle's party we'd find such luck. I thought it might be in my bedroom so started tearing it apart, no luck. I was starting to get desperate. I NEEDED the kids' social security cards. I NEEDED my license. I found myself in the only room it could possibly bedroom...time and time again....searching. Still nothing. I prayed...nothing. I finally came to the conclusion I couldn't wait for it anymore. I had decided that if I didn't find it by the end of this coming week...I'd bite the bullet. I'd go get my replacement license and apply for new cards for the kids. I then prayed that if the wallet was in the house, God would let it be found before the week was up. I mean I really don't have the time or the money to replace everything.

Yesterday as we were just about to go out the door Danielle comes up to me and says...Here yo'r wallet mommy! I thought she'd found one of the girls' wallets that looks similar. I turned around and looked and SHE HAD MY WALLET!!!! When I asked her where she found it she pointed to the middle of the living room floor and said...on da floor. I questioned her a few times to see if her story changed but it didn't. Still got it from the living room floor. So THANK YOU GOD! I'm not questioning it, only embracing it.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Trick or Treaters

Froggy Sean

Dancer Eileen and Cat Olivia

The group that went with us
Cowgirl Carrie holding Froggy Sean, Dancer Eileen, Cat Olivia, Princess Danielle

Goddess Allison, Cowgirl Janna, Pink Power Ranger Michelle

Gangsters...Val and John

What an exhaustingly beautiful night!

Picked Michelle up from work and ran to the store. I thought for sure I'd missed the kids that were leaving for Canada since we pulled into the driveway at 5:15. But plans had changed and they weren't leaving until around 6. PHEW! Luke forgot his sleeping bag as he ran out the door. Liz took it with her, hopefully she had the chance to get it to him before he needed it.

We had a PERFECT night to go out. There was hardly a breeze and it was warm out. Couldn't have asked for better in Central NY. Most of the kids didn't even need a coat on. I won't have any pictures of the kids dressed up until Val gets home with my camera. Sean was a frog. I bought the costume really cheap after Halloween 2 yrs ago. Danielle wore the same dress she wore last year and was a princess. Olivia wore her costume from school and was a cat. Val did her makeup and it looked pretty cool, she heard a lot of compliments on it. Eileen wore a long shirt and leggings with a glittery hat and was a dancer. Carrie was a cowgirl and had on a jean skirt, boots, tank top with an overshirt tied over it, pigtails and a cowboy hat. Without the hats on, it was hard to figure out what they were though. Jake wore a dress shirt, suit vest, black glittery hat and carried a toy rifle to be a gangster. I was going to do the mom getting a beauty treatment gig with my hair in a towel and a white face mask but the kids said I couldn't wear it. So instead I wore the hooded fleece blanket that has a dinosaur face on the hood. Everyone said I was Princess Danielle's dragon, so I guess that's what I was. Tom had on his army jacket with a camo hat.

There were cars pulling in and out of our driveway all night, only one of them was trick or treaters. lol We got home, Luke left for Canada, Jake got picked up by my niece's husband, Thomas, to go out trick or treating. Liz left to go to Canada. Val's boyfriend pulled in to pick her up. Then we headed out the door. When we left Michelle was still trying to finish her pink power ranger costume. She spray painted a pair of boots white and some triangles on her shirt...she stunk!! The whole house stunk even though she did it outside and had a fan going in the house and the window open. I was joking...who needs booze, just hug Michelle. I don't know how she did in that all night.

We parked in the bank parking lot and started down the road. It's funny, all the kids knew everyone...yet I've lived here almost 20yrs and hardly knew anyone. Oh well, I'm happy. It's not like I'm lacking in friends. And if I wanted to be so integrated into the town, I could've done the work to make it happen and gotten involved.

I felt bad for the village houses, they really do get bombarded with a ton of kids. It's the only neighborhood for a while so all the people on country roads go to their houses. I was wishing I had bags of candy to give them and help them out. lol But I'm sure if they didn't want to do it, they wouldn't have. That's the thing to's voluntary and most people want to give.

Tom pushed Sean in the umbrella stroller and the little snot picked up on what was going on pretty quickly. Tom held back from taking him up to the door since he already had some candy. Sean threw a fit and was pointing at the house!!! We went up and down all the main streets and ended it at the pizzeria. They give all the kids in costume a slice of pizza. Tom hadn't eaten anything all day (BAD TOM! I keep telling him it's not healthy!) so I let him scarf down Sean's piece. We dropped Carrie off at church for the youth girls' party and pulled into the driveway at 8:30.

Michelle was putting the finishing touches on her costume and the cars were pulling in and out again. Allison got here and was dressed in her toga from Michelle's birthday party and was a goddess. Thomas pulled in to drop off Jake and Tom talked, and talked, and talked him into coming in and having a beverage. I was cringing as I saw him scan the house. It was all I could do not to throw out a bunch of excuses why things were like they were. HEY! At least my counters were clean and did you notice the pile of clean pans waiting to be put away? lol

Anyways, back to the goings on here. Janna arrived dressed as a cowgirl, then Pat and Alex stopped by on their way home from school. Pat borrowed Jake's vest for his costume and hit up the box of butternut squashes I bought at the apple farm the week before (he really liked the ones I gave him last week!). Then everyone started leaving. Thomas finally managed to break away and escape to his house. ;o) Everyone else loaded into 2 cars and headed out to Pat's house.

