Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Loooong Weekend ~ The end

So now it's Sunday afternoon, Sean and I are home from the hospital (story in the entry before this). Everyone is clamoring to hold Sean. All I want is to get out of the gross clothes I've been wearing since Friday afternoon and take a shower. Oh and go to the bathroom. Do you realize how hard it is to have to use a public restroom constantly? I'd do terrible in a dorm setting. lol

I get out of the shower and decide...since Sean is still happy with all the kids...I'll clean the tub. It's needed it for a while and it bugs me everytime I go in there. Problem is, I'm usually just running in while Sean is occupied for 2mins. I managed to clean the whole tub and surround, it felt so good to get it done. I then attacked the sink and started on the walls. Before I knew it I had worked my way out and down the hall walls. Yeeehaw! By the time the hall walls were done Sean and the rest of the kids were ready for me to have Sean for a while. So we sat down and had a good long nurse session. Eventually Sean fell asleep and I stuck him in bed.

I then attacked the laundry. I'm embarrassed to admit I've been behind in laundry for a looong time. It literally thickly carpeted my whole hallway. So the washer and dryer were going (Tom had done laundry when I was gone). The dishwasher was going (Luke had filled and started it before we got home) I started cleaning up the pile of pans. It felt good to get something accomplished. It also was nice to actually care what the house looked like (hasn't happened in a while I'm sad to admit).

Sean was still pretty needy for attention and his fever was really low grade. His rash wasn't too bad but tended to bother him on and off (it itches). Tom made me a margarita or two and we just relaxed. Having only had 5hrs of sleep while we were in the hospital I relaxed a little too much. Before I knew it I was headed to bed with Sean and Danielle.

Everyone was home Monday morning as it was Martin Luther King Jr Day. That hadn't happened in a long time. I was up bright and early thanks to going to bed at a decent time. Everywhere I looked I saw things I wanted to tear apart, declutter, clean, and organize. I jumped around from one area to another doing a bit here and there. I hate when I do that as it never accomplishes anything great. I decided if nothing else we would get the hallway cleared of clothes.

We had a good incentive to work and get things done since my parents said they'd be out later in the afternoon. Olivia took care of Sean while everyone got to work. Poor Michelle and Eileen worked for TWO hours sorting clothes. THAT is too many clothes!!! (and that's not all of it) All together we worked for 4 hours around here and got a LOT done. I was spot cleaning the kitchen floor when my parents got here. It's looking a lot better here now. Hopefully we can keep it up and deep clean even more.

We had a great visit with my parents. They brought us a treat of Pizza Hut pizzas. The perfect thing after having done all that work. We had a deep and heated discussion about retirement, pensions, social security and life insurance. lol Pat and Jess were here and stayed until after 10. It was great having them here, they haven't been around too much lately.

By the time my parents were leaving I was a bit concerned about Sean. He was starting to feel warm, his rash was really bad and he sounded hoarse. It didn't amount to anything thankfully. He's still off a bit but improving more everyday.

Michelle's first day of school went well today. Her night class was dropped due to low enrollment so no 12 hour school day for her. She's done by 3:20 now. Tomorrow is only one class for 1.5 hrs. Tomorrow I don't have to wait for her because she has to work afterwards, so she'll walk. This week is Regents week (NY state testing). That means the high school kids only need to go to school on Thurs and Fri if they have to take one of the tests. Luke has a test on Thurs morning, Val on Friday morning. Hopefully we can all stay healthy.


Mirz said...

Wow, you've been living quite an adventure lately, my friend. Big (((HUGS))) and hopes that things calm down for you soon. Give Sean a gentle hug for me, k?

holly said...

Wow...sounds like you had quite the time with things. How are you holding up with it all? Does anyone ever ask the mom how she is, when everything goes crazy? I know they don't ask me, and you know....sometimes they should.