Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Midnight Mouscapades

First let me correct my rudeness from last night. THANK YOU to everyone for their condolenses to Tom. He truly appreciates them. My heart goes out to anyone who's also suffered a loss, especially recently.

Secondly....I forgot to congratulate my best online friend MA! Last Wednesday she had 12th baby. She's absolutely beautiful!!! Congratulations ma and family!!

Now onto the story. As I mentioned we got pretty aggressive with the mousetraps last night. Having the mice in the house hasn't really bothered so much. I know we can easily get overrun with them if we don't do anything. So in my eyes it was a...they're here, we have to deal with it, so we will...type of thing. That was, until last night!!!

I climbed into bed after finishing my post here. Within a few minutes of my head hitting the pillow I heard the mousetrap snap. Not a big deal, it's a good thing. Then I heard movement like the thing was trying to get away. I thought...oh no! What if it didn't get caught in the trap all the way, what if it's going to go crazy and try to escape all night!? I woke up Tom (who wasn't very happy, he doesn't wake well) and he said there wasn't too much he could do. I asked if I could turn on the light and check that it was dead. That's all I needed...to know it was dead and not be trying to seek revenge on us. lol He agreed, I did and the mouse was dead as a doornail. Back to bed I go.

UNTIL....in my ear (and it did seem to be right next to my head) I hear loud massive paper shredding. Now I sleep with my back up against the wood sides of the frame. My goal is to sleep with Danielle as far from Tom as possible. It really bothers him if Danielle touches him during the night. (she sleeps in the middle, between us so she doesn't fall off the bed). I know that if that mouse, who seems to be right next to my head, decides to climb onto my bed. It HAS to go over me to achieve it. Ontop of being upset over the first mouse I started freaking out. I sat up crying to Tom about it. He really didn't know what to do. I calmed down a bit, said I was ok and laid back down. I laid there for a while trying to decide if I should just get back up and come back online. I didn't feel right leaving Danielle to fend for herself against the big bad mouse...so I stayed. Eventually I started to fall asleep.

THEN it happened...the mouse who seemed right next to my bed made this REALLY loud and manic scratching sound across something plastic. It was so loud that it woke Tom up on the other side of the bed. I jumped up, landing in the middle of the bed crying hysterically. He jumped up and decided he'd set a few more traps. He turned on the light and I tried to see if I could figure where the stupid things was. No luck. He set 2 more traps and climbed back into bed. I apologized to him if Danielle bugged him tonight but there was NO way I was sleeping along the edge of the bed tonight. And I climbed into the middle of the bed hugging Danielle to me closely and finally fell soundly asleep.

The morning found the extra traps undisturbed but the trap in the big girls closet caught one. So our count hit 10 overnight. While the kids were getting ready for school this morning (they had a 2hr delay) it seems a kitchen trap caught a dumb one in the hindquarters, allowing it to try to drag itself back home. I eventually figured out a way to scoop it up, trap and all and throw it out the door. I really do NOT care whether it was ok or not, or if one of the cats found it. I just want them all gone...NOW! 11 down (unless the traps in the basement caught some...didn't check them...Tom will when he gets home) only half a gazillion (or so it seems) to go!

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Thia said...

How did you sweep up the live one? I am preparing to wage war here myself, so I need all the help I can get.