Friday, November 04, 2005

2 month checkup

It's hard to believe Danielle is 2mos old already. Other times it seems she's been with us forever. It amazes me that the kids are still fighting over her. They are usually fighting over her before she even wakes up in the morning. They usually end up making a waiting list.

I've had a few people comment on her head control...she's sorely lacking in it. The rest of her body is strong and fine. Her favorite position to be in is on her back, especially with half her clothes off (diaper changing time). She very rarely has tummy time here. I asked the dr about it and he said it's can take some babies up to 5mos before it's really strong. PHEW! Other than that everything else was a no brainer.

Her stats are....
Weight...11lbs 13oz (birth-6lbs 9oz) I thought she'd have gained a bit more (she looks it!) Oh well, dr seemed happy with it and she has such cute chubby cheeks!
Length...23inches Her toes are getting squished into her sleepers...time to switch sizes.

She got FOUR shots! Poor thing. She's dealt with them well, although she's been pretty drowsy last night and today. Might have been the ibuprofen I gave her afterwards. She goes back in 2mos. I forgot to ask about the snuffiness and felt bad. Then last night I realized...she's not really stuffy anymore. :o)

She's gotten so friendly lately!!! Her smiles are frequent and huge. Her new thing is to stick her tongue out. When you copy her she tries to smile while doing it. You can see the corners of her mouth turn up a tiny bit and her eyes light up.

Today we're heading to the Joslin Center (JC)with Carrie. I'm hoping we'll have the answers we need to start getting aggressive with her numbers. It's bugging me to see them high and know how to correct them...but not know exactly (precise doses and such).

Last night I had a spoke too soon moment. I finally introduced myself to the Children with Diabetes Parent's list Wed night. I'd mentioned that we hadn't had to give Carrie any insulin yet, according to the JC's parameters. We're only suppose to correct at dinner and the highest blood sugar(BS)limit is pretty high...which she's never hit. UNTIL last night. I had to give her a few units before dinner. She was quite scared and crying. I tried to let her know it didn't usually hurt (then prayed I didn't hit a nerve while doing it!) Luckily for me it didn't. PHEW! She did great and I'm sure the next time it'll be easier. She even asked if she could have insulin this morning so she could have some candy. LOL (fasting was 163...not a chance for candy at that number) I told her if we get a plan ironed out tonight, it should be a lot easier for her. I also let her know she'd probably start feeling a lot better (she's been really hard to wake in the morning and just dragging).

I'll try to post an update tonight or tomorrow morning. Need to pick her up from school in about 30mins.

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Bernadette said...

Prayers for you and Carrie! That has to be so difficult!