In the house the wheeling and dealing was going on. Bags were done, inventory was taken and the trading started. I don't think Danielle was involved so I stayed out of it. I didn't hear any cries of injustice so I'm assuming everyone was happy with the deals they made. Candy was eaten, snacks were had and then kids headed to their rooms. I sat on the couch, chatting online and nursed Sean to sleep. Danielle climbed up next to me, buried herself in a pile of towels and was zonked out in no time. I as I've been prone to do lately, fell asleep at my keyboard mid chat. UGH! I'm getting old! But we had fun and that's all that matters.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Today's one of those days where

the work picks you... you don't pick the work. There's no...I think I'll.... or maybe I'll.... It's all you are GOING to do A, B, C and then ifs, ands or buts about it. Sometimes I think days like this are easier since my indecision and lack of focus can be a burden.

Luke and Liz are going up to Ottawa with a bunch of church kids. They came home from the youth meeting last night and told me! LOL (thanks for letting me know) There's a work party up there and they want to be a part of it. It's awesome that our church allows the youth so much opportunity to travel and meet other people! I don't know too many other churches that can say that. Liz got notice that her tickets have been bought for her trip to the southwest in February. She's SO exicted! She's been dying to visit V and L since they moved away from here. Then there's her plan to go to Norway to work and learn on what they call the "A" team after graduation. Hopefully she'll be accepted. If she is she'll be gone either 6mos or a year. What a scary not be around family for such a long time. Out of all my kids Liz is NOT the one I envisioned embracing this type of adventure. She was one of my most shy kids when she was little. Someone saying Hi sent her sliding under the table to hide. She didn't feel comfy answering and talking on the phone until a year ago or so. She still doesn't jump to be the one to answer it.

Anyways, because they are leaving this afternoon I had to gather up all the important documents for their border crossing. I also agreed to throw in their bedding since they wouldn't have time to do it once they came home from school. That's all done and hanging on the line with a load of jackets and costumes washing now.

Yeah, costumes. We finally ironed out what the girls were going to be at school. Olivia decided to be a black cat. She wore black loafers with black leggings with Carrie's black halter dress. She also added a pink shrug over it for modesty's sake. We made paper ears and colored them black then taped them onto a black and white headband. Carrie let her take her eyeliner pencil so she can draw an upside down triangle on her nose and 3 whiskers on each cheek. (she didn't do it, said there wasn't enough time to put the makeup on in school) There was discussion about her lack of a tail but it was decided that she looked catty enough without it so we didn't bother.

Eileen was a bit more difficult only because she didn't really have time to figure things out and get things together. She's missed so much school that she had a bunch of things that needed to be done so she could catchup. WAY past their bedtime I finally forced them to go to bed with a promise to Eileen we'd work on it in the morning. As she went to bed she said...I'll just be a mom. So that's what she is. She's wearing whatever she wore to school today and brought along a lifesize baby doll and a cell phone. lol I initially tried to talk her into bringing the doll stroller to push. She tried to say she'd bring the umbrella stroller. When I said no because it was too big she tried out the doll stroller. We all laughed and agreed she looked ridiculous all hunched down holding the handles.

I have to go pick up Michelle at 3:45, run to grab a few things and hope to be back before the kids leave for Ottawa and in time to get everyone dressed up and ready to go out the door. We've decided since we only have the car we'll have to stick with the traveling to far off galaxies.

Time to go get the clothes out of the washer.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nothing like blanking out

That's what I did this morning....I shut down, totally forgot I was a mom and had things that needed to be done. I woke up for a second when Tom was getting ready for work and then promptly fell back to sleep. I never woke up again until Luke woke me up tell me it was 7:24. The first trip bus comes between 7:25 and 7:30 and he was the only one awake. UGH!!!!! I didn't even jump up out of bed in a panic. No use to it...there was no rescuing the first trip kids. They were going in late no matter how fast they moved. Carrie did ask me to drive her in before the 2nd trip bus got there. She had a project to work on in 1st and 2nd period and couldn't afford to miss it. So I did...yeah me! lol The rest of the kids rode the 2nd bus in. Well those that went...Liz and Olivia stayed home again.

Yesterday was a 2 egg day! I found 2 eggs in the green and one brown. The brown was almost as big as a store bought large egg and had a pretty pink tint to it. This afternoon for some reason I decided to dig through the piles of bedding along the edges of the nesting box. I was surprised to find a small brown egg. I'm not sure which day it was from...good thing it's been cold out. I have an 18ct carton in the fridge that is slowly getting filled. We haven't used any yet. I told Danielle I'd make her a green egg omelet for breakfast. Think she'll be disappointed that the green color doesn't show up on her plate?

The kids are wracking their brains to figure out their Halloween costumes. The little kids need something for the school parade, something for trick or treating and then something preferably along the western theme for the church Harvest feast. I said I was going to be a monster, first thing I'll do for my costume is take out my front teeth! (I have a temp crown in and they came unglued) Everyone was thoroughly grossed out and begged me NOT to do it! lol We're still not sure where we're going or what we're doing.
Think there might a chance that it'll be canceled? I'm such a wet blanket! Hmmm...I just thought of my costume. I can go as myself and be a Funsucker! Oh I slay me.

