Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm here and everything is OK!

I really am perplexed why it's taken me so long to update here. Everyday I wake up intending to do it. It just never seemed to get done. So now I'm writing before I head to bed so I don't have to start the cycle all over again.

Things are really going well. Michelle's been done with classes about a month. The rest of the kids have one half day of school left on Thurs...let SUMMER VACATION BEGIN! The pool is up and running although I'm not keeping up on it as well as I normally do. That means we've had a few bouts of green water here and there.

Val went to the prom in mid May with her boyfriend J. Here's my favorite pic of them.

Pregnancywise things are going well too. I had a week or two that had me worried. My blood pressure was up and I thought I was headed to bedrest. Luckily we upped my meds and it helped. Although today at the dr's it was up a bit again. The dr is still ok with it. I'll have to restart monitoring it better at home again. My sugar has been ok. I've been at the same amount of insulin for a few weeks. My numbers aren't as great as they were with Danielle's pregnancy but they are acceptable. I hit my highest weight ever last week after gaining 5lbs 2 wks ago and 3lbs last week. This week I seemed to have lost 6 of those pounds though. Don't ask my why or how...I have no clue. But I'll take it! :o) The heat has gotten to me for the first time this week. Monday it was in the high 80s which isn't so bad but the humidity made it unbearable. Tuesday was in the mid 90s and humid. Needless to say I didn't do or move much that day. Amazingly my ankles didn't disappear or explode though. Today it was a very nice day in the 70s with a breeze to boot. If I could have a week of days like that and a houseful of kids to help me...we could get this place in tiptop shape in no time. I'm really trying to work on getting things done and ready for the arrival of the little guy. Right now the present thought is I have 4wks to go (will be 38wks). Technically it could be less then that. TICK TOCK, TICK TOCK.

I had Liz take new belly pics of me today. I love the first pic, it's too cute! Liz was trying to get a front shot when Danielle came running up, grabbed my legs, looked at Liz and said CHEEEEEZE! LOL

Belly shots...33w6d

I think I'm as big as I was in my last belly pic of Danielle's pg

Oh and I didn't forget! (unlike other past years) I bought a cake while out shopping today. It is Carrie's 10th anniversary of her bone marrow transplant. It's amazing to think that much time has gone by. Then othertimes it seems like 10 lifetimes ago. I was the only one to remember it which is fine by me. It means that things are going well. She's doing really good, just wish she'd remember to take her meds better! I felt horrible last week after I resorted to scare tactics to get my point across. No one, much less a 12yo should have to worry about losing body parts or getting hooked up to machines (dialysis) inorder to survive. STUPID DIABETES!!!

PHEW! Managed to get SOMETHING out there afterall. I'm heading to bed and will really really try to keep things up to date here. Especially as I get closer and closer to welcoming our new little guy into the family.


Anonymous said...

Nice to have you back! I have been reading your journal for some time now. Hope that the rest of your pregnancy goes well.


Noelle said...

You look so great! Enjoy these last few weeks of Danielle's babyhood. Amazing how much they grow while we are at the hospital giving birth! :D