Thursday, August 30, 2007

Viewing my life as through

a camera lens. That's what I find myself doing at times. Thinking...hmmmm now how would THIS look on tv? Or...I'm glad I don't have a camera crew following me NOW! LOL

Earlier this year the Mega family community was approached by some tv producers looking for families with 12 or more children. Some of us were emailed privately and asked to be interviewed for the show. Tom said no WAY! He was not going to be put on tv for all to judge and criticize. 2 of my online friends met with them, one of them was picked for the show.

Since then I often find myself trying to image how the workings of my family would look to the public. Like yesterday...driving to my mom's house with a van full of kids, one with an extreme case of poison ivy. Stop at my sister's house to pick up something and she's not there. Go to the bread store (discount place) and watch me fill up a cart, spending $30+ in about 5 minutes. Then hear all the remarks from the clerk and other shoppers about running a daycare, having a party, and how THAT'S a LOT of bread! Watch me pause at the door because I realize I forgot to get bagels...but not go back in since the kids were in the hot car. Drive down the street toward my parents' house only to find at the next traffic light...smoke coming from the right side of my van! Yep, the brakes on my van decided they didn't want to work properly and were smoking (and stinking). We made it to my mom's and I'm on the phone trying to figure out what to do with the van and find someone to pick up Michelle from work at 8. I get ahold of Pat and tell him we need the car, he volunteers to pick up Michelle. Finally after allowing it to rest and taking it for a test drive we deem it's ok to try to drive it home. I'm happy to report we arrived home ok, no smoke. Although there was a slight burning rubber smell.

Then there's this morning. The first time in quite a while that people had to be out the door early. Tom's no problem...he has to be gone by 6:30. Luke had to catch the bus for freshman orientation at 7:30. Pat had to leave by 7:30 to make an 8:00 class. Michelle had to be ready too since she was catching a ride with Pat (going into class 1.5hrs early) since I don't trust the van to make the 42 mile round trip without a problem. There were quite a few banging of doors, pleas of HURRY UP! Get out of the bathroom NOW! I have to get in there too! At least they got out when they were suppose to. Although I'm sure next week will be even more interesting since we'll be adding in 4 (possibly 5) more kids who need to be out the door at that time too. Did I mention I'm dreading the start of school with all my heart? I thought so.

We can't forget the comedy of all of shopping! 8+ hours at the outlet mall...the wheeling and dealing, the cajoling. I swear my kids will grow up to be world class negotiators. There's me telling someone I refuse to pay $7 for a shirt. Only to turn around and have another kid try to convince me they NEED a $17 long sleeve black shirt. How they can't live without this shirt.

Watch us as we enter the food court. Gather at the table while trying to decide what to do for dinner. Decide to get 2 pizzas Last stop is into the shoe store where we're ignored by all the unoccupied salespeople. Probably because they've pegged me for a...head straight to the clearance rack...type shopper, and they'd be right. I try to keep ahold of Danielle while fighting the urge to choke on the $60+ price tags we pass. Breathe a little more freely as I see the color coded clearance tags. Smile as I find 2 pairs of $15 sneaks. Smile gets even broader as I discover the girls like them and THEY FIT! :o) Then I start to doubt whether I should pay $15 for their sneaks. Can I find some cheaper someplace else? Will I get to that someplace else? Push aside the doubt and whip out the plastic (which makes me sick to my stomach to have to do). It ends with me limping to the van (my tailbone was killing me!), driving home knowing I'll have to do this again Friday! Maybe THEN I can be done. lol (BTW...Danielle and Sean were PERFECT the whole day)

Sitting here I'm wondering how tonight will turn out. The parent's portion of freshmen orientation is tonight (note to self...find and fill out papers that need to be returned at the meeting...stop at library to make a copy of Luke's birth certificate). I THINK it starts at 7...have to check and I'm assuming it goes until 8. Michelle gets out of work at 8, meaning someone has to leave the house to pick her up by 7:30. That is IF we have 2 cars to drive, otherwise someone is going to have to wait for a while until their ride can get to them. At least Pat has today off so that we have ONE car that's driving ok to use. I'm thinking that I'll probably go to school with the van (and cross my fingers), Tom can take the Tercel and pick up Michelle.

Speaking of Tom, there's the relationship aspect that would be portrayed. It's not pretty right now. Not because we're fighting or angry at each other. We'd have to see each other and have more then a few minute phone conversation to do that. No it's that it seems to be sorely lacking at the moment. I haven't seen Tom's actual face since at least Sunday evening. He's been in bed by the time I got home the last few nights. Before that he's pulled a few late nights outside and I've been asleep by the time he comes in. Just goes to show that my view is correct....sleeping is just a waste of time. Now if only my post partum body would agree with my brain!

And last but not least there's how my housekeeping mixed with baby and toddler juggling ability...or lack of would be perceived. ROFL!!! But maybe that's a post for another time.


Lara said...

I can understand not wanting to be on tv :) I also wonder what I look like as a parent through someone else's eyes. Keep up the good work :)

Kathy said...

Well I'd love to watch you on t.v. but if you see the discussion that got going on TOK over the Povey family, I'm guessing you are right. Better off not to aire your family, if you can't pretend to be

I have always thought your family seems great. Keeping it "real" Kim that's what makes us love you:-)

Qtpies7 said...

I agree, I wouldn't want to be on tv with my family! We have 7 kids, and I certainly don't want anyone judging how bad of a job we do, lol. My kids are really good, but we are not perfect, and I don't like pretending that we are.

We are having all sorts of car troubles, too. We had all 3 of our vehicles in accidents in 2 days. Just as we pay off our vehicles they die. The power company "accidentally" shuts off our power and we lose our furnace just before fall in Minnesota. And, with 7 kids and cloth diapering, my washer and dryer both quit! School shopping was great fun. Two in football, cleats, sports fees, helmet.... I've just been praying for God to provide, and He has! Both kids were given cleats before I could go buy them! And I was given a washer by a friend. We even have the money coming in for the latest car repair. The furnace is our next concern.