Saturday, December 16, 2006

Changing things up a bit this time

The Largerfamilies blog decided to invite guest bloggers to join us with a post about the holidays. Being really busy with seasonal and last of the semester driving I never got a chance to ask any bloggers to take my day. Being desperate I asked my dad (1 of 13) if he wanted to write something for me. He declined since he's not a writer. He suggested one of his sisters. Knowing she's a Type A personality with a schedule full enough for 10 people, I decided not to try. I then turned to Tom...HEY! You're one of 7 kids. Do you want to write a piece for me? He said he'd think about it and never said anything else.

Last night (Thursday) I tried to gather my thoughts on what I was going to write about on Friday. Nothing really jumped out at me and I was pretty tired so decided to wait until morning. Well my morning was hopping and a bopping and I never got the chance to think about it, much less write it. About 2ish Tom called and asked if I still needed his story. He warned me it was short (not a bad thing) and read it to me over the phone. I said call me back when you have a few extra minutes and dictate it to me so I can put it up! So he did. And it's up. Introducing Tom's first ever blog post (actually first time he's done ANYTHING on the net).

Tom's Christmas Story/A Girl Named Sue


Anonymous said...

Just read the post. Tell Tom he did great. I pray our children feel the same way about our home when they are grown. (Right now they just think it is way to loud...a lot of friends over

Anonymous said...

What a sweet story. His description of his mother reminds me of my grandmother, mother of 5, den-mother to many many more. I also pray that my children feel that way about our family too.

Holly said...

Its been a month since this post!!! Is everything okay with you?? Please update. Even tho I never comment, I come here everyday checking to see whats going on with you and your family.