Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm still around....barely

OK Holly, you've got me making an appearance. I WILL get this out if nothing else. lol Sorry to make everyone wait and wonder what was going on. Things have been cRaZy around here the last six weeks or so.

At the beginning of November Val and I spent 4 or 5 days in the hospital. They thought she was passing kidney stones again but her scans all came out clear. After the intense pain failed to go away we're thinking she's having problems with her back instead. So now she's doing physical therapy a few times a week. She got a bit down on herself during this time. Thinking she couldn't become a gym teacher like she's been planning on doing since 6th grade. Luckily she didn't listen to herself and applied to the colleges that she needs to. We're on pins and needles waiting for responses which should come soon.

While we were at the hospital Pat called to tell me he was on his way to the hospital. Not to visit us but the ER! Turns out he broke his hand at work. While doing something with the dumpster a gust of wind came along. It slammed the dumpster door closed, pushing his hand backwards to his wrist. So he's dealing with a spiral fracture to the 4th metacarpal of his left hand (luckily since he's right handed). From the looks of things he'll probably need surgery on it but as of right now they are waiting to see a few more weeks.

Luke's been dealing with another major ingrown toenail and required surgery on it also. Luckily that was done in the office.

While not at the hospital I'm in the car. Sometimes driving back and forth to the city 3 times a day. The day usually goes something like this...

Sometime between 10:00 and 11:30 (depending on day and what needs to be done) leave the house to drive Michelle to her classes and return home...takes an hour.

12:30-2:00...go to school, pick up Val and/or any other kid that needs to go to the doctor's and head back into the city.

Do what needs to be done in the city. Luckily for Michelle it's allowed me to pick her up from school and drive her to work for 4:00. Letting her avoid walking the mile to work in the cold, rain and/or snow.

Head home and do the nighttime gig...dinner, homework, pay attention to the kids, etc.

8:30 (now moved to 9:30 for holiday hours) drive back to the city and pick Michelle up from work. Get home in time to either yell at kids who are suppose to be in bed already and send the rest of the kids off to bed.

We're celebrating today! Yesterday was Michelle's last day of classes until mid January. I'm hoping that my driving will ease up quite a bit. We're not sure how her work schedule will run while she's on vacation. Guess we'll see, it should still be easier then what we've been doing lately.

Tom and his brother are still working almost every night and weekend day at his mom's house. I've heard it's almost done for WAAAAAY too long. Just that other day I heard....we still have a LOT to do. Although there is talk of speaking wtih a realtor now. So that's encouraging. Fortunately for me, especially, lately Tom has been trying to get home so he can pick up Michelle at 10:00.

Why lately you ask? Because it seems late last week I managed to either pull a muscle or pinch a nerve in my neck, making driving EXTREMELY difficult. At the height of it, swallowing was even difficult. Not because my throat hurt but because swallowing uses the muscles along the back of your neck...I never realized that until this week. lol I seem to be doing better the last day or so. (why I'm able to sit and type for more then 5 minutes now). It's nice not to have my head stuck to my shoulder, or my shoulders up around my ears anymore.

I was feeling quite guilty on Saturday. I ended up being home alone with Danielle and Sean and couldn't really do much with them. Poor Sean spent WAY more time then he wanted in his seat. He's such a good baby. And he's growing like a weed!!! On Halloween I stepped on the scale with him and he was 20lbs! He's caught on to what food is thanks to some kind people who've snuck him tastes of things. So eating while holding him has gotten quite difficult. If you're not holding him, you're feeling guilty eating in front of him as he watches the food go from plate to mouth. He's just started giving big huge wet "I'm gonna eat your face" kisses to everyone. And he LOVES his fingers and thumbs to gnaw on. I think he's starting to teethe since he's chomping down while nursing. Makes for a not so enjoyable nursing session.

I'm seriously thinking of moving my blog. If no other reason then to update my account. Since kmomof12 is permanent, I feel comfy making it my permanent home. Just not sure WHERE I'm moving to or when. I'm hoping to get it done SOON. I'll post a note here about it if/when I do move.

I'm looking forward to catching up with all my friends in blogland (since I haven't even been able to read too much until now). Hope everything is going well in your corner of the world.

Oops! Forgot I wanted to share some newer pictures with everyone.

This is one of the latest ones of Sean...taken a few weeks ago the day before he turned 4mos.

And here's our latest family picture, taken on Thanksgiving Day


Dot said...

KMOM! It's so good to "see" you! I hope everyone at your house is on the mend and that you have a great, relaxing holiday season!


holly said...

thank you, thank you, thank you! I was beginning to wonder.....

Sean is so big now!!! OMG. They grow up far too quickly.

Let me just say that I cant believe how much driving you do. I would go nuts....

Kathy said...

I finally did a call out for you on TOK because I couldn't figure out where you had disappeared to. I'm sorry about Val's pain, Pat's hand, Luke's toe and your neck. You guys need to take a break(and not a literal

Sean is adorable and I love your family picture. Hope we'll "hear" more from you.

Lisa said...

Hi! I've been wondering about you. Of course I'm reading this a week late so I haven't exactly been keeping up either. Sorry things have been so nuts. I hope you're all healing and getting ready for a great holiday.