Monday, July 03, 2017

Helloooo old friend!

I know it seems like I've forgotten this little corner of my world.   Truth is I'm always composing blog posts in my head as I live my life.  I just never actually get to writing them down anymore, and that makes me sad.   (I try sometimes...I have 47 drafts saved on my dashboard!)

Today is a new phase in my life.  For the first time in almost 11 years... I do not have any kids to babysit and no one to drive to work or school.   It is only MY schedule that controls the day.   It was hard to tell the kids I wasn't babysitting anymore.   It is hard for me to be ok with that idea too....I'm sitting here crying typing this.   I feel like I've let my kids down and I'm going to miss the grandkids like crazy.  BUT  I have to do what's best for everyone, including my kids still at home.  My littlest ones have had their lives controlled by older kids schedules and needs for far too long.    I get to be GRANDMA instead of the babysitter!   My house can be a place to come to have fun instead of the place they HAVE to go to (and get dragged out of bed to be there).   I want to have pool parties and sleepovers and WANT to take the grandkids places, not just drag them around.    The fact is....I am getting older.   I'm often heard saying, there's a reason 50 year olds don't have babies!!!    I'm not as strong or fast as I used to be.  I have some physical ailments that affect that even more.   Chasing 3yos around is HARD!  lol

Have no fear though, I still have a ton on my plate!    We just finished up our 3rd year of homeschooling.  Yes, after all those years of talking about doing it, I'm finally doing it.   Eileen and Olivia had made the decision for me.   They were adamant that they didn't want to go to school anymore.    I decided since I was homeschooling them, I may as well keep Danielle and Sean home too.   I LOVE IT!   Eileen will be taking the TASC test soon, Olivia is a senior, Danielle will be starting 6th grade and Sean 5th.  Yep!   My baby will be 10 by the end of this month!  Like I said....I'm getting old.    I'm working fundraisers for church.  Right now it's a concession stand during concerts at the new Amphitheater.   In the fall and spring we still do a concession stand at the Dome (Syracuse University's Sports Stadium).  

In November I  started a new business selling LuLaRoe.     I would've loved having this company around 20 yrs ago when it was almost impossible to find skirts and dresses in the stores.   While I do have some pants in my wardrobe I am still mainly a skirt wearing girl.   I love that I can find beautiful and comfortable clothes in my size...especially now that I'm at my highest weight ever.   What I love even more is helping other women to feel as wonderful as I do in the clothes.  The fact that I get to make new friends along the way is a big bonus!

What does my house look like now?   There are 4 kids home still...Eileen, Olivia, Danielle and Sean.   Tom and I just celebrated our 33rd anniversary last week.   In 3 yrs Tom will be retiring!   It can't come soon enough.    All the grown kids still live in the area except Liz who lives in Virginia.  (Her husband is in the Navy),    Grandkid count is at 8.   Drew has 1, Pat has 3, Michelle has 1, Val has 1 and Liz has 2.

The picture below was taken last month when Liz was visiting.  Unfortunately we didn't manage to get a picture of everyone together or the grandkids.  
Left to right...Drew, Eileen, Pat, Luke, Sean, Liz, Carrie, Danielle, Jake, Val, Michelle, Olivia


I haven't changed, I can still manage to turn a blog post into a novel.   I'm hoping this is the first of many posts to come.   I've missed you!   Comment below and let me know how things are going with you guys!


Thia said...

Good to have you back!

Kim said...

Hi Thia! Thanks for sticking with me in my absence! It feels good to write again, I'm hoping to do more soon! How are things in your corner of the world?

Thia said...

Topsy turvey. I ended up getting a PT job that sometimes runs FT. And still homeschooling. My husband took over house duties.

Pamela Wade said...

Hi Kim....every once in awhile I check to see if you've written anything lately! I always loved reading your blog. I read Della's everyday and enjoy that! Looking forward to more! ~~Pam

~Tammy~ said...

Oh My gosh... you can see how long it's been since I was here! I miss you and your blog posts. So glad for your update. Now... how about another?