Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A few firsts around here

They haven't been TOO exciting but they are firsts nonetheless. Monday was Drew's first day at his new job. He's a driver's assistant (delivery guy), which means he doesn't have to do the driving, just rides along until it's time to deliver whatever they delivery. They broke him in good on his first day, having him drive to Lake George (which is 200+ miles one way). He started work at 4am and clocked out at 9:45. He said 9hrs was driving, 8.5hrs was physical labor. And he gets to start the fun all over again at 7am this morning lol (not a long run like yesterday though). On Saturday his band played at a private party. They have a gig lined up for Oct 22nd. It's good to see them out playing again.

Monday was also the first day that Michelle didn't have to go to work and school. A true day off. She'd asked for my nephew's wedding date off on Sept 15th. Besides that though she's been either attending classes and/or working every day. I'm not sure how long she can keep this pace up. Or maybe it's that I don't know how long I would be able to. So what does she decide we need to do on her day off....get up EARLY and go surprise Grandma and Grandpa with breakfast. Early is defined as 7am! They were up that early, we didn't leave that early though. I informed Michelle that if she showed up to Grandma's house at 8am, she'd have had her fanny kicked by Grandma! lol By the time we got out the door and went shopping it was just before noon when we walked into their house. Still Michelle and Liz were up between 6 and 7am anyways. Nutcases!

Sean has slept through the night for 4 nights in a row. I'm talking 8+ hrs without a peep from him. He woke up wanting to nurse last night but overall he's doing great at night. This makes it a bit easier to handle his demands during the day. He still wants to be paid attention to or held ever waking second of the day. And he's awake a LOT of the day. Right now his longest nap is about 20mins. Not tons of time to allow me to start anything major around here. Sometimes not even long enough to allow me to grab a cup of coffee and go to the bathroom. We figured out a place to set up the baby swing. He's undecided about it. At least it allows me time to make and scarf down a sandwich quick.

Val's home from school for the first time this year. She has been hit with the stomach bug going around everywhere. She didn't seem to be hit too hard and seems to be on the mend already.

The rest of the kids don't have any firsts that I can think of. They are taking advantage of this unseasonable weather (in the 80s!) and riding their bikes a lot. They are keeping up with their homework well, although we are slacking in studying their spelling lists. It's showing on Olivia's tests :o(.

Tom hasn't really been home much. He's going right to his mom's after work and working on the house. Last night he walked in the door after 11pm. He's mostly painting right now. They are hoping to get it finished and on the market soon.

Oh yeah! My first...Today was the first day of the Mega-mom blog for the Lotsofkids (LOK) site. It's for moms who have 8 or more kids. Right now some of us have put up an intro. We should get into the nitty gritty of blogging and discussing things in the next week or so. Hope you visit over there and visit us often. You can also visit me over at the new TALK board at LOK. It's just started up but some decent topics have already started going.


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holly said...

HELLO????? Are you ever going to update? I come here daily and see the same ole thing. Sheesh! LOL

Holly said...

Hello?? Is this thing on? Do you have a new blog somewhere that I dont know of? Please update or something.