Friday, November 04, 2005

And the verdict is....

WE DON'T KNOW! They ran 3 antibody tests to see if Carrie has T1 or T2 diabetes. Only one came back sofar. Her results were the cutoff number (1.5 or .5....forgot which it was). So nothing conclusive yet. Her NP has been checking the computer all day long for the results. She said she'll call us as soon as anymore news comes in...she's just as curious as we are. Dr seems to think she's T2 and chomping at the bit to get her into his studies. During the whole appt I kept thinking...classic Carrie. Doesn't make anything medical easy or clearcut. LOL

They prescribed her Latnus (long acting for 24hrs)every night before bed to bring her overall numbers down. We are then correcting her before dinner numbers. I'm a lot happier now since they lowered when I can start correcting. Before I wasn't suppose to correct until her numbers were over 200 before dinner (only happened once). Now we correct over 100, like most people. I've been told if she is T2 they'll switch her to oral meds. I'm not so sure I want that. I feel like we have more contro with the insulin. Maybe I'm's how I felt through my pg too.

They sent Carrie home with this diabetic bear. She's adorable and a very popular addition to the family. They sent me home with an "Understanding Diabetes" book and a head full of info. I'm trying to introduce it to Tom slowly but surely.

I'm very proud of Carrie. Tonight she injected the insulin herself!!! I drew it up but she did the poking and pushing. It's so hard to get past the..."I have to poke myself" thought. It didn't take her long at all and she said it didn't hurt a bit. :o)

I'm also feeling sad for her. Because I'm not sure how she'll react to the insulin and things aren't stable right now. She'll have to miss out on spending the night at my BIL's house Saturday night. She had plans to stay there for her bestfriend/cousin's birthday. I don't think it'd be a problem if I could tell A, B, C and she should react like 1, 2, 3 (although I know it's not always predictable). It's just too much to ask of someone. To deal with the unknown with someone else's child. It's hard enough for the parent!

On Monday I'll be heading into the school nurse with a bagful of supplies and instructions. Right now though I'm going to test Carrie's sugar and head into bed.


Lisa said...

Poor kid. I hope she gets stable soon and it's not too hard on her.

Jody said...

I second what Lisa said. It has got to be hard on a young one!

Bernadette said...

More prayers for Carrie and you!!

I posted about the beatification of a mother of 11 from Italy yesterday. You are a saint, too, I know! ;~)