Thursday, April 05, 2007


It's so strong and just keeps on going. Whether we're ready for it to or not. This week we've been from one extreme to the other.

On Monday we found out one of our friends in the church was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He's a dad to 8 kids. The oldest is almost 13, the youngest was born last fall. They all seem to be handling the news well. Although knowing from experience I'm sure they are functioning on survival mode. Luke, Carrie and Jake are good friends with their kids and spend a decent amount of time at their house. I'm especially watching Carrie in all this. She's been a little nervous of the "C" word since before this all happened.

She complained to me last week that a bump in the back of her head hurts. When she showed me where it was, my heart dropped. It's a lymph node she's had since her cancer diagnosis. It never went away like the others although was tiny in size. One time the nurse practioner mentioned it's probably where her relapse (if she did) would show up first. I'm thinking that it was enlarged due to the fact that she was just recouping from a stomach bug. Unfortunately Liz, not thinking, blurts out...It's CANCER! Trying to be funny. Carrie's eyes get huge and she looked at me. It was all I could do to put on a poker face and tell Liz she's not funny and it is NOT! Needless to say, we'll be getting that canceled appt to the hem/onc clinic made...really quick! I hate having those thoughts running through the back of MY mind...I certainly don't want them running through Carrie's!

On the other end of life's spectrum...My nephew and his wife had their baby yesterday!!! Woohooooo! Welcome to the world Sophia Rose! I haven't heard too many details yet, except she's beautiful! I LOVE the does Tom. LOL Now that I don't have to think of a girl's name....I keep hearing all these beautiful names that I like. Big difference from Olivia's pg. WHY does that happen? As far as a boy's name goes...Tom has mentioned on particular name quite a bit in the last few days. He hasn't admitted that's what he wants. Maybe he's just trying it out. I'm not over the moon about it now but could see it growing on me. (One of the names is a name we had picked out for one of the older girls...before Luke and Jake were born)

On the daily aspect of life...we're plugging along. Today starts Michelle's spring break! YEAH! So I'm off taxi duty for the next 10 days or so. It's messed me up though. Yesterday I was thinking it was Thursday on and off. Then in a nap induced half awake haze I thought it was FRIDAY! LOL I hate when that happens. For some reason our school district officials were numbskulls this year. They scheduled our spring break the week AFTER everyone around us has it off. Yep, almost all the districts around us have next week (after Easter) off. We, we have to go to school all next week and THEN have the week off. I'm sure my sister's girls weren't happy to hear that since they usually spend a few days here on breaks.

Pg wise on the spectrum...things are kicking...and I mean that literally. This little guy is making his presence known. He's still a secret to everyone else though. No one has had the opportunity to feel him. Tom thought he MIGHT've felt some flutters one night but wasn't sure. My last appt went well. I had a sono to check everything out. Since we already knew what his sex was from the amnio we didn't waste too much time down there. Mostly it was checking all the vital organs and getting measurements for a baseline comparision later in my pg. He's measuring a few days ahead although we've kept my due date the same...fine by me. The more days he gets to cook the better. My next appt is next Wednesday.

I'm hoping to get some major work around here done. While it wouldn't take all of us too long to get this place picked up. It's all that's happened around here in a while. This place needs more, it needs the deep down nitty gritty stuff done that no one normally notices. The stuff that you feel like you wasted the whole day doing (like organizing closets, emptying drawers, going through clothes, etc). On the days I do have home (which aren't many) I tend to play catch-up instead of the deep down stuff. Unfortunately right now I'm finding it hard to do too much without feeling winded already. So I need some COOPERATION!!! Wish it came in pill form.

At least I can cross off one thing on my list...update my blog. :o) I'll try to not be such a stranger here during break. I keep telling myself...only 6 more weeks and then Michelle will be in summer break! I'm counting the days. :o)

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Praying things with Carrie aren't serious.