Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Trying to put off cleaning

Well that's one reason to sit here and write. It was either that or start playing a video game. For some reason a game just doesn't interest me right now.... believe me, I tried. This house is swallowing me whole! I've puttered here and there but haven't put too much of a dent in any one area.

I SO wish we were leaving for South Carolina now instead of in 3 weeks. As much as I want to see Liz and AJ, I'm really looking forward to spending some alone time with Tom. Figuring AJ has school all day and Liz will most likely have to work some of the days leaves us alone.

Hmmm, I just went back and looked at my last post. Seems a lot of it was lost when I published it... sorry about that. I'm not even sure what else I was rambling about that night. Maybe its a good

And now it's the next morning. I ended up doing something around here, though you can't really tell.

It was beautiful out last night. It makes it hard to get homework, dinner and bedtime done. I can't wait for summer vacation... its going to be a loooong 9 weeks. At least our mornings have been v going better. That is as long as everything goes according to Sean's routine. It amazes me how quickly these kids are growing up. Can Danielle really be almost 8 yrs old?

And my baby is on his way to being a 1st grader!

Nevermind the fact that Drew will turn 29 on Friday!!! How can he be that old when that's how old I am!!! LOL

Ok... enough off this. I have to go get Danielle and Sean up for school and be productive. See ya!

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