Monday, July 01, 2013

Ain't no body got time fo dat!

That line has been running through my head a lot lately.  I've had ONE day this month where I didn't have to leave the house for any length of time.  (drove the kids 2 miles to church in the evening which doesn't count).   We've been getting our Baby Gabey fix in at a good rate.   He comes here at least once a week, sometimes three.   He's such a sweetheart and loves to cuddle!

(using Liz's laptop, I'll try to upload pictures later from mine)

Yep, we have laptops in our house again.   I bought 2 hard drives and have been trying to get both mine and Liz's up to snuff.  We're running on Linux/Ubuntu so I've been having to learn things all over again.  It's been fun getting all geeky and finding work arounds.  It'd be even more fun if I had tons of time to waste on doing it.

Only a few more weeks before Liz and AJ will be coming home!   Having Liz 1000 miles away has been hard, especially this week.   She was hit by a car on the way home the other night (she was on a bike).  Luckily the car wasn't going very fast and the road she was thrown into didn't have any heavy traffic (light had just turned green).   She's doing ok but has had a few days of feeling like she was just hit by a car.  She's not sure how she did it but she crushed her wedding ring during the accident.   I'm sure the driver's insurance will cover fixing/replacing it but until then my mom is letting Liz use one of my grandmother's bands.  I think we have most things pinned down for the vow renewal/wedding celebration on the 21st.  Now to do the work and spend the money to get it done. 

Val is engaged!   Matt proposed and gave her a beautiful ring on Saturday.   Tom knew already because Matt asked him permission and showed him the ring.   Snot never said anything to me!   So now we have another wedding to plan and save up for.  We also have a baby shower to do.  I can't even start to think about it until Liz's ceremony is over.   I'm figuring we'll have it mid to late September, so there's time.   Val's best friend Janna and the girls are doing most of the planning so far.   I've gone on a few more shopping sprees for the little guy!  FUN! FUN! FUN!

For the first time in almost 7yrs Tom and I have our room to ourselves!   Carrie moved out  a few weeks ago.  Danielle and Sean jumped at the chance to move into her room.  They have a twin bed set up with Carrie's loft waiting for a railing to be installed (they both move a lot when sleeping, I don't trust them up there without it).  Today's plan is to get the toys out of the living room and into their room.   Then maybe we can actually move around in this place!  

Friday was our 30th wedding anniversary.    We didn't do anything for it.   Tom's been on call all week with a few late night call ins, so he slept it away.   We are going away in September to "celebrate".  We're sharing a 4bdrm beach house in Surfside, South Carolina.  We get one room, my parents get another, my dad's sister and a family friend are sharing one and my mom's sister along with her daughter and son in law are sharing the 4th one.   Obviously it's not a romantic getaway but I'm looking forward to getting away nonetheless.  I'm also trying to convince Tom to take advantage of some free room offers from a local casino this month.

I've been working at the baseball stadium for our church fundraiser.   Last night was one of our busiest times.   Thursday and Friday look to be just as busy as they'll have fireworks and a carnival running at the same time as the ball games.  (double header on the 4th)  It's nice to be able to help since $$ isn't always there to give. 

I've been trying to take better care of myself in all this busyness.   I was going to the rec center pool every weekday when school was in session.   I haven't had it work out (meaning I'm not getting up early enough!) since vacation started.  Last week I managed to go for a walk Wed, Thurs and Fri.  Where I've been walking has very few flat areas with big hills on both ends that are killers.  I realized on Fri I could walk a different way and it's fairly flat.  I like the challenge of the hills so not sure if I'll wimp out and go with the flat walk.  Although if I don't get my fanny out the door to walk...there is no decision to make and I've totally failed!

My yearly fight with the pool has started.  I haven't totally won yet but I'm getting close.   The problem is that the water level keeps dropping.  I'm pretty sure there is a slow leak somewhere.  I've been looking for it since late last summer and haven't found it yet.   It makes running the skimmer hard although I have managed to rig up the vacuum hose so don't have to give up circulating the water totally.  

OK...Danielle has decided she needs to snuggle with her momma and typing makes that not doable.   So I'm off.  Now that I can pound out a post a lot quicker I hope to be more active here.   Have a great 4th if I don't make it back by then. 

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