Monday, September 17, 2007

Almost 2 months old

Time is flying by and my little man isn't so little anymore. He is such a pudge with sweet rolls all over the place. It's the one time when having a second (and third) chin isn't a bad thing. :o)

Here are the newest pics of Sean taken last week....

The quilt Sean is cuddled in is the beautiful quilt Jill/jeeps made me that I mentioned a few weeks ago. (it's light blue train top, backed with red bandana )

Here he is showing off his new trick....big toothless grins that melt your heart

He likes to be held. So much so that I'm not getting ANYTHING done. I'll get him to sleep, put him in his seat and head to the bathroom. He's awake before I'm finished. Or head to the kitchen to make coffee (hate drinking hot coffee while holding a baby). Get to my chair with the coffee and he's awake. I'm in the habit of telling's a good thing you're CUTE!!

The amazing thing is, he's slept at all times that I NEEDED him to. I was a birthing coach for someone when he was 5wks old. He was NO problem and slept most of the time (from 1am to 12:20pm). Went to a wedding this weekend, he nursed during the ceremony and slept all through dinner. Then woke up for the rest of the fun and enjoyed all the people. Dealing with broken down cars (next blog post) and slept until I couldn't do anything more and had time to nurse him.

While it's occassionally frustrating to not get much done around here. I really am enjoying snuggling, smooching on him and eating up those delicious cheeks. Sometimes I feel like I want to hug him so tight that I might break him. When the frustratin starts to creep in I try to remind myself...this only lasts but a short time. ENJOY IT! It's the last time I'll have this opportunity again. (won't be the same with the grandkids but I am looking forward to that stage eventually).

Time seems to speed up each year. I look at Sean and he's so tiny and helpless. I know that in a blink of an eye 2mos have passed already. Next thing I know it'll be a year and he'll be trying to run off. *sniff sniff* Then it'll be 5 and he'll be heading to kindergarten. I look at each of my older kids and were once that little and I couldn't imagine what you'd turn out to be like. Yet here they are, growing up, working their fannies off, planning their own futures and families. Next thing I know I'll be hearing one of them say....Look how big my baby is! It seems like they were just born....

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Dot said...

He is so beautiful, Kim!!!