Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Where were we

Ok...lots of happenings, let's hope I don't ramble too much.

Carrie's JC appt went well last Wedneday. I don't feel like the dietician taught me tons of new things. She did give me appropriate guidelines for Carrie. I can't truthfully say we're following them, but they're there. They redid Carrie's liver function tests. Her NP, Z, from the JC called on Friday and let me know that they came back normal. She was waiting to hear from the KNOT clinic about their opinion of Carrie starting Glucophage. Z wanted to start it immediately but I begged off until Monday since I wasn't going to be home. I waited for her to call today but she never did. She might have been waiting for the school nurse to fax Carrie's numbers to her...I forgot to send them in.

I didn't want to start up the Glucophage while I was away at a Sister's conference at church. We'll be cutting her insulin and I need to be here to know when/if she needs a correction shot. As it is I got at least 3 calls while I was gone and I didn't even sleep there like I originally planned. The theory is that eventually we should be able to drop all use of insulin. I wish I could say I was as optimistic. Maybe if we started this new direction with her numbers looking really good it would be different. She's still running too high.

The sister's weekend was NICE even if I went home at night. lol Danielle was really content the whole time. I had a few people say they didn't realize I was pregnant when they saw me at the Summer Conference!!! (Danielle was born 3wks later) We had a great dinner with a deliciously sinful piece of cheesecake for dessert. I found out afterwards that it was 500 cals worth of cheesecake!!! Not that having the knowledge beforehand would've stopped me from stuffing my face full of it.

Some of us are/were sick. I thought I was heading to the ER with Michelle last night. She's one of my healthiest kids so when she was incoherently crying her head hurt and she didn't feel good...I got scared. Especially once she started complaining her neck hurt. Michelle doesn't really remember most of our conversations so she really was out of it. I was the sick one on Friday. A headache had me in and out of bed all day. I'm assuming Michelle and I had the same thing with her getting hit harder. I'm just hoping Danielle can be spared.

Tonight Tom took a bunch of the little ones to Lights on the Lake. It doesn't officially open until tomorrow. They had a special day for Tom's work where you walked through the displays (2 miles) and then rode a shuttle back to your car. Usually you just drive through. They had free refreshments for them afterwards also. We were a little confused how it was going to go (I thought the shuttle drove you through it and then took you to the parking lot). I'm glad I decided not to go. It would've been hard to keep Danielle warm that long and she would've killed my back carrying her for that long! Michelle didn't really want to stay home alone anyways. (she REALLY wanted to go and tried to tell me she was all better lol) The kids had a ball but it cut homework time short. Poor Carrie was up until 11 doing her's and she's still not done. Oh well! I'm not giving up family time for homework...especially after 6hrs of school!

I'm trying to figure out how to fit everything into tomorrow and Wednesday. I need to go to the grocery store. Even if I'm dreading it, the crowds are going to be CRAZY! Everywhere I look here I see something that needs to be done and it's bugging me. It's almost Christmas Bazaar time and I need to get to work on some things to sell there. I bought supplies to make Christmas fabric backed cookie platters. I also have to work around Danielle and her needs.

Oops...she just woke up in her swing. Guess I'll take her to bed. If I don't get back here...I hope everyone in the US has a great Thanksgiving!

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