Thursday, June 28, 2007

24yrs ago....

Tom and I had just gotten married!!! It was a Tuesday night, 2 days after my high school graduation and party. We used leftovers from my grad party for our wedding buffet, SIL made our cake, a neighbor made Italian wedding cookies and my dad bought some champagne. PERFECT! I woudln't do it any differently even after all these years. Now if I could just get my kids to do it just as frugally. ;o)

We moved our wedding date from Aug 22nd to June 28th for 2 reasons. We got sick of fighting everyone over the details of our big wedding we were planning. My dad had given me 2 options...big wedding and no present. Small wedding and a monetary gift. We needed the money for a downpayement for our mobile home so changed our minds and took the cash. :o)

Was fun watching everyone count the months on their hands when Drew was born 2 days short of our 10mo anniversary. (and he was 15days overdue!!! AF arrived on the last day of our honeymoon). They were all sure I was lying about why we moved the date up and that I was pg when we got married.

Unfortunately we're not doing anything for our anniversary today. Tom's over at a friend's working on the van. It broke down on the way to my dad's birthday party Tuesday evening. I'm waiting on the kids to call to be picked up from the youth meeting. Not sure if we'll do anything this weekend either. Although some girls are going to my sister's for the weekend (I get her girls the following weekend). But I think we're going to an anniversary party for another couple on Sat. Hopefully we'll find time eventually to do least dinner out.

Another week, another dr appt... 35wks

So much for that 6lb weight loss. I gained back 2lbs which didn't surprise me. It's been really hot and muggy here and my feet are paying the price for it. I'm also having a hard time breathing which I thought was due to being muggy out. BUT when the nurse was hooking up the fundal monitor to me today she made the comment "OMG! You're WAY up here today!" (ontop of my sternum) So maybe this little guy decided to cooperate, turned from transverse to HOPEFULLY head down position and is all stretched out. I guess once the humidity goes away tomorrow we'll see how easy it is to breathe. was the heat. Still's the position of the baby.

There's nothing newsworthy to report about my NST so that's good. I did ask the dr if things continue like they are (blood pressure and diabetes under control) is there a possibility of being allowed to go further then 38wks. He gave me know the answer to that question...look. Then proceeded to tell me that some are advising drs to wait until 39wks to induce diabetics and high blood pressure patients. That'd take me to the last week of July. I was planning on being over at church for the summer conference then so we'll see. Don't get me wrong...I want to wait until the last possible minute to have this baby. I'd LOVE it if they allowed me to go on my own. I haven't done that since my water broke with #5 Luke, and then #2 Pat's delivery before that. It's just that the kids are a bit bummed that they might miss the family fun week...after all it is FUN! I'm headed back in to the dr's on July 5th for another NST. I believe the week after that I'm due for a sono! Woohooo!


Dot said...

Oohhhh, Kim! It sounds like things are progressing just great!!! I hope they let you go on your own. Maybe the baby can cooperate and decide to come early!

Happy Anniversary!!! I just had one too. We didn't do anything either. Mostly because Noah turned 7!

Melanie said...

Happy belated anniversary! June 28th is our anniversary, too, and this year it was our 10th!