Well kids are demanding I help them think of ideas and some are trying to convince me we need to take a trip to the store. They're so spoiled!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The germs are invading

Time to break out the lysol! 6 out of 10 kids here have come down with the fever, sore throat but it's not strep illness we have. You haven't seen a needy Sean until you've seen a sick Sean. He was so pathetic...couldn't sleep, couldn't nurse, didn't know what to do so cried all night and day. It breaks my heart to not be able to help him. Danielle, she's pretty easy going when she's sick although she can be clingy. Here I thought she was latching onto me because she missed me on Saturday. Then she started with the fever Sunday night.

It made for an easier couple of mornings since Liz and Carrie were the only ones going to school. Still I find myself wishing I didn't have to wake them...especially this was so cold, rainy and dark out. It didn't seem right to have to force them out of bed. Fleeting thoughts of...if I homeschooled I wouldn't have to do this went through my mind. But I got them up and they went out the door like good girls.

Halloween is coming up and the kids are starting to worry. What if we're sick? What are they going to be? They don't need just ONE costume....but THREE (school, TorT'ing, and Harvest feast at church). I told them one costume per customer. Then there's teh question of where are we going trick or treating? In the past we'd go to either my parents' or Tom's parents' house. Well Tom's parents' house has been sold and my parents are on vacation for the week so their house is locked up. I've tried to convince them to just stay home and have a party but for some reason they aren't liking that idea.

Pat's still without a car and a job. I'm not sure how he'll pay for rent this month. All I know is the "Mom and Dad Loan office" is bone dry and closed for business. Of course the revolving door is always working if he needs a bed, but then there's a problem of how to get and keep a job way out here without transportation. *heavy sigh* On the good side he's looking into culinary school. It seems pretty steep for me in price, not sure how he'll swing it. But if there's a will, there's a way.

It's very cold and rainy out! I went out to take Michelle to work and the grass was crunchy. The wind was so strong it almost pushed me off the road. Luckily it was in the direction of the shoulder and not the other lane, the car moved THAT much. I just hope the roads don't get too bad before I have to pick her up again. It was a rude awakening that times awastin for me to get a pair of shoes or boots. My birks aren't going to cut it for too much longer.

Well everyone's home and will be expecting dinner soon. I also need to get the kids motivated to clean the floor up in's a mess! LOL I just mentioned picking up the floor to the kids and someone asked me....Who's coming over?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My new favorite picture

Michelle just sent this too me off her phone. It was taken at the playground on Friday.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Girls day out

Liz, Olivia and Eileen had a fun day today with some cousins and a friend. Earlier in the week my SIL Della mentioned taking her girls to see High School Musical 3. When she also mentioned it would be nice to have someone sit with them through it so she could check out the mall...I jumped at the chance to include us in the plans and offered Liz to chaperone them. (asking Liz first of course) So we made plans to meet at the mall at 4:30.

I didn't tell the little girls until yesterday because I knew they'd be jumping out of their skin in excitement. And I was right. We dropped off Michelle at work at 2:15, waited in line for cheap gas, ran to Burger King to grab Michelle a breaktime snack, dropped off said snack and then onto our adventure.

I ran to the mall to pre-purchase the tickets...12 of them, 3 adults (12yo and over) and 9 kids. Liz was laughing at me as I was pulling out of the mall parking lot when she noticed me drumming my leg. She asked if I was excited and I had to admit...I was. I think I was also very glad to have that task off my mind. I kept thinking they'd be sold out, or I'd not get the adult/kid ratio right, or SOMETHING! I was also excited for them. It's not very often that they get to see a movie at a theater.

The 5 of us headed to the Chinese buffet for a leisurely lunch. As leisurely as Sean would allow it to be. He actually was pretty good. Near the end he was a bit impatient with sitting so Liz lugged him around and occupied him. We'd all been starving when we got there. Eileen said she was full while on her first plate. I threatened to not bring her again since she's a lightweight! Then I let her know I was joking and she didn't really have to eat just sit and relax with us. Which she did. Me, I loaded my plates and...well let's just say I got my money's worth. lol As long as I'm not feeling ill at the end...everything is great!

After lunch it was back to the mall to meet everyone. We didn't have to wait for long before Della showed up and it was time to go into the movie. Cheryl's girls got there, we gave them their tickets and then headed toward the fabric store. I've been wanting to look at their fleece. I've been thinking of making everyone wearable blankets for Christmas. Tom hates when they carry their blankets out into the livingroom because they also usually get left in the livingroom. But we have a blanket with a hood that's a monster face. I've been wearing it around and it stays pretty well, it also keeps a lot of body heat in.

JoAnn's Fabric usually has a pretty decent price on fleece this time of the year. And they did but I found some REALLY soft fur fleece on clearance for $2.50 a yard and bought a ton of it. I also bought black fleece with the alphabet on it. I think it'll be Danielle's. I might even have enough to make Sean one out of it too. Guess that means I have to get my sewing machine out and tuned up pretty soon. I could make the no sew versions but I'd prefer them sewn. I reserve the right to change my mind though.

