Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day off!!!

A true day off...no school, no one needs a ride to work, and no doctor's appointments. I think tonight is even free which doesn't happen often. I wish I could say that a lot was accomplished already but I can't. For the first time in a looong time I stayed in bed past 7...actually it was after 9! We needed a day like this though. Poor Danielle has had a fever all week and now has ulcers all over the inside of her mouth and tongue. She says they don't hurt and that she feels better. Most everyone else is dealing with a cold.

Yesterday was one of those days when I say to myself.....WHAT was I thinking...having all these kids? Sean, Danielle and I spent most of the day in the car running errands for everyone else. (Even Liz who lives out of state! LOL) We did have some special fun times too. We got the new blueberry pomegranate smoothies from McD's and the kids got an awesome holiday cookie from Wegman's. (It's always about the food) And any day we get to take care of Gabe for the evening is a good day. Add in watching Meg and it becomes a superdy duper day! She is getting so big! She's wearing undies all the time. Even though they still live here we don't see them tons. Allison's sister has been watching Meg during the day and their nights have been busy.

Sean is getting big too! He lost his first tooth on Monday.

And now it's gone from Friday to Tuesday without me knowing! Although the weather wasn't the best it was still nice. Saturday was grocery shopping and errand day. Tom and I went out to dinner with my parents, my sister and brother and their spouses. After we hung out until 1am or so. Sunday was more errands in the morning and then a cookout at church. It was awesome to sit and talk while we watched the kids play games and softball. What started as a....the kids want to visit, is it ok if I bring them over on Monday? conversation on Tuesday turned into a full blown cookout at my parents' house. Pat and Alex had to work so weren't there. And of course Liz and AJ were in another state. I was really missing them yesterday. I think part of the reason was that I didn't have my phone and couldn't text or call them.

I'm sitting here in the pitch dark so I don't see the disaster area around me. I have my work cut out for me. I just wish the water supply wasn't an issue....and my back...ok,my whole body but mostly my back right now....OUCH! I'm hoping I can make it to the pool after the kids get on the bus. I have a feeling that will be a major feat. Why can't school be done now!?!?! I know I say this every year but it's true. These last few weeks of school are a waste of time! Just give me my kids already!

Ok...enough rambling. It's 4am, I've been up for 2hrs and if I don't get back to sleep sometime before 6:30...it's gonna be a looong day. See ya!


~Tammy~ said...

A few weeks back, Sam was practicing driving... my youngest getting his license! We opted to take a scenic back road. He says he remembers when he was little and the Parental Units would go for long scenic drives, which the kids "had to ENDURE, our only hope was that we might get a soft drink or cookies. The sugary treats were the only purpose for being dragged on those drives." But now, he admits to LIKING scenic drives!

Thia said...

Busy busy! Just popping in to say hello.