Sunday, September 13, 2009

I was gonna....

Days are flying by and as the do I keep thinking....I was gonna tell you all about....

Our awesome trip to the state park during Tom's vacation. We went to the water hole, hiked along the gorges, played on one of the funnest playgrounds I've ever been on and stopped for Arby's on the way home. I had to laugh as we drove through the city closest to the park trying to figure out where to stop for dinner. The kids spied the HUGE Salvation Army Thrift Store, ohh'ed and ahh'ed over it and then begged to come back and go to it at a time it was open. Then at Arby's I was surprised as everyone really seemed to appreciate their meal and thanked Tom and I for such a fun day. It's times like that that make all the hard work worth it. The rest of Tom's vacation was pretty low key. We had a bonfire and a "party" night with snacks and such. Mostly we stuck close to home and just relaxed.

I was gonna tell you about the impromptu trip to Darien Lake we took on the Tuesday before Labor Day. Tom had been back to work a day when late at night we heard the $30 a car load ad on the tv. We checked to make sure there weren't any limitations on it, found out Michelle had the next day off of work, asked Tom to call in sick in the morning (he wasn't going to at first but said ok), and busted our fannies to get things ready so we could be out the door first thing. We had a blast and ended up getting home after 1am. This is the second year they've done this special. I told Tom he's going to have to plan a vacation for the week before Labor Day from now on and make this an annual trip. Sean and Danielle were hilarious on the rides. I wish I had a camera (mine broke) to capture Sean's eyes when we stumbled onto the Bob the Builder show and he saw a huge Bob dancing on the stage. We went to the Survivor Live show. They picked Jake to be up on stage for our tribe (there were 4 tribes) and he WON! He got a cool tshirt for his prize.

I was gonna tell you about how the labor day week was actually a pretty rough one around here. Sunday was the 6th month anniversary of Billy's passing. I was amazed at how many times things around here brought him to the forefront. He's everywhere around here. It's hard. Danielle stayed home alone with Tom while the rest of the kids and I picked up Michelle from work one night. Tom told me afterwards that her mouth didn't stop. She talked about Billy and how much fun he was. All the things he did for her and said to her. She talked about the specific night and details of it. I forget that she was right there amongst it all and it amazes me how much of it she actually took in and understood. It also saddens 3yo should have to go through and have a memory of a night like that. We did make sure we rode his jeep down to his pond. We had a little fire, had snacks, talked and had a good time. I thought I wasn't going to be able to bear being back there but it was actually very calming. I'm glad the kids have only good memories of it.

I was gonna tell you about going to the dusk to dawn show at the Drive-in on the Sunday before Labor Day. 5 movies, starting at 8:15pm and getting us home at 6:30am. Somehow I ended up going with Eileen, Olivia, Danielle and Sean. Carrie, Jake and Luke were at the youth conference. Michelle was working and Val was doing her own thing. My sister met us there with Emily and Jessica. We also ran into our friends who live down the street. Sean fell asleep early but wouldn't let me put him down. Whenever I tried, he'd wake up and then I'd nurse him back to sleep. He did end up waking up fully by the last show which was good since it was Transformers, which he loves. He's always pointing out the bad robock, or the good one. Or telling and showing us how they fight.

I was gonna tell you about Carrie turning 15 on Labor Day. My due date for her was Labor Day (the 5th). I was admitted and induced on Tues, didn't progress and then had her on Wed. Her birth story (along with everyone else's are on The Kids ~ 2009 page which is linked at the top of the page. Again we kind of played it low key. We had pizza, wings and cake. Easy peasy for cooking!

I was gonna tell you about Olivia complaining that she didn't feel good on Labor Day and bad mom that I am attributed it to being exhasuted from going to the drive-in. Then she came down with a fever. By Tuesday morning she was burning up, had a headache, sore throat and was nauseated. She had to miss the first day of school, a first for this house. They've missed the 2nd day but never the first. lol I ran her to the dr Tues afternoon and Wed evening we found out she had strep. We finally got her meds into her and she was feeling well enough to go to school for the first time on Friday.

I was gonna tell you about how I feel about school starting again. But then again you can probably go back in the archives for the last 5 years and read it as I say it each and every year....YUCK!!! I hate having my kids gone all day. I hate having to have dinner done and the kids into bed at a reasonable time. Although things have gone smoothly (minus the sick kid mentioned above) so far. I'm sure the newness of all this will die off very soon and things will get a little rough...I can always hope it doesn't happen this year though.

I was gonna tell you about how we're pretty set on refinancing the house and working to spruce up the place. Today's adventure was into the dungeon otherwise known as the basement. I managed to clear the laundry room floor of clothes although there is bedding and towels there still. I also have the folding table to take care of still. We're almost out of propane so instead of having days of mega laundry....Jake, Eileen, Olivia and I took the basement stuff to the laundromat. I think it was a bit more then they bargained for but they trudged through it and got it done. We got home a little more then half an hour ago. That's why I'm on here so late, trying to unwind so I can fall asleep. It's not happening so far.

I was gonna tell you about my crocheting. How I think it's my new "computer" and I seem to have a mild obsession with it. I have to be really careful about when I work on it as I can get lost in it. I'm still accessible to the kids (even moreso then when I'm on the computer). I can just put it down and jump up although I prefer not to lol. But it seems to be filling a void. Keep a connection alive. And it's surprising me that I'm still sticking with it with no plans to stop. Danielle said to me last week...Mom I wish you'd watched your sewing videos (meaning the crochet ones I watch on youtube...Teresa's Art of Crochet channel...she's very good!) before I was born and you made me a baby blanket. Awwww. Guess I know what to make her for Christmas. Thing is I could have a zillion projects done and it probably wouldn't be enough. I want to make something for EVERYONE and I know I don't have time!!!! Right now the pressing thing is a Ripple baby blanket for a girl in our church who is pregnant with her first. She's not finding out the gender so variegated in pink, blue, mint, yellow and white with not too much of it being white. I'm also doing a granny square blanket with bright bright colors ringed in black. Everyone is asking for it to be their's. Val and my mom have put in an order for hats/beret for Christmas and I need to make some things ahead of time if I'm going to mail them to Liz over in Norway in time for Christmas.

Ok....I'm fighting the urge to pick up my hook and crochet for a few rows. I need to go to bed before the sun comes up (or Sean whichever is first). I'm hoping to get back into the basement and finish things up later today while my allergies are already creating havoc with me. Oh and I can't forget, I'll be on my "own" since Tom is taking Danielle on his preschooler camping trip. She's super excited and won't stop talking about it. They're suppose to leave tomorrow and be back sometime Tues evening. Sean's going to be lost without Danielle!!!


River Glorious said...

Hi! I like crocheting and making granny squares, too. It's hard to put down, isn't it? I'm making a blue shawl, just double crochets back and forth. I'm over my granny square fit for now.

Hope you have a great Sunday.

truth said...

Kim, for some weird reason, I had a dream about you. We took a roadtrip together with various kids in this huge station wagon with rows and rows of seats. It made me laugh when I woke up.

Lisa said...

I was wondering how you were. Thanks for catching us up.