Monday, August 13, 2007

UGH! Two steps forward, 3 steps back

I posted about how great everything was going on Thursday and then I wake up Friday morning. MISTAKE! I was soooo sick. I think I've only been that sick two other times in my life...once with strep and another with the flu. I was on the toilet all morning and didn't know what to do. I had to take Michelle and Liz to the dentist for appts at 1pm...I'd already confirmed them the day before! I called Tom and asked if he could get out of work early and take them. He was going to at first but then said that he was super busy trying to get ready for his vacation (taking 2wks off starting Monday!). Besides it was only call and cancel. I broke into tears, realized there was NO way I was going out the door and called the dentist.

I then grabbed Sean and headed back to bed. By then I was shivering and burning up under my blankets. As the kids got up and would pass my room, I'd call them in and have them take Sean for a little while. They'd carry him out into the livingroom, pass him around for a bit and then send him back in with me to be nursed. I'd hook him up and fall back to sleep. Someone would hear or see him moving (my door stayed open), come grab him until he was rooting like a madman on everyone's arm....then back into bed with me. I felt guilty for not "taking care" of my newborn. Although the guilt wasn't too bad since I slept until well after 5pm.

I tried to get up but my head and back were screaming. It was almost like a spinal headache and was just about as bad painwise. (had one after Danielle's delivery) I kept calling Tom asking where he was in his errand run, that I needed some pepsi. Everytime I'd talk to Tom he'd ask if I needed to go to the dr or the hospital. I'd tell him I'm pretty sure it wasn't pregnancy/c-section related (normally having the runs isn't one of the symptoms...otherwise I'd have been worried too). He finally got home, (asking again if I wanted to go to the ER...I guess the tears made him nervous) I slowly drank down 2 pepsi's and took a few tylenol and started to feel a bit better. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to go to sleep after sleeping all day (Sean too, he was napping a lot more then normal with me in bed all day). We both slept fine.

I woke up Saturday still feeling so hot. I could barely stand for more then a minute and still needed frequent trips to the bathroom. It was about 6 at night when I realized....I have a bridal shower tomorrow at 1pm and haven't bought anything for it! What am I going to do? I decided I'd get up early Sunday and go out shopping. Weeeeeeell, I couldn't get to sleep Saturday night. I saw the wee hours of the morning creep in before I convinced myself I might fall asleep if I tried. Needless to say, I didn't wake up Sunday morning until well past 10 and that wasn't enough time to shop properly. I also still felt weak and not particularly well. So wasn't a stellar idea in my book to be out all morning/day. So I asked Michelle for a blank card and gave the couple cash. I know it will be appreciated and I have a legitimate excuse for not having a gift. I still feel like a cad for not having anything for her to open today. It was a nice shower despite how I felt about my gift. She seemed to really be appreciative of it and that's all that matters. :o)

Tomorrow Tom gets our van inspected and hopfefully will make it legal to drive again! Fingers crossed that the state doesn't find a reason to deny it and give Tom a hard time. We really can't provide a lot of the information they want from us since we just BOUGHT the van, not rebuilt it. I can't wait until all this red tape is behind us! There is talk of going camping if the van passes. I was originally going to go but now I don't think I'd be good enough to go to the mailbox much less the Adirondacks. Besides it's suppose to be pretty chilly and rainy this week. Not something I want to deal with with a newborn and almost 2yo. I'm trying to convince him to wait until next week but he's not having any of it. I don't really mind staying home alone (although some big kids would probably be here since they have to work and whatnot). NOt sure I can handle Danielle and Sean at the same time. I'm getting nervous about that come September. But that's something for another blog post at a later time.

My plan to stay up until Sean woke up for his midnight'ish feeding is backfiring. He hasn't woken up and my head keeps snapping back while I sit here trying to concentrate. I was trying to avoid Sean waking me up 30-45mins after I fell asleep (HATE when that happens cause I have the hardest time getting fully awake then). Guess everything is pointing for me to go to bed even if my head says to wait a FEW more minutes.


Dot said...


Hope you are feeling better. Your new little man is sooooo adorable!!!


Gretchen said...

oh man, what a rough weekend! I sure hope you are feeling better today. And I hope it isn't related to your surgery.

Post soon to let us know you're alright!


Lisa said...

I hope you're feeling better. Being sick when you have a newborn is the pits. Take care of yourself.