After the fabric store we bought coffee and sat and talked for a while. Seemed like no time at all before it was time to meet the kids again. We were having so much fun too! I had to stay in the city because Michelle was getting out of work in an hour and a half. So we headed to Kohl's. I had tons of 15% off coupons and also $10 in Kohl's cash to use. The girls had NO problem finding clearance stuff to buy. I also bought my dad 2 short sleeve button up shirts for next to Christmas present done!

We left Kohl's with 10 minutes to spare before Michelle was out of work. So we headed back to her work. I ran in and almost immediately after that...she walked out. Liz had decided she wanted to stay in the van with a sleeping Sean so we literally ran through. I ended up throwing almost $190 worth to stuff into the my cart in about 20mins! That's insane!

Michelle needed to run into Walmart. So I stayed in the van with the sleeping baby and everyone else went in. Obviously their idea of running and my idea are two different things since it took them almost 45mins! It's a good thing I like to people watch because I did a lot of it. Oh the stories I invented. lol

We finally pulled into the driveway at 9:45. Sean had woken up and was screaming for attention! The kids took care of the groceries while I took care of Sean. Danielle was nonstop gab, telling me everything I missed while I was gone. I'd missed her.

The kids had a snack and went to bed. I started writing here and fell asleep midsentence about 3/4 of the way through (yes, I'm finishing this on Sunday morning). Sean didn't like the couch and started fussing about into bed we went. It was bright and early when I woke up to realize I hadn't even gotten into the bathroom since about 3pm the day before...OOF! Good Morning to me!

Friday, October 24, 2008

We left and we're back

We had a nice trip but it was down right COLD by the time we were done. The apple farm was fun! The lady behind the counter really took to Danielle. She ended up asking me if I was interested in hand me downs. Seems her daughter jumped from a 2T/3T to a 6 in no time so she has clothes, especially dresses, in between that haven't been worn. I gladly accepted and left her my number. She mentioned to the kids that the barn sale was in the back and to push hard on that door. She got a kick out of their reaction when they saw all the treasures back there. While it was cool, I saw mostly costly junk. Well not totally, I found a smallish egg basket for $3 that I snatched up. Guess I can check that off my Christmas List. :o) She mentioned how good my kids were and how I had a broad age range. After I mentioned my oldest was 24 she asked how many kids DO you have?. When I answered 12 She did the jaw drop but quickly recovered into a huge smile and said...that'll keep you busy! I of course agreed with her.

I bought a lot of stuff...5 grocery bags full of apples...ida red, rome red, cortlands, empires and a bag of mixed....jonagold, crispins, spygold, and yellow delicious maybe...that bin wasn't marked. A 50lb bag of chef's potatoes, a bushel box of butternut squash, a huge head of cauliflower, and some cinnamon buns with tons of icing for the trip home. The kids hit up the rock candy container. I heard hints of her cutting the kids breaks on the prie of things. We'll definitely be back!

From there we headed to a playground. I asked the kids if they wanted to go to the school or the state park...they picked the school. By the time we got there the sun was starting to go down and the wind was whipping...brrrrrrr! Poor Sean was shivering so we didn't stay as long as we wanted to. Michelle had wanted to stop at the ice cream stand/diner before we hit the playground, but they were closed for the season. So after we were done at the playground she asked if we could head into another village and hit up the ice cream stand there...her we did. It was scrumptious.

With our bellies full we headed home, unloaded the car of the veggies and the kids started painting and carving pumpkins. They didn't have tons of time since they had to leave for Friday night activities. It was hard for them to stop what they were doing so they could leave but they did...except Jake...he's still sick. Seems the dr's office called while we were gone. They didn't mention why or who they were calling for. I'm assuming at least one of the boys tested positive for something. We'll have to wait until morning to find out who and what it was. That means Jake will definitely be missing my great nephew's birthday party tomorrow. I have to remember to call my nephew when I'm done here.

Danielle is now burning up. I guess I can consider it officially illness season. I just hope it's not one of those years where we keep passing things around and around.

Microwave just squash is done. Time to eat!

I'm liking this

We decided...actually I decided to not go to the zoo today. Yes, it's the perfect day weatherwise but will sickies in the house it wouldn't be fun. The kids finally caught wind of my idea and were trying to convince me to go. Jake even offered to stay home with Luke offering to stay with him. But I'm not too keen on that.

Michelle came in from work with a bunch of pumpkins. She bought 2 bags of mini pumpkins. Each bag has 6 of them along with 2 paint sets. She also bought 5 boxes of already decorated small pumpkins. There are 2 pumpkins about the size of a cantelope in each box. They have silly face decals on them. So I guess we're painting the mini ones this afternoon and maybe carving the bigger ones this evening.

The kids all woke up ready to go. They cleaned up the floor and laid out tablecloths while I made pancakes. Then they had a pancake picnic on the livingroom floor. Now I personally wouldn't have chosen pancakes as a picnic food but they surpriseud me and did really well with them. Of course we had to keep Babyzilla/Sean out of the mix which he wasn't too pleased with.

