Thursday, August 02, 2012

Here I sit

I'm sitting in a hospital room with who else but poor Carrie.   We've been here since late Sunday night. Its the third time in a little over six weeks that we've been admitted.

Right now I'm waiting for my clothes to be finished in the dryer.  Hoping that whoever left their clothes in the washer before me doesn't get mad that they can't use the dryer when they want and do something to my load.  Carrie and I both brought clothes to the ER just in case.  Just not enough.   *heavy sigh*

I can't help but keep thinking.....Poor Carrie! Why does she get ALL the medical problems of the family?  She's a trooper though and hardly complains.  Like right now a nurse is looking for someplace to poke her for her morning labs.  Even though she knows it'll probably mean getting poked multiple times since they are rarely successful plan the first attempt.

I'm extremely thankful that she's decided to have a much better day today then yesterday or even this morning.   Last night found her quite out of it.  Oxygen mask on, groaning in pain, barely responding or waking mid  sentence...mumbling nonsense from a dream. ( oh bummer!  She just threw up!)  Late this afternoon she started to be more alert and move better.
(waaaah!  Luke just texted me that Danielle woke him up with a really high fever!  Where's her mommy when she needs her)  I called home just now.  Danielle sounds pathetic and was begging me to stay on the phone.  Talk about guilt trip.  Why hasn't a cloning gun been invented yet!!!!  I made a deal with her.  She can call me back after she takes some ibuprofen.

I guess I should end this now.  Danielle'll be calling soon and the nurse should be in here any sec to do Carrier's 4am lab draw.  Oh here she comes.   Maybe tomorrow I'll have time to post more. Hi I


Sue said...

Awe you poor thing! Its so heartbreaking to have a child sick in hospital and ones at home also needing you!! Hope everyone gets better soon!

Thia said...

So sorry to hear all this! Hope everyone gets on the road to recovery!

NannyOgg said...

Oh no, so sorry!!!!

Sending many hugs and healing vibes your way!