Friday, February 02, 2007

Trying something new....

 I'm finding myself a bit overwhelmed here.   My house is a mess and I have no idea where to I don't.  The lack of motivation is depressing (you'd think having little 4 footed visitors would be motivation enough!)  I KNOW things have to be done around here and have to be done now.  To get me started I've decided to try something different.  

Instead of writ
ing out a list of all the things I need/want to get done.  I'm writing ONE thing at a time.   Getting that done, then giving myself a certain amount of time for a break with the next goal written down (along with the starting time).    I'm onto the 3rd goal already which starts at 11:45.  

I'd like to keep thing going all weekend and get caught up here...even hitting my room (oh there's a pipedream if ever I did hear it).   I'm thinking of trying to keep track of my progress throughout the day here (editing this post at each break maybe).    So far it looks like this...

General cleaning up of the livingroom floor (thorough one to be done later) - finished at 10:45
11:00 - sort laundry and throw a load in - finished at 11:25
11:45 - load the dishwasher - finished at 12:17  (removed the's a goal in itself)
12:30 - another load of laundry, clean bathrooms (laundry, bathrooms started but put on hold....have  a toddler who very badly needs lunch and a nap) - finished 2:13....Danielle down, grabbed a snack (sugar was going low), finished the bathrooms and switched laundry,  time for me to eat a real lunch now.
3:30 - back into the kitchen for 30mins of work on odd jobs. (lunch greatly delayed...added an extra 30mins on until start time)

added at 12:17 - Why I think I need to do this today....
* I'm not discouraged by a long list I know won't get done.
* I know exactly what I'm doing next.  Prevents me from planning and doing the jobs in my head, making me "exhausted" from doing all that work already. ;o)
* It stops me from taking a break, going  online and allowing  internet time to suck away hours in a blink of an eye. (getting the best of both worlds without the guilt lol)
* I'm not flitting from one thing to another yet not getting any one thing accomplished.
* I'm not going like gangbusters in one area and then getting burnt out for the rest of the work that needs to be done.
* I'm pacing myself.  I've been getting achey and crampy at night, hoping to eliminate this a bit.

added at 3:43 - are home from school so I'm NOT going to do the scheduled kitchen work now.  I haven't gotten this much done in one day in quite a while.  So it worked while I was doing it.   As usual I was hoping to get more then the basics done.  BUT I guess I should be happy I at least got that done.   My body is saying...TAKE A NAP!   My schedule says....pick up Val at volleyball instead.  Guess who wins.  Stupid schedule!  


julie said...

I had to laugh the other day when I read your post about the mice. We have a similar problem but not with cute little mice, we have RATS! The kids kept telling me they couldn't sleep (especially the ones on the top bunk) because their was scratching on the ceiling. I stayed up and listened one night and figured out it was something making a nest above their heads in our attic. Hubby put a trap up their and caught a big old rat, and has caught several more since then. Count your blessings, at least your's are cute and little (lol). Hope you get a lot accomplished, and your little slaves show up to help you. I have been using mine all weekend.

Anonymous said...

I find it very cool that you should have such a large family!
God bless you lots
Maria in the UK