Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Things are churning along....

The bazaar went well. I sold about half the things I brought. Although I didn't sell a single plate. Weird how one year they fly off the table and the next you can't give them away. I think next year I'll go back to non holiday fabrics (funky ones). I had tons of plans for when we got home Saturday. Instead I fell asleep on the couch and slept on and off for a few hours. I'm feeling icky more and more. Today I had cramping that was a bit disconcerting but it's gone now. Of course I'm a constant TP checker and am always relieved to see no blood.

This week is Michelle's last full week of the fall semester. Thurs is her last Tues/Thurs class, Mon is her last class...period. She was suppose to take a final next Tues in Math. Her average is so good that she's been excused from it. Although she has to take a quiz in the class on Monday. I can't believe I only have 1 day of driving her to Jess's house and one day of driving her to school left. It'll be so weird to not HAVE to go out the door everymorning. Well, with Christmas prep stuff needing to be done I don't know how much leisure time I'll have at home. I do feel like I'm doing well on my shopping. I still have to go through my prize closet and figure out exactly who gets what and how many small things I need for BILs house.

Today at Walmart there was a lady infront of us at the checkout. She reminded me SO much of my MIL!!!! She had curly red hair turning light strawberry with a tiny touch of gray. She was super friendly and talked to everyone. She was going gaagaa over Danielle. She bragged on her 5 grandkids. (after giving me a Puff's tissue for Danielle's obvious sore runny nose). It made me happy and sad at the same time. I wanted to bag her up and take her home with me, ask her to adopt me and my kids! I miss MIL a lot lately. :o(

I realized today that I hadn't seen Olivia's snack calendar for December (each child is assigned a certain day to bring in snack). When I got home I asked Olivia and she brought it to me. Her snack day is TOMORROW! PHEW! I didn't miss it. Although I'll probably have to give away all our bananas or oranges....haven't decided yet.

I don't know why but I've put off calling the OB. Part of it is that I've been out and about. But really that's not excuse since I have his number in my cell phone. I keep thinking I'll do it in the morning. Next thing I know tomorrow is gone and it's time for bed. TOMORROW I'll call and try to get in for Monday.

Karen...thanks for tagging me. I'll try to get to it soon. Right now it's too much thinking for this tired noggin. It won't be tomorrow since I'm hoping to organize my prize closet, start wrapping and get caught up on housework around here.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I was still around and things are going fine. Hope to be more active here since I SHOULD be home more often now.


Anonymous said...

Hi, there. I just wanted to congratulate you and wish you well with your pregnancy and beyond. God bless you!

O_Scientist said...

Glad you are doing well, I was slightly worried about the lack of posting. Good it was just being busy.

You can do the meme whenever or not at all, your choice. Growing your baby and getting ready for xmas seems more urgent right now.

Thanks for checking in!


Anonymous said...

glad to hear you and your little babe are doing good
I'll be praying for you