Now the kids are getting cleaned up and dressed so we can leave. I'm hoping to go to the apple farm and get a bunch of apples. Then over to the school so the kids can play on the new playground. I'm trying to decide if I want to try to bring my magazine with me. Guess it wouldn't hurt to just bring it along.

Egg count is now up to 4 collected eggs. I know which EE'er is laying. Tom and I set up temporary nest boxes with a broken dresser on it's side and a rubbermaid tote ontop of that. I saw her fixing the bedding in the tote this morning with the White Plymouth Rock rooster next to her purring/cooing. Sure enough I just checked and there was a still warm green egg. :o) Her eggs are increasing in size nicely and has gone from teeny to small.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's Friday!

Yeah I know it's really only Thursday but to's Friday. The kids have tomorrow off for a staff developmental day. (IMO they should make this staff day the day after Halloween so the kids can stay home and recoup...although this year it didn't matter) To me it' s a bonus day because Michelle has it off too. Any sensible person would say...YAY! I can stay home and relax or get something done. What do I do.. I know! Let's go to the zoo. My sensible side was starting to win over and I was thinking I probably should stay home (haven't mentioned the idea to the kids yet so no disappointment there). Thing is, I just checked the weather's going to be VERY nice out...sunny and almost 60. We've just finished up a very wet and chilly streak so it'll be especially delicious. How can I not want to go to the zoo now? I have a zoo membership so it'll just be the gas to get there (have a full tank as I type). We can bring lunch, so no expense there. There aren't going to be too many more nice days to go. SHUT UP sensible side!!! So what if I really need to get some things done around here. So what if I deserve a day to just stay home. We can have FUN! Especially if Della and the kids go. :oD So yeah, as of right now....I'm going to the zoo tomorrow. Ask me again in 5 mins.

Around here things are going along as normal. Olivia is in a bit of a panic because she can't find her bookbag and today is her spelling test....we didn't study. (BAD mom!) Eileen went to school without her bi-weekly essay not done (rough draft due one week, finished copy due the next and on and on). I forgot it was a short week so didn't encourage her to get to it like I should have. WHY does the teacher insist on assigning stupid, boring topics? Write about 3 characteristics that make up a good student? BORING! How about something like...what would you life be like if you lived in space. Or you're going on a trip to Australia. or Antarctica Or your favorite fall/Halloween memory. I don't blame her for procrastinating. Although it doesn't excuse me from neglecting my homework duties. (HEY! I sign those folders every morning...what more do they want!?!)

Jake is sick today. I feel bad because he's been not feeling well all week and I've been treating him like he's been working me over to get a day off school. Last night he looked horrible and started running a slight he probably didn't feel well the last few days. Not exactly sure what I'm doing with him at the moment. I'm waiting to see how he fares once he's up and about this morning. I'd rather go to the doctor's today then tomorrow. UHOH! It just hit me...if he's sick...we CAN'T go to the zoo! UGH! I hate when my brain forgets something like that in the equation. It happens a lot.

Yesterday was an eggless day. We did get a 3rd one on Tuesday...another small green one. I'm not sure why the brown egg layer hasn't given us another yet. She may be laying them out in the yard. I thought with all the rain they'd lay in the coop for sure yesterday...there were huge puddles everywhere.

Yesterday was also a convenience less day. We lost electricity for a few hours. When it came back our DSL and internet were down. By dinner time DSL was back but internet wasn't. That came back shortly after bedtime. HOW did we survive without the net? I needed to call someone...but their number was online. I needed to look up a recipe...but couldn't get online. I had to find some info on the chickens...couldn't find my book or get online. One thing I learned though...I don't need the net to waste time. I can do that on my own very well. It helps that UB bought a new Mother Earth News magazine for me to read. :o) The nice thing is that I could read it semi guiltfree as I couldn't really do any work without electricity or water (no pump for the well).

This post has sat as I did a bunch of things around here this morning, including taking care of the chickens. I came across some of them in the yard eating a broken egg. I just hope it's not a habit that'll be hard to break. NESTING BOXES! NESTING BOXES! NESTING BOXES! I guess the oyster shell I put off buying last time is now at the top of my list. And they won't have to sneak the cat's food anymore...I'll be giving them some of their own now.

I made Jake a 3pm appt for the doctor's and then called them back and had them add in Sean. He's not nursing well and isn't a happy camper. Well guess if I'm going out the door in a hour I should start getting people ready.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Another present from another lady

This time one of our Easter Eggers left us a present. I can't imagine she was actually trying to nest where I found it. I think it just kinda slipped out when she was roosting. We REALLY need to get those nesting boxes done!

I was so excited to see some of our chicks develop into what I suspected were Easter Eggers. These are a mixed breed that can lay a blue/green shelled eggs. Tom wasn't so gung-ho about them. After all, if we sell them who's going to want to buy weird colored eggs? I said I would! It could be a selling point, besides wouldn't green and/or blue eggs be pretty!? The hens didn't look to be maturing too rapidly. So I never would've suspected they would be next to lay. But lo and behold a teeny green egg was sitting on the floor of the coop when I did my rounds this morning. It's so pretty! Here it is next to a store bought large egg...

And here is the view from my camp chair. This is where I sit with my coffee and watch their antics. While we have their yard fenced in, we keep the door open so they can get the lush grass outside of their yard.

