Thursday, December 14, 2006

Making plans

Today is the first day I've been home this week. I'd decided I was going to get some wrapping done if it was the last thing I did. Danielle had been up for a while so I set the plan in motion....

Get Danielle down for a nap
Throw in a load of laundry
Clean up the livingroom floor
Grab some gifts out of the van while the kids were in school
Do some wrapping
Switch laundry
Do some more laundry

Danielle cooperated and feel asleep about 12:30. I started wrapping about 1ish and got a few things done. Then Danielle woke up again....45 mins!!! She slept a total of 45 mins! Trying to sit on the livingroom floor and wrap with her was like wrestling an octopus. First she had the tape dispenser and was freely liberating it from the roll. Then it was the wrapping paper that made tons of noise when your feet squinched it up. Can't ignore all the cool boxes of things mom had stacked up waiting to be wrapped. I absentmindedly ignored her for a while when she wasn't bothering me. She reappeared with marker all over her face and hands. I'm not sure WHICH room she found it, but at least I could wrap in peace. lol No one has screamed about their green whatnot yet. So I think I'm safe. I finished wrapping the last present I'd planned on doing just as the 1st trip kids got home at 3. :o) I didn't get tons done but put a dent into it.

After putting things away I realized I felt lightheaded and nauseated. I think I was fighting low sugar all day. While wrapping Danielle brought me an orange to peel which I gladly shared with her. Then I grabbed a tub of smoked turkey to gnaw on. I sat in the rocker and had Carrie hand me my meter....77 and quickly falling if how I felt was any indication. Carrie asked if I wanted her to make me something to eat and made me a turkey sandwich which I devoured! I was still feeling near the low end even though I was 90ish when I retested. While Tom and I were going over my lists I broke into the leftover candy from the bazaar.

Monday was Michelle's last day of classes. Danielle and I went to Walmart to grab some gifts. The little booger wanted to get out of the cart and play with the toys. I have Liz to thank for that one. Last time we were in there she let her get out and play. I think Danielle was also not feeling so great and was tired too. She was off the whole time we were in the store. We left WM parking lot and I headed to Big Lots. While driving there I thought...what am I CRAZY!?!? I just got done wrestling her in WM, not I'm going to torture her in Big Lots? So I went the long way back to the campus. By the time I got there Danielle was snoozing. Unfortunately as I pulled into a parking spot I realized...I HAVE TO PEE! There was NO way I was going to drive somewhere, wake up Danielle and drag her half asleep into a public bathroom. So I sat and suffered while I did a sudoku puzzle. Her nap didn't last long and we were heading to Big Lots to potty and run through the store. I pulled into the college parking lot about 5 mins before Michelle got out of class. She jumped in and we headed back to WM so she could do some Christmas shopping before heading home.

Tuesday Michelle and I spent the day at my parents' house. My mom had asked us in to help frost the 250 anise cutout cookies she'd made. Usually my grandmother is the one that helps her do it. I didn't want her to do it alone so we went in. We had a nice time talking and frosting...when I wasn't chasing Danielle that is. Luckily Danielle decided a nap would be a good thing to do so I could give frosting my full attention. Michelle and I were suppose to be home for dinner but my parents ordere pizza. I rearranged rides for kids that had activities to do and had the evening free. My dad decided we should take advantage of it and do some shopping. We didn't buy much but had fun walking through the stores anyways.

Tomorrow (Thurs) night we're going to a Christmas party. The TODAY study group is having it and hasinvited the whole family. I guess it's a catered dinner, so yeah for me! lol It's going to take a bit working of the schedules but we'll manage, we usually do. Tom will be getting out of work a bit early, Val will have to miss some of her volleyball practice, and we'll have to leave almost as soon as the 2nd trip kids get off the bus. The kids are really excited. I hope it lives up to their expectations. Either way I'm sure we'll have fun.

Time to go figure out outfits for tomorrow and the party.

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