Monday, September 14, 2009


This morning Carrie went to go out the door to the bus. She pulled her water bottle out of the freezer and asked...why didn't my water freeze? It was in there all night. And sure enough, it was barely chilled. My heart sank. We can't afford to buy a new fridge right now! What am I going to do until Tom comes home? Why do these things happen to me when I'm on my own?

I was about to throw all the frozen things into the chest freezer in the basement when a thought hit me....What if the fridge isn't dead? What if the circuit breaker is just tripped. And I ran downstairs. I know the fridge is on it's own breaker. The problem is, none of the breakers are labeled. So I started resetting all of them. I was relieved to hear the fridge humming when I walked into the kitchen! PHEW! I know we should figure out WHY the breaker tripped but it can wait until Tom comes home. I'll just have to keep an eye on it.

So Tom's and Danielle's trip up north didn't start as smoothly as he'd hoped. He took our rowboat up there (get to the campsites by boat) ontop of Pat's car that was just fixed. Except that it broke down on the way home from where he was fixing it Saturday night. So I had to pick him up and then bring him back there in the morning. Needless to say, I didn't make it to church again this week *heavy sigh* They took it back into the garage...this time it was the alternator. Danielle was going crazy waiting for Daddy to get home all day. They finally got on the road about 8 hrs after Tom wanted to. I hope they had enough daylight to get to a site and set up their tent. I had a really hard time last night being at ease over them being gone and I don't know why. I'm usually nervous when he takes the little ones up or goes up alone. This time though I found myself fighting tears throughout the evening. The most upsetting scenarios kept popping into my head. UGH! Ontop of that I kept thinking that one of the kids was lost/missing. Not a good thing to experience when you're in Walmart.

Carrie and Jake have joined the modified soccer teams at school so they needed cleats and shin guards. This weekend is the fall soccer tournament at church so they needed them for that also. We left a couple hours early to pick up Michelle from work and headed to the dollar store and Walmart. One of our friends from church was here and he tagged along too. While we were there we filled our drinking water jugs, grabbed some English muffins, butter, twizzlers (got some to send to Liz too), and last but not least, ice cream sandwiches for the ride home. After we got home the kids got ready for school, watched videos on youtube, and listened to music. Olivia and Eileen went to bed then the other kids decided it was time for a snack. (I think they got the idea from Delandie who was munching out of a bag of cereal lol). I told them it was fine but I'm not making it! I was dealing with leftovers from the laundromat trip and doing general pick up. Carrie started throwing together tortilla pizzas. Next thing I knew, I was standing at the stove crisping them up after they came out of the microwave. Who wants a soggy pizza? I reminded them that they have a nice mom. lol

Someone suddenly realized it was 11pm! I sent the kids to bed and Delandie left. Having had only 4 hours sleep from the laundromat trip and being busy all day I was exhausted! Sean however didn't show any signs of slowing down. I finally convinced him to go lay down and nurse. Luckily once he stopped moving for a few minutes, he started to doze off. It was lonely in there with only him and I. I missed Danielle and Tom. I hope they're having a good time!


carol said...

Funny how a not so cold bottle of water can throw you in a panic.

holly said...

are you ever coming back here??? :) please??!