We ended up with only one Silver Laced Wyandotte Rooster which is good since I might have a hard time deciding who was to go. They look almost regal.

But my all time favorite guy is this mutt. At least I think he's a mutt. I'm pretty sure he was one of our packing peanuts (extra chicks put in the shipping box to ensure warm for the ordered chicks). He's so ugly he's adorable and he's really mild mannered and laid back too. I wasn't going to name any of them but I've started to think of him as Stew! lol

Then there's our freebies we got this week...

Leaving Danielle on cloud9 and asking to go outside a dozen times a day...a swing set! (had a picture of Danielle actually using it but the memory card wouldn't work)

Leaving me on cloud9...a glass topped patio table with 5 chairs!

And our pile of salvaged wood for the chicken coop

How can parents do that?

I admit as far as parents go, I can be considered a pushover. I have allowed things that a long time ago I thought for sure I wouldn't. I accept things I probably should be stronger against. I know that in the long run I'm probably not doing my kids any favors.

What I don't get is why would a parent deliberately sabotage their child's future? Why agree to do A and then pull it out from under them mid process because they aren't doing EXACTLY what you want them to.

One of the kids' friends is top of their class, was accepted to a ton of ivy league schools, is in the honors program in the school they're in now. They're preapproved for med school. All they have to do is keep up their grade point average during their premed years. Which they are willing to do and work for.

They don't approve certain people they hang out with (ok, my kid) and they think my kid is going to make them give up their dreams and quit school. So what do the parents do? They make it as difficult as they can for said kid to stay in school. This poor kid went to register for next semester today and found out that they owe $8000 for THIS semester and it has to be paid before they can register for the classes they NEED (and are in jeopardy of filling up fast). The only explanation for the gap in financing is that their parents stopped a loan they had applied for this summer. They didn't even warn this poor kid!

The school is helping them come up with $5,000 but that still makes a $3,000 deficit...kind of hard to make up on the spur of the moment. It's almost laughable in the grand scheme of things since a successful career will net that amount in a few days!

Even if they can go to their bank and get the loan, it's going to take time, which means classes are filling as they are waiting for the loan to process. If this had come up at the beginning of the semester, said kid would've had a job and been making payments on the deficit.

I don't know, maybe I'm only hearing one side of the story. I just know this kid is an extremely hard worker and good kid. That has bent over backwards to please the parents and yet they do this. And me being me, I'm trying to figure out a solution to this! I was fooling around and said we'd co-sign for this person. Pat didn't think I was too funny (remember I said we wouldn't co-sign on a car for him). Kids have no sense of humor!!!

Someone remind me I have 12 kids of my own to worry about!! I can't be a mother to everyone!

Bear with me for a while please

If some of you have noticed a few intrusive ad boxes, I apologize. I thought I'd never monetize my life or my personal blog. While working on a finance related blog (in the very baby stages...prefer to be anonymous right now) I stared adding adsense to it. Then it got me thinking...

With the state of the economy and even moreso the state of OUR economy, why not use what's already available to try to make ends meet. (over 4yrs of writing and almost 800 pages) So for the present time I'm doing a little experiment to see whether I can live with myself with selling out, write for myself and not the ads and just live with the aesthetics of having the ads on my blog. I'm thinking I'll give it to the end of the year before I make a decision one way or the other. Although I just may throw it all away.

I'm learning the system and adding things over time. And incase you're I didn't redo the layout so I could do the ads. It seriously was an afterthought this weekend. Feel free to let me know what you think. What's your stance on it. Don't worry, I have a thick skin.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Something is bugging me!

I have no idea what it is but it's causing me feel terrible! It started while I was driving to pick up Michelle last night. It was so bad that I almost had to pull over. My eyes are swollen, sore and icky. I can hardly see this screen (good thing I can touch type fairly well). I can feel my sinuses starting to fill and a headache brewing. Hopefully getting some claritin in me will ease things up. Wish I could say it was from cleaning (stirring things up always irritates my sinuses) but we haven't gotten to that yet. I did spend a good amount of time outside so it's probably something out there.

Tom and I salvaged a bunch of wood panels from the conference grounds yesterday. They're gutting a building to make a caretaker's residence. When I dropped off the kids that were working there I saw these panels. I think they might've been shelves in a former life. Well I asked if we could have them and they said sure I was dying to stay and see what else they were throwing in the dumpster. I know there's huge hunks of insulation that I'd have loved to use in the chicken coop.

Funny how God provides. We are in need of nesting boxes and a way to enclose the bottom of the chicken coop and it wasn't really in the budget. Then I come across these panels. I knew they'd be perfect for those projects as soon as I saw them. Actually I've got a few more projects they'd be good for too. I don't think there'll be enough though. (cold frames, another chicken coop, fort for the kids)

When Eileen saw us unloading the panels she asked...Are you going to use those to build another chicken coop. LOL They say chickens are I believe it. I love to take my coffee outside and just sit and watch them. I think when I'm older I'll be the crazy chicken lady instead of the crazy cat lady.

Well guess I should go and get some claritin into me and tell Tom how to do things the RIGHT way...I Tom. ;o)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Someone's been a good girl!

