Monday, January 28, 2008


My mind is going in a million directions at once. Instead of letting a lack of specific direction prevent me from posting, I'm going with the flow. So excuse me if this gets a little disjointed. Just consider it a little peek into my brain. lol

First an update on Sean. He's greatly improved over last weekend. Although he's a bit hoarse sounding now, I'm not sure why. It does leave me a bit on edge though. I just keep remembering how Carrie was before her cancer dx. One illness after another at the end of her antibiotic treatment or as soon as it was over. I hate having that always in the back of my brain! I wanna know who to see to get my innocence back.

Generally this has been a weird illness season all around. Nothing huge like the flu (yet) but there's always something going around to keep these guys feeling off. Just this morning I was thinking...ahhh, everyone is feeling well and back at school. Yeah right! I was almost home from dropping Michelle off this morning when my cell phone rings. Olivia's in the nurse's office. She's not feeling well and has a slight temp. Luckily I had just gotten to the village and was only a few blocks from school. She was home, in bed, and napping in no time.

My sister's going to love it when I call her tonight and tell her. We switched kids for the night Saturday night. This was after I assured her that everyone was well...not even a runny nose in the lot! UGH!!!

Talking to my sister this weekend was a bit enlightening. I complained to her that it had gotten so I couldn't mention anything about my life without my mom getting all atwitter. It had gotten so bad that I just stopped talking about what was going on with me altogether. My sister let me know that my mom "had a reason" why she was acting like she was. Seems she had a dream a few months back that my house caught on fire. No one was able to get out or into the house to help us because it was so messy and cluttered. Yes, my house was in such bad shape that it was giving other people nightmares! Things made a bit more sense to me. I know how upsetting those dreams can be, I've had them quite a bit since I was teen. Actually my first one was as a teen. Seems I died in a fire after trying to get my sister awake (she was horrible to wake up in the morning) and then subsequently trying to rescue her when she didn't awaken. Anyways, I wish my mom had TOLD me about this instead of letting it come out like it did.

I'm sure my mom is happy to hear that things are improving here. Tom has really taken an interest in getting this place back in shape now that his mom's place is done. It's been great! Working with him I've realized that I was a quite a bit more depressed then I thought I was lately. Dealing with a demanding newborn, on the go constantly with Tom barely around and working himself to got to me. Thankfully I feel that I'm on the otherside of that now. I'm motivated to get things done, Sean can entertain himself for a bit longer now so I'm able to do some things, and I'm not putting things off until they are unbearable things I HAVE to deal with...or else.

This weekend was productive although I'm not sure anyone would notice except us. Tom and I were busy pulling things apart, cleaning and reorganizing. I actually have cupboards with NOTHING in them!! I haven't seen my small linen closet as empty as it is in a looooong time. I was putting a really good dent in the laundry until this morning. I think I jammed up my dryer this morning. Waaaah! I turned the dryer on and heard the signal that my lint filter was full. (usually empty it every other load, must have forgotten with the last load) I pulled the lint filter out, emptied it and jammed it back into it's slot. Then I heard a horrible noise and smelled hot rubber. My guess is that something got caught on the end of the filter screen and I jammed it into the drum area when I tried to put the lint filter back into the slot. Hopefully that's all it is and Tom can unjam it tonight after he gets home from work. I REALLY want to get the laundry taken care of! I only have about 13 loads waiting for me downstairs. lol

Our community has been hard hit this last week. Midweek NV was killed in a car accident. He was 23 and had graduated with Drew. I haven't seen or talked to Drew since the accident so not sure how he's dealing with it. On Sat morning AM was killed in a headon collision. He had graduated last year and was the boyfriend of one of Liz's friends. His younger brother is in Luke's class. AM's aunt was one of Sean's nurses last week. I had asked her how he and his family were doing. You see AM had a brother C who was in Pat's grade. When C was 16 (AM was 13 or 14) he was killed in a snowmobiling accident. AM was involved with the accident and I knew he had had a hard time dealing with that fact. I feel so bad for the M family. No family should have to go through such a tragic loss once, much less twice. :o(

Well, kids are due off the bus any second now, Sean is sleeping in my arms and Danielle is a bit odorous and needs some attention.

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