Friday, April 19, 2013

Well blow me away!

I can't believe the wind is still howling out there. We lost power this afternoon for a few hours because of it. Hopefully it stays on. I don't want to end up sitting in the dark. Although if it decided to go out when it was time to go to school... letting us use a snow day. Then I'm all for it! I know... I'm worse then the kids.

Why am I up? Because Pat called
me on his way home from work and woke me up after I'd been asleep for over an hour. So I essentially power napped. He was calling to tell me I wasn't going to watch Gabe tomorrow. Waaaaah! I needed to pick him up early and it didn't work out well for Alex, so her mom is taking him for the evening.... no fair! There are going to be a lot of bummed out kids in the morning when they hear the news. They've been waiting all week for him to come back.

Poor Liz, she's been dealing with a migraine and had been pretty quiet today. Hope she's better soon. She did manage too land a job yesterday. She was hired on the spot to work at Hardees. None of my kids really know what that is. I explained it as a hed my quiet time alone but I should be sleeping. I'm watching Meg in the morning, Carrie has a doctor appointment, and I need to get ready for a conference at church that's happening this weekend. Besides its getting harder to swipe accurately on this phone. Hope everyone's weekend is a good one.

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