Someone was nice and left me a present EGG! It was tiny but's an egg! Our chickens have started to lay! I almost missed it even though I walked through the coop looking for them. (we haven't made the nest boxes yet...guess it's on this weekend's list now) Not seeing any I then cleaned up under the roosts and stirring up and renewing the rest of the bedding. It was as I was scooping up the litter from under the roost that I saw it. So I'm not entirely sure where they laid it. It was a little bit bigger then a golf ball. I knew that the eggs are small at first but it really surprised how small it was. Yes, I said was, as in no longer in existence. No we didn't eat it. It met an untimely demise. I won't go into details but will say it wasn't pretty. I just wish I'd gotten a picture taken before it happened.

It's funny how one factor can change your outlook of things. Just this morning I was moaning and groaning that I had to go out and take care of the chickens. I was complaining about how hard it was going to be in the winter with the snow. I had barely dragged myself out there this morning to take care of them. Since the egg was found I've had NO problem dragging my rear out there! I've actually been out there a few times this afternoon. lol

We've been leaving the run gate open so they can free range in the lusher grasses (their run is getting matted down and muddy). Now that I know someone's laying I'm kind of reluctant to let them roam. What if they lay in the bushes or tall grass? Yeah I know it's no biggie, they do it all the time. But that means I miss out on an egg. Poor poor me. Hopefully they'll be good little girls and go into the coop to lay. And hopefully I can get a picture of the next one!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just to let you know

Things might look a bit wonky around here for a bit. I'm redoing the look of this place. So ignore the dust, hopefully before you know it the new and improved blog will be up and running.

My heart stopped

Put me to the top of the list of lunkhead moms. Way back in 2006 I bragged about fixing my screen door with velcro. It worked and has continued to work. The problem's not escape proof. Sean just peels up the screen and out he goes through his very own baby door. Needless to say we have to keep the front door closed when it would be beneficial to have it open (main breeze source).

Yesterday Drew came by with his dog Sweetpea and Allison's dad's dog Spanky. Danielle and Sean were both terrified of Spanky! So I made a stupid assumption. Drew was sitting at the computer desk by the front door and could watch Sean who was sitting on the front porch with Spanky at the bottom of the porch stairs. Drew went down into the Val and Michelle's room. I assumed Sean wouldn't try to go down the porch stairs past Spanky since he was so terrified of him. WRONG!!!!

I realized that Sean was being really quiet so went to check on him. He wasn't on the porch. I couldn't see him in the front yard. I screamed for him. Michelle came running out the front door and I told her to check the road to see if he went for a walk. Then I ran out back. Having dragged Sean off the pool deck a dozen times in the last few days I was sure that was the first place he'd head. I knew when I came around the corner I'd find him in the pool. I was so sure of it I didn't want to go around the corner. But as I rounded the corner of the house I saw that the pool gate was still closed. PHEW!

But where did he go? I scanned the immediate area...the swingset, trampoline, ride on toys...nothing. That must mean he headed for the road. So I turned to run back up front. As I swung around I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned back around and looked again. There by the chicken run fence sat Sean, playing in the leaves. About 20ft across the ditch was UB (Uncle Billy) mowing under the tree.

I ran to Sean, scooped him up and gave him the biggest hug and kiss ever. I then realized I was shaking like a leaf. I haven't talked to UB about it. I'm too embarrassed and ashamed. I really have NO idea how long he was back there. Walking back up around the house all I kept thinking was...where was the mother? And that folks is what tragedies are made from. I'm just blessed and lucky this time there was a happy ending.

Oh if only they had NICE parents!

It's dark out but I can hear the rain falling...woohooo! Now I have a reason to stay inside. This place needs some TLC pretty badly. After my frenzy of a day the other day I switched gears and worked mentally. I spent a lot of time with Pat trying to figure out his car dilemma. It goes like have to have a car to get to work, you have to have work to get a car. Ah life is simple. lol

It really had been an "I told you so" day. It went along the lines of...

Delusionalman - I don't want to buy a $500 car that'll break down on me immediately.

Practicalmom - It's hard to buy anything else, especially since you have NO money! If you get 6 months out of it you'll be 4mos up on a car payment.

DM - I'm going to buy a new car.

PM - You CAN'T buy a new car!!! You don't have a permanent job (working temp jobs atm)

DM - I'll work 3 jobs if I have to. They'll give me credit. They give EVERYONE credit.

PM - Ummm that's how the economy got the way it is NOW! Doesn't mean that you SHOULD have credit. And I really don't think they will.

And on and on it went. It took all I had to keep from smashing my head on the wall until finally I said... Your father TOLD you again and again...your car won't last forever, save your money. Baby your car or it'll crap out on you. Save your money. Well guess what...he knew what he was talking about!!!! But the young whippersnapper knew better and off to a dealership he went. I thought...ahh good let him hear it from a professional that he can't get credit. I got a phone call from DM later and do you know what he said...

