Saturday, August 17, 2013

And the countdown begins

0 days until Tom's 55th birthday (age he can retire)
2 more days until Liz and AJ come home
3 more days until Jake leaves to work with friends in Connecticut
5 more days until Eileen's 15th birthday
10 more days until Liz and AJ's vow renewal celebration
oh and 13 days until Sean's 6th birthday
I can't even start to think past these 2 wks when we have Meghan's birthday, family week at church, Jake's birthday, Danielle's birthday, back to school shopping, Carrie's birthday and a baby shower to plan.   Not to mention all the every day stuff!  One day at a time.  Follow the timeline and hopefully things will go as planned.  If not, fly with it and make do.

Yesterday was dress/shoe shopping day for me and the younger girls.   I found myself a dress, I think.   We had 20 mins before the mall closed when I went into the dress store to find mine.   I haven't worn a dress in AGES!   I always wear a skirt and shirt which looks fine normally.  Looking at Pat's wedding pictures though made me almost cry.  Everyone was wearing all these "fancy" dresses and here I was in a nice skirt and shirt...felt like I looked like a peasant.   So this time I decided to go with the dress...more summery then evening.

My niece Jess also went along because she needed a dress to stand up with Liz.   Liz's colors are purple and blue, she wanted Jess to wear purple (Danielle and Sean are wearing lavender).  Do you know how hard it is to find PURPLE!?!?!  In the fashion industry the color no longer exists.   We looked in every store in Destiny USA mall for hours on end and found maybe 8 dresses.  I'm not talking about 8 dresses in size X.  I'm talking 7 dresses in ANY size.   One was the wrong color, 2 were too short, one looked like it was worn already, 2 were too promy (tons of sequins and tulle...same dress different lenghts), and 2 we were trying to decide from.   Fortunately both fit Jess!

Today is the day to take a trip to Lowe's or Home Depot.   I need to buy wood to make yard jenga  and pvc pipe to construct a photo booth.   I'm having a ball figuring out the construction of the booth.   If it comes out like I envision I may just try to rent it out to others if I can.   I can add my chocolate fountain into the rental business too. :o)   I'll try to remember to take pictures along the way.

Yes, my husband turns 55 today.   He insists that we don't do anything for him...not even cake.  Yeah right.  His reasoning is that it's too hot to bake.  Luckily for us the humidity has died down quite a bit overnight.   I bought vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.  The girls are going to bake brownies so we can have brownie sundaes.  

Well all the above stuff was written on the11th (July).  It is now after midnight on the 16th.   Things are not going according to plans and I'm a little behind but not freaking out behind yet.    AJ's best friend who is also in the Navy found out he could come home before going to his first ship and will be here for the wedding.   So now Carrie has to find a dress to stand up with Liz too.   We looked today and still no purple dresses to be had.  Liz is about to change Carrie's color to navy blue.   Now I've gone to craigslist and ebay.   We'll be running out bright and early this morning to look again.   Thing is I never had these 2 days of shopping in my schedule.   I need a serious trip to the laundromat.   Thankfully the girls got the living room looking good.   Unfortunately a lot of stuff was stuffed in bedrooms in order to do it.

Today is Eileen's 15th birthday!   I'm feeling guilty since I'm caught up in the wedding stuff and haven't planned anything for her nor did I get her a present.  I also forgot she wanted and I had planned on buying her a longboard until Olivia mentioned it tonight.   Eileen wants to go to the beach.   HOW do I do that with my huge todo list staring at me?   Maybe we should go and I can cram everything into Wed and Thurs.  Actually just Wednesday since I'll have Gabe on Thursday.  Friday is shopping and Saturday is food prep.  

I should be in my bed sleeping since I have to be out the door by 7am!!  You'd think it would be easy, seeing as  I've been up since 6am and it's now past 2:30am.   But here I am, washing machine going and dishes sitting in hot water waiting for me while I take a cereal break and get eaten alive by noseeums who have no idea what window screens are!   I'm asking Tom to do some cutting for a project I had planned to do in the morning.

And this never got published,   I just found it 8/17.   Liz wedding went well. the photobooth was a hit and I'll be using it again after a few modifications.  I'll try to post pictures and say more a different day.


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