I found a car...a Mercury Cougar (not a Corolla, Nissan, Focus, Elantra....a COUGAR!) It's only $7800 (I love those onlys...they are oh so effective). I respond with Oh good. Then the kicker came in... The dealer said I need a co-signer. STOP THE BUS! BAD car salesman! You were suppose to say you couldn't give him credit. Not say...Go ask your mom! Why do I have to be the bad guy!?! I was just the bad guy all day trying to squash his dreams and see reality! Now I have to do your job too? So what do I say??? I doubt it. I don't think they'll allow us to co-sign for you. Things are tight here. I'll talk to your dad! (yeah I suck too). I heard he talked to his dad too. I would think his dad was pretty clear to him that it wasn't possible. But obviously not because the kid called back the next day...Well? What did you decide? UGH!!! I had to take the gloves off and smash him against the wall of reality...both his and our's (our's isn't so pretty either). It wasn't a fun phone call and I felt like crap after. I was almost in tears. I really really hate being the bad guy.

I hate the fact that he's now sitting in his apartment alone trying to come to terms with things...trying to figure things out. I have to keep reminding myself he has options. He lives in a big village. He can walk down the street and have a job today if he wants (granted it's burger king or a gas station but it's something). He lives on a bus route, with a little planning he can go almost anywhere in the city. And I'm speaking from experience because I did it when I was a pregnant newlywed. I didn't drive until I was pregnant for Michelle so the boys and I took our fair share of bus rides. And of course as always I offered him a place to stay if he couldn't afford rent. But then transportation might be a problem out here.

Oh if only all their booboos could be fixed with a kiss, a hug, a bandaid and a piece of candy still.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Since I posted here last...

I decided to keep track of what I did today. I wanted to be able to look back and SEE that I didn't just sit on my fanny all day. (like some would have you believe) So here it is...

* Put Sean down for a nap (happy coinky dink)
* Finished first cup of coffee
* Planned weekly menu and posted it on my food blog (link also in the bar at the top of the page)
* FORCED Eileen and Olivia to stop cleaning their room and to GO OUTSIDE! (I'm such a mean mom!)
* Have kids watch Sean outside while I started bread
* Throw together the first batch of dough in my kitchen aid mixer
* Remember laundry needed to be changed
* Run down cellar to switch loads
* Realize I forgot basket and it's taking too long...need to shut off mixer
* Run back upstairs
* Met by Luke who announces Sean is stinky
* Throw in 2nd batch of dough
* Change Sean - wash hands
* Throw in batch of dough for garlic sticks
* Put ingredients away and wipe down counters
* Remember laundry is still waiting for me downstairs
* Dump basket of clean clothes out on kitchen table and go downstairs
* Empty dryer - throw in wet bedding (originally intended for the clothes line)
* Carry up unfolded baskets of lights - frustrated that I didn't just fold from the dyer like I normally do
* Shoo kids off the kitchen talbe - remind them it's not a stage
* Start folding clothes with Eileen, Olivia and Danielle
* Refold clothes thanks to Sean (I tell ya, it's a good thing he's so cute!)
* Girls take their clothes upstairs, taking Sean and Danielle with them
* Run down into basement to switch clothes
* Dryer not done - find a pile of damp clothes someone removed from the dryer on SUNDAY! GRRR!
* Empty washer into tote to wait for dryer
* Throw in quilts destined for the clothes line
* Run into bathroom - sort clothes on floor, pick up the floor while using the facilities
* Realize Michelle REALLY needs the bathroom I'm in (she had to go to work)
* Cut my visit short and move to the other bathroom
* Sort clothes and pick up what I can reach around me (much bigger room)
* Clean and sort the rest of the room with my mind (it doesn't work)
* Finish business and leave bathroom unfinished
* Pick up clothes in the hallway
* Sweep hall
* Get Sean out of toilet - wash hands- take him into living room
* Sweep up pile from hallway
* Remove Sean from toilet again - wash hands again
* Remember to close bathroom door
* Throw multiple small clothes pile into appropriate big piles
* Load kids into the van
* Drive Michelle to work
* Get frustrated that I can't multitask while cleaning
* Try the cleaning with my mind trick again...again it doesn't work
* Get home, drag sleeping kids out of van
* Shape bread and garlic sticks, let rise again
* Switch laundry
* Hang bedding on line
* Check on chickens and watch for a while
* Drag Sean out of chicken coop
* Pick some apples and tomatoes
* Drag Sean out of chicken coop
* Carry Sean and box of produce into house
* Throw bread sticks into oven
* Switch laundry, hang on the line
* Take out bread sticks, put in bread pans
* Sit with Sean and nurse intending to come write here
* Get reading and lose track of time
* Put Sean down for a nap
* Overcooked the bread!!!!!
* Came back here to write

Still need to do....

Make dinner - easier dish of Shrimp Alfredo with linguini
Switch laundry as many times as I can
Make sure bedding is dry for bedtime (probably need some dryer time)
Have girls take showers
Get Carrie to come home sometime tonight
Go over spelling words
Pick up Michelle at 8
Pick up Liz after getting Michelle
Hopefully talk to my husband for a few minutes
Drive Pat into Liverpool

I'm sure there is more I'll end up doing tonight. I can honestly say I've slooowed down a bit from this afternoon. As busy as I was you wouldn't know it. It's a mess in here! I want a running tab to be displayed all the time. Oh wait, that probably wouldn't be so great for the days I really do sit on my fanny all